Best strategy for beginners?

  1. Well, i took interest in the long sword, shield and sword, and the bow. as a beginner, i want to know what is the best armor i should get, and what weapon should i use?

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    ILuvMH - 8 years ago

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  1. First of all, stick with a Sword and shield.Trust me once you get pretty good with this weapon you can do a lot of things.Your next biggest goal is to make an "Iron Katana".To get one, just mine a lot in the Mountain area till you see one in the armor smith.

    Remember to refer to the FAQS on this website.They'll save you a great bit of trouble.

    Sooner or later you'll have to fight a Yian Kut-ku.This thing will be the hardest thing you'll fight in the game at the beginning.Hear me out though, once you can kill this motherf**ker you'll be very very happy with yourself.After you kind of get used to the Kut-ku's attacks you want to make his armor.To get the scales easily just go find the honey combs in the jungle area to get them.

    Around this time you'll have a full set of Kut-ku and probably an Iron Katana "grace" possibly.If you don't have the grace work on it!!!Trust me you'll have a pretty good weapon early in the game.The Devil Slicer...*dun dun dun*

    Well, here it comes...Your worst nightmare...The Khezu.
    This guy is just a straight up butt .You'll probably want to make an Iron Katana "Gospel".
    Not saying that this will make it any easier, but you'll want to use it.

    Things to despise about the Khezu.
    1.His roar.(This usually turns into him turning around and using his shock wave)
    2.His stretchy neck bite.(You'll think your far enough away, when your actually not)
    3.The shock wave.First of all it can probably 1hKO you if you have crappy armor.Secondly, it can paralyze you.(If it doesn't kill you.)Third of all, it always happens at the worst of times!!
    4.His electric shield/ tackle.Hit's hard, don't be under his legs.

    How to beat him.
    Use the Triangle-Triangle-Triangle+circle attack the most.Also aim for his head.
    When he's in rage mode you'll want to just stay away(TRUST ME)
    When he's weak he'll quit his attack and just pause and move his head a little bit.
    Use pitfalls and shock traps as much as possible.
    Also, wait for him in area 1 so you can set your pitfall trap.

    Extra tips:
    Your inventory should look like this for every hunt.
    -10 Potions
    -10 Mega Potions (honey + potion)
    -hot/cold drink
    -mega juice (if using Dual sword or Hammer)
    -1 shock trap
    -2 trap tools
    -2 genprey fangs
    -99 paint balls.

    From here on out you'll want to be experimenting with more weapons.Find your favorite
    All of them have their own special advantages.The biggest thing is to really have fun with this game.You'll be banging your head on the wall out of aggravation, but when you finally beat whatever your trying to beat.It feels amazing!!

    Well this is the best I can help you with a beginner guide.Sooner or later you'll be writing these to help someone.

    Good luck,

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  1. I would tell u go to read the broad, where it tells u about the armor(s) n read the faqs to kno wut u need to fight.

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  2. Weapon tips:
    SnS I use for hunting regular monsters.
    LS I use on wyverns to cut off their tales easier
    and Bows I use for some of the bosses that arnt wyverns.....mainly congalonga because i hate being crapped on -_-...

    So for which to use its good to be able to use all the weapons but those 3 I have found to be the main ones that get the job done well.

    And armor depends on your own skill, although if you want you can practice hunting wyverns in general by farming Kutku till you can make his armor which should last you at least until ***3 elder quests.

    The rest you should really figure out as you go and tailor the armor and its SKILLS to your play style because good armor skills are bout the same importance as high defense.

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  3. Get giaprey claws and upgrade them into velociprey claws then kill shogun cenateur and get bladed edge and shogu armour.

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  4. First you need to get the yian kut ku armor full set, then go against shogun w/ dual swords that are good and get his armor. once you have his armor, you're good to go.

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  5. Going with what Fijita said, after the Khezu, you should be able of fight your first Elder Dragon, the Steel Tempest, Kushala Daora. But your biggest concern at that point should be to get full Ceanataur blademaster. If you have the Devil Slicer, or even the Eager Cleaver, the Shogun Ceanataur is cake. After you have the armor, then its time for to be fighting the Tigrex.
    The Tigrex is the beast that uber-pwned your character in the intro. He is a Pseudo-wyvern, or a wyvern with underdeveloped flying prowess. He's like the Khezu, but harder and focuses more on kicking your tail back to Pokke.
    First off, like with all Psuedo-wyverns, his roar creates a shockwave around his body. So if you see him stand on his hind legs, hightail it... fast. The Tigrex likes to charge too, so Flash Bombs are a must. He's also weak to Thunder, so Devil Slicer or Eager Cleaver all the way.
    Here are the items I usually take (not including my HR 6 stuff)
    Combo Books 1,2,3,4
    Potion x10
    Mega Potion x10
    Max Potion x2
    Ancient Potion
    Gourmet Steak x10
    Whetstone x20
    Shock Trap
    Trap Tool x2
    Genprey Fang x2
    Flash Bomb x5
    Bomb Material x10
    Flashbug x10
    Hot Drinks x5
    Alright your first target is its tail. Flash it and begin comboing his tail, moving if he begins to do a tail whip (you'll know when he does.) When he turns red, sheathe your sword and book it, doing the panic jump if things get hairy. After the tail is gone, start using Flash Bombs and traps to break his face, claws and wing tips. When he goes to his sleep area, be careful, because things can get hairy in his sleep area in the Snowy Mountains. Stay clear of his charges and be on you toes, because he can change directions. If he's not in Rage Mode (when he's red) and he changes direction, he'll go right for you, but if he is, you just need to worry about the initial charge. If you do that, the Tigrex will fall.

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  6. I recomend specializing in one or two types of weapons. that way you can use your materials to the fullest, and get a few great weapons rather than a lot of decent ones. I use LS, cuz it has almost as much power as the GS but is waaaaaaaaaay faster. no block kind of sucks, but u get used to dodging. also i agree that the cenataur armor is good.

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  7. for me, at the beginning of the game, i used SnS and giaprey armor...and then i make kut-ku armor and believe me, kut-ku armor can take u up to 4* elder quests and even higher if u know how to fight the monsters well..after i unlocked the 4* star elder quests,there comes yian garuga quest and his armor is very good for the beginner as it provides earplug,sharp sword and reckless abandon skill if u gemmed it right...and later on, i found that using SnS are not good on certain monsters and i switched to, for me, SnS and hammer is a good weapon for the beginner and as for the armor, kut-ku and yian garuga...hope this help...

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  8. I agree with going with the Devil Slicer (just got True Devil Slicer :D). I got the blue Kut-Ku as soon as I could, and for the bow I usually went with the different body armors (Giaprey body, Genprey body, ect.). If you play with a friend I recommend getting full rathalos armor as soon as you can. It gives you attack up lrg, and auto tracker so you don't have to waste time trying to find your target lol.

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  9. For first armor i suggest you to make giaprey armor or battle,for weapon try to make eager cleaver and then devil slicer this weapon effective against daimyo hermitaur and plesioth
    after you make this weapon try to kill daimyo in 3* elder quest
    try to kill or capture him and make hermitaur armor
    this the best armor set for begginers , coz this armor effect is +20 defense perfect use to kill shogun ceanataur
    upgrade his armor to level 5 or higher , if you have more materials of daimyo make gunner armor to
    hermitaur lvl5+devil slicer=kill shogun ceanataur
    make shogun armor to kill tigrex
    happy hunt...

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  10. dont worry about all that nonsense they are saying lol i personally use sword and shield i say its the best thing in the game if you like the bow thats good for one on one not for mulitple monsters like 2 whatever and long sword is pretty good too but with katana you cant block it just depends on what you feel comfortable with using, the best armor you can go for with sns is hermitaur and learn about the decorations those skills that are set with armor are very useful and later when you get G-rank just mix hermitaur S and U to get guard-up and guard plus 2 thats the best thing for that and with my katana i just use blue kut-ku for element attack up, attack up and reckless abandon. it all just depends on what you do, different monsters are weaker against different weapons and the number one key to mastering this game is ELEMENTS ! elements are your friend, you'll learn as you go Good luck to you

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  11. If you are/will be a LS user then focus on armor rating. If you are a Bow user focus on skills.

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  12. My suggestion is to get many recovery items... Both for health and stamina... So everytime you encounter a boss.. (For Long Sword and Great Sword weapons) Run, then attack. At least two times. Then dodge if necessary.. Then heal yourself if also necessary. Then run..hit.. and dodge again.xD

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  13. hmm when deciding armour, earplug is helpful. since beginers will face many enemies that scream. ( khezu, monoblos and diablos, gravious, rathian rathalos ). i recomend yian garuga armour cause it gives high grade earplugs. if its too hard then kutku armour is fine. i think it gives attack up and other skills. refer to the armour skill FAQ cause info's theree.

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