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"Good? Yes, but great? Not a chance."

This is my review of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. A popular game indeed, at least for the consoles. In this review. I will express my personal opinion, and facts, as to why this game is not great by any means.

Game play 5
Ah yes, the game play. Just like every other GTA, it's flawed with terrible fighting, driving, shooting, and etc. mechanics. This time they attempt to make hand-to-hand combat a bit better by adding a few more moves and tweaks. Such as, Grab, block, snap neck. although they are welcome additions, they're not much of an improvement at all. You'll still be familiar with it, and its repetitiveness. Driving is as shoddy as ever, but you can't really expect much from it. Aiming, or shooting, is the same with no improvements. Although it is highly flawed, it still works, and is still playable by all means. The missions themselves make up for lost points. They're more varied then before, and longer. They also added "empires" which are quite nice, but can become a burden as well. Other little things include, varied taxi missions, airborne firefighter/ambulance, jet ski's, 99 red balloons, and etc. A.I is also weaker then ever.

Story 6
I was surprised about this story. It's very boring and to the point. very little character development for the main character. A lot of overused jokes. Drug addict, red necks, drunks, gay bikers, whatever. It didn't seem that good at all, but the voice actors however were pretty spot on. Especially Gary Busey as Phil Cassidy.

Graphics 6
Perhaps the greatest flaw, this game sacrifices good graphics for vast amounts of freedom. Its said to have better graphics then LCS, but it seems the same. Now, the worst part is the glitches, oh the glitches. This GTA is plagued with many more glitches then the others. Such glitches can hinder missions, and game experience. Such glitches include and are not limited to, Garage eats car, cars spawn upside down(even missions), People die randomly, and character spawns in wrong area(I.E ocean instead of land) Another terrible occurrence is when you drive to fast, can be done even with an Idaho, the textures won't load right, not even objects! This hinders driving missions greatly.

In conclusion, I would like to further state that there are more things to touch on, but I have not the space to explain it all. I can't really suggest this game to anyone, especially at $50. This game was indeed rushed by the quality that is presented. Only if you really like GTA should you get this, if not, just get LCS. They're almost exactly the same, only without so many glitches.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/08/06

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