The legends of heroes: in the sky 2?

  1. I cant wait for this game where it can release?

    sorry for my bad english

    User Info: bowgan223

    bowgan223 - 6 years ago

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  1. Trails in the Sky 1 had about 1.6 MILLION characters of text and could have sunk XSEED.
    From what i gather, their translation of these games is out of heart and soul for a great RPG series.
    Due to ... less than awesome sales, dedication to Trails 2 had to be secondary as Trails 2 has
    3.6 MILLION characters of text. .. more than twice the length of the 1st game. This would surely sink the company if they made it their only project, so other games are being localised and released to float a profit margin while the chip away at Trails 2 and HOPEFULLY completely it within a relative time frame that allows them to release it. Trails 3 is 1.8 MILLION characters and because the games are sequential enough in their storytelling, this must be done later, if they can get that far at all. Zero, otherwise known as Trails 4 has voice acting, and due to legal obligations, they would be forced to English dub, which would for games of this size be tremendously expensive and casts doubt on a localization of part 4, however, to even consider that in the first place, we need to hope that part 2 can happen. That or learn Japanese.

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  1. The minimum time frame for its release is at least some time in 2012.

    User Info: Ragnawind

    Ragnawind - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. I would also love to know and first search on Google brought me I kept looking and all I have found is a release date in Japan for a while back and it is a 2 disc game.

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  3. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue i think ?

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  4. Hi, my apologies for crashing in here! I know this question has been asked many times already, but will there be a Legend of heroes trails in the sky second chapter (us version) for psp?

    I know that the release date hasn't been given yet by Xseed/falcom, but I was just wondering if there are any hints given to the LoH supporters...I just finished the game last night and now, I'm dying to get the sc of trails in the sky psp!!! I just loved the storyline in fc! Is there a possibility for xseed to release it on psp? Someone pls answer!! I'm needing hope here!! :(
    Information/sites about this will be greatly appreciated!

    User Info: estellebright7

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  5. @estellebright7

    Winter of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015(more likely, in my opinion), on PSN.

    User Info: Gohan-13

    Gohan-13 - 3 years ago 0 0

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