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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarkRPGgamer

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    Dungeon Maker: Hunting Grounds Walk-Thru
    By; David Taylor aka DarkRPGgamer
    V 0.30
    Email: DarkGamer4Ever@aol.com
    1a) Introduction
    1b) Legal Stuff
    1c) Description
    1d) Frequently asked Questions
    1e) Version History
    2a) Room Kits and Their Uses
    2b) Quests
    3a) Item Selling Prices
    3b) Weapon List
    3c) Armor List
    3d) Ring and Bracelet List
    3e) Root List
    3f) Fang and Claw List
    3g) Magic Books
    4a) Bosses
    4b) Monsters
    4c) Recipes
    5a) Credits
    I'm DarkRPGgamer, I've played so many games and used so many walk throughs
    that I felt its time to give something back to my fellow gamers. So this is my
    first stab at a walk-thru, and I just had to do it for this awesome game.
    Still on my first play through, but I think that the data I have gathered
    will help my fellow Dungeon Makers get the most from their experience.
    Keep on the look out for updates as I progress. Enjoy! 
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is for Authourized Sites ONLY. This document is copyrighted material 
    Of David Taylor and may not be used without expressed written consent of David
    Taylor. No part of this guide can be used without proper quoting and/or
    recognition. Any person(s) found violating this copyright is/are punishable
    by law and will be to the fullest extent. 
    Authorized Sites:
    Ever wonder what it would be like if you could combine the joyful hours of hack
    and slash Diablo goodness with the all consuming addictive euphoria of city
    planning provided by SimCity? Sure you have, and this is what you would get!
    Welcome to Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground. IN DM: HG you play as an architect
    who has set out to build the worlds Greatest Dungeon in hopes of attracting the 
    legendary Wandering Demon into its depths... so you can KILL it.
    Frequently asked Questions
    Q. Does the floor rating of the previous floors affect lower levels?
    A. There are many ideas on this one, like the upper floor's rating 
       sets a cap on the lower floors, or that the rating affects the 
       quantity of monster that will inhabit your lower levels. I have
       found it is a mixture of both theories. While the rating of say 
       the first floor does not set a cap for say floor 2 as it is possible
       to have floor 1 at a rating of 75 and still have floor 2 at 135
       once you raise floor 1's rating you will notice that floor 2 
       likewise goes up in rating to say 143. while not a significant increase 
       it does add up as you improve each floor the lower floors go up in rating
       too. This is most likely due in part to theory #2 that the higher the rating
       on upper levels the more monsters you will face on lower levels. The old man 
       hints at this around the time you get your first stair kit.
    Q. How can I increase my Dungeon floor's rating?
    A. If you find that you have hit the proverbial "Brick Wall" with you floor
       stop, step back, look at it, and ask yourself:
       1. Does my floor twist and turn a lot or do I have a lot of straight halls?
    	Try using T and L sections instead of I and + sections. A good rule
    	of thumb is, the harder the dungeon is for you to traverse the higher
    	your rating will be.
       2. Do my corridors have wall paper and what kind is it?
    	Remember dirt<wood<stone<marble. marble corridors will significantly
    	raise your floor's rating, but at 500g a pop you only 5 sections a day
    	you may want to fit your floors with stone till you can afford the
       3. What kind of Room kits am I using?
    	Steer clear of storage rooms once you have completed the thieving goblin
    	quest. Guest rooms should be the lowest you settle for but Bedrooms are
    	best to start out with and will raise your rating very quickly in large
    	numbers. They also do well to attract monsters to your dungeon. Just try
    	not to leave any room bare as it does nothing for your rating.
    Version History
    v0.25 First post of guide
    v0.30 Updated a Few Quests and Started on the Recipe Section
          Been a little busy but trying to finish lower level quests
    	for the rewards lists.
    Room Kits and Their Uses
    Storage Kit- 200g
    Changes a 1d small room into a Storage room.
    Used to lure the Thieving goblin into 
    your dungeon. Least expensive Kit.
    Guest Room Kit- 800g
    Changes 1D small room into a fancy guest room
    Used to lure the Lich into your dungeon. Better
    than storage for rating. 
    Bedroom- 1200g
    Changes 1D small room into a fancy Bedroom.
    Substantial rating boost to floor in large
    Changes 1d small room into a Study.
    Used to lure Dr. kobold into Dungeon.
    Nice room for rating Boost.
    Jail Kit-300g
    Changes 1D small room into a Jail
    Used to lure in the Innocent Ghost
    Gives dungeon a more dungeon feel.
    Stone Treasure Room Kit-5000g
    Change a 1D small room in to a 
    Stone Treasure room with 2 Chests 
    in it. Needed for several Buyer 
    Quests. Nice boost to floor rating
    Set it up in the corners of your map
    away from elevators and stairs
    Iron Treasure Room Kit- 10000g
    Changes 1D small room into an iron
    treasure room with 2 chests. Used
    for several Buyer quests.
    Silver Treasure Room Kit-50,000
    Change 1D small room into silver
    treasure room with 2 chests. Used
    in several Buyer quests. Higher quality
    items can be obtained here.
    Fruit Tree Room Kit- 1500g
    Changes 2D room into a room with a fruit
    tree in it. Used to attract Nekomatas.
    Increases the number of monsters in the 
    immediate area of the room.
    Fountain Room Kit- 600g
    Changes 2D room into a room with a fountain 
    in it. Used to increase the number of monsters
    in the immediate area of the room.
    Recovery Room Kit-???
    Changes 4D small room into a Recovery room.
    Will fully heal you once per day when 
    activated (does not replenish MP)
    Stair Kit- 500g
    Changes a 4D small room into stair room.
    Takes you down to the next floor. One per
    Library Kit- 4000g
    Changes a Med room (rdoor) into a 
    Library. used to lure in the Corrupt 
    Knight. Attracts more intelligent monsters.
    Court Kit-4,000
    Change Med Room (Rdoor) to an attractive 
    court. Used to attract Mythic Beasts 
    Magic Room Kit-4,000
    Change Med Room (LDoor) to a fancy magic
    room. Used to attract Intelligent creatures.
    Parlor Kit- 1500g
    Changes Med room (LDoor) into a parlor
    Used to attract the Corrupt Warrior into 
    your dungeon. 
    Chapel Kit- 2000g
    Changes Med room (MDoor) into a Chapel
    used in Druid Quest. Chases Undead from
    the Immediate area.
    Altar Kit- 2000g
    Changes Med room (MDoor) into a Sacrificial 
    Altar room. Attracts undead to immediate Area.
    I do apologize about some of the blank rewards, but by the
    time I started collecting data for the Walk thru I had
    forgotten what I was given :). If you know what the
    rewards are for spaces marked with ??? email them to
    DarkGamer4Ever@com and I will update it and give you
    credit in the guide. Ty
    Old Man's Quests
    Black Bat Fang- Flr 1
    Collect a Black Bat Fang
    Drops off Black Bat- Found in most areas of floor 1
    Reward- Blade Root
    Wild Cat Claw- Flr 1
    Collect a Wild Cat Claw
    Drops off Wild Cats- Found in most areas of Floor 1
    Reward-2 T corridors, 2 1D small rooms, 1 2d small
    Robber Goblin- Flr 1
    Kill the Robber Goblin
    Build a few Storage rooms and check them daily.
    Reward-Wind Root; Drops Hand Axe
    The Lich- Floor 1-2
    Kill the Lich
    Build a few Guest rooms and check them daily
    Reward- Fire Root
    Dr. Kobold- Flr 3
    Kill Dr. Kobold
    Build Studies and check them daily.
    Studies must be on 3F
    Corrupt Warrior-Flr 4
    Kill the Corrupt Warrior
    Build parlors and check them Daily
    Druid- Flr 6
    Kill the Druid
    Build Chapels on 6F and check them Daily
    (Druid is resistant to most magic)
    Reward- War Wolf Root
    Museum Quests
    Kobold Ring- Flr 1
    Collect a Kobold ring
    This can Be tricky as you need to start filling
    sections of 1F with wooden Corridors to attract 
    Kobolds then just start killing them with abandonment.
    The Kobolds have swords and shields, not big clubs (those
    are goblins).
    Reward- 5 1d Room, 5 wood grain Kits, 1000g, bag(20 slot)
    Bone Ring- Flr 1+
    Collect a Bone Ring
    These Drop off Skeletons through out most of the game
    more common on the first few floors though. Build 
    altars to attract these pests and make sure you've
    invested in the Holy Ring spell to make your life easier.
    Reward- 1500g
    Skull- Flr 1+
    Collect a skull
    See Quest: Bone Ring
    Rewards- 2000g, bag(30 slot)
    Nekomata's Ears- Flr 4
    Collect the Ears of a Nekomatas
    These are some of the first Spell caster's you see in 
    the game (aside from bosses). Attract them to your Dungeon 
    by building Fruit tree rooms and Bedrooms then Kill them 
    till it drops.
    Reward- ????
    Nekomata's Feet- Flr 4
    Collect Nekomata?s Feet
    See Quest: Nekomata's Ears
    Nekomata's Paws- Flr 4
    Collect Nekomata?s Gloves
    See Quest: Nekomata?s Ears
    Cursed Ring- Flr 5
    Collect a Cursed ring
    Found on the Ghosts (NOT spirits) on 5F. 
    Marble Corridors, Altars, Bedrooms, and 
    Fountains seem to have them the most.
    Rewards- Magic Bag (40 slot Bag)
    Death Ring- Flr 6
    Collect a Death ring
    Found on the Cruel Spirits in 6F's Unknown
    Reward- 4000g, Legendary Bag (50 slot bag)
    Healer's Quests
    Mongrel Liver- Flr 2
    Collect Mongrel Liver
    This one is best handled before you start placing
    wallpaper, as dirt floors attract beasts. Try not
    to let them surround you as they attack pretty fast
    often scoring 2 hits in a row each and disrupting
    your attacks.
    Reward- Rebirth Potion
    Cave Cat Liver- Flr 3
    Collect Cave Cat Liver
    As with the mongrel liver you want to try and
    do this quest before you start Decorating your
    corridors with wallpaper. These are no harder
    than the wild cats you have been killing.
    Reward- Rebirth Potion
    Snake Oil- Flr 5
    Collect Snake Oil 
    You get this from killing Quetzalcoatls
    on 5F. when they drop it, it looks like a
    food item (because it is).
    Reward- Poison Dagger
    Hell Hound Guts- Flr 7
    Collect hell hound guts
    As with the other beast quests try to do it
    before you decorate your corridors
    Buyer's Quests
    Giant's Ring- Flr 1
    Collect a Giant's Ring
    Actually a Bracelet, you find them randomly in
    Stone Treasure Rooms. Make Sure your room is 
    in a corner of your Dungeon for optimal looting.
    Reward- Stone Treasure Kit, 1000g 
    Fire Cone- Flr 2
    Collect a Fire Cone
    This hat is once again found in a Stone Treasure
    Room, this time on 2F. It is a random hat so be patient.
    Reward- 1200g
    Straw Sandals- Flr 4
    Collect a pair of Straw Sandals
    These drop off of Corrupt warriors most often found
    in the parlors and bedrooms of 4F. 
    Warrior's Armor- Flr 4
    Collect a Warrior's Armor
    Drops off those pesky corrupted warriors. Back to
    the parlors and bedrooms
    Reward- ???
    Magic Shop Quests
    Ruby Ring- Flr 3
    Collect a ruby ring
    these tend to drop off the Dark Knights in bedrooms
    and large fire slimes build stone corridors and come
    with water or ice spells as the will split into
    smaller slimes at around half life. Turning this
    ring in grants access to a Fire ring in the magic shop.
    Sapphire Ring- Flr 4
    Collect a Sapphire ring
    Drops of the large ice slimes fire spells will
    decimate them. give you access to an ice ring
    in the magic shop.
    Reward- ???
    Opal Ring- Flr 5
    Collect an opal ring
    Drops off of the Ghosts on 5F (not the
    spirits but the ghosts) grants access to a health
    ring in the magic shop
    Emerald Ring- Flr 5-6
    collect and Emerald ring
    Now the most likely place you are going to get this
    is off a Grass slime on 6F, however there is a
    chance that the Ghosts (not spirits) will drop
    on 5F (where you got your opal ring). This
    unlocks the Sorcery ring in the magic shop.
    Diamond Ring- Flr 6
    collect a Diamond Ring
    Drops off the ghosts on 6F (I think was being
    attack by a mob when it Dropped. would like confirmation)
    unlocks the Wizard Ring (+50 mp) 
    Reward- 4000g
    Armorer Quests
    (Coming Soon)
    Item Selling Prices
    Short Sword-------------------------------------------300g
    Hand Axe----------------------------------------------450g
    Short Bow---------------------------------------------300g
    Long sword--------------------------------------------750g
    Spiked Club-------------------------------------------600g
    Bandits Bow-------------------------------------------600g
    Battle Axe--------------------------------------------750g
    Bronze Spear------------------------------------------750g
    Morning Star-----------------------------------------1200g
    Holy Rod---------------------------------------------1350g
    Broad Sword-------------------------------------------900g
    Poison Dagger-----------------------------------------900g
    Bastard Sword----------------------------------------1200g
    Fire Staff-------------------------------------------1200g
    Water Staff------------------------------------------1200g
    Composite Bow----------------------------------------1950g
    Fire Dagger------------------------------------------1500g
    Long Axe---------------------------------------------1050g
    Ice Dagger-------------------------------------------1650g
    Corrupt Mace-----------------------------------------?????
    Poison Bow-------------------------------------------?????
    Chest Armor
    Quilted Shirt-----------------------------------------150g
    Suede Shirt-------------------------------------------300g
    Fur Shirt---------------------------------------------600g
    Leather Armor-----------------------------------------750g
    Leather Halter----------------------------------------750g*
    Chain mail-------------------------------------------1050g
    Warrior Armor----------------------------------------1050g*
    Scale Mail-------------------------------------------1200g
    Fur Halter-------------------------------------------1200g*
    Leg Armor
    Quilted Pants----------------------------------------150g
    Suede Pants------------------------------------------300g
    Fur Pants--------------------------------------------600g
    Leather Pants----------------------------------------750g
    Quilted Skirt----------------------------------------750g*
    Leather Skirt---------------------------------------1050g*
    Fur Skirt-------------------------------------------????g*
    Hand Armor
    Leather Gloves---------------------------------------450g
    Nekomata Gloves--------------------------------------900g*
    Foot Armor
    Leather Shoes-----------------------------------------75g
    Leather Boots----------------------------------------150g
    Straw Sandals----------------------------------------150g*
    Fur Boots--------------------------------------------600g
    Tabi Socks-------------------------------------------600g
    Nekomata Feet----------------------------------------900g*
    Iron Boots------------------------------------------1050g
    Silver Boots----------------------------------------1350g
    Head Armor
    Quilted Hat--------------------------------------------75g
    Cone Hat----------------------------------------------150g
    Black Hood--------------------------------------------300g
    Fire Cone---------------------------------------------450g
    Leather Cap-------------------------------------------600g
    Fur Cap-----------------------------------------------600g
    Nekomata Ears-----------------------------------------750g*
    Jade Acc---------------------------------------------3000g
    Bronze Shield------------------------------------------450g
    Round Shield-------------------------------------------750g
    Crest Shield-------------------------------------------900g
    Fire Shield-------------------------------------------1200g
    Ice Shield--------------------------------------------1350g
    Back Armor
    Ivory Cloak-------------------------------------------900g
    Crimson Cloak----------------------------------------1200g
    Bone Ring----------------------------------------------24g*
    Kobold Ring-------------------------------------------150g*
    Copper Ring-------------------------------------------150g
    Fighter Ring------------------------------------------150g
    High Warrior------------------------------------------150g
    High Master-------------------------------------------150g
    Silver Ring-------------------------------------------300g
    Ruby Ring---------------------------------------------600g*
    Gold Ring---------------------------------------------750g
    Sapphire Ring-----------------------------------------750g*
    Slasher Ring------------------------------------------750g
    Snake Ring--------------------------------------------900g
    Opal Ring--------------------------------------------1050g
    Cursed Ring------------------------------------------1200g*
    Emerald Ring-----------------------------------------1500g*
    Diamond Ring-----------------------------------------????g*
    Ice Ring---------------------------------------------1500g
    Fire Ring--------------------------------------------1500g
    Maiden Ring------------------------------------------1650g
    Death Ring-------------------------------------------1800g*
    Health Ring------------------------------------------3750g
    Noble Ring-------------------------------------------6000g
    Sorcery Ring-----------------------------------------7500g
    Lead Bracelet-----------------------------------------150g
    Copper Bracelet---------------------------------------300g
    Silver Bracelet---------------------------------------450g
    Giant's Ring------------------------------------------450g*
    Gold Bracelet-----------------------------------------900g
    Costly Bracelet--------------------------------------3000g
    Blade Root--------------------------------------------300g
    Wind Root---------------------------------------------300g
    Fire Root---------------------------------------------300g
    Ice Root----------------------------------------------300g
    Silver Root-------------------------------------------300g
    Shroom Root-------------------------------------------300g
    Corrupt Root------------------------------------------300g
    War Wolf Root-----------------------------------------600g
    * Item is a Quest Request as well as a loot item.
    Weapon List (Coming Soon)
    Armor List (Coming Soon)
    Ring and Bracelet List (Coming Soon)
    Root List (thanks to Otens for help with the root list)
    Blade Root- Spirit Adds to attack
    Strength: 0/30
    Maximum: Attack 30%
    Wind Root- Spirit Adds wind Power
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 30%
    Fire 10        Wind 50       Water 10 
    Poison 10    Heal 10       Drain 0
    Fire Root- Spirit adds fire power
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 30%
    Fire 50     Wind 10      Water 0
    Poison 10    Heal 10     Drain 0
    Ice root- Spirit adds to Ice power
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 30%
    Fire 0      Wind 10      Water 50
    Poison 10    Heal 10     Drain 0
    Silver Root- Spirit adds to holy power
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 20%
    Fire 10     Wind 10     Water 10
    Poison 10   Heal 50     Drain 30
    Shroom root- Spirit adds defense vs Poison
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 20%
    Fire 10    Wind 10    Water 10
    Poison 50  Heal 10    Drain 30
    War Wolf Root- Spirit adds greatly to attack
    Strength: 0/35
    Maximum: Attack: ?? ((100?))
    Fire 10    Wind 10    Water 10
    Poison 0   Heal 0      Drain 0
    Corrupt root- Spirit Adds fire, ice, and wind power.
    Strength: 0/50
    Maximum: Attack 50%
    Fire 30    Wind 30   Water 30
    Poison 10  Heal 0    Drain 30
    Holy Root- Adds a strong holy power 
    Strength: 0/70
    Maximum: Attack 40%
    Fire 10     Wind 10    Water 10
    Poison 0   Heal ???((100?)) Drain 0
    Fang and Claws List (Coming Soon)
    Magic Books
    Earth Book- Start Game with it
    Drops Rocks on targets head.
    Mp: 10
    Fireball Book- 1000g
    Fires a ball of Flames at target.
    Weakens with Distance
    Mp: 10
    Water Book- 1000g
    Summons a Pillar of Water to 
    Smash into target. Can hit 
    Adjacent targets.
    Mp: 10
    Holy Ring Book- 2000g
    Large ring of light summoned 
    around Hero. Serious Damage to
    adjacent Undead
    Mp: 10
    Cyclone Book- 2000g
    Summons mini tornado can hit
    multiple foes in a line.
    Mp: 15
    Ice Book- 3000g
    Summons large ice pillar 
    into target and adjacent 
    Mp: 20
    Thunder Book- 5000g
    Strikes target with multiple 
    bolts of lightning, Hits 
    adjacent enemies
    Mp: 20
    Flame Book- 5000g
    Summons a pillar of fire
    to char target and adjacent
    Mp: 20
    Laser Book- 20000g
    Fires a cone of lasers
    severely damaging all enemies 
    Mp: 30
    Heal Book- 8000g
    Heals HP over time and 
    Cures status effects
    Mp: 25
    Shield Book- 5000g
    Halves Physical damage 
    taken for a while
    Mp: 30
    Magical Barrier Book- 5000g
    Halves Magic damage taken
    for a while
    Mp: 30
    Unicorn Book- 30000g
    Heals Hp and cures Status Effects
    Mp: 50
    Salamander Book- 30000g
    Summons salamanders to attack
    all surrounding enemies for
    major Fire damage
    Mp: 50
    Sylph Book- 40000g
    Summons a Sylph to damage a 
    wide area of enemies
    Mp: 50
    Undine Book- 50000g
    Summons Undine to damage a 
    wide area of enemies 
    Mp: 50
    Raijin Book- 50000g
    Summons Raijin to Damage a 
    wide area of enemies
    Mp: 60
    Holy Ray Book- 60000g
    Summons a Holy Bird to fire 
    a wide light beam at targets
    Mp: 60
    Bosses Guide (Coming Soon)
    Monster List (Coming Soon)
    Veggie Soup-0
    Start Game With
    1 Dried Veggie
    Hp +1
    Fried Fish-0 
    Start Game With
    1 Dried Fish, 1 Dried Veggie
    Hp +1, Mp +1
    Meat Stew-0
    Start Game With
    1 Dried Meat, 1 Dried Veggie
    Hp +2
    Bat Stew-1/2
    Bring Bat Leg Meat to Market
    2 Bat Leg, 1 Dried Veggie
    Hp +6
    Tail Soup-1/2
    Take Wild Cat Tail to Market
    2 wild cat tails, 1 Dried Veggie
    Hp +3, Str +1
    Thanks to myrmidon2 for Help with a few low lvl quest rewards
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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