Can anyone tell me where can i build my own empire in gta vice city stories without unlocking the second island?

  1. If you know please reply my friends

    User Info: bikramdevil

    bikramdevil - 8 years ago

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  1. Well, it's simple. First, you have to complete the mission, To the Victor, the Spoils (Louise mission). After you beat it, you can start empire building. you have three sites first, one for each business type unlocked. Then, I advise grabbing a four door car and recruiting three gang members with pistols. Then take your homies and take over the eleven remaining sites on west island. To get to east island, complete Lance Vance mission From Zero to Hero. You can take over 15 of the 16 sites on east island. You have to complete a mission to get the last one. If the attacks from the gangs get to be too much, just go to your safe house, save, and restart the file by loading it. The gang attacks will stop.

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  1. Unlocking Second Iland is easy go to cheats and unlock it.

    User Info: alfayed24

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  2. alfayed24, you can't to cheat to get the second island

    Anyway, you CAN get an empire on the first island,by completing a certain mission (can't remember, sorry)
    Hope i helped.

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  3. you beat DIVORCE and you get marty's brothel

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  4. You can't build your own. And empires are unlockable in the mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
    You have to buy the empires all around whole Vice City. But your empires may be attacked by gangs and you should protect your empire. Depends on how many succesfull empires you have, you can have great amount of money.

    User Info: Zorenic

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  5. After the mission To the Victor, the Spoils there is a way try top grab one of the sites on the East Island that are for sale then use the Yankee Trick from Youtube to get to the second island grab the two businesses site that are for sale now after you do that wait for awhile and you should see the sharks businesses getting attacked after a while they will lose their businesses and then those will be up for sale grab every one of the sharks sites that come up for sale eventually there will be no more shark businesses at all since you claimed them all and if you wanted to know how to get to the second island without cheating or doing any missions go to this Youtube link:

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