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Reviewed: 08/03/09

Awesome Game

Vice City Stories is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games I have ever played let alone the best psp game I've ever played. I can't stop playing this game, this is the San Andreas of the PSP. It has great graphics, awesome multiplayer, great map scheme (just like the old VC), awesome storyline, great soundtrack and an awesome whopping 100+ hours of gameplay!

Rockstar Games did a great job on Liberty City Stories and they did 5 times better on VCS, there are just so many great new features. We can keep track of red balloons (they're like hidden packages), rampages, and unique stunts which makes it a lot more satisfying knowing that you won't miss a red balloon and look all over for 5 hours straight. Another great feature is checkpoints, in the taxi, ambulance, air ambulance, firefighter, vigilante, etc. missions after every 5 levels it saves a checkpoint so if we feel like sleeping or if we failed me mission we could just come back to the checkpoint!

In LCS I was hoping that I could invite gang members and attack innocent people with them like in San Andreas, but sadly I couldn't, anyways now I have VCS which, like in Vice City, allows you OWN a gang and they join you if you aim at them and press up. If they didn't have this then I probably would have given it a 9/10.

I remember in all the GTA games I've played there were business we could buy or earn and they generate income that we would soon collect. Well instead of that, in VCS they made an even better, more customizable setting for the businesses.... an empire!!! Instead of buying businesses you destroy them and build your own by assaulting the owners (rival gangs). After you destroy the empires, you choose a business type: protection racket, loan shark, prostitution, etc. Then you choose from 3 settings: Small-time , Medium Venture, and High Roller, finally they start generating money and the best part is it comes to your everyday at 16:00 so you don't have to go to every business and collect it yourself, laziness rules!

I hate it when I die and I lose all my weapons too bad that doesn't happen in VCS. When you get wasted or busted, you could just bribe the cops/doctors to give you your weapons back for a small price, now I'm not reloading my game ever again, woot woot! Also dying gets a bit more realistic, you take damage easier and you can actually swim! I hate it when annoying Toni falls in the water and helplessly drowns! Dang, a grown man who's in a mob that can't swim, that's pretty sad, swimming and bribes saved my PSP from a lot of pain, phew it still works.

You can't have fun with just cars, bikes, and boats so they packed in some helicopters, hovercrafts, quads, and even a plane. In VCS they included some nice old VC cars, the classic bikes -PCJ and Sanchez and some extra bikes and a bicycle for some extra fun, some cool boats, some old airplanes and a few new ones with special features, and they even have a plane that you could do some old tricks on.

It took me 12 hours to beat the storyline and my playtime says 60 hours and I'm only at 65%. The rampages, red balloons, and unique jumps are really fun to complete (in the other ones they were a pain in the @$$). They added a load of new submissions, it takes days to complete, and unlike LCS, these missions are actually balanced -not too hard, not too easy! I remember punching my PSP and throwing a tantrum when playing the RC races in LCS now in VCS all the submissions are balanced, I have not yet once got pissed off at this game!

The game is good, the graphics are good, but what about the sound? When I first played the game I was stunned with the intro music, it was actually catchy unlike the annoying LCS one. And the background sounds make it seem so realistic, the waves, the car engines, the annoying old grandmas. The protagonist and pedestrians still say funny punchlines, "no finance no romance" still got me laughing and the radio stations are great. I love listening to VRock, VCPR and sometimes emotion, they're just great seeing that I'm a rock and metal fan and VCPR has always got me laughing with their messed up jokes.

I like doing some submissions, odd jobs and those fun rampages sometimes in the other GTA's I could only do a few over, in VCS I can do a lot over! After I beat a rampage I happily redid it and had the violent, bloody fun again and again, another great factor in VCS.

An awesome stunning game, got past my expectations, I didn't know anything could fit with that much gameplay into a tiny UMD but VCS did it. Totally worth the money and time spent, 10/10 flawless game, Rockstar Games did great on this one!

- Alan

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (US, 10/31/06)

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