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Reviewed: 01/05/10 | Updated: 01/21/10

Big Boss comes to PSP

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops is a great Metal gear solid game and a fantastic PSP game.

Story: 10/10

After the legendary soldier, Naked Snake saved the world from nuclear war he was awarded with the title of Big Boss. Shortly after this he retires from his unit that was named FOX. A little after that FOX's leader, ZERO is arrested by the United States of America for treason. Something abd happens to FOX shortly after. Every soldier in FOX that specialized in solo sneaking missions were killed if they did not join in the revolt. The leader of the revolts name was Gene. Gene has acquired a new Nuclear device and has built up an army of Soviet Union Soldiers. Big Boss is captured by FOX. He escapes and helps the Green Barrett named Roy Campbell escape. With FOX and the U.S government after Big Boss, Big Boss tries to prove his innocence by finding Gene and evidence that it was Gene that took the nuclear device. Big Boss and Campbell recruit the Soviet Union Soldiers into there own army that they are building. After this Snake and the soldiers sneak around trying to find more info on Gene and the nuclear device while recruiting new soldiers along the way.

Game Play: 9/10

The game play is fun in this game. You infiltrate bases while recruiting new soldiers. To recruit new soldiers you either tranquilize a soldier or put them in a choke hold. Then you drag them to the truck they Roy Campbell is stationed in. After a few missions the soldiers will join your squad. When they join your squad you can either put them in sneaking squads, spy squads, medical team, technical team or independent. The Sneaking squad carries out the actual missions with Big Boss, The spy unit spies on soldiers in certain areas and scopes out the areas, The medical unit produces medical goods, The technical units make new guns and weapons. Each soldier has a certain skill that he is good at. Place the soldier in the certain unit that you need the skill in. The sneaking squad is the squad you play at. There are four squads and four members in each squad. You can switch members almost any time when on a mission.

Graphics: 9/10

This games graphics are good for a PSP game. The only problem is almost all of the soldiers look exactly alike.

Audio: 9/10

The voice acting is great. The guns sound great and the music is good.

Cools & Lames

-Graphics are pretty good
-Game play is good
-Story is great
-A great game to the metal gear solid franchise
-Music is good
-Guns sound good
-Voice acting is great
-Recruiting soldiers is good

-Recruiting Soldiers hurts your hand
-A lot of the guards look the same.
-Camera issues
-Recruited soldiers usually have extremely low stamina and health

A great PSP game. Definitely get it if you are a Metal Gear Solid Fan



Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (US, 12/05/06)

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