PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/05/07Julio224K
Save 06-New File with 55,000+ Grade Points, enough to buy out the whole shop. Most of Cless skills master, over 1.9 Gald can be ratain.
Save Game File04/17/07Julio216K
Save 16-Pluto fight, characters are ready to fight Pluto in Moria Gallery.
Save Game File04/17/07Julio227K
Save 18-All Characters Max HP and TP, All Summons, All Spells and Skills, Cless Ultimate Weapon + Hi Ougi Equipped.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File09/16/060genmu0220K
Beginning of the game, after the first few scenes, just went out to save/have done nothing. Max money only save on save 2
Save Game File09/20/06Zoelius210K
Final Save point, most sidequest done. Level 60 to 70 Characters
Save Game File04/02/07Julio226K
Save 00-In the future, right after Volt's Cave and just got the winpack to fly freely.
Save Game File04/02/07Julio216K
Save 01-In the past, ready to go to the present to face Dhaos. All characters are around Lv 30s
Save Game File04/04/07Julio224K
Save 02-Origin, just before the fight with Origin in order to get the Eternal Sword.
Save Game File04/04/07Julio218K
Save 03-Ary, Eternal Sword forged. This is outside of Ary, just before the final scene before Dhaos.
Save Game File04/04/07Julio228K
Save 04-Dhaos Castle, the beginning of Dhaos Castle in the Future.
Save Game File04/05/07Julio209K
Save 05-Dhaos Castle, Final Save Point. Some characters are almost in Lv. 60. Moria Gallery completed.
Save Game File04/17/07Julio224K
Save 14-Litith, Cless ready to fight Lilith with his ultimate sword.
Save Game File09/14/06Lagunat222K
Savegame right before the pegasus fight, Cless Lv.35, 208971 Gald

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