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    FAQ/Walkthrough by rpgplayer012

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               \_____/ \___\\\\\ \__\\_ / :Radiant Mythology
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    By: rpgplayer012/Derrick Lau Copyright (2007) 
    E-mail: rpgplayer012@yahoo.com
    AIM: snoopyking12
    Game Produced by: Bandai-Namco Games
    FAQ started: June 19,2007
    FAQ Accepted: July 25th,2007
    FAQ finished: unknown at this moment
    Release Date of the Game: July 17,2007
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    Update History
    v1-Creation of the faq June 19th,2007.
    v2-Completion of Main story quests July 25th,2007.
    v3-Submitted faq to GameFaq's (Hope they accept) July 25th,2007.
    v4-Updated minor mistakes and fixed the Title July 26,2007.
      -Added couple more Radiant quests with the help of OkuKite
      -fixed the directions for 1 of the story quests. 
    v5-Added more space in between sections. -7/27/07
      -Added Magic Knight Radiants.
      -Added Ninja Radiants.
      -Added Mystic Artes/ Hi-Ougis for Classes
    v6-Organized all the Side Quests -8/01/07
    v7-Added Questions and Answers -8/7/07
      -Added Class Descriptions
    Coming Soon!
    -Dueling strategies
    -Different Class strategies
    -Finish Radiant Equips
    -Cooking Recipes
    -Fininshing the Quest lists
    1. Introduction
    2. About "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology"
    	2a. The Story
    3. Controls
    4. Characters
         4a. Radiant mythology characters
         4b. Playable characters
              4a1. Tales of Phantasia-Characters
              4a2. Tales of Destiny-Characters
              4a3. Tales of Eternia-Characters
              4a4. Tales of Symphonia-Characters
              4a5. Tales of Rebirth-Characters
              4a6. Tales of Legendia-Characters
              4a7. Tales of the Abyss-Characters
         4c. Non-playable characters
              4b1. Tales of Destiny-Characters
              4b2. Tales of Destiny 2-Characters
              4b3. Tales of Rebirth-Characters
    5. Walkthrough
         5a. Ailily - The Beginning
         5b. Ailily Quests
         5c. Important Story Quests 1
             5c1. "Traces of Life"
             5c2. "Find Lloyd"
             5c3. "Rescue the Captives"
             5c4. "Escort Stahn"
             5c5. "The Orphic Maze Appears"
             5c6. Story Plot
         5d. Ailily Duels
         5e. Dopland
         5f. Dopland Quests
         5g. Important Story Quests 2
             5g1. "The Earthquake's Epicenter"
             5g2. "The Epicenter in the Lavacleft"
             5g3. "The Hole in the Lavacleft"
             5g4. "Resue Leon and Defeat Gilgulim"
             5g5. "Defeat the Monsters Blocking the Path"
         5h. Dopland Duels
         5i. Gavada
         5j. Gavada Quests
         5k. Important Story Quests 3
             5k1. "Search for Harold's Whereabouts"
             5k2. "Get the Flourite"
             5k3. "Search for and Rescue Harold"
             5k4. "Shut Down the Mana Lab"
         5l. Gavada Duels
         5m. Dopland - The Return
             5m1. "Follow the Mana Flow"
             5m2. "The Woman in the Weald"
         5n. Ailily - The Return
             5n1. "The Dying World Tree"
             5n2. "Infiltrate Gilgulim"
             5n3. Ending Story
    6. How to Unlock Classes/Jobs
         6a. How to get Fighter Class
         6b. How to get Swordsmen Class
         6c. How to get Hunter Class
         6d. How to get Bishop Class
         6e. How to get Ninja Class
         6f. How to get Magic Knight Class
         6g. Class Descriptions
    7. Recipes and How to Get
    8. How to Use and Get Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's
    9. Radiant Quests
    10. Common Questions Answered
    11. Credits
    1. Introduction
    My first faq, and I felt I needed to write this because I felt it is time I 
    needed to write a FAQ for GameFAQs.
    Anywho, I been meaning to write this Faq and I have started it out before I had
    even gotten the game(U.S.edition).(Call me obsessed but eh, it's my obsession)
    Enough about me, this faq is about "Tales of the World:Radiant Mythology"for 
    the Playstation Portable. Since this is a cross-over of many different 
    characters from many different "tales of" games, which will make the story 
    interesting. Now, lets talk about the game.
    2. About "Tales of the World:Radiant Mythology"
    "Tales of the World:Radiant Mythology", for the PlayStation Portable (also a 
    first "Tales of" game for the Playstion Portable)follows the "Tales of" series
    by making this a crossover game as you know. There also have been previous 
    "Tales of the World" spin-off series for portable hand-helds,but have only been
    released for Japan. The game provides a battle system similar to "Tales of the 
    Abyss", utilizing the "Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System" or "FR-LMBS" or 
    how I just plainly say it, free run. This provides more room and running around
    the battlefield to dodge and strike your opponent. You also create your very 
    own character, ranging from a warrior, mage, priest, fencer etc. A part from 
    just creating your customized characters, you also can select the look of you 
    character with different types of armor. At the beginning you only start with
    4 classes, but as you progress, you gain more class options to switch with.
    2a.The Story
    Terresia - a world whose inhabitnts lived peacefully under the blessings of the
    World Tree. One day this world came under attack as the Devourer, a demon from 
    another world, destroyed most on the land. The people of Terresia lived in
    constant fear of losing their entire world. The World Tree protected Terresia 
    and people from the Devourer, but its powers became weaker with each passing 
    day. With what remainedof its powers, the World Tree created one last hope - 
    you. You descend upon the land of Terresia, its fate resting in your hands.
    3. Controls
    Basic Controls:
    Directional buttons - Change selection
    x button - Confirm,turn page
    O button - Cancel, return to previous screen
    Triangle button - Display menu screens
    L button and R button - Toggle screens
    Home button - Quit game
    Normal Map Controls:
    Directional buttons, analog stick - Move character
    x button - Talk, search
    O button - Display menu screens
    R button - Camera reset(R button + Directional buttons to move camera)
    START button - Leave(return to the worldmap)
    SELECT - Toggle mini map
    Battle Menu Controls:
    L button - Change strategy
    START button - Change characters
    SELECT button - Change control modes
    Battle Screen Controls:
    Direction buttons - dash, jump, select target
    Analog stick - free run
    X button - normal attack
    O button - Use artes
    Triangle button - Display battle menu
    Square button - Guard, cancel spell casting
    L button - Shortcut for artes
    R button - Change targets
    START button - Pause game
    4. Characters
    4a. Radiant Mythology Original Characters
         - Kanonno
         - Mormo
         - Ganser
         - Aurora
         - Widdershin
    4b. Playable Characters
         4b1. Tales of Phantasia 
              -Chester Burklight 
              -Arche Klein
         4b2. Tales of Destiny
              -Stahn Aileron
              -Rutee Katrea 
              -Leon Magnus
         4b3. Tales of Eternia
              -Reid Hershel 
         4b4. Tales of Symphonia
              -Lloyd Irving 
              -Raine Sage 
              -Kratos Aurion 
              -Genis Sage 
         4b5. Tales of Rebirth
              -Eugene Gallardo 
         4b6. Tales of Legendia
              -Senel Coolidge 
         4b7. Tales of the Abyss
              -Luke fon Fabre 
              -Tear Grants 
    4c. Non-playable Characters
         4c1. Tales of Destiny
              -Garr Kelvin 
    	  -Philia Felice 
         4c2. Tales of Destiny 2
              -Nanaly Fletch 
              -Harold Berselius 
         4c3. Tales of Rebirth
              -Annie Barrs 
    5. Walkthrough
    note: I based all directions from the dungeon map.
    5a. Ailily- The Beginning
    -After you made your character, you enter the scene where you find yourself 
    lying on the floor. Momrmo, the white cat thing that you will meet tells you 
    of the things in which are happening. You then hear a scream, just find your 
    way out, its a basic path so no worries.you thenfind a girl with a soldier 
    about to attack her, you then interupt and begin your first fight. it's pretty
    easy and well enough to manage. After you had beaten the soldier, you meet 
    Chester Burklight. You, Mormo, Kanonno(the girl you just saved) and Chester 
    then greet each other and then tell you to go to town and talk to a man name 
    You then go to the town map ,You will find a voiced skit with Ganser exiling 
    someone. Then proceed out of the plaza and go to the Guild. Enter the guild for
    a cutscene, there you will meet Raine and Kratos will come in. They talk about
    how this has affected the town and run the Guild Ad Libitum to quest in order 
    to help the people in the town. After, Raine tell you to meet other guild 
    member's helping out the town. When you leave the guild, you run into a skit 
    with Tear and Luke, trying to hide from soldiers.then enter the Inn to find 
    adventurer's. Then talk to all the people with "!" over their head. Second, go 
    to the plaza and talk to the rest of the people with "!"over their heads. Go 
    back to the Guild again to talk to Kratos again since he has an exclaimation 
    mark as well. Then go talk to Raine, then you gain the Refining, Polishing, 
    Creating Tools, Clothes Recipe and Meat recipes.
    After all that, you get 5 quests to start:
    5b. Ailily Quests:
    "Get the Potato"
    "Get the Filifolia Wing"
    "Get the Log"
    "Get the Savory"
    "Get the Rock"
    "Get the Basilisk Scale"
    "Get Rid of the Bat"
    "Get Rid of the Axe Beak"
    "Get Rid of the Basilisk"
    "Rid the Field of the Rhinossus"
    "Stop the FiliFolia from Multiplying"
    "Stop the Bat from Multiplying"
    "Stop the Mandractus from Multiplying"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Wolves!"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Killer Bees!"
    "Save the Crops from the Rhinossus"
    "Save the Crops from the Chirpee!"
    "Save the Crop from the Rhinossus!"
    "Save the Crops from the Garuda!"
    "A Request for Iron"
    "A Request for Potatoes"
    "A Request for Pork"
    "A Request for Opal"
    "A Request for Iron"
    "A Request for Basil"
    "Make Wood"
    "Make Flour"
    "Deliver the Present"
    "Attack of the Wolf"
    "Retrieve the Worm Fang"
    "Lancaster's Plea for Help"
    "An Urgent Delivery Request(Antenna)"
    "An Urgent Delivery Request(Red Basil)"
    "Attack of the Wyvern"
    "Attack of the Mandractus"
    "Attack of the Zombie"
    "Defeat the Rhinossus"
    "Defeat the Bandit"
    "Defeat the Poltergeist"
    "Defeat the Fafflesian"
    "Defeat the Mirror Goyale"
    "Defeat the Apparition"
    "The Friendship Contracter 1"
    "The Friendship Contracter 2"
    "The Friendship Contracter (END)"
    "Wedding Road: The Contractor 1"
    "Wedding Road: The Contractor 2"
    "Wedding Road: The Search(3)"
    "Wedding Road: Nightmare(4)"
    "Wedding Road: Happily Ever After(END)"
    "Investigate the Orphic Maze"
    "Treasure Hunt"
    "Train with Lloyd"
    "Train with Raine"
    "Train with Arche"
    "Train with Chester"
    "Train with Genis"
    Special Quest: "Mabo Curry"
    5c. Important Story Quests
     5c1. "Traces of Life" 
     5c2. "Find Lloyd"
     5c3. "Rescue the Captives"
     5c4. "Escort Stahn"
     5c5. "The Orphic Maze Appears"
    All You do here for the Quests are Talk to the people who asked for help and 
    apply for their directions.
    After You have done 2 quests, go back to the Guild and you then enter a 
    cutscene where Chester and Kanonno argue about her doing chores and him losing 
    his little sister.
    5c1. "Traces of Life"
    Fame needed: 30
    -For "Traces of Life",you will go to the Hallowed Bastion, in order to get 
    there, enter the world map and press left. When your in the dungeon, go 
    straight until you reach a fork in the path and take the left road, then when 
    you reach another fork choose the north path and continue from there until you
    get a cutscene where you find a doll. When you complete this quests and go back 
    to Ailily, you will recieve a little skit Kratos And a Cutscene with Ganser 
    when you leave the guild. 
    You earn 500 gald and 50 fame.
    5c2. "Find Lloyd"
    Fame needed: 110
    -Enter Hallow Bastion again and go left again at the first fork,then you will 
    see a cutscene of Lloyd running, contine the path but this time don't go into 
    the north path, keep on going left. After you find Lloyd, you MUST battle
    him. He is not that hard, and can be easily defeated. Then after Lloyd has been 
    defeated, you will have another cutscene with you, Lloyd and Kratos. You then 
    get the title of Ad Libitum,1000 gald and 100 fame.
    After that you automatically head back to Ailily and Kanonno will congratulate 
    you and tell you how to add members to your Party. Then Kanonno tells you how 
    you can change your job by talking to the local Ad Libitum guild master to 
    change your current job. You then gain the Swordsman and Fighter Invitation, 
    but you must pay for changing into these Elite classes every first time you
    change into them.
    When you leave the Guild to the Town menu, Kanonno will stop you for another 
    cutscene. And once you return to Ailily, you will get another cutscene with 
    Genis and Lloyd. And when you return to the Guild, you will meet Luke and Tear
    again for another cutscene. 
    Come back to the guild again to have a cutscene with Senel this time, looking 
    for a missing person.
    And soon after some quests you have another cutscene where Luke trys to show 
    off to become a member of Ad Libitum to Kratos.
    5c3. "Rescue the Captives"
    Fame needed: 240
    -Head to Hallowed Bastion again and head for the second floor. When you get 
    there, follow the path until you hit a fork and head left to rescue a man and 
    gain the "Hallowed Bastian Key". Then go back to the fork and head North until 
    you hit another fork, and then head right to rescue the girl who dropped the 
    doll and an old man who gives you a "Hallowed Bastian Blueprint".From there
    head back to the second fork(where you went right) and go take the left path. 
    Then continue the path and head north to follow that path until you find the
    3rd door. But prepared because you now have to fight 4 mid-strengthed monsters
    will attack you, 2 Gargoyles and 2 Pedestals to be exact. After that you will 
    get a cutscene where you meet Stahn, claiming to be the Dopland chapter of Ad 
    Libitum and will be automatically returned to the Guild.
    5c4. "Escort Stahn"
    Fame needed: 400
    -When you talk to Kratos you then get a voiced cutscene and Stahn then joins 
    your party. Then head for the Hallowed Bastion. Head to the second floor and
    and take the north path at the 1st fork, then a left at the the 2nd fork, then 
    take the left path on the 3rd fork. Then when on the 3rd floor, take the north
    path at the 1st fork, then when you reach to the area that has a door, take the 
    southern path. At the 3rd fork, go north then continue following its path, 
    and go left to bypass the chest if you want, then Stahn will leave and go back
    to Doplund. The reward you get here is 1000 gald and 50 fame points.
    Go to the plaza to recieve a scene with Chester saying Kannono has been 
    captured.(If you don't get the scene, then do a couple more quests)
    5c5. "The Orphic Maze Appears"
    Fame needed: 500
    -Here you get a new dungeon to go to, the Orphic Maze. Mormo will call it a bit
    too dangerous. Your goal is to get to the 3rd floor, to get to the 3rd Floor,
    take the right warp on the 1st floor, then continue to the purple warp path to
    warp to the 2nd floor. Then on the 2nd floor, take the right path to warp, then
    take the path to your right(or the southern path) to warp. Then take the middle 
    path. Then take the path to your left (or southern path) and a save point
    should be there. When you arrive at the 3rd floor a cutscene will take place.
    After that go straight and take that warp.
    Now prepare, there will be a cutscene and then you will have to fight Ganser.
    I'd suggest taking out the 2 Greater knights first then taking Ganser out.
    This battle is pretty simple, I suggest at least 1 priest but you don't really
    need it. 
    5c6. Story Plot:
    After you defeat him, another cutscene will take place and you will meet 
    Widdershin, and Ganser will be obliterated by him. Widdershin will appear
    before you and tell you he was a descender just like you and Mormo. You will
    also learn that Widdershin's world he had to protect, Gilgulim also the thing
    that's eating worlds. Widdershin reverted his World Tree to a seed, so the 
    reason why it had been eating worlds was to gain their mana to gain back its
    former size. He will try to attack you but you will prevail and basically tick
    him off; he will then swear revenge on you and vanish. Ailily is also a free
    town again and you will have the chance to go to Dupland. You also gain the 
    Town Savior title, 2000 gald and 100 fame.
    After that, when you enter Dopland, the screen will go black and you will 
    listen to Widdershin's voice.
    5d. Ailily Duels
    Special:"Test Your Skills with Kratos"
    "Test Your Skills with Lloyd"
    "Test Your Skills with Reid"
    "Showdown: Husband and Wife Comedy Team?"
    "A New Duo! The Rangers"
    "A Friendly Tag Team Battle"
    "Showdown! The Two Falcons"
    "A Painful Lesson"
    "An Unexpected Collaboration"
    Side quest pertaining to the Story
    "Investigate the Orphic Maze"
    This quests isn't that all important to the main story but it does help explain
    things. Head to the Orphic maze with Raine all the way to the 3rd floor where
    Gilgulim was and a cutscene will trigger. Youe will then lear the purposes of
    the World Tree and Decsenders.
    5e. Doplund
    Once you arrive at Doplund, head to the Guild. Once you arrive, you will meet
    Garr Kelvin and Philia Felice. Then Go around like before finding people with 
    "!" over their heads for this town Just like you first did in Ailiy.
    5f. Doplund Quests
    "Rid the Field of the Hatchet Beak"
    "Stop the Stonail from Multiplying!"
    "A Request for Amethyst"
    "Retrieve the Emerald Brooch"
    "Collect the Bat Blood"
    "Make a Shortcake"
    "A Dangerous Task (Garm Wolf Tooth)"
    "Deliver the Gold Pickaxe"
    "Bring Magellan Back"
    "Get the Treant Branch"
    "Get the Rough Amethyst"
    "Get Rid of the Death Bee Knight"
    "Get the Copper Ore"
    "Rescue Niels"
    "Attack of the Red Roper"
    "Attack of the Garm Wolf"
    "Attack of the Great Pan"
    "Attack of the Crab"
    "Save the Crops from the Hatchet Beak!"
    "Save the crops from the Armaboar!"
    "Get Rid of the Death Bee Knight"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Rewiggles"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Dread Bears!"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Rebbits"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Ribbits"
    "Defeat the Flame Bat"
    "Defeat the Poliwigle"
    "Defeat the Chianorantis"
    "Defeat the Charge Tortoise"
    "Defeat the Night Owl"
    "Treasure Hunt"
    "Nanaly's Request(Seeds)"
    "Nanaly's Request(Stonail Antenna)"
    "Nanaly's Request(Grapes)"
    "Nanaly's Request(Mabo Tofu)"
    "Nanaly's Request(Shortcake)"
    "Training with Leon"
    "Training with Stahn"
    "Training with Rutee"
    5g. Important Story Quests 2
     5g1. "The Earthquake's Epicenter"
     5g2. "The Epicenter in the Lavacleft"
     5g3. "The Hole in the Lavacleft"
     5g4. "Resue Leon and Defeat Gilgulim"
     5g5. "Defeat the Monsters Blocking the Path"
    5g1. "The Earthquake's Epicenter"
    Fame needed: 700
    -Accept the quest from Philia and talk to her again when you're ready. I also 
    strongly suggest you take a full party and atleast 1 priest ( you will see 
    later). Then enter the Mines in the world map(just press down once and you will
    be there). Walk staright until you hit a fork (yes more forks -_-) and head
    right to go to the 3rd floor mine; on the 3rd floor mine head right at both
    forks again to go to the 4th floor mine. Then on the 4th floor mine, head
    straight, following the path and make a right at the first fork, then take the
    north path when you find the second fork and follow its path, and continue
    right at the third fork. Now you are at the 6th floor mine, and you will see
    the same thing as when you saw in the Orphic Maze, and heads towards it to get
    a cutscene.
    -Rock Worm
    Be prepared now because you now have to face a Rock Worm. Be careful and try to
    keep your health up because it hits pretty hard and almost killed my party the
    first time I fought it(I under-estimated it), but I pretty much ran around it
    and attacked behind it while it does the smoke attack or just rised up from
    the ground. Once you win, another cutscene will take place and Gilgulim will 
    disappear again. The screen will turn black again and you will hear Widdershin
    ranting on again. Once in the guild, you will report what you saw and Kanonno
    will take you out to eat. After you return to the guild, you'll get rewarded
    with 3000 gald and 200 fame points.
    Once you leave the town, you will run into Luke and Tear again. 
    5g2. "The Epicenter in the Lavacleft"
    Fame needed: 1000
    -Accept the quest, get a briefing from Philia, and head to the Lavacleft on the
    world map of Dopland(down twice). Follow the path and head towards the north 
    path at the first fork, then take the right path at the second fork. Now you
    will be at the 3rd floor of the Lavacleft, from here follow the path going
    right at the fork and follow it until you are ensnared by a cutscene. You and
    Mormo discuss about the Hole in the floor in the cutscene and you'll bring a
    Strange Flower that you found besides the hole, back to Philia. You will learn
    that, this flower came from Kanonno's home world because she vaguely remembers 
    it as a Yunanate blossom. The reward you then earn would be 1000 gald and 100
    5g3. "The Hole in the Lavacleft"
    Fame needed: 1300
    -Accept the quest, get a briefing from Philia, go to the inn to talk to Rutee
    to join your party and head to the Lavacleft on the world map of Dopland again.
    Now at the 1st floor Lavacleft, go left at the fork this time and go take the
    south path at the second fork, then follow that path and you will find yourself
    on the 2nd floor Lavacleft. When your at the 2nd floor Lavacleft just keep
    following the left path, ignoring the fork and you will find the hole again and
    a cutscene will take place. Now head back to the fork and go north as the lava
    path has been cleared and another cutscene will appear. Follow this path until
    you find yourself at another fork. Take the left path and follow it until you
    find another Gilgulim seed. A cutscene will appear with Widdershin.
    Beware as a Boss-type monster, Drake will attack you. Sometimes the Drake will
    be cheesy and fly real high and attack you, but it's real basic because all you
    do is hold up and use your normal attacks to bring it down. I also learned that
    Tempest Strike really takes a toll on the Drake since it flys high.
    After the battle a cutscene will take place with a depressed Mormo and you will
    recieve a Septanite Nugget. You will also go back to the Guild and recive a
    cutscene where the Gilgulim was the cause of the seismic activity. Your reward
    for this quest is 3000 gald and 200 fame.
    Then leave the Guild to recieve a skit where Leon is hurt.
    5g4. "Resue Leon and Defeat Gilgulim"
    Fame needed: 1650
    -Enter the Guild sometime and you will have a cutscene with Leon running off to
    fight Gilgulim at the weald. Accept the quest and recieve a briefing from Garr.
    Head to the Weald, follow the path and go take the right route at the 1st fork,
    then the north path at the 2nd fork, and a left at the 3rd fork. And finally,
    head north at the last fork to enter the 2nd floor Weald. Follow the path and
    take the north-east route when you find yourself at the 4 way split. Then head
    for the south path at the next fork to reach the 3rd floor Weald. When you're
    at the 3rd floor Weald, follow the path until you get a cutscene finding Leon.
    Then go north at the fork where you found Leon and proceed to the 4th floor
    Weald. Now run staright north to find Gilgulim and another cutscene plus
    another boss-type battle.
    Now this dude is like really gigantic and tempest strike works really well on 
    it too. It's a pretty simple battle and way easier then the previous boss
    monsters. The strategy that I used to defeat him was have Raine and Rutee with
    me. My character and Leon distracted it while Raine and Rutee casts spells and
    healed me and Leon. And again, Tempest strike and Swallow Dance works well on
    it since it's pretty tall. After the battle a Cutscene will appear and you will
    destroy the Node. You will faint and you'll hear Widdershin ranting on again
    fussing about you again. -_-
    Then you'll find yourself at the Guild out cold with Kanonno trying to wake you
    up. Your reward will then be 3000 gald and 200 fame.
    5g5. "Defeat the Monsters Blocking the Path"
    Fame needed: 1950
    -Do a couple quests until you get this quest. Once you get it accept it and
    then go talk to Garr to get the Briefing. Stahn will join your party here for
    paying a debt to you when you had saved him back in Ailily. Head to the 4th
    floor Mine, but this time at the 3rd fork, go left instead of right, and follow
    that path until you reach the 5th floor mine. Then just go straight until you
    trigger a cutscene where you you see the monster that is blocking the way to
    This billy goat moose looking thing is called Graelhorn. Again like the other
    boss monsters before use Tempest Strike to your advantage. It's pretty easy
    when you get the hang of it but if you don't it could be pretty tough. If some
    of your party members die, you don't have to bother reviving them and a priest
    is also a good idea to bring along like Raine or anyone of the preist 
    Mercenaries. Once the giant billy goat dies, you will go back to the Dopland
    Guild to recieve a cutscene with Garr and Stahn. You report that you took care
    of the monster and you will be now able to go to Gavada. Your reward for this
    quest will be 2000 gald and 100 fame.
    5h. Doplund Duels
    So far the only duel you recive here is:
    "Test Your Skills with Stahn"
    "Test Your Skills with Leon"
    "A Fateful Encounter"
    "Decree of Fate"
    "Rival Showdown"
    "Battle of Destiny"
    5i. Gavada
    Since the road to Gavada is now open, talk to all the Tales characters for a
    "Goodbye Tour" type of thing. Then click the L button to reach Gavada and head
    to the Guild to meet Eugene and Annie. Once there, you will learn that someone
    named Aurora has been using the area's mana to bring great Properity but in
    return, a dramatic loss of mana to protect itself from the Devourer. You then
    ask of Harold and learn that he has went missing. Go to any of the places and
    talk to the people then go the plaza to meet up with Luke and Tear. Then report
    back to the Guild.
    5j. Gavada Quests
    "Attack of the Ice Wolf"
    "Attack of the Ice Spirit"
    "Attack of the Mercat"
    "Rid the Field of the Boarlet!"
    "Get Rid of the Elephossus"
    "Retrieve the Shell"
    "Retrieve the Beast Hide"
    "Stop the Hilaris from Multiplying!"
    "Stop the Breeze Spirit from Multiplying!"
    "Save the Crops from the Woodruda!"
    "Save the Crops from the Gilbit!"
    "Subdue the Wild Group of Ice Bats"
    "A Request for Grapes"
    "A Request from the Woodruda Branch"
    "A Request for Grapes"
    "A Request for Kola Nuts"
    "Defeat the Mercat"
    "Defeat the Yeti"
    "Defeat the Grosbelva"
    "Defeat the Cactus"
    "Defeat the Glasruda"
    "A Dangerous Task"
    "A Dangerous Task(Ice Scale)"
    "An Urgent Delivery Request(Piece of Ice)"
    "An Urgent Delivery Request(Vongole Bianco)"
    "An Urgent Delivery Request (Fluorite)" 
    "Make a Gold Sickle"
    "Deliver the Present"
    "Rescue Lana!"
    "Treasure Hunt"
    "Letter from His Son(1)"
    "A Reminder from His Son(2)"
    "A Son's True Identity(3)"
    "Get Rid of the Son(END)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(1)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(2)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(3)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(4)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(5)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(6)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(7)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(8)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(9)"
    "The Ultimate Baker(10)"
    "The Ultimate Baker: Baking Master!(END)"
    "Harold's Research(1)"
    "Harold's Research(2)"
    "Harold's Research(3)"
    "Harold's Research(END)"
    "Train with Eugene"
    "Training with Tear"
    "Training with Luke"
    "Training with Senel"
    5k. Important Story Quests 3
     5k1. "Search for Harold's Whereabouts"
     5k2. "Get the Flourite"
     5k3. "Search for and Rescue Harold"
     5k4. "Shut Down the Mana Lab"
    5k1. "Search for Harold's Whereabouts"
    Fame needed: 2050
    -Go to Annie and accept the quest and talk to Eugene for a briefing. Then head
    to the Gavada world map and go down to reach Aelderwood. Head straight and take
    the right route when you hit the 1st fork and follow its path until you reach
    another fork. Then take the north path until you reach the 2nd floor
    Aelderwood. Head straight and continue to follow the path; then head right at
    the 1st fork, then the north path on the 2nd fork and contine until you see a
    blue scepter on the floor. Cutscene will take, place and you will return to the
    Guild. Your reward here is 1000 gald and 50 fame.
    5k2. "Get the Flourite"
    Fame needed: 2300
    -Go to the guild to witness a cutscene where Philia comes to Gavada to tell you 
    about the Aelderwoods and how to prevent its toxins towards you, She then
    recalls of an experiment that her master , Harold done; he infused energy with
    in stones called Flourite. Now accept the quest and from Annie and get a brief-
    ing with Eugene and he will join your party. Head to the Frost Hollows and
    walk straight until you reach a split and take the right path and follow it
    until you reach another split. Take the north route there and you will see the
    way to the next floor. Follow its path until you reach a fork, following the
    north path. Now follow it and shortly you will see the 2nd fork with a save-
    point. Save and take the right path and follow it to see the door to the 3rd
    floor Frost Hollow. When on the 3rd floor Frost Hollow, head straight,
    follow the path until you reach this Big Crystal like structure. a cutscene
    will trigger, and you will learn that the Flourite has Harolds Signature in it.
    -4 Ice Spirits
    Mormo will sneeze activating the dwellers of the flourite and you will have to
    face off againt 4 Ice spirits. It's a pretty simple battle, take it as any
    if you are fighting any 4 regular monsters that attack you. After you defeat
    them you will recieve Flourite Cluster. At the Guild, you will take to Annie,
    and she will investigate the stones that you just got. Your reward you get for
    this quest is 1000 gald and 100 fame.
    5k3. "Search for and Rescue Harold"
    Fame needed: 2500
    -Now go accept the quest and talk to Eugene for a briefing. A cutscene will
    trigger and learn how to activate the Flourite stones. An earthquake takes
    place and your character falls. Now head back to the Aelderwoods.
    Now head to the area where you found Harold's scepter, a cutscene will trigger
    about the toxins in the area being supressed. Now take the south pass until you
    see an unconscience girl on the floor. And yes, THAT is Harold; you return to
    Gavada and Harold will wake up. You now return to the guild. Harold will inform
    everyone that Aurora has built her Mana lab in the heart of that forest. Harold
    will also try to give back Kanonno's memory with a treatment but Kanonno takes
    you outside to talk about her memories.
    Your reward for this quests is 1000 gald and 50 fame.
    -When you head back to the guild, you will learn that Kanonno ran off with her
    memory restored.
    5k4. "Shut Dow the Mana Lab"
    Fame needed: 2800
    -Accept and brief with Eugene, then grab your party and head to the Aelderwoods
    again. Now head to the 2nd floor Aelderwood again and go right at the first
    fork, but at the second fork, take the right path instead of the north path.
    Then follow that path until you reach a third fork and head north to get to the
    3rd Floor Aelderwood. From here, take the south route at the first split and
    then save at the savepoint at the second split. Then take the South path after
    you have saved to enter the 4th Floor Aelderwoods. There, just walk straight
    and you will trigger a cutscene with Mormo and the Mana Lab. You will then meet
    Aurora and Gilgulim will appear.
    Aurora will send her latest creation, an animal created from both Yaoon and
    Terresia. It's pretty slow but if you don't watch out, it will hit you hard on
    the tookus. Also on a side note watch out when he bodyslams you because it will
    most likey stun you. When you go into Overlimit beware of your health too,
    because since you don't flinch, you take damage with out noticing it. I suggest
    Hit and Run tactics since it is very hard trying to finish combos on it. For
    Ninja's, Flare Raid works wonders on it just be sure it is facing you to do max
    Once the Tyrantiose has been defeated, you will have a cutscene where Gilgulim
    disappears and Aurora rants on you. Once back in Gavada's Guild, you will learn
    that Dopland is the next target for mana lost.
    Your reward is 3000 gald and 200 fame.
    5l. Gavada Duels
    Special:"Test Your Skills with Senel"
    "Test Your skills with Eugene"
    "Test Your Skills with Luke"
    "The Dragon and the Tiger"
    "From the Depths of the Abyss"
    "New Generations"
    5m. Doplund - The Return
    -Once back at Dopland, head to Philia at the Guild. Philia and Garr will inform
    you that the World Tree roots are pulling back as a defense mechanism and are
    warned(from you) that Aurora is headed to Dopland to suck up the Mana in the
    area just like Gavada.
    5m1. "Follow the Mana Flow"
    Fame needed: 3300
    -Accept the quest and brief with Philia, then grab your party and head to the
    Weald. Head to the 4th Floor Weald, and along the way you will see a glimpse
    of Kanonno running. Then when you reach where the Gilgulim Node was, a cutscene
    will trigger and you will then head back to the Dopland Guild. You are then
    rewarded 1000 gald and 50 fame.
    5m2. "The Woman in the Weald"
    Fame needed: 3600
    -Just do what you did in the last story quest, and head to the 4th Floor Weald
    again to trigger a cutscene where you find Kanonno. You will learn that Kanonno
    is also a Descender, but exterminated the humans of her world, but was to late
    to restore humanity and that was when Widdershin arrived with Gilgulim. You
    will also learn that Kanonno was helping Widdershin too but the World Tree was
    to strong for her and she was sent flying, losing her memory.
    She is pretty tough if you are doing this alone, but if in a party it should be
    easy. Kanonno is like a combo of Magic Knight and Warrior and she is incredibly
    hard to stun. I suggest bringing a some Mages, Priest or a Bishop with you.
    When it is all and done, you will destroy the Gilgulim Node that Kanonno 
    brought up and talk to her.
    Your reward will be 2000 gald and 200 fame.
    5n. Ailily - The Return
    -Now head back to Ailily, and head for the Guild.
    5n1. "The Dying World Tree"
    Fame needed: 3800
    -Accept the quest, brief with Raine and gather your team. Now head for the Foot
    of the World Tree. Here you will need to reach the 4th floor of the World Tree.
    To get there, head north all the way on the 1st Floor to reach the second 
    floor. Then, on the 2nd Floor, follow the path until you reach a 3 way split
    and take the left path, then another left at the second 3 way split. Shortly
    after, you will see a fork, so take the north route and continue north until
    you find a save-point(and save of course). From there, take a right and
    continue and take the north path at the 4 way split. Now follow the path and
    take a right at the next fork. Finally take the North route at the next fork
    to find the entrance to the 3rd Floor.
    Easier Method:
    2nd Floor:
    1. left
    2. left
    3. north
    4. right
    5. north
    6. right
    7. north
    3rd Floor:
    1. north
    2. right
    3. north
    4. north
    If this all confuses you, just try to go all the way north on the map, until
    you find the entrance for floors 2 and 3.
    Now when you are at the 3rd Floor of the World Tree, follow the northern path
    all the way straight and then take a right at the fork. Shortly after following
    the previous path take the north route at the next fork follow it.
    You will then find yourself at another fork soon after, so take the north when
    you get there. Follow that path all the way north until you trigger a cutscene
    with Aurora. She will talk about Gilgulim becoming an eternal world, and then
    she will attack you.
    She will come at you, but not alone; she will have 3 Mandragora with her. Take
    care of her Mandragora first if it's possible, because if you leave her 
    unchecked, she will mutilate your party. Her teleporting will also be another
    big nuisance to you, to me it was an extremely hard battle. She killed of all
    party members and petrified me. If this happens to you, I suggest you using
    your gummies since she hits really hard; I also didn't bother to heal my party
    members because they will most likey get in your way. Once you defeat the
    Aurora, a cutscene will take place and she will die. The ground will start
    shaking and you will learn that Gilgulim is ready to start the Mana Harvest,
    which in terms means that the World Tree is ready to die. Kanonno will then try
    to stop the mana flow and you will have to stop Widdershin.
    You head back to the Ailily Guild to recieve info on how to destroy Gilgulim.
    Your reward will be 3000 gald and 200 fame.
    Warning:Beware that after you do this quest, the next quest finish's the game,
            and after you finish this you will have to do the chained quests(if you
            were in the middle of it)all over again.
    5n2. "Infiltrate Gilgulim"
    Fame needed: 4000
    -Accept the final quest and brief with Kratos. Now enter the worldmap of Ailily
    and head for the Blue-ish castle like structure all the way on the bottom. Once
    in Gilgulim, walk straight until a cutscene will trigger and you will meet
    Ganser again.
    You will face against Ganser and 2 Geopsitis. Take care of his minions first.
    They're quite simple and easy to deafeat, once they're beatened, head for
    Ganser. He will run around a lot and will be very hard to stun too. Overall,
    this battle is very simple, and you will get the Altar Room Key from him.
    Ok take paths in this order at all the forks:
    note: A lot of Treasure chests will be there, so open them if you want.
    1. right 
    2. north
    3. left
    4. north
    5. right
    6. north
    7. north
    Then save at the save point; I also suggest equiping Black Onyx to sustain some
    of Widdershin's attacks from destroying you. Head to the second floor to
    trigger a cutscene with Widdershin.
    -Widdershin 1st Half
    Not much here, but his big sword attack will knock you down, and it has a wide
    radius in which it hits too. He will teleport but nothing like Aurora, he
    doesn't tend to go that far. 
    -Widdershin 2nd Half
    Once you take out half of his life he will summon this huge sword from the sky
    and will damage your party heavily. They will most likely die too, and I
    recommend not to bother reviving them unless you need a meat tank to take all
    the punishment for you(mainly Mages, Priests, and Bishops will have to revive
    their Party members)
    Now this is where things will get tough. Widdershin will use Meteor Swarm a lot
    and a move relatively similar to Holy Lance. When he does Meteor Swarm(you will
    know because that's the only spell he casts), then that's your cue to start
    running. I also found that Tempest Beast(or Omega Tempest for Swordsman) works
    very well on Widdershin when he pauses. Just run and Tempest Beast until he is
    all defeated. Poor Widdy all that hype for nothing.
    Now just watch the cutscene after to see Widdershin blow up. After that leave
    the area to headback to Kanonno. You will automatically be sent to the 3rd
    Floor World Tree to meet Kanonno.
    5n3. Ending Story
    Kanonno, you and Mormo will see the mana rise from the worlds that Gilgulim has
    consumed. You will channel the all the mana to the Terresian World Tree, and it
    will begin to bear fruit. You will then see all the Tales characters looking up
    at the mana going in to the World Tree and bearing fruit. Then Mormo and
    Kanonno return to their world, and you to the World tree.
    You will recieve the Title "World Savior"
    Congratulations, You have now beaten Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology!
    Enjoy The Game Credits!
    -After in your New Game+ you will unlock hard and very hard difficulty.
    Everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING, will be carried over from the previous game
    except the story items.
    6. How to Unlock Classes/Jobs
    Warrior, Thief, Mage and Priest are given at the beginning of the game.
    6a. How to get Fighter Class
    -Given to you after you Join Ad Libitum and Kratos explains you the job system.
    6b. How to get Swordsman Class
    -Given to you after you Join Ad Libitum and Kratos explains you the job system.
    6c. How to get Hunter Class
    -You must do all of Nanaly's quests in Dopland until you get the Haute Cuisine
    Recipe from her as a reward. Now go back to Ailily and Search for a quest "Mabo
    Curry" from Arche. Accept it because you should have gotten several Mabo Curry
    from Nanaly as a Reward and head towards the Guild to get a cutscene and you
    recieve the Hunter's Invitation from Chester.
    6d. How to get Bishop Class
    -Complete all of Harold's quests and after the last quest you will recieve the
    Bishop Invitation as a reward.
    6e. How to get Ninja Class
    -Get your Fighter to level 30 or higher and face Senel in "Test Your Skills
    with Senel" (which is in Gavada) with your Fighter. Beat him and talk to him
    after to recieve the reward to get a skit and the Ninja Invitation. 
    6f. How to get Magic Knight Class
    -Get your Swordsman to level 30 or higher and face Kratos in "Test Your Skills
    with Kratos" (Which is in Ailily) with the Swordsman. Beat him and talk to him
    after you recieve your reward to recieve the Magic Knight Invitation. 
    6g. Class Descriptions
    -High physical strength and power. Suited for close combat.
    -Good at healing andsupport magic.
    -Good with offensive magic. Low Physical defense and not suited for close
    -Attacks quickly and does not give the enemy a chance to counter attack.
    -Attacks the enemy from a distance with a bow and arrow. Not suited for close
    -Warrior with advanced sword techniques and various skills.
    -Suited for close combat. Good at quick strikes and throws.
    -Confuses the enemy with tricky movements.
    -A versatile sorcerer who excels at both healing and offensive magic.
    Magic Knight
    -Swordsman capable of using magic. Versatile but difficult to control.
    7. Recipes and How to Get
    note: These recipe's you get only for upgrading weapons and armor. 
    Sword enhance - Train with Lloyd
    Short Sword Enhance - Train with Rutee
    Glove Enhance - Train with Senel 
    Axe Enhance - Train with Eugene
    Armor Enhance - Train with Stahn
    Shield Enhance - Training with Kratos
    Robe Enhance - Train with Arche
    Gauntlet Enhance - Train with Reid
    Boot Enhance - Train with Luke
    Hat Enhance - Train with Tear
    Helmet Enhance - Train with Leon
    Staves Enhance - Train with Genis
    Bow Enhance - Train with Chester
    8. Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's
    -In order for characters to learn their Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's, you must master
    all, and I mean ALL techs for that character. I have confirmed this through one
    of my play-throughs. All though, I am unsure about the Magic classes(Priest,
    Mage, Bishop and Magic Knight) for their Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's at the moment.
    note: To activate Overlimit press the L and R button.
    Once you learn your Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi, activate your Overlimit when it's
    full and then attack using an Arcane Arte and hold the X button to activate the
    move. For magic caster's, go into Overlimit, cast a spell and hold the X button
    to activate their Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's. I think Grinding for this move is
    well worth it since it does a payload of damage to your enemy.
    For your custom character, here are the Mystic Artes/Hi-Ougi's each class:
    Warrior                -Infernal Ruin
    Thief                  -Death Spiral
    Mage                   -Indignant Judgment
    Priest                 -Sacred Shine
    Swordsman              -Dark Blade
    Fighter                -Fire Dragon Rampage
    Ninja                  -Nine Seals
    Magic Knight           -Shining Bind
    Bishop                 -Divine Judgment
    Hunter                 -Astral Rain
    9. Radiant Quests
    note: You need to reach level 25 for the quests to appear.
    -You will randomly get a skit from Kratos after you free Ailily from Ganser.
    You need this in order to activate the Radiant quests to recieve Radiant
    Then look for the quest "Touchstone" in Ailily to start the quests. After you
    defeat it you go back and talk to Kratos to recieve word that the Radiant hero
    will give you a set of trials to obtain the gear.
    From there, depending on what class you are, you will have to go to a specific
    town to recieve the quests.
    Class:              From:         Dungeon:
    ~~~~~~              ~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~
    Warrior             Reid          World Tree
    Mage                Genis         Orphic Maze
    Priest              Raine         Hallow Bastion
    Thief               Rutee         Lavacleft
    Hunter              Nanaly        Weald
    Fighter             Senel         Frost Hollows
    Bishop              Harold        Aelder woods
    Swordsman           Stahn         Mine
    Ninja               Eugene        Frost Hollows
    Magic Knight        Garr          Lavacleft
    for Ninja:
    "Ninja Mask"
    "Ninja Suit"
    "Ninja Gloves"
    "Ninja Sandals"
    for Warriors:
    "Warrior Axe"
    "Warrior Buckler"
    "Warrior Helm"
    "Warrior Lorica"
    "Warrior Mittens"
    "Warrior Leggings"
    for Swordsman:
    "Fencer Sword"
    "Fencer Shield"
    "Fencer Helm"
    "Fencer Plate"
    "Fencer Gauntlet"
    "Fencer Greaves"
    for Hunter:
    "Hunter Bow"
    "Hunter Ribbon"
    "Hunter Jacket"
    "Hunter Glove"
    "Hunter Boots"
    for Thief:
    "Thief Dagger"
    "Thief Domino"
    "Thief Jacket"
    "Thief Gloves"
    "Thief Boots"
    for Fighter:
    "Grappler Knuckles"
    "Grappler Band"
    "Grappler Chiton"
    "Grappler Boots"
    for Magic Knights:
    "Paladin Sword"
    "Paladin Helm"
    "Paladin Armor"
    "Paladin Gautlets"
    "Paladin Leggings"
    10. Common Questions Answered:
    Q: questions A: answers
    Q: How/when do I switch Jobs?
    A: Follow the guide.
    Q: How come I can't activate the Story Quests anymore!?
    A: You need a certain amount of Fame to obtain the quest probably, look at the
       walkthrough guide for the required Fame, it's right below the Story Quest
    Q: WHAT?! I battled Senel and didn't get the Ninja Invitation!?
    A: You have to talk to him AFTER you recieve your reward.
    Q: Can I get ALL Radiants for every class in one playthrough?
    A: Yes you can get all the Radiants in one playthrough but you have to complete
       one set at a time.
    Q: How do I refresh the Quest list?
    A: You exit town and re-enter until your hearts desire; if you had the 
       "Bearer of Love" title you can just keep talking to the quest receptionist
       and each time the quest list will switch.
    Q: I can't get any Tales characters to join my party, how can I get them?
    A: Gain more fame by doing more to get them to accept you(you can check threw
       the Evaluation option when you go to the Innkeeper).
       If this isn't the case, then exit town and re-enter until you get them to
       join you.
    Q: What is the Max Level?
    A: 250, look in the manual.
    Q: Which class is the best class?
    A: No one class is better than another, each class is based on ones own
    Q: How can I get a Fencer/ Grappler?
    A: Those were the Japanese names for Swordsman and Fighter.
    Q: Where can I find the Golden Knight/Gilgamesh?
    A: These appear in Ex maps or Magic maps(both are the same) randomly.
    Q: Where can I find the Chicken/Frog/Bear Killer?
    A: Same answer as the previous question.
    Q: Why did you make a FAQ?
    A: I love Tales
    Q: Can you post your Save data plz?
    A: In your dreams.
    -If there is anything missing that you might feel is missing you can 
    contact me at rpgplayer012@yahoo.com
    -If you have any question's you can contact at my e-mail as well.
    10. Credits
    To Espha's dearing words and encouragement to me:
    -Help to me creating this FAQ, EspharianRage, who kept cursing and saying that 
    I would never finish this, which actually motivated me into completing this 
    -Quote from EspharianRage: "This bastard started the FAQ and he didn't even 
    have the freaken game!  What the hell is with that?!"
    -"About the game...eh...HOW can you do that?!  You don't have it!!  Stop 
    living such a fanatical life man, lol"
    note: I did start this faq before I had bought this game(because I was so 	
          excited), but I have written the Walkthrough section AFTER I had 	
          bought and completed the game for myself.
    To my friend Thomas's motivating words:
    "Its pretty well done for someone more retarded then myself"
    "I hope you finish fast so I can borrow the game from you  XD"
    To my friend, Dude of Steel's words of motivation:
    "whats that, a faq made by somone without the game, who is this man, and did 
    he eat paint chips when he was a baby?"
    I would like to thank OkuKite and Aznbros99 for sending me the Radiant
    information I missed; Rob for the info on the Ailily duel I was missing.
    I would like to thank Bandai-Namco for making this game.
    I would also like to thank GameFAQs for posting my faq on their site.
    And Thank YOU! for viewing this FAQ.

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