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"A Blast From The Past"

This is the first review I've written, so bear with me if I made any mistakes in the layout or anything. Like many other reviews on here, I'll review Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, replay value and Overall. I will also add a "New Content" Section. This part will describe some of the new features that have been added since the original Vice City.

Graphics: 9/10

I was pleased with the graphics of this game. When it is sunny, and you're driving along facing the sun, it really shines in your face, just like it did in the PS2 version of Vice City. I find this to be very realistic, and was a good touch to the game's graphics. The graphics of pedestrians and other characters on the game, are near enough perfect, which I was pleased to see, as in previous games, some of the characters looked a little blocky, same with the cars.

The Cut Scenes looked a little cartoony in some ways, and sometimes, when the characters were talking, it didn't look like their mouths were moving. This made the cut scenes look unrealistic, and also makes them seem like a badly dubbed movie. However, this problem is not present in all of the cut scenes, so it is not that much of a problem.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that explosions were re-vamped and made to look a lot a better. For example, on a certain mission where I had to throw grenades at some Vans parked up, the explosions were absolutely perfect. The wheels blew off, and the carcass of the vans just fell to the ground and blew out.

On the whole, the graphics looked a lot more realistic and were much brighter and 80s style than the previous games.

Sound: 9/10

There are new radio stations on the game, and they all feature different kinds of music, each radio station having quite a lot of songs. Every song on the game is new, and was not featured on the old Vice City.

The car sounds are perfect. Muscle cars sound like muscle cars, with their roaring engines. All of the cars featured on the game sound exactly how their real life counterparts would. This I am pleased with, as in some games, all of the cars sound exactly the same, and this is not very realistic and may put some gamers off buying the game.

Character sounds are well done, each with a different voice. The way they talk and the things they say are also well done. For example, the rednecks on the game all talk like Slack-Jawed Yokels, just as expected.

Weapon sounds are also very good, and sound as what they are expected. Another thing I liked were the pedestrians comments. Although some of them were repeated a lot which gets quite annoying, it still is very funny to listen to them.


SOME of the missions on the game are typical GTA missions. Drive to X place, and kill X person, and bring back X object etc. However, I saw a whole lot more different missions, such as the extortion missions, where you go to someone's shop and smash it up, or rescue crates of moonshine with a forklift from a burning factory etc. These were nice touches added by Rockstar, and made the Main Missions a lot more fun to play.

There is also the Vigilante, Ambulance, Taxi, and Fire-fighter missions still in the game, with a new one - Lifeguard missions, where the player must rescue drowning swimmers.

There is also a new mode added – Empire Building. I was looking forward to this part of the game the most, as it is a brand new feature, and made me want to own the entire city. However once you own a business, it is constantly under attack, which gets very annoying. This is like the Gang War part of San Andreas, where your territories are always being attacked. This makes this feature very annoying and tedious, but it is still fun to play.

Replay Value: 9/10

Once the main storyline missions are completed, there is still a lot do, such as Empire Building, Side Missions (Vigilante, Taxi etc). As with most GTA games, players take a lot of joy just driving around and killing people, and this game is perfect for this.

New Content: 9/10

As I have already mentioned the Empire Building part of the game, there is no need to mention it again, other than the reason that this New Content score is 9/10 instead of 10/10. There are a lot of new cars in the game, which makes the game a lot more fun. Also, for the first time on PSP, you can fly helicopters and planes. There is also a jet ski, to race around the water on, and several boats. Its small features like these that make's the game a lot of fun to play.

There is also a fairground, where you can ride rides such as the Chunderwheel.

Overall: 9/10

This game is wonderful. One of the main reasons I bought a PSP (Which was only a week ago) was to play Grand Theft Auto anywhere I wanted. I have enjoyed playing this game in College, at work, walking to my friend's house, lying in bed etc. It really is great fun, and I am pleased Rockstar made this game for the PSP.

Rent or Buy?

Buy. If you rent it, you will not play the game to its fullest, and I'm sure you won't enjoy it as much.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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