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"Another great addition to the GTA family"

Introduction -
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was released for the Sony PSP a while back, and since then, I believe this game has taken from the wallets of many people, but in a good way. In fact, one of the main reasons why I even bought a PSP was for this game; and I have no regrets thus far. It's fun to know that Vice City has been changed up some, allowing you to play different missions and such, but still on the same old turf. Nice cast changes, but still the good old GTA interface.

Gameplay 10 -
Great gameplay methods. Nice scenery and backgrounds, layouts and system. It's fun to be assigned a mission and have nearly an unlimited amount of ways to carry it out, with your choice of weapons and what vehicle to use for your mission. I give the gameplay rating a definite A++.

Sound 9 -
Great music, with the ability to choose which kind of music you would like using the many radio stations available in the game. The only drawback is that law enforcement vehicles have their radios disabled, apparently so they won't have any interference with their dispatcher(s). Meh. The voices and game sound is awesome, and really good for a handheld. Even better is the sounds the vehicles make and how realistic they sound and appear.

Graphics 9 -
Great graphics, even for a handheld. Nice designs on the vehicles and buildings in the backgrounds and such. Even the police officers look cool. I like the graphics in this game and I'm very impressed by their outcome. It almost feels as if I'm watching a movie, or something like that.

Story 10 -
Great story. You begin as a family man seeking to join the army to help pay off some of your sick brother's medical bills and family costs. You then become sucked into the game, which is a street term for the drugs, prostitution and thug life that lies in wait for you. You must find a way to take over the city to achieve total dominance. Again, great story.

Controls 8 -
Awesome control style. The only possible downfall would be that there are no alternatives to the controls; it's all one setting and unchangeable. But that's okay - it's easy enough to get used to, especially the way it is set up to be user-friendly and easy to adjust to.

Challenge? -
Pretty decent. There are lots of things to do, especially if you are going for 100% completion. It isn't totally difficult, but it can be pretty tough at times to get where you want/need to go. Some of the missions are especially demanding, but not impossible. It's a fun challenge.

Buy or Rent? -
Definitely buy. Even though the memory stick serves a protection purpose, it's better to just buy the game and own it so you can play it any time you want without worrying about late fees.

Conclusion -
I made a good decision buying this game, and I'm sure many of you readers feel the same way. I knew it would be a good game because pretty much all of the GTA series is good. Of course, younger gamers need to stick to Mario or Zelda until they are 18+ so their minds are no corrupted by what this game has to offer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/26/07

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