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"I took a chance.. Not worth the $19.99 I bought it for."

I've heard about Metal Gear solid, but never knew anything about it. A few weeks ago, I decided to go to Wall Mart for groceries with my mother. I saw this game for a cheap price of $19.99.. And decided to get it just for the multiplayer (which I haven't played), thinking it would be a good, fun first-person shooter game. I didn't look at the back like an idiot. Well, I did to see if it had multiplayer. The back looked fun. I thought it was going to be a fun shooting game if it wasn't going to be a first-person shooter game. Nope.

The plot is great, the way they played it was awful. Actually, both are awful and confusing. I'll just share with what I understand is the plot. I think that there is a group that is trying to threaten the U.S with nuclear weapons, and Snake and an American were both imprisoned for trying to stop them. After typing this, I looked up the plot and found out it's a little correct, but you have to play all games since 1987 to figure out what's the true plot.

The gameplay is very aggrivating. You have to sneak behind walls and shoot people. Charging them won't do you any good. This is a frustrating task. Aiming is horrible. It's camera angles makes it more horrible when there is an enemy in front of you attempting to kill you. In missions, you have to look at your map and get to where the "X" is. This fails, because you can find ways to go around the enemy and get to where you need to go in a matter of minutes. This can allow you to beat the game faster, which basically just walking and shooting one or two enemies per mission.

The enemies make a dull experience for the game, because even if you are fast or sneaking with the triangle button, if you are behind an enemy who only looks left and right, he won't find you. Easy shoot in the head. The guns are no good, either. If most of the time you shoot someone, he's just "zzz" aka knocked out, that makes you think that you have never killed an enemy. This also makes it that I don't have enough of the gore I want, but not every one wants gore, so that's okay.

The sound is great. The voice actors are wonderful. Every cutscene is nice. Even if it's just comic-styled.. paper-styled, whatever. It would be nice if the radio had voice acting all the time.

Overall, if you have played any of Hideo Kijima's other Metal Gear Solid games and enjoyed them, this may be for you. But if you hate stealth games and sneaking, this game isn't that great. This game is not for 2008.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/01/08

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (US, 12/05/06)

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