Review by wafflehead55

Reviewed: 11/01/06

Welcome to Vice City yet again....

In 2002 we were all introduced to a game that many of us will know to as one of the greatest GTAs ever. We were taken to the beautiful Vice City (fictionalized Miami) set in 1986 we were introduced to Tommy Vercetti who during a money/drug trade off were ambushed losing all the money. This puts him into the hot seat to do various jobs and to repay the lost money and build an empire.

Welcome to 1984 and you play as Vic Vance (Lance Vance's older brother) who some of you remember made an appearance in Vice City only to be killed moments later. Similar to the other GTAs you are thrown into the streets with nothing and you have to work your way back up to the top and build a vast empire.


Ok it's GTA were not expecting that much in graphics, but VCS delivers the graphics are solid and are probably the best to date for any GTA series. The characters are nicely animated in the cutscenes and ingame with not slow downs or lag. The vibrant city is nicely detailed with Neon lights on every building at night capturing the 80's vibe on a tiny UMD disc.

Graphics Score 9/10


GTA when you think about that alot of the time people remember the lovable radio stations, with there satirical humor and whitty attitude it was a laugh to listen to while driving around shooting up the town. The radio stations return with new material and with the same humor, many of the DJs from Vice City return including the unforgetable Lazlo who is now an intern working for V-Rock. The Voice over cast is another amazing one with many notable actors as Lee Majors, Philip Michael Thomas (reprising his role as Lance Vance) and many others. The GTA series was always known for its cast and this game is no different. All the vehicles and weapons all sound the same as they did in VC so no change there.

Audio Score 10/10


This game still plays the same as the other GTA's steal cars, do random missions, gain money. But this time around there's a new "business" feature where you can occupy empty lots and turn them into businesses making you more money. This concept plays out similar to GTA:SA gang turf system where you go around town trying to occupy as much turf as possible but this times its businesses. Also this time around you can swim... Yes you heard me "SWIM" that means no more falling into the water and drowning, but the swimming has a limit but better than nothing right?

Gameplay score 8/10


This games great for the GTA fan in everyone though it may take us back to beautiful city of Vice. It introduces Vic Vance in a more open and caring manner rather that the 10 seconds of screen time he had in Vice City. The gameplay hasn't changed all that much but then think about it what GTA has? All in all a great game one of the rare games that comes along once in a while... Well I guess all we have to do is wait for "GTA: San Andreas Stories"

Overall Score 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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