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"A great game"

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is a great PSP game. Also known as MPO, the game is about Naked Snake and how he has to stop the FOX unit. In this review I will go through the graphics, gameplay, controls, sound, and the online mode. Each will be rated out of 10 and then averaged to get the total score. Let's begin...

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are very good for the PSP. The character models are excellent, and the faces are very well done. It is very easy to recognize the protagonist Naked Snake. I didn't see any flaws with the graphics, I think they are the best I've seen on the PSP so far. The environments are done well. I give the graphics of Metal Gear solid: Portable Ops a 10/10.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is very fun. There is a mission based system in which you choose and area and a unit to proceed with. I like this part of the gameplay very much. You start out as the main protagonist, Naked Snake. Then you can amass a small army by capturing and recruiting enemy soldiers. Bosses can also be recruited if you know how. The camera is a lot like that of MGS3: Subsistance, and the ability of playing in First Person adds a great new element to the game. Sometimes the controls can make it hard to move and see where you are going, so that is a problem. The inventory system and comrade system are great. You can only carry 4 items, so that's a setback, but it makes it a challenge trying to decide which items are best for each mission.I give the gameplay of MPO an 8/10.

CONTROLS: The controls have a learning curve. Walking is hard to do because of how the camera is controlled. In he default controls, moving is done with the PSP's analog stick, and the camera is controlled with the D-Pad. This can make moving and seeing what's happening very awkward.
I give the controls of MPO a 6/10.

SOUND: The sound is very good. Voice acting is at a minimum due to the storage limits of the PSP's UMD, but when the voice acting is heard, it's great. David Hayter reprises his role of Snake, and does an excellent job. In fact, many MGS3 voice actors come back for another round and they all do a great job. The weapons sound great as well. I give the sound in MPO a 9/10.

ONLINE MODE: MPO is known for it's online play. The online mode is great, if you are good. It can be difficult for new players. In my experiences as a new player, I was pretty much pwned. It's hard because a lot of the online players are very good, and some players cheat. Cheating is a big problem, but if you keep practicing, you can be as good as the best. I give the online mode a 9/10.

OVERALL: I averaged up the scores and got an 8.4/10. I'll round that up to a 9/10 due to how much fun I've had with this game. I really recommend buying this game. That's all for this review. Once again, I give MPO a 9/10 for it's great sound, graphics, and solid gameplay and an awesome online mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/07

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