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    Finder Love Series (JAPAN)
    Idol: Hoshino Aki
    Title: Nangoku Trouble Rendezvous
    ENGRISH Translation = Southern Trouble Rendezvous
    JPN UMD Video Game 
    Region 2 
    Cero Rating (Japan) [ www.cero.gr.jp ]
    CERO "B" Rating (12 & up)
    Contains: Sexual Content
    Players: 1       For Game Save:  (Max File Size) 672 KB 
    2 Variations of this Game:
    [Limited Box] & [Normal Set]
    [ Limited Box Edition Contains ]
    1 Set of Premium Pictures on Kodak Photo Paper of the Idols.
    1 DVD of all the Movies and Making of the Game
    1 JPN UMD Video Game
    1 Set of the Idol's Bikini (a Reprodution of the original 
    favorite pick of the Idol)
    Both top and bottom of the bikini bathing suit. With their Measurments.
    [ Normal Set ]
    1 Set of Premium Pictures on Kodak Photo Paper of the Idols.
    1 JPN UMD Video Game
    FAQ Version .001
    (File Shortened & Squished for Gamefaqs Standard
     80 Characters per line)
    by: blue4639      2006 OCT 19
    Copyright©2006 blue4639
    Also This FAQ is Under Construction,
    I may add more later. When I have
    More time on my hands LoL
    [ Hoshino Aki ]
    Profile Stats:
    Born March 14
    165 cm tall
    Three Sizes: B-88 W-56 H-87
    Blood Type: O
    Starting off:
    When You start your psp it will ask you to save the data to your 
    memory card. Select Yes
    You can skip the intro and Profile details of game by pressing "Start" 
    Main Menu (Before Game is cleared):
    New Game: Create a New Game And Name your self and add your birthdate 
    (yes, it will detemine the game)
    Load Game: LoL Load A GAME DuH!
    Options(As listed below): 
    Message speed: 1 = Fastest to 5 = Slowest
    Background Music
    Sound Effects
    Window Type: A, B, C   Changes the Viewing Text Window
    System Save Load (Auto System Save) Auto or Manual
    Press "Triangle" For Defaults 
    "X" to Exit & Save Changes
    Added When You Clear the Game:
    Photo Album, Movie Player, & Password
    You'll see the credits roll and see the actor/actress in this game
    The IDOL and Your Characters Name
    There is 4 endings and one special.
    Mini Games: 
    (All Mini Games gives you only one extra play if you fail. 
     If not Score total becomes Zero)
    [ Camera Game / Shutter Game ]
    Small Red Hearts & Big Red Hearts: 
    Add to score and better pose Shots, along with combos.
    Line them up with the boxes on left and right and press "L" Button
    Blue Hearts:
    Minus Score and Minus Combo
    Shot Types:
    Must align with center cross hairs and press "R" Button
    Normal Gray shot = Normal Shot
    Red Love Shot = Red Cross hairs
    Special Love Shot = Yellow Cross Hairs
    Tension = Any Missed clicks or failed heart grabs..
    Tension will be rounded up at the end of the mini game.
    Bonus Round (If scorce is high):
    Longer Game time. With More Special Shots.
    Camera ALBUM MODE (After Camera Mini Game):
    L & R Buttons to Switch to Picture Pages
    Circle = View Full Screen
    Triangle = Slide Show
    X = Exit
    Attack Game (Looks like she is trying to Head Butt You):
    Press Left or Right to bring up your hand and block her head 
    from hitting you.
    Depending where the head is facing.
    The Idol will play sharades with you and you must 
    judge them by selecting 
    one of the 10 choices
    you are given to match the sharade.
    Box Balance Game:
    You will have to balance a stack of 3 metal boxes and see if 
    you can out last the meter on the Right side.
    Use the Analog Stick and the Balance meter on below the boxes 
    to angle it right to left.
    Red = BAD
    Yellow = Caution
    Green = Your GOOD
    Just keep it in the Yellow and Green
    If the indicator turns red, go to the opposite direction 
    of those boxes with the Analog stick
    Compatibility Test:
    Basically Pictionary
    Or a Remember where the original pictures were in what order.
    Try and get 100% its a simple game.
    You have 3 seconds to remember it all.
    And it adds to your total Love rating.
    Cute maze game:
    Up, left, right arrows are used... Select which direction to go to.
    Before you make a choice on where to go. 
    memorize the map and avoid the 
    red Skulls
    Which are accidents waiting to happen
    Paper Rock Scissors Game
    Need I explain more?
    Since being invented in Asia many centruies ago. 
    There is so many references to this game.
    Inflate the Water Toy Game:
    Beat the Idol at inflating the Toy
    timing the L & R buttons one at a time at a face pace, 
    but don't deplete the air supply too quickly.
    Matching Buttons Game:
    Just a simple match square, circle, X, and triangle game
    E-Mail:  blue4639@hotmail.com
    Capcom Japan www.capcom.co.jp
    Wonder Goo www.wonder.co.jp/game
    Model: Hoshino Aki
    Emu    www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/Emu
    Finder Love Offical Theme:
    Strawberry Room
    by: Emu
    Series Website  www3.capcom.co.jp/finderlove/
    Fan Site  ameblo.jp/finderlove/
    GAME DEMO: (in Macromedia Flash)
    This is the photo shoot game.
    Theres no Real Time Video in this game since its flash.
    You can get the feel of the game here.
    Just a reminder:
    No, I will Not Make a Copy or ROM Dump of my Original for you.
    No, I will not sell/give/lend my Game to you.
    No, I will not Give you my Limited Box Contents nor sell them.
    Secret Passwords:
    I have a few, but I will post them later on Gamefaqs
    When you complete the game you can acess the special menu to put 
    passwords in... You can also View photo's you took.. 
    You can View Movies You Unlocked 
    (45 min worth of videos if you put it all together in length)
    The passwords unlock special features, videos, and etc in the 
    game according to the fan site.
    For Fans of these Top Idol Models Like Kudo Risa  
    & Hoshino Aki (for me) 
    its a 10 out of 10... But overall its 8/10 I'd say,  
    To some of you who only see a Love Sim Here. And to you pervs ... 
    theres Intimate scenes and no hardcore nudity so tough luck. 
    Its rated for 12 and up in Japan.
    However if your like my wingmen in my Squardon. And your looking to 
    learn how to pick up japanese girls. I'd recommend you to try 
    Tokimeki Memorial or Tokimeki Memorial 3 for ps2.
    Learn your Japanese to read and carry a Japanese to 
    English Dictionary.
    Just don't let those girls know you play those type of games.
    It can teach you about each type of girl in japan and their similar 
    personalites and how to dress and how to attract them.
    In other words to NANPA
    Japanese Language needed is Minimal to Moderate.
    I'd say because for what 
    you can not read you can at least 
    hear the Idols voice and questions. 
    Theres mini-games where you play sharades, 
    photo shooting, etc.
    Similar Related Games:
    Live Action Idol Games:
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    to change hiragana to kanji (PS-ONE) Japan
    Recommend to know Japanese Fluently.
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    Photo Shoot Side:
    "Primal Image" (PS2) Japan 
    Whats needed to know its a Photo Shoot like a simple 
    DOA Volleyball with Camera.
    "Leisure Suit Larry" (PS2 & XBOX) USA
    My friend has this game along with her Disney games WTF?!? LoL
    Co Ed Action
     Dedicated to:
    Megan Kaneshiro:
    MY New Close friend
    Who helps me overcoming barriers and encouraging me.
    While having a interesting Friendship.
    She also makes my heart beat fast ^^ When we are together.
    Megan's Birthday is on Nov 6th
    Amy Fukushima:
    My Best Friend, First Love, & my lost love.
    For teaching me to Love Life & To be my self. 
    And for teaching me the harsh lesson to Grow up.
    Or lose the one you love.
    Took me 6 yrs, but I've been forgiven for breaking her heart.
    Amy's Birthday is on Oct 31st she will be 26!
    Crystal O:
    My Videogame Loving OTAKU FAN GIRL/Good Friend.
    Who pushes me to write these FAQs LoL
    Go Fig. If your interested, Shes Caucasian/Hawaiian/Chinese 
    & Shes single too.
    She pulls more of her fathers Irish side. She is Hot... BUT
    Shes just a little too wild for me.
    Crystal's Birthday is on Oct 29th
    Valerie Shigeyo Yoza:
    An Ex of Mine, A Good Friend, and a Family Friend of mine.
    The Only Hardcore Otaku Chick I know. And a BIG SAILOR MOON FAN 
    & Translator.
    The Mililani Valedictorian & Regent Scholarship 
    Award Winner of 1995 for OAHU
    From Cosplay to Videogames this Accountant knows her stuff.
    After she reads this shes either going to 
    blush and punch me to the moon LoL.
    She inspires me to not fear the American Otaku.
    Yeah RIGHT!?! LoL But yeah she encourages me to play games A LOT!
    The woman who once completed my life.
    Her hatred towards game playing, but her confidence in me.
    I wasn't ready at the time for marriage. 
    But time drifted us apart. 
    To the rest of my friends and co workers:
    You guys are AWESOME! And some who outrank me too, 
    but still hangs with us.
    Hey we knew each other since High School ... 
    Who knew some would become Officers.
    And the rest would be Enlisted LoL
    To my Civ Friends ... You know you bought your psp 
    for these games so don't lie.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by blue4639 and 
    cannot/will not be modified unless consented 
    by blue4639 or consulted by Gamefaqs. Reproduction and distribution 
    allowed only by www.gamefaqs.com & www.gamestop.com 
    and my self blue4639.
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    www.gamefaqs.com or www.gamestop.com or 
    by blue4639's page.
    Copyright©2006 blue4639

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