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    Elder Urgent Quest Guide by BigGuyThe3000th

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     ____| |     |             |   |                      |  
     __|   |  _` |  _ \  __|   |   |  __| _` |  _ \ __ \  __|
     |     | (   |  __/ |      |   | |   (   |  __/ |   | |  
    _____|_|\__,_|\___|_|     \___/ _|  \__, |\___|_|  _|\__|
      _ \                  |      ___|      _)     |     
     |   | |   |  _ \  __| __|   |     |   | |  _` |  _ \
     |   | |   |  __/\__ \ |     |   | |   | | (   |  __/
    \__\_\\__,_|\___|____/\__|  \____|\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|
    The hardest quests in the Monster Hunter series are arguably the Elder
    Urgents. Some may say Fatalis, some may say the Powderstone. I personally
    believe the Elder Urgents are the hardest for one reason: They're a quest from
    the next * level. So if you're currently ***, to get to the next star, you'd
    have to complete a **** quest. And since you don't have armor or weapons from
    **** wyverns, it requires more skill to beat.
    The Elder Urgents in MHF2 are Giadrome, Khezu, Blagonga, and Tigrex.
    Notes and Version Info /
    0.75: Completed Guide with 3/4 Urgents.
    1.00: Added Tigrex Urgent, courtesy of Frying Nemo.
    Table Of Contents /
    Type [Ctrl]+ [F] and a find window will open up for you Windows users.
    Type the series of characters next to the section to go there!
    Note: Only informative "chapters" are listed.
    How to Read... ([hR])
    The Quests ([tQ])
    General Info ([gI])
    How to Read... ([hR])/
    No, I'm not teaching you how to read. If you're playing this game and reading
    this guide, you should've learned that if nothing else.
    I'm going to show you how to read this guide.
    Title: What the quest is called.
    Reward: How much zenny you get for hunting the monster
    Contract Fee: How much money you must give away to hunt the monster. This is
    refunded DOUBLE upon quest completion. 
    Time Limit: How much time you have to complete the quest.
    Location: Where the quest takes place.
    Main Monsters: One of these monsters will be the monster you're hunting,
    the other one is the minions that will be along for the fight. (e.x. Blagonga
    and Blango)
    Quest Level: How many * the quest is.
    Goal Condition: What you have to do to complete the quest.
    Items to Bring: A big long list of first-timer items. As you get better,
    you'll need less items.
    Suggested Weapon: What weapon screws up your enemy the most. All weapons will
    be available at that point in the game. Hard-to-get weapons include how to get
    How-to: The most important part: The strategy!
    The Quests ([tQ])/
    Title: The Carnivorous Leader
    Reward: 900z
    Contract Fee: 150z
    Time Limit: 50mins
    Location: SnwyMntains(Day)
    Main Monsters: Giadrome and Giaprey
    Quest Level: **
    Goal Condition: Hunt the Giadrome
    Items to Bring: Potions X2
    Suggested weapon: Any melee weapon! Anything that works for you works against
    How-to: This guy is a pushover. Go ahead. Push him over. If this is your first
    time fighting him, he'll be in area 6, along with a cutscene. If you've fought
    him before, he'll run through areas 6, 7, 8, and then back to 6 in that order.
    The best place to fight him is 8 because there are no Giaprey in this area.
    But you can fight him in any area really. 
    This guy handles like a Giaprey. His attacks are EXACTLY the same.
    The differences? He's bigger than a Giaprey, he doesn't flinch after every
    hit, he runs to a different area when he's about to die, and his ice spit
    will freeze you into a snowman. Sound difficult? No way! Paintball him and get
    used to dodging his attacks. Then follow him around and slash at him from the
    side. Repeat until he runs away. If you do get snowballed, use a Thawing
    Agent. Follow his dot to another area and continue slashing until dead.
    Carve him twice and get ready for some REAL quests.
    Title: The Shadow in the Snow
    Reward: 2100z
    Contract Fee: 350z
    Time Limit: 50mins
    Location: SnwyMntains(Day)
    Main Monsters: Khezu and Giaprey
    Quest Level: ***
    Goal Condition: Hunt the Khezu
    Items to Bring: Mega Potion X10, Paintball X4, Psychoserum X3 Shock Trap
    Suggested weapon: Wyvern Blade "Fall." This weapon is created by upgrading
    your Bone Katana to "Shark" and then using Treshi's Boat (obtainable from
    the downloads) to go to the Jungle. If you're lucky, he'll have
    FireWyvernFluid. Flame Sacs are obainable from the Kut-Ku quests. All
    materials are available before beating the Khezu. Can't download? Any
    decent ranged weapon works. Try Kut Ku Stave or Wild Bow!
    How-to: This guy is not a pushover. For one, he's to big to push over.
    Not to mention his evilness. I still have trouble with this quest.
    Once you have all the required items, start the quest. He'll be in area 3 if
    this is your first time. Otherwise, he goes between 7,6, and 3, not in that
    order. You can't get around the Giaprey this time, so get to the area before
    he does and kill some of the Giaprey. Yes, he flies VERY, VERY SLOWLY! So
    when you find him, paintball him, and watch out.
    He has some attacks that are almost as nasty as he is. For one, he can shoot
    three electric blasts along the ground which spread out. This is his most
    damaging attack! It may one-shot you with bad armor, it cannot be blocked,
    and may cause paralysis. Your warning is that he begins to "charge up"
    electricity around his mouth, and anchors his tail to the ground.
    If you are near his wings, you will sent flying and be hit for some very minor
    damage. He can also fling himself through the air, this will not damage you if
    you are standing next to him. If he's enraged, this will do HUGE damage and
    will be accompanied by an electric shock. He can also do the regular tailspin
    (easier to dodge than normal) and bite. His neck will extend and may hit even
    when you think it won't. He can also do a roar, which you can block if you
    see him stand up straight. He also has a neck thrust which can do some damage
    if you're standing in front of him. Now what am I forgetting? Oh yeah.
    His electric forcefield of doom. Yes, doom. you know he's gonna start when you
    some static electricity around him and he anchors his tail to the ground. If
    you see that, GET OUT OF THERE! This can do some bad damage and is really bad
    if your last L. Sword attack just bounced off, in which case there is no way
    you can be saved. When you see him pause for a longer time than normal, you
    know his death is near. Keep your Paintball fresh and keep swinging at him
    until he dies or flies away, most likely to area 3. If you see him go that
    way, get to area 3 ASAP and clear out the Giaprey. He should land and then
    go to sleep if he doesn't notice you. If he goes to sleep, only let him do
    so for a moment! He won't regain health and he will take much more damage
    from your next attack. Wail on him until dead. He gives three carves. His back
    can be broken. Too bad it doesn't make him need a wheelchair. Now get ready
    for some quests that should be easy if you defeated this character. Easy save
    for Plesioth. Ewww, I hate that thing.
    Title: The Ruler of the Snow
    Reward: 3000z
    Contract Fee: 500z
    Time Limit: 50mins
    Location: SnwyMntains(Day)
    Main Monsters: Blagonga and Blango
    Quest Level: ****
    Goal Condition: Hunt the Blagonga
    Items to Bring: Shock Trap, Mega Potion X5, Paintball X5, Well-Done Steak X2
    Suggested weapon: Wild Bow I or a good bowgun. Melee users should use Wyvern
    Blade "Fall"
    How-to: This one is not a pushover, but he isn't as evil (or ugly) as the
    Khezu. His attacks do take some getting used to. He will go between areas 6,
    7, and 8, not necessarily in that order. If this is your first battle, he'll
    be in 7 along with a battalion of Blangos. In this case, 6 is the best place
    to fight him, because part of the time there are no Blangos. Notice the word
    PART. Paintball him, but be prepared to Paintball him again in the near
    His attacks are very different from his pink buddy Congalala. The only
    attacks they share is the claw swipe. Sorry. But Blagonga does have some cool
    moves. (Ya get it? Cool moves? He's an Ice monster! Ha Ha Ha...) His most
    dangerous attack is his Slip-n-slide tackle. Your only warning is he lifts his
    arm in the air. The he'll launch himself at you, claw swipe, trip, do a 360
    spin on the ice before stopping. This can hit you from far away and does HUGE
    damage. He can also run at you the way the Blangos do, which does almost as
    much damage as the SNST. He may slam the ground, damaging you if you are close
    and momentarily stunning you. He may lift an ice chunk in the air, which
    breaks into three shards and may snowman you if you are hit by it. He may
    spray ice in the area in front of him, which sometimes causes the snowman
    status. Also, he can "wipe" the Paintball off him, so be sure to keep that
    fresh. If you do enough damage, he will enter rage mode, which ups his speed
    and damage. If he roars, he may make Blangos come out of the ground. 
    Eventually, he will limp. When that happens, make a beeline for area 3. Clear
    out the Blangos and wait for his entrance. Kill him and carve him thrice.
    His claws, tail, and fang can be cut off/broken.
    Title: Absolute Power
    Reward: 4500z
    Contract Fee: 750z
    Time Limit: 50 mins
    Location: SnwyMntains(Night)
    Main Monsters: Tigrex and Blango
    Quest Level: *****
    Goal Condition: Hunt the Tigrex
    Items to bring: Potions X10, Mega Potions X10, Shock Trap, Pitfall Trap,
    Genprey fang X2, Trap Tool X2.
    Suggested Weapon: Since the Tigrex is a fast monster, melee is suggested.
    Your best shot of beating him is with a Devil Slicer or True Devil Slicer.
    Eager Cleaver is OK.
    If you aren't a particually experienced player, this battle will be quite
    difficult. Basically, dont be greedy and wait for a perfect opportunity to 
    attack, or else you're mincemeat. Use your shock traps, and aim for the head
    or the claws. When he becomes angry, dont try to attack him, just dodge,
    because he can do heaps of damage. He normally only goes to 6, 7 and 8, but on
    rare occasions, he will go to 1, and when he is weak, he will to go three and
    sleep. Be very patient when fighting the Tigrex. He charges at you a lot, and
    after he hits the brakes, attack him twice with triangle, and then
    triangle+circle and roll. If he is angry, he will start running, then skid
    and turn. He can only do this three times, so after, slam his head. Your best
    bet of killing him is to keep attacking his head, and to use all your shock
    traps at the start. If he goes to three when he isn't weak, go there and
    pitfall him.
    After the Tigrex limps away, he will go to three. If you muck this up, there's
    a good chance that you will lose. Wait a bit after he enters the area. Go in
    and he should be asleep. Place a pitfall trap and hit him on the head. Now be
    very careful, because this is a very small area, and if he throws rocks at
    you, its very dangerous. Stand behind the pitfall and wait. Then, attack his
    head. If you get in a spirit blade or 2, he should fall to your might.
    You can break the Tigrex's head, both claws, and tail. Enjoy being a legendary
    General Info ([gI])/
    All the quests are requested by the Village Chief.
    All the quests take place in the SnwyMntains.
    All the quests require you to hunt down one miniboss/boss monster.
    After defeating each urgent save for Giadrome, you will be given a
    hint as to your next urgent.
    Copyright and Stuff:  /
    The most boring part of this guide. I hate it almost as much as I do the
    All the material present in this guide is copyrighted and may not be used
    without my permission. This may be not be reproduced no matter what except for
    personal use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
    publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other website, for
    profit, other personal gain, or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    Only www.gamefaqs.com and www.supercheats.com may use this guide. So if you
    are, and you are not www.gamefaqs.com or www.supercheats.com, you might want
    to reconsider.
    See anything Wrong/Missing? Or just wanna compliment my awesomeness? /
    E-mail me at paleomaster@comcast.net and I will include it in my next update
    along with credit. Note: You MUST give the source of the information if it is
    to be posted in this guide. You may ask that your username not be revealed,
    and if so, "Blind Credit" will be posted.
    Also, E-mail me with any questions or comments you may have.
    Credit: /
    Myself, and everyone in the world that made and plays MHF2. XP
    Credit to Frying Nemo for kindly donating a Tigrex strategy.
     \    xXx   /

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