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    Item Drop List by FoNgThOnGz

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    Valhalla Knights - Item Drops FAQ
    System - Sony Playsation Portable
    Version - 1.0
    Creator - FoNgThOnG
    Contact Me - Huyitsfong@yahoo.com
    Aim - HuY iTs FoNg
    Table of contents
    1.1 - Introduction
    2.1 - Version Updates
    3.1 - How to use FAQ
    4.1 - The Present
    5.1 - The Past
    6.1 - The Present B
    7.1 - Job Cards
    8.1 - Special Thanks
    9.1 - The Legal Stuff
    1.1 Introduction
    This FAQ was created to help the players find the rare loots of the game. From
    rare spell books to rare weapons, this FAQ includes it. 
    If there are any items missing from the list, feel free to email me. Comments
    &/or complaints? Feel free to email me also.
    I hope this FAQ helps you in finding the Loot that you need. 
    2.1 Version Updates
    05/04/07 Version 1.0 - Guide Completed & Submitted
    3.1 How to use FAQ
    The FAQ WIll be separated into 4 sections. The Present, The Past, The Present 
    B, & Job Cards. To simply get to where you want, just press CTRL + F and use 
    the search feature to find what you need.
    Items will be listed first, then comes from what enemy, & then it will list
    which dungeon to find them in.
    If there is anything that needs to be stated, I'll put it in the first line of
    every section.
    4.1 The Present
    Escape Book - Drops from Sorcerer in the Holy Manalum
    Large Shield - Found inside Wekenera Fort inside a Tresure chest
    Round Shield - Drops from Kobolds in Holy Manalum
    Leather Helm - Drops from Goblins in Old Prison
    Helment - Drops from Skeleton Warriors/Lizard Family in Wekenera Fort
    Steel Helm - Drops from the Amalgam Family in Wekenera Fort
    Gothic Helm - Drops from Dragons in Gehena Abyss
    Circlet - Drops from Sorcerers/Priests in Holy Manalum
    Recovery Necklace - Drops from the Spider Family in any area
    Brightness Necklace - Drops from the Pixie Family in any area
    Release Necklace - Drops from Medusa in any area
    Cloth - Drops from the Zombie Family in any area
    Tunic - Drops from Earth Giant in Lost Road
    Hard Leather Armor - Drops from the Lizard Family in any area
    Gothic Armor - Drops from Greater Demon Lords in Gehena Abyss
    Leather Gloves - Drops from the Goblin Family in any area
    Ring - Drops from Charge Rats in Old Prison
    Fire Ring - Drops from Dragons in Gehena Abyss
    Ice Ring - Drops from the Lizard Family in any area
    MP Ring - Drops from Dragons in Gehena Abyss
    Leather Boots - Drops from Goblins in Old Prison
    Hard Leather Gaiters - Drops from the Lizard Family in Wekenera Fort
    Steel Leggings - Drops from the Minotaur Family in Gehena Abyss
    Hakama - Drops from the Samurai Family in Akatoki Village
    5.1 The Past
    Parallel Cure Book - Drops from Grey Pixie/Orc Guard in the Wicked Forest
    Ray Storm Book - Drops from Amalgam/Amalgam Warrior in the Wenekera 
                     Fort Interior
    Paralysis Gas Book - Drops from Killer Spider in the Wenekera For Interior
    Parallel Cure Book - Drops from Paralysis Giant in the Promm Tunnel
    Refuel Book - Drops from Golem in the Holy Manalum
    Purify Book - Drops from Medusa in the Holy Manalum
    Barrier Zone Book - Drops from Superior Sorcerer in the Holy Manalum 
    Escape Book - Drops from Dragon Pup in the Holy Manalum
    Kite Shield - Goblins in Promm Tunnel
    Black Costume - Drops from the Ninja Family in Akatoki
    6.1 The Present B
    This section will be a little different from the first two, since it contains
    so many items. It will be listed in order by dungeons.
    Old Prison
    Misericorde - Drops from Dark Skeleton
    Thief’s Cap - Drops from Charge Rat
    Kawar - Drops from Gold Desire Coin
    Lost Road
    Kard - Drops from Wyvern Goblin
    Wizard’s Garb - Drops from Poison Giant
    Robe of Praying - Drops from Paralysis Giant
    Wicked Forest
    Parallel Cure Book - Drops from Grey Pixie 
    Ring of Knowledge - Drops from Grey Pixie/Blue Pixie 
    Wrapped Bow - Drops from Goblin Beetle 
    Bull ova - Drops from Orc Soldier 
    Blessed Crown - Drops from Grey Pixie 
    Skill Armlet - Drops from Goblin Leader 
    Thieves Greaves - Drops from Goblin Leader
    Wenekera Fort Interior
    Ray Storm Book - Drops from Amalgam Officer 
    Paralysis Gas Book - Drops from Paralysis Spider 
    Chaos Grave Book - Drops from Vampire 
    Holyman’s Shoes - Drops from Ghost/Dark Ghost/Silent Ghost 
    Kunitsuna Drops from Grief Werewolf 
    Prayer Gloves - Drops from Lesser Demon Lord 
    Hunting Jerkin - Drops from Lesser Demon/Lesser Demon Lord 
    Pallasch - Drops from Vampire in 
    Battle Armor - Drops from Mimic Killer 
    Shashbul - Drops from Amalgam Officer 
    Wenekera Fort Corridor
    Paralysis Gas Book - Drops from Soul Rat
    Platinum Gauntlet - Drops from Most Cyclops
    Battle Fold - Drops from Soul Rat
    Kawar - Drops from Copper Desire Coin/Gold Desire Coin
    Order Robe - Drops from Tambour Lizard Leader
    Executioner - Drops from Grey Cyclops
    Rucell City
    SSF Rounds - Drops from Infranty Robot
    Glory - Drops from Combat Chopper
    Groza - Drops from Tank
    Ninja Dragon Hand - Drops from Higher Ninja
    Ninja Hakama - Drops from Ninja Frog
    Ninja Garb - Drops from Higher Ninja
    Hachiman Dragon Hand - Drops from Mushayoroi
    Hachiman Hakama - Drops from Ronin
    Hachiman Kabuto - Drops from Mushayoroi
    Kanehira - Drops from Ninja Frog/Mushayoroi
    Amakuni - Drops from Reiko (The girl from the well)
    Kiyomitsu Drops from Fox Mask Woman/Hanya Mask Woman
    Cross Shuriken - Drops from Higher Ninja/Kunoichi/Ninja Frog
    Barrier Zone Book - Drops from Ninja Frog
    Paralysis Gas Book - Drops from Higher Ninja
    Battle Helm - Drops from Ninja Frog
    Gendawa - Drops from Tengu
    Holy Manalum
    Refuel Book - Drops from Golem
    Purify Book - Drops from Medusa
    Barrier Zone Book - Drops from Superior Sorcerer
    Paralysis Gas Book - Drops from Medusa
    Escape Book - Drops from Superior Sorcerer
    Bracelet of Faith - Drops from Priest
    Platinum Plate - Drops from King Warrior
    Gurz - Drops from Sorcerer
    Quaddara - Drops from Dragon/Dragon Zombie
    Wizard’s Hose - Drops from Superior Sorcerer
    Aaron - Drops from Priest
    Tower Shield - Drops from Medusa
    Gehena Abyss
    Ninja Bandana - Drops from Fire Dragon
    Ring of Knowledge - Drops from Efreet
    Head Axe - Drops from King Minotaur
    Platinum Greaves - Drops from Grim Reaper
    Battle Armor - Drops from Greater Demon Lord
    Nightmare - Drops from Grim Reaper
    Dragontooth - Drops from Greater Demon lord
    Type-0 Grenade Launcher - Drops from Efreet
    7.1 Job Cards
    Ninja Card - Akatoki Village
    Present A
    Kunoichi x2/Lesser Ninja x2
    Kunoichi x3/Lesser Ninja x2
    Higher Ninja x3/Lesser Ninja x2
    Higher Ninja x3/Kunoichi x2
    Present B
    Kunoichi x2/Lesser Ninja x2/Higher Ninja x2
    Kunoich x6
    Kunoichi x2/Higher Ninja x2/Lesser Ninja/Ninja Dog
    Samurai Card - Akatoki Village
    Present A
    Samurai x3/Female Samurai x2
    Samurai x3/Female Samurai x3
    Ronin x3/Samurai x2
    Samurai x2/Female Samurai x3
    Present B
    Fox Mask Woman x2/Ronin x2/Samurai x2
    Hanya Mask Woman x2/Fox Mask Woman x2/Female Samurai x2
    Anchor Card - Holy Manalum
    Present A
    Priest x2/Sorcerer x4
    Dragon Pup/Priest x2/Sorcerer
    Priest x2/Sorcerer x3
    Priest x2/Sorcerer x4
    Sorcerer x3/Priest x2/Superior Sorcerer
    Superior Sorcerer/Sorcerer/Priest/Warrior/Brave Warrior/Strong Warrior
    Present B
    Superior Sorcerer/Priest/Grey Will O’ Wisp/Green Will O’ Wisp
    Superior Sorcerer x2/Sorcerer x2/Priest x2
    Knight Card - Gehena Abyss
    Present A
    Greater Demon
    Greater Demon Lord
    Greater Demon/Grim Reaper/Will O’ Wisp
    Greater Demon Lord/Grim Reaper/Will O’ Wisp
    Present B
    Greater Demon x2/Greater Demon Lord x2/Green Will O’ Wisp/Blue Will O’ Wisp
    8.1 Special Thanks
    - Guess the first Thanks goes to the Creators of Valhalla Knights. Without them
      we wouldn't have had the chance to play the game.
    - Daniel Peak (Drakeon01) for providing me with some of the information to 
      create this FAQ.
    - GameFaqs.com for not banning me a 3rd time & not modding me for a good few
      months. Without GameFaqs, I might actually get work done at work.
    9.1 The Legal Stuff
    This Guide is Copyright 2006 Fong Ngo (FoNgThOnG). All rights reserved.
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal and/or private use. If you would like to use this guide on your
    Web Site, please send an email asking for permission. Use of this guide 
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited and violation of Copyright.
    Websites that are allowed to use this FAQ.
    - Www.GameFaqs.com

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