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"It's an RPG for the PSP.... is it?"

Valhalla Knights is one of the few RPG's made for the PSP. It may seem perfect just like what the trailer showed. There are some major faults in this game but considered minor...... minor I said. So get ready for a quite short review of the PlayStation Portable RPG "Valhalla Knights"

Gameplay- 8/10

You might have expected that this game was to be as big as your typical FF. You were wrong! The world in this game is small but what is in it is big. But it only is a small part of this review. Gameplay here is really good, despite the small world you're moving. You can get to fight with party members you hired, do optional quests that can help you for financial problems, and of course....... Leveling Up! Leveling up in this game takes you so long that you can finish this game under the Level of 20. Whereas other games take you up to 50 and above. But numbers do indeed have nothing to do with the game itself. There are many kinds of enemies in this game but there are some that have something in common....... looks. There are some that look alike but are really different. Different from color, attack and of course, name. But it still is an addition for the greatness of this game. There are also many items in this game. May it be spells, equipments, supplies and a whole lot more. Whats funny is that you can only get those through treasure chests. Do you expect to find a treasure chest beneath the hottest place in the earth? Or what about an enemy that drops a treasure chest after you defeated it? Those are one of the things that make this game horrible. Oh, and when I said many, I meant ALOT! So this is for gameplay and more to come.

Story- 3/10

Story...... in this game? Are you serious? Look at the title. The story in this game is thin, very thin. Thinner than a centillionth of an atom....... seriously. In this game, playing time is much really longer than storyline. I mean, you play more than you learn what happened. Although the story here is far below than minimal content. It still has little traces of story. A story about one man who used his soul to seal a very powerful creature. And his son used in the future to break the seal without knowing it. Many people criticize this game badly for having so little story. Many even argue about it! Some people say that this game is good to play but bad to know about. Which means better to play rather than the story. This game definitely has two sides, not Good and Bad but.... Thick and Thin. Why? Thick game, Thin story.

Music- 6/10

Oh, music. One of the things a good RPG shouldn't miss. Well even a bad RPG needs music! But that doesn't mean this game is bad! This game has good music and the music playing blends to the environment you're in. Although some tracks are crappy, you won't be bored because you won't stay in that place for too long. Unless, you stay in that place for the sake of leveling up. Well for my own opinion, the song I like here was during the Opening Scene, where the main character receives the falling feather. Sadly, there is no available soundtrack to be sold. But that doesn't bother, because you won't need it.

Overall Score- 7/10

This game is definitely for people who play games just for entertaining themselves without understanding it. But it really is worth the money. A small world with big environments, good music.... and thin story are one of the main reasons why this game is great.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/30/08

Game Release: Valhalla Knights (US, 04/17/07)

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