Carnelia book series?....... possible spoilers.

  1. I got books 1 2&4 on my first playthrough, can someone please give me a list for where to find every book?

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  1. Here (taken from yangxu's FAQ).

    Carnelia - Chapter 1
    Talk to Rhett inside the residential building right behind the CAFE in ROLENT
    or: Buy it from the bookstore in BOSE MARKET

    Carnelia - Chapter 2
    -Talk to the guard in front of VERTE BRIDGE CHEKPOINT before going to BOSE at the beginning of Chapter 1
    or: Buy it from the bookstore in BOSE MARKET

    Carnelia - Chapter 3
    -Before seeing Morgan the first time, talk to Olivier, then talk to Marco inside the bar at HAKEN GATE

    Carnelia - Chapter 4
    -After talking to Cecile in BOSE - SOUTH BLOCK (after the soldiers left), talk to Libro standing besides the bookstore in BOSE MARKET

    Carnelia - Chapter 5
    -After learning Theresa has been assaulted, head back to RUAN and talk to Maltida sitting on the bridge right next to the HOTEL

    Carnelia - Chapter 6
    -At the beginning of Chapter 3, before going to AIR-LETTEN, go to JENIS ROYAL ACADEMY and talk to Purity inside MATERIAL ARCHIVES in the CLUBHOUSE building

    Carnelia - Chapter 7
    -Talk to Bruno by his cart below the two guards at the gate in WOLF FORT after Professor Russell's kidnap (before going to CARNELIA TOWER)

    Carnelia - Chapter 8
    -Talk to Orta inside the upper right room of AIR-LETTEN CHECKPOINT before you head to SANKTHEIM GATE at the beginning of the Final Chapter

    Carnelia - Chapter 9
    -Talk to Selbourne on the southern wall of GURUNE GATE before you head for GRACEL in the Final Chapter

    Carnelia - Chapter 10
    -Talk to Ralph on the airship at GRANCEL LANDING PORT the night when you try to sneak into the CATHEDRAL

    Carnelia - Finale
    -Before you go to the GRAND ARENA for your final match, talk to Anton by the south entrance of EDEL DEPARTMENT STORE, wait for Marsha to pass by, talk to her, and repeat this procedure again when Marsha loops back; follow Marsha until she stops at the southwest corner, talk to her, then talk to Anton

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