Review by Twiryan

Reviewed: 05/21/07

Feels all too generic and small.

Ok I am here today to review a game called Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. It's for the PSP handheld. It's a spinoff in ways and a prequel in others. It makes
a few devastating changes that turn it into something that isn't quite Metal Gear Solid.

Gameplay: 5

It's a MGS game, so it has to rock right? Wrong. The main problem with this game is that it cuts too many corners and makes everything feel bite sized, which takes away from what MGS is all about.

Ok the basic level goes like this. You enter the camp in a mobile truck camp thing (I really have no clue why or how they would turn a truck into a full soldier bunker and base. Ok you are in the level. You notice you feel very....trapped? That's because the levels are so small and the fact that even if you put all the levels together they add fair load times to the mix, breaking up the action and killing my interest. These levels are SMALL. Even the bosses feel like a reprogram of the previous, atleast in your human opponents.

My next gripe is the recruitment system. Why does it have to be so slow and under developed? You knock someone out, drag them to your truck base, and they join you in your effort. You can get medics for healing and engineers to work on making you stuff. Also spies that will tell you whats going on. It sounds cool, but its just so bad. To switch to a new guy first you must drag him very slowwwwwwwwwwwwwly to your base, then wait for him to be brainwashed or whatever, then to play as him you have to put him in your group, and then you have to equip him, and then you have to go to a box and be like "lolz hey get out of thur" and then your previous character hides. What? Why couldn't they make it like squad based? I've never seen one group of men named Alpha that would have one guy doing stuff and the rest napping or sobbing in boxes.

Graphics and Sound: 7

Admirable graphics though. I mean, it looks almost as good as the PS2, but falls short due to big textures that look smeared and blurry. I know not too expect all that much, but I would rather have pixelation than muddiness. Snake looks good, soldiers look bad, oh well.

Music, it's all pretty good but you won't remember it a week later. It all kinda just fades in and you don't really listen to it, you just hear it.

Control: 6

Frustrating I would say. I really am not a fan of the analoug nub myself, but it does ok I suppose. The real problem is the slowness of everything, I often felt restricted and just made me want to stop playing.

Multiplayer: 7

I mean, hey it's always neat to see a psp game with online multiplayer, but the problem is is that it's just not all that fun. The whole system is a little confusing but the real problem lies once again in the controls. Oh and I must say, the lag just acts as a wonderful catalyst to make me want to throw my Peesp into a wall.


Ok, I guess it's fair, but I wouldn't play it again, I don't like it, I had to read the wikipedia article on the story just so I could know how it goes down so I wouldn't have to play.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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