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Reviewed: 08/06/07

Great PSP Game!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Review

Vice City Stories is the second GTA game for the PSP, and it is better than the first, here is my review of this great game, a must have for any PSP owner. So here is my review:

Gameplay -

If you have played a GTA game before, then you will already know the basic gameplay, You do missions based in Vice City, you get a large range of weapons, drive a large range of cars, and other vehicles, do side missions, get in police chases and a lot more. This game is better than the first because you have the ability to swim, which is a good feature. This is also the first GTA game to have Jet Ski's, these are a quite fast boat and they are a great vehicle. There is also more weapons in this game, weapons include Pistols, Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, Machine Guns and a whole lot more, This game is seriously a great game!

Graphics -

The graphics on this game are great, they make the most of the PSP's capability, and the result is great. Everything is smooth and 3D. The characters look great, the Cars/Boats/Planes look amazing and the environment is great! The graphics are truly amazing!

Sound/Music -

The Soundtrack for this game is pretty good, It has most of the channels from Vice City, with some great songs. The characters voices are great, and the various civilians have a good range of speech. So the sound and music are both really good in this game!

So Overall I suggest getting this game if you have a PSP, it really is a great game which will keep you going for ages, a lot of people have played over 500 hours on this game, This is because there is so much you can do, eg. Story Missions, Side Missions, Mini Games, Driving, Cop Chases, Rampages, Stunts etc. So I give this game a well deserved 10/10!

GTA Vice City Stories 10/10! - A Great Game, A Must Have For PSP!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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