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"This is the best Grand Theft Auto yet."

I'm surprised this game got only a 8.4 from GS instead of the usual 9.6. I always thought GS was kind of harsh in general. I bought this game about 3 weeks ago and I'm sure glad I did. Before this game, Vice City was my favorite GTA. And now, Vice City Stories is my new favorite GTA.

Gameplay: This improves the fighting system. You can now grab people and punch them. You can tackle them and punch them while they are down. You can even sneak up from behind and snap their necks! Here's something even more surprising: At the very start of the game, you're a Military soldier and you can even kill other Military soldiers without them fighting back! The others just run away like babies! How cool is that? They actually only shoot you if you get an wanted stars. And don't let the fact that this game takes place in the same city as VC make you think that this is just a remake. The missions are totally different. As with every other GTA game, it has it's frustrating missions. "Unfriendly Competition" is a perfect example of this. You can now also take over empire sites from other gangs and eventually, gangs you stop attacking you too. Gang attacks were so annoying in previous GTA games. I'm glad they fixed this here. Rating: 9/10

Graphics: They are definitely an improvement from Vice City. In Vice City, the graphics were messy and the colors were off, but it's not like that in this game. The graphics are even an improvement from San Andreas. Of course, the graphics could just look better because it's on a smaller screen. Rating: 8/10

Sound: Some of the gunshot sounds are kind of annoying. Their's one gun that has popping sounds. The large variety of music is still here. V-Rock station is my favorite. The overall music is better than the music found in Liberty City Stories. Rating: 7/10

Value: Why not just read everything I said earlier? Oh yeah, this game also has red balloons to pop instead of rampages from GTA3, Vice City and LCS. The rampages are still around. All of this counts toward 100%. With all of that, you'll be playing this game for a long time! Even after you get 100%, this game would still be fun to mess around with cops and stuff. Rating: 10/10

Overall: Are you a GTA fan? Get this game. Are you looking for an action game for your PSP? Get his game. Are you into free-roaming games? Get this game!

Overall Rating: 9.1/10
GameFAQs Rating: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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