Review by SquallvsCloud97

Reviewed: 04/30/07

A game you can't help but want it to be good.

I, one of the people who bought the psp when it first came out, have been waiting for a great RPG to make me use my psp. Sure there have been a good amount of rpg's that have been great. But not enough. When I heard about Valhalla Knights, I quickly looked it up. After reading into it I couldn't help but feel excited. Even in the face of poor reviews I still held my faith. And when I finally got my hands on a copy, I felt let down. Despite it being a good game, it just isn't as good as I wanted.

A very pleasant surprise. Both the characters, and the environments came out looking great. Every piece of armor, and weapon retains a different feel making hours of farming all the more enjoyable, and worth it. The wide environments, and deep dungeons all pull together the feel of an rpg, blending both natural, and other worldly elements to each area.

The music score in this game could easily be written off as average. The sound effects used with each spell, and thrust are mildly boring. Almost taking away from the splendor of the game. I often find myself listening to my personal choice of music as I play over the game's score. All in all the music isn't something to look forward too, but then again we didn't get hyped about this game for it's music did we?

The in-game battle controls have been done nicely, giving a smooth clean feel to the battle. Changing between characters is done both quickly and easily. (Simply by pushing the select button) Allowing you to quickly get to the character you need in just the right time. The magic, or item use is also done to my favor. When selecting a specific spell or item, the battle around you freezes. Allowing you to calmly choose the most effective spell, without having to worry about getting slaughtered. As for the melee combat, hitting a target can be fairly hard without locking on to a single one. And even so, due to the attack pattern your character most likely only hits 1 or 2 out of the 3 attacks in the combo. The camera's movement, and that of your character's is greatly off balanced. This can be very annoying when you find that your character is turning the corner, but your facing a random wall. I often find myself frequently pushing the R button to refocus my camera.

This is where the game either becomes incredibly fun, or incredibly hated. Due to the amount of time that is put into grinding levels. When you start out, you are alone. If you try to wander into the nearest enemy you won't last long. Going to the guild, you can make new characters to add to your party. The amount of your characters you can have made could be infinite, but the price for creating a character slowly increases one after another. After you have chosen your characters you can head out. As each character levels up, along with the regular stat increases, you receive bonus stats. Or points that you choose to send to any stat you wish. Allowing you to mold your character's into your needs. As you progress, the difficulty jump from one level to the next can almost be frightening, leaving you with no choice other than to grind levels. This can take a long time, but if you truly enjoy this game that shouldn't be a problem. Another part of this game that could make grinding more fun is the drops. Almost every enemy can drop a useful item. Whether it be new armor, or weapons or helpful items, they all become helpful assets. Even if the drop isn't useful to you, you can quickly sell it to the shop. Extra gold always helps.

Replay Value:
If you are an RPG fan, and you love this type of rpg, then you will be holding onto your psp much more often. This game can offer hour's and hour's of play. Whether it be exploring the maps, training, or even battling online this game will not get old fast. Although after all of the work you have put onto this making a new file may not seem tempting, now that you know your way around the game, and can prepare yourself for some of it's challenges you just might want to give it a try.

All in all, Valhalla Knights is a great game, that should quell the fangs of rpg fans everywhere. If you are new to the RPG genre then I wouldn't recommend this game to you. But to those veteran gamers I think you would be very happy with a game like this.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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