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"Good game.. But many glitches need fixing"

Grand Theft Auto is a very popular game, but oddly, I've rarely played a game in the series. One is all I remembered.. So I decided to finally get it after playing it from my friend's PSP. I got it when I was buying my PSP during Christmas shopping at Best Buy. $19.99. This game needs some glitches to be repaired.

I really like the plot, I don't like how some cutscenes just suck. But anyways, Victor, who was in another Grand Theft Auto video game, is serving in the United States army. Jerry, someone with a rank higher than him, gets him to start hiding in guns. Victor does it because he needs the money, but he's against everything about it.. except guns. He is then kicked out of the army because there were marijuana in his room and he had a prostitute named Mary in his car that he was going to give to Jerry. Long story short, this game is about drug dealing.

Gameplay is like many Grand Theft Auto video games. You drive, reach your destination, and do what you had to do. Many times, people may ignore the story for a while to run people over, get chased by cops, whatever. I, however, go to this site and use the cheatcode to get a Rhino, which is some Tank. It's fun but it gets boring. The gameplay is fun. I wrote a list while playing about some things that I dislike about it.

When you're in a Tank and for some reason, the police are chasing you, if you stop for any second while a cop is out of her or his vehicle, he can easily open your door and get you Busted. In reality, a tank starts doing that, no cop will have the balls to go up to a tank and open it's doors. It's a nice try from the developers to have the game seem a little "realistic", but that is totally not realistic.

If you die during a mission, or you get busted, when you leave the police station or ambulance, you have to go all the way back to the Army base and talk to the annoying Jerry Martinez guy and watch the cutscene again. Even though you can skip it with the "X" button, sadly not the "start" button or all buttons, you still have to do every single thing that was in your mission, and that can get very frustrating.

Now here are the graphics. They're great. Playstation Portable may not be able to take on some great graphics, and you would be shocked to see how low the graphics are (in the PSP) to see this game ported into the Playstation 3, it's alright.

There are many graphical glitches. You can sometimes walk right through something that obviously wasn't meant to walk right through. Example, a gate. Also, when you get real close to a building, sometimes the background just get really kooky and odd. It's not stopping your playing, but it is just a glitch.

The controls are great. I want to say that I hate the camera angles, though. You can choose many different ones, but all of them just suck. They show things too far away.

Overall, this game is fun to play. I have to admit, I haven't beaten it because it got boring at times, and this game is not worth beating. Fun to play, not worth beating. Why? It's just the same thing. Gets repetitive. Drive all the way someplace, watch a cutscene, drive, cops, cutscene. If they made things a little better like Driver '76 (which I haven't beaten either), then that would be alright. Alright, that's enough for the review.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/01/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (US, 10/31/06)

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