How do I solve the laundry machine?

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    togshtravel - 8 years ago

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  1. Been some time since I played Origins, but I'll try my best. In the room where the vice is (if you can't remember the vice, it's the room from where you go to that corridor with holes on the wall and spy on rooms), there should be a letter from a housekeeper to a maid that mentions a man who lost a key to his room and ran away. In the same letter, he tells the maid to reset the laundry machine and provides steps on how to do so. Find that letter, and then go to the laundry room. Somewhere in that room, there should be a manual, that describes all symbols you can find on the laundry machine, and what they do. Consult that letter you found earlier, memorize the steps, consult the manual to see which symbol corresponds to every step, then use the machine and set the handle to every symbol in correct order you got from the letter.

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  1. Also, in order to use the machine you first need to find the token. If I remember correctly it should be in the games room.

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