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    Shooting Range FAQ by Lagunathemoron

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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Shooting Range FAQ
    By Lagunathemoron
    6th November 2006
    Contact: Lagunathemoron@hotmail.com
    Introduction:  Not often enough does a Grand Theft Auto game have a FAQ on
    shooting ranges in the Grand Theft Auto database on Gamefaqs.  The reason why
    is probably because they are pretty straight foward and easy to complete.
    However, the difficulty level has increased dramatically in this game, causing
    help topics on the messageboards.  I thought to create this FAQ to answer all
    queries regarding the shooting range.
    Table of Contents
    [1] Disclaimer
    [2] Controls for Shooting Range
    [3] FAQ
    [4] Hints and Tips
    [5] The Range
    [5a] Pistol
    [5b] Machine Pistol
    [5c] Shotgun
    [5d] Assault Rifle
    [5e] Sniper Rifle
    [6] Version History
    [7] Credits
    [8] Contact
    [1] Disclaimer
    This FAQ was written on 6th November 2006 by James "Lagunathemoron" Wardle.
    It's content is copyrited with this author and credit will be given to the
    relevent users for his or her contributions.
    Gamefaqs.com is soley the only website which can publish this file and/or its
    contents on its website. If another webmaster wishes to use this FAQ for their
    website trhey must first seek permission from the author, E mail address
    Lagunathemoron@hotmail.com. If another web user downloads or copies this
    website and publishes and/or changes it without permission from the author,
    they are therefore breaking copyrite laws.
    Copyrite (C) James "Lagunathemoron" Wardle 2006
    [2] Controls for Shooting Range
    These are the PSP  controls for the shooting range
    Left - Moves crosshair left
    Right - Moves crosshair right
    Up - Moves crosshair up
    Down - Moves crosshair down
    X - Zoom out (Sniper rifle only)
    [] - Zoom in (Sniper rifle only)
    O - Shoot
    L Trigger - Slow down
    [3] Controls for Shooting Range
    Q) When can I unlock the shooting range?
    A) After the second mission of the game.  You will recieve a message on your
    pager telling you that Phil will let you use it.
    Q) Where is the shooting range?
    A) A common question.  It is at Vice Port, in the building next to where you
    get missions off Phil Cassidy.
    Q) What are the prizes for completing this side quest?
    A) It depend son how well you do.  If you simply just pass it you will recieve
    $2500 which is very handy for the start of the game.  You will also get up to
    three $500 bonuses.  These include beating the high score, beating the accuracy
    high score and having the fastest time in the range.  Furthermore, you will get
    discounts in Ammunation.
    Q) The cursor moves too fast! Help!
    A) Try pulling the L trigger and keep it down, it will slow things down and
    make life a lot easier.
    Q) Does the range affect my overall shooting accuracy in the stats menu?
    A) Nope, it is seperate from the stats screen.
    Q) If I fail say level 4 or level 5, do I have to start from the first level
    A) Yes.
    [4] Hints and Tips
    == Pull the L trigger to slow the movement of the aim down.  This will let you
    move at a more slower and accurate space.
    == Don't panic if you find yourself hitting a civillian cutout.  Although there
    is a fine of 200 points, you can quickly earn these back.  Just be careful you
    don't hit too many.
    == Play the range several times so you know the pattern of the targets.  It is
    not random.
    ==  If you are finding it too hard, give it a rest for a bit and come back.
    == On sections when there are seven or so targets together with no civillians,
    just go trigger happy to hit them all.
    == If you want to follow the FAQ, hit the targets and pause the game, reading
    about the next wave.  This will prepare you more for what is coming next.
    ==  Learn the order in which targets fall down.   Thee is little point of
    hitting targets which have a long time length before those with a short.
    == Keep an eye on your bullet count.  If you have time to rest before a wave,
    waste whatever bullets you have to reload.  This so much doesn't matter for
    rounds 3 and 5, but reloading for the others does take time which will cost
    precious points.
    == With the shotgun, it is worth trying to aim between two targets, to kill two
    birds with one stone so to speak.
    [5] The Range
    The range is located near Phil Cassidy's mission base, near the boatyard in
    Vice Port.  It is useable from near the very start of the game and can boost
    your cash by a lot very early on in the game.  There are five rounds in total
    and they must be done one after anothert, no breaks and no saves.  You have no
    say in the guns either, unlike San Andreas.
    There are two types of targets.  Targets and Civillians.  Targets are worth 100
    points each and hitting a civillian is a penalty of 200 points.  Targets have
    patterns on them, whereas civillians are just plain white and are in a "hands
    up" pose.
    There are four rows in order to ramp up the difficulty.  They are front, two
    middle sections and a back.  Targets will either pop up or move.  Sometimes, a
    target will move in the 'middle' sections in between these rows.
    I am going to list all five guns and the order in which the targets appear.
    [5a] The Pistol
    Bullets: 83-16
    Target: 1000
    Possible High Score: 3000
    Targets: 30
    Civillians: 4
    Wave 1 - A target right in front of you on the front row at the start.
    Wave 2 - Two targets.  Both off the middle and on the front row.
    Wave 3 - Three targets. One in the middle of the front row, and two off the
    middle in the back row.
    Wave 4 - Four targets on the back row.
    Wave 5 - Two targets.  One in middle and one at front, both moving in opposite
    Wave 6 - Seven targets.  Three are on the front row and four of them are on the
    Wave 7 - Five targets and two civillians.  The civillians will move in bewtween
    the rows and the targets will remain still.  There are two in front and three
    Wave 8 - Six targets and Two civillians.  Three targets are behind and one is
    in the middle section.  Two of them will move and there is one civillian in the
    middle row.  Be careful at this point, as the back targets appear to fall down
    [5b] The Machine Pistol
    Bullets: 120-30
    Target: 1500
    Possible High Score: 3000
    Targets: 30
    Civillians: 15
    Wave 1 - Three targets in the first row.  One on left, another middle and the
    final on right.
    Wave 2 - Four targets in the back row.  Start on left or right side and shoot
    along the row to make them all count towards your total.
    Wave 3 - Three targets and two civillians.  The civillians will move bewteen
    the rows of the three targets.  Start with the left side of the targets to
    prevent them from collapsing early.
    Wave 4 - Five targets and one civillian.  Three targets are in the back row and
    two in the middle, in between the middle ones is the civillian target
    Wave 5 - Three targets, Five civillians.  Although only one target is one the
    middle row, once you have hit this another will appear on the back row.  By
    taking this one down, another will pop up on the left of it.  You may want to
    wait until the civillian target in front of it collapses.
    Wave 6 - There are four targets.  Once you hit the targets, another will spring
    up and once you have taken down the second target the third will appaear in the
    first's place, and the fourth will appear where the second was.
    Wave 7 - Two targets and six civillians.  There targets are in the middle rows,
    so be careful and aim carefully to avoid hitting the civillians.
    Wave 8 - Six targets and just one civillian - Similar to the final wave in the
    first round.  The targets will fall down a lot faster, starting clockwise from
    the bottom right.  There are three in the middle and three on the back.
    [5c] Shotgun
    Bullets: 100
    Target: 2000
    Possible High Score: 3000
    Targets: 30
    Civillians: 22
    Wave 1 - Two targets and one civillian.  The two targets are on the middle and
    right of the first row.  On the left is the civillian target
    Wave 2 - Two targets and one civillian.  It is an exact reversal of the
    previous wave on the first row, with the civillian on the right and targets on
    the left.
    Wave 3 - Two targets and two civillians. On the back row, there are two
    civillians in the middle and a target on the left and a target on the right.
    Wave 4 - Four targets and two civillians. All targets are moving, so be quick
    and they come out at verious times.  There are two in the middle, one on the
    front and another at the back.  The civillians have a habit of going inf ront
    of the targets,making life difficult for you.
    Wave 5 - Eight targets and two civillians.  You do not have to worry so much
    about the civillians here, so just go for the  targets on the front and four at
    the back, and be sure to hit the lone on on the left in the middle row.
    Wave 6 - Four targets and four civillians.  The targets are on the left and
    right of the screen, with one in the front and one in the back, so attack the
    front first. Do not shoot too close as the shotgun shells have a habit of
    rebounding on to the other civillian targets.
    Wave 7 - Three targets, six civillians -  The targets are reasonably close, but
    be careful with the one that moves as it is indeed there to trick you in to
    hitting the other civillian targets.
    Wave 8 - Five targets and four civillian targets.  The civillians are at the
    back, so aim for the moving tarfers carefully.
    [5c] Assault Rifle
    Bullets: 90-30
    Target: 2000
    Possible High Score: 3000
    Targets: 30
    Civillians: 16
    Wave 1 - One target in the front row.  It moves fast, like the rest of them on
    the round.
    Wave 2 - Three targets, again moving two in the front one, one in the middle.
    Wave 3 - Three targets and one civillian, ALL moving in the first row.
    Wave 4 - Four targets, two civillians.  All moving in the middle row except for
    just one target which is in the front row.
    Wave 5 - Six targets.  Three are in the middle row and three are in the front
    and all of them are moving targets.
    Wave 6 - Six targets and one civillian.  All of the targets are moving from
    right to left.  They alternate between the middle row and bottom, so bet ready
    to move your aim quickly.  The lone civillian target is the front row, so you
    may want to keep your aim in the middle, waiting for it to pass and strike the
    next target.
    Wave 7 - Four targets and six civillians. Hit the two targets and six
    civillians will spring up with two targets moving in between.
    Wave 8 - Three targets and six civllians.  All targets are moving.
    [5c] Sniper rifle
    Target: 2500
    Possible High Score: 3000
    Targets: 30
    Wave 1 - One target.  Back row on the left
    Wave 2 - One target.  Front row in the middle.
    Wave 3 - One target.  Back row on the right.
    Wave 4 - One target.  Back row on the left.
    Wave 5 - One target.  Middle row on the left.
    Move 6 - One target, five civillians.  There is a target on the front of the
    rows on the right, the rest are civillians.
    Wave 7 - One target, six civillians.  Zoom in as it is hard to hit the target,
    which is in the centre of the back row.
    Wave 8 - One target, six civillians.  The target is on the right side of the
    front row.
    Wave 9 - One target, six civillians.  The target is on the right side of the
    back row.
    Wave 10 - Two targets, Seven civillians.  The civillians are stationary, but
    the targets themselves move.  QUickly zoom in and let the targets come towards
    you, then fire when they cross your sight.
    Wave 11 - Two targets, Seven civillians.  The civillians are stationary, but
    the targets themselves move.  QUickly zoom in and let the targets come towards
    you, then fire when they cross your sight.
    Wave 12 - Four targets, Seven civillians.  The civillians are stationary, but
    the targets themselves move.  QUickly zoom in and let TWO targets come towards
    you, then fire when they cross your sight.  Once cleared, two more will come
    out as the civillian targets move out of the way for you.
    Wave 13 - Three targets, all spread apart from each other, one in the middle,
    one left and finally right.
    Wave 14 - Four targets.  Each appear anti-clockwise on the top right of the
    screen by the second.
    Wave 15 - Six targets and two civillians.  All targets and civillians will move
    from left to right and vice-versa.  The civillians do not appear until the
    final few targets, and may cause you to get confused, but stay with it, this is
    the last round.
    Once these five rounds are completed you will get your $2500 prize, plus any
    bonuses and a discount on weapons as Ammunation.
    [6] Version History
    [1.0] The first version of the FAQ.
    [1.1] Updated two typos. Added a credit. and this.
    [7] Credits
    James 'Lagunathemoron' Wardle - For composing this FAQ and finding all
    information in the first version of the FAQ alone.  I now need my sleep back...
    CjayC - For allowing this and many of my other faqs on his website
    Rockstar North/Leeeds - Creation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
    David SOmmerich - For pointing out I made a mistake with the location of the
    [8] Contact
    As my old E mail addressed was full of spam because of Gamefaqs, I have now set
    up an alternative E mail account, apologies to those I never got round to
    replying to, but I was getting close to 2000 e mails a day.
    If you require help on this game or other games I have written for, or want
    permission to display this on your website, than please contact me at
    DO NOT:
    Add me to MSN Messnger, I simply use another account for talking to my friends
    and I will probably never use this account besides for e-mail.
    Ask me questions already explained in the FAQ
    Ask me if you can get this on ROM. Buy the game, stick to the law.
    (c) Lagunathemoron 2006

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