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    FAQ/Walkthrough by daveybax

    Version: 0.50 | Updated: 01/03/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _____   _____       ___   _____    _          __      ___   _____    _____  
    /  ___/ |_   _|     /   | |  _  \  | |        / /     /   | |  _  \  /  ___/ 
    | |___    | |      / /| | | |_| |  | |  __   / /     / /| | | |_| |  | |___  
    \___  \   | |     / / | | |  _  /  | | /  | / /     / / | | |  _  /  \___  \ 
     ___| |   | |    / /  | | | | \ \  | |/   |/ /     / /  | | | | \ \   ___| | 
    /_____/   |_|   /_/   |_| |_|  \_\ |___/|___/     /_/   |_| |_|  \_\ /_____/ 
              =====Lethal Alliance=====
    ---Complete Strategy Guide/FAQ/Walkthrough - Version 0.50 - By: David Baxley
            -                                                                 -
            -                                                                 -
            -             ----------------------------------------            -
            -            (             Table of Contents          )           -
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            -                                                                 -
            -            I.  The FAQ                                          -
            -                a)  Introduction                                 -
            -                b)  Version History                              -
            -                c)  Legal Issues                                 -
            -                d)  Contact Information                          -
            -                                                                 -
            -           II.  Game Basics                                      -
            -                a)  Controls                                     -
            -                b)  Difficulties                                 -
            -                c)  Weapons & Items                              -
            -                d)  Enemies                                      -
            -                e)  Gameplay Tips                                -
            -                                                                 -
            -          III.  Walkthrough                                      -
            -                a)  Introduction/Format                          -
            -                b)  Level 1: Lower Streets                       -
            -                c)  Level 2: Underground District                -
            -                d)  Level 3: Backdoor to the Warehouse           -
            -                e)  Level 4: Black Sun Warehouse                 -
            -                f)  Level 5: Emergency Exit Route                -
            -                g)  Level 6: High Speed Traffic                  -
            -                h)  Level 7: Farmer Ship Lower Section           -
            -                i)  Level 8: Farmer Ship Trench                  -
            -                j)  Level 9: Farmer Ship Greenhouse              -
            -                k)  Level 10: Farmer Ship Communication Center   -
            -                l)  Level 11: Lava River                         -
            -                m)  Level 12: Mining Facility Entrance           -
            -                n)  Level 13: Mining Facility                    -
            -                o)  Level 14: Mining Facility Storage            -
            -                p)  Level 15: Mining Facility Drilling Shaft     -
            -                q)  Level 16: Orbital Area                       -
            -                r)  Level 17: Mos Eisly Streets                  -
            -                s)  Level 18: Mos Eisly Junkyard                 -
            -                t)  Level 19: Mos Eisly Volunteer Facilities     -
            -                u)  Level 20: I.V.F Abandoned District           -
            -                v)  Level 21: I.V.F Arena                        -
            -                w)  Level 22: Imperial Prison Building           -
            -                x)  Level 23: Trail to the Construction Site     -
            -                y)  Level 24: Deep in the Forest                 -
            -                z)  Level 25: Imperial Factory                   -
            -               a1)  Level 26: Death Star Construction Site       -
            -               b1)  Level 27: Death Star Shipping Cargo Bays     -
            -               c1)  Level 28: Landing Bay                        -
            -               d1)  Level 29: Headquarters                       -
            -               e1)  Level 30: Tractor Beam Sector                -
            -               f1)  Level 31: Escape                             -
            -               g1)  Level 32: Road to the Heart of Danuta        -
            -               h1)  Level 33: Tie Fighter Assembly Center        -
            -               i1)  Level 34: Kheev's Lair                       -
            -                                                                 -
            -            IV. Closing                                          -
            -                a)  Frequently Asked Questions                   -
            -                b)  Credits                                      -
            -                c)  End                                          -
            -                                                                 -
                   (              Section One: The FAQ                   )
    [-= I.a Introduction =-]
    I anxiously awaited the release date of the game.  At last I would get to enjoy
    a Star Wars game on the PSP.  I rushed to the store with Jedi-like speed and
    made my purchase like Obi-Wan and Luke buyig passage on the Millenium Falchon.
    I cradled my Star Wars themed PSP like a new father would hold his infant.
    The intro crawl appeared and I fell into a galaxy far far away for the next
    couple of days.  This game was pure Star Wars platformer joy, much like the
    Dark Forces series or the Jedi Knights.  As much fun as playing this gem of a
    game was writing about it was an even greater joy.  This guide will be the
    "Chosen One" strat guide and it will be the only guide you'll need to guide
    you through game.  There is probably only one thing that tops my love for 
    gaming and that is anything Star Wars.  I hope you find what you need contained
    somewhere here in the guide and have some fun while you're here.
    I'll let my good pal Obi-Wan finish "This is the guide you're looking for."
    	-David Baxley
    [-= I.b Version History =-]
    Verion 0.50 - You'll find all the basics covered in this version.  
    The walkthrough is complete from levels one through thirteen as well as some 
    frequently asked questions covered.  More to come shortly.  Sorry for the
    delay, the holidays have been hectic for me.
    [-= I.c Legal Issues =-]
    (C) Copyright 2006 David Baxley
    This guide or any portion of this guide may not be displayed without the 
    author's permission.
    [-= I.d Contact Information =-]
    You can contact me at Daveybax@hotmail.com
    If you would like to use my guide send me an email and I will be happy to let
    you do so.  To use my guide it must be unaltered and I must be given full 
    credit.  If you would like to submit something concerning this guide feel free
    to do so and you will be given full credit.  Also, if you have any questions
    concerning this game you can email me and I will do my best to write back in
    a timely manner.
     -David Baxley
                         (       Section Two: Game Basics           )
    [-= II.a Controls =-]
    It feels strange to be covering the game's controls when all this is handled
    in the instruction manual that comes with the game.  Don't let trees die in
    vain, please read your manual.  However, maybe you have lost your manual or
    you bought a used copy that didn't come with one.  
    [Analog Stick] = Move in relation to the camera or move in relation to the 
    target you have in lock.
    [Directional Buttons] Change Weapons.
    [Triangle] Zeeo offensive move/interaction.
    [X] Attack with current weapon.
    [O] Roll/dive roll/jump with Zeeo.  Dodge or dual dodge (double-tap).
    [Square] Zeeo defensive Move.
    [L and R Buttons] Rotate camera.  Switch locked target.
    [L Button + R Button] Tap: Unlock and re-center camera. Hold: Unlock/free look.
    [Select] Mission Data.
    [Start] Game menu.
    [X] Fires your weapon and when close uses melee attack.
    [O] If pressed while standing still a roll is executed.  If pressed while 
    moving forward a dive roll is executed.
    (Zeeo: Defense Abilities)
    [Boomerang] If an enemy is in target lock and in long range press triangle.
    Using this move causes Zeeo to hit an enemy and stun him.
    [Ground Pound] If an enemy is in target lock and in close range press triangle.
    Using this move causes Zeeo to slam into the ground and damage enemies within
    the radius.
    [Rianna Combo 1] X+X+X
    [Rianna Combo 2] X+X+Square
    (Dual Combos)
    [Hammer of Ryloth] X+Triangle
    [Winds of Mustafar] X+Square
    [-= II.b Difficulties =-]
    Easy: This difficulty was as it's name implies "Easy".  You take very little
    damage, it almost seems like you are invulnerable.  There are still parts of
    this game that are challenging.  This game has many areas which will (as I like
    to call it) insta-kill you.  
    Normal:  This setting was much more of a challenge.  The enemy numbers stay
    the same but you actually take decent damage on normal.  I was much happier
    after playing this difficulty because easy was to breezy.
    Hard:  This difficulty is pretty much the same as the others only this time
    around the game lays a "Lethal" level of damage upon you.  The only really
    bad spot was the final boss.  To those of you who make it to him "Good luck
    and may the force be with you."  
    [-= II.c Weapons & Items =-]
    [Thorn of Ryloth]
    Ammo: NA
    Attack Rate: Medium
    Damage: Low to High (Depends of the combo)
    Range: Close
    Availability: Starting Weapon
    Thoughts/Tactics: They got the "Thorn" part right.  This weapon is more of a
    thorn in your side.  The game will auto-switch you to your melee weapon when
    an enemy is close.  As you attack enemies time will slow (thanks Matrix for
    cliche bullet time) down.  Melee combat in this game is really only good when
    you're executing a stealth kill.  This weapon is flashy but really isn't that
    Ammo: 150 (Slowly refills itself over time)
    Damage: Low
    Range: Long
    Accuracy: Medium
    Fire Rate: High
    Availability: Starting Weapon.
    Thoughts/Tactics: This is your go to gun at close/medium range.  Its high rate
    of fire means you can dish out punishment very quickly or atleast until your
    thumb cramps up.  You'll find yourself using this gun a lot because your other
    weapons run out of ammo very quickly.
    [Heavy Blaster]
    Ammo: 200 
    Damage: Medium
    Range: Long
    Accuracy: Medium
    Fire Rate: Medium (fires in three round bursts)
    Availability: Farmer Ship Lower Section
    Thoughts/Tactics: A decent weapon that would be better if it didn't drain
    ammo like Barny drains beers in Moe's Tavern.  The game is very scarce with 
    this ammo type and since it fires in bursts you'll find it empty for the most
    part of the game.  Try to conserve this gun for tougher opponents.
    [Blaster Rifle]
    Ammo: 50
    Damage: High
    Range: Long
    Accuracy: High
    Fire Rate: Low
    Availability: Mirkanite Mining Facility Entrance
    Thoughts/Tactics: A very good weapon for sniping.  When using this gun make
    sure the enemies are far enough away that they don't notice you or you'll end
    up dead while trying to hit them in zoom mode.
    [Thermal Detonator Launcher]
    Ammo: 10
    Damage: High
    Range: Medium
    Accuracy: Low
    Fire Rate: Low
    Availability:  I.V.F Arena
    Thoughts/Tactics: Save this weapon for Boss fights or the tough enemies. 
    It would be a better weapon if not for the piss poor accuracy it brings to
    the table.
    The ammo pick ups in this game (save for the launcher ammo) all looks the same.
    It comes in the shape of a small looking clip icon.  Thanks designers.
    Looks like a piece of metal with an orange tube in the center.
    [Zeeo Shielding]
    A large blue piece of metal which refils Zeeo's energy.
    [-= II.d Enemies =-]
    [Black Sun Smuggler]
    Appearence:  They show up throughout the first two worlds.  A wide range of
    species and appearances.
    Weapon: Blaster
    Health: Low
    Tactic: Use your Blaster or close quarter combat to deal with them.
    [Turrets & Flying Turrets]
    Appearence: Mounted turrets or hovering ones.
    Weapon: Twin mounted blaster cannons
    Health: Low
    Tactic: Stay mobile and use the Zeeo shield or Heavy Blaster to quickly deal
    with them.
    [IG-88 Assassin Droid]
    Appearence: The same droid as shown with the bounty hunters in "Empire Strikes
    Weapon: Blaster Rifle
    Health: Medium
    Tactic: This enemy represents the first of many frictions this game creates
    within the Star Wars universe.  The game throws this enemy at you in places and
    according to Star Wars lore there were only five IG-88 droids ever made.
    (Refer to the novel Tales of the Bounty Hunters.)  Since this game is very
    fun i'll let this one slip Ubisoft.  I guess I got sidetracked.  Pour on the
    fire with your Heavy Blaster to send these guys to a Jawa scrap heap.
    [Storm Trooper]
    Appearence: The classic boys in white.
    Weapon: Blaster and Blaster Rifle
    Health: Low
    Tactic: Use your Blaster or melee combat on them.
    [Sand Trooper]
    Appearence: Like a Storm Trooper except with an orange pad on their shoulder.
    Weapon: Blaster, Blaster Rifle, or Heavy Blaster
    Health: Medium
    Tactic: Use your Blaster Rifle to snipe them whenever possible and use the
    Heavy Blaster on them when close.
    [Imperial Security Officer]
    Appearence: They have a black uniform and a Samurai like helmet.
    Weapon: Blaster
    Health: Low
    Tactic: Yell "Luke we're gonna have company" and burn them down with your
    blaster or melee combat.
    [Imperial Officer]
    Appearence: Unhelmeted guys in green uniforms.
    Weapon: Blaster
    Health: Medium
    Tactic: Show them your code clearence with your Heavy Blaster.
    [Elite Trooper, Yellow]
    Appearence: There are a couple of these "Fashionable" troopers.  These guys
    are another Ubisoft Star Wars problem.  While i'm sure some troopers were
    leftover from the clonewars, after the wars the Imperial troops all wore
    white uniforms.  Okay i'm done ranting.  These guys look Clone Trooperish,
    white with yellow highlights.
    Weapon: Heavy Blaster
    Health: High
    Tactic: Use your Heavy Blaster or Zeeo deflection shield when dealing with
    these prequel dinosaurs.
    [Elite Trooper, Green]
    Appearence: Clone War style trooper with green markings.
    Health: High
    Weapon: Thermal Detonator Launcher
    Tactic: Use their own weapon on them or the Blaster Rifle.
    [Elite Trooper, Red]
    Appearence: Clone War style trooper with red markings.
    Health: High
    Weapon: Duel Blasters
    Tactic: Thermal Detonator Launcher or use your Heavy Blaster.
    [Scout Trooper]
    Appearence: The troopers first encountered on Endor in "Return of the Jedi".
    You know the ones whose job it was to drive those speeders and for some reason
    they were drawn to trees like moths to a flame.
    Health: Medium
    Weapon: Blaster
    Tactic: Your Blaster or Heavy Blaster should get the job done nicely.
    [-= II.e Tips =-]
    Stay mobile while engaging enemies.  Use your side step and dodge/dual dodge.
    Conserve your Heavy Blaster ammo.  Try to avoid firing while your enemy is 
    moving because you will have wasted three rounds of Heavy ammo.
    Try to avoid close combat because the damage isn't that great and for the most
    part will only get you killed.
    Stealth kill enemies whenever possible.
    Utilize your droid companion, thats what he's there for.
    Keep an eye on your PSP's charge because this game is so awesome you might
    loose track of it.  
    Have patience when dealing with the jumping or lazer portions of the game.
    Take a moment to survey your route or timing on the lazers.
    If you don't have an analog extension for your PSP then get one.  It makes
    these platformer games much, much easier.
    Make sure to use the games explosive scenery to your advantage.
    In the immortal words of Yoda "Do or do not...there is no try".
                         (	     Section Three: Walkthrough       )
    [-= III.a Introduction/Format =-]
    The following walkthrough is based off of the "Normal" difficulty setting.
    This guide will not cover health and ammo placement because this game is very
    generous with the pick up items.  This guide is also spoiler free and will only
    cover how to proceed through each level and not give away story details.
    This game contains no secrets and only one unlockable feature.
    [-= III.b Level 1: Lower Streets =-]
    Move out into the main square as you sift through all the wonderfull pop-up
    messages giving you the control breakdowns.  To the left of the square is
    a metal garage like door with a green sign and a yellow sign on either side of
    it.  Move through the doorway and into another square this one with a statue
    of a storm trooper in the middle of it.  Practice your blaster skills on the
    statue.  Once the statue is destroyed small openings will slide up with lazer
    turrets behind them.  Move from side to side as you target lock and punish
    the foolish turrets.  When they're all gone a platform will lower down into
    the square.
    Ride the lift up and move across the room to meet with Kyle Katarn.  After you
    two are done discussing things of cosmic importance head through the hallway
    that was up until now blocked by a red lazer wall.  Just as the hall begins
    it will be guarded by some lazer gates.  Walk up to the lazers and hit circle
    to roll underneath.  Continue along until the hall turns to the right and
    presto more lazers.  Roll underneath and move to the next set.  This time take
    a couple of steps back and run towards them and hit circle to dive over them.
    The hall now takes a left turn and there are three sets of lazers that extend
    from the floor to the ceiling.  They will be moving back and forth across the
    hallway.  Run through them and into the next area.
    In this new room there is a ramp in the left corner.  Head up the ramp, but
    before you can proceed into the next room a blast shield will drop down and
    two turrets will appear on the wall behind you.  Take them down and the blast
    shield will open.  Head up the ramp and dive into the next room.  The floor
    in this area is covered with mines.  There will be a red circle that shrinks
    and expands.  If you are caught in the red circle the mine will detonate.
    Make your way across the room avoiding the circles of death.  Roll under the
    set of lazers as you head into the next room.
    Make your way through the garage like door on your right.  When the door 
    raises there will be a smuggler with his back to you.  Summon your ninja skills
    and stealth kill him.  As you make your way past him another smuggler will
    run into view from stage left.  Target the explosive crates and the blast will
    do the work for you.  The hall cuts to the left and opens into a large room.
    There is no door...hmmm...perhaps its behind those cleverly placed crates.
    Blast them and do your best to whistle the music that plays when a secret door
    is reveled in Zelda.  There will now be a large hole in the wall and two
    smugglers will be bearing down on you.  Punish there foolishness with your
    Make your way down the hall and take the garage door on the right.  When the
    door opens you are treated to more lazernastics (hey I made a new word.....
    lazer + gymnastics = lazernastics...okay shutting up now).  Dive roll over
    the first set of lazers.  Roll under the second and dive roll over the third.
    Head through the garage door on your right and into the next area.  As you
    progress into the area there will be an aclove on your right.  In the aclove
    there are two smugglers.  When you get close or attack them they freak out
    like ants at a picnic.  On the back wall of this area two turrets will begin
    firing once the guards are in a state of panic.  Deal with the turrets first,
    since they can't dodge.  When they are scrap take out the smugglers.  Head
    through the garage door located under the turrets and the level will end.
    Yay, now your only thirty-three levels away.
    [-= III.c Level: 2 Underground District =-]
    Run through the alleyway and out onto a balchony like area.  Introduce the
    guard making his rounds in front of you to "your little friend".  Move around
    a small block of wall and take down another guard.  When you move into the
    area the second guard came from two doors will open and some guards will come
    out.  After the four smugglers are downed the doors will shut and another
    blast door will open.  Weave through another alleyway and into a large area.
    When you step into the new area a lift will lower and deliver a smuggler.
    Shoot the crates in front of you.  Even if you don't kill the guard with the
    blast this will keep you from accidentaly shooting them when you are too close.
    When you near the lift a door infront of you and two doors behind you will
    open.  Give a Rambo like yell (I promise it helps) and take out the swarm of
    smugglers.  Once they are depleted the doors will close.  Ride the lift up to
    the next area.
    You will now be looking down a hall with several lazers.  The first one is 
    stationary while the the next two are moving up and down.  Dive roll over
    the first one, wait till the second on is on the way up and roll under it,
    and wait till the third is up and roll under it as well.  Move into the
    alleyway after the lazers and after it turns to the right a turret will
    spring into action.  What awaits around the next corner?  Yay! More lazers
    to navigate.  The first two are floor level and are moving back and forth
    while the third is chest heigh and also is moving in a similar pattern.
    Dive over the first two and roll under the third.  The hall ends looking
    out into a large reactor room.  Dive out into space and land on the floor
    Tomb Raider style.  Wind around the reactor and stealth kill the first
    guard you come across.  Blast two more smugglers further in and shoot the
    small green reactor in the corner.
    After the cutscene you will be in control of your new pal Zeeo.  Drive your
    pal into a small duct in the wall on your right.  Take a left and go all the
    way to the end and then take a right.  Follow the duct as it turns right.
    This will take you to Rianna.  After the cutscene you now have the boomerang
    ability.  Make the smuggler that has run out into the hall in front of you
    one with the force.  Now head down the hall.  At the end is a locked door
    with a data console on the left.  Have Zeeo slice it and go through the now
    open door.  In the next room Zeeo will begin slicing another console.  Once
    he starts two flying turrets will come down from the ceiling.  Blast the
    the unwanted visitors before they can stop your little droid friend.
    In this new room you will learn all about team jumping with your new droid.
    Once you have been enlightened by the wisdom of the onscreen text boxes move
    to the blue circle area on the floor.  Make your way up the anchor points and
    stealth kill the guard at the top from your anchor point.  Run along the 
    walkway and vaporize the three smugglers that you will encounter.  Head through
    the open door at the end.  You can't miss it, on the floor in front of it there
    is a strip of glowing blue arrows.  After you enter the doorway the level ends.
    [-= III.d Level 3: Backdoor to the Warehouse =-]
    After some more on screen control tips (get used to them as they will continue
    throughout the game and there is no option to turn them off) head through
    the doorway in front of you.  Gundown the three smugglers in front of you and
    one on a ledge on your left.  Once they are gone Zeeo will helpfully unlock
    the next door for you.  Head up some stairs and through the door.  In this
    hallway three power couplings will be blocking your path.  They are similiar
    to the lazers you have already encountered.  Make your way through the area
    by rolling under them when they are above you.
    When you go through the doorway at the end you will now be in an open area.
    You will learn about the slide ability.  Slide up along the pipes until you
    are upside down.  As you prepare to cross over to the other side be cautious.
    Between you and the other side are speeders.  On the route before you are
    two sections that are brownish in color.  These brown sections are where the
    speeders will cross your path.  The speeders will come in by themselves or
    groups of two.  Take a moment to make sure it isn't a pair of speeders and
    cross to the other side.  Once safely over jump across the gap on your
    walkway and prepare to slide along another pipe.  Use the same strategy to
    cross safely to the next walkway.  Your path will be blocked by a lazer wall.
    To disengage this pest send Zeeo into the duct tucked into the corner.  In
    this duct and the rest of the ducts in the game there will be lazers and mines.
    Ignore them as you head for the unlock because even if you're health is gone
    Zeeo will only slow down for a bit and then his health will replenish.
    Once the wall has been turned off slide along the third and final pipe section.
    Go through the doorway at the end of the last walkway.  Make a timely roll
    under some lazers and through the next doorway.  Congratulations another
    level in the bag.
    [-= III.e Level: 4 Black Sun Warehouse =-]
    Go through the door and stealth kill the smuggler on the other side.  Move
    down into the warehouse and deal with three more smugglers.  In the center of 
    the area is a ramp leading to the other side of the warehouse.  The path is
    blocked by a stack of crates.  Send Zeeo to slice a console on your right.
    After the slice the crates will move down and an empty container platform will
    take its place.  Once the path is cleared a group of smugglers will move out
    into the other half of the warehouse.  Cross over the ramp and introduce them
    to the business end of your blaster.  There are some explosive in this area
    to help you speed up the process.  After the firefight head through the door
    conveinantly marked with green lights.
    Wind through a maintenance hallway, through a door, and into another warehouse
    room.  Take out three smugglers in this area and have Zeeo slice a console.
    This clears the ramp like before.  Head over the ramp and deal with two turrets
    on the other side.  On the righthand side is another slide pipe.  Slide up
    and over the wall.  Drop down and stealth kill the clueless smuggler below.
    Slice the console, kill a smuggler that runs into the room, and slide up a
    second pipe across from the one you dropped down from.  Cross back into the
    other room and drop down onto a guard below.  Move back over the central ramp
    and cause another smuggler to cease to exist.  Move through the door marked
    by conveniant floor arrows.
    Make your way through another hallway.  This leads you to another large room.
    Head up the stairs on your left and into the control room.  Send Zeeo to slice
    and after he is done several waves of smugglers will enter the area.
    Stay mobile and blast them into oblivion.  When all the smugglers are cleared
    out Ze will unlock the next door.  Make your way through the floor arrow marked
    door.  Proceed through yet another maintenance hallway.  You will now be in a
    third warehouse.  After you enter some wall turrets and baddies will try to
    delete you from the matrix.  When the action dies down make your way through
    a door which is marked by arrows.
    Head down yet another hallway and into a room identical to the others.  Fight
    another turret and some more smugglers.  When they are dead another door opens
    and is marked by....suprise floor arrows.  When you go through the door the
    level ends.
    [-= III.f Level: 5 Emergency Exit Route =-]
    Enter the door ahead of you and engage two smugglers and a turret.  Shoot the
    item container to quickly take out the two guards and then do a side to side
    dance as you deal with the turret.  Just to the left of the doorway you exited
    from is some wall jump anchor points.  Move up the wall along them.  When you
    reach the top a smuggler decides now is the time to take an emergency balchony
    break.  Stealth kill him from your anchor point and enter the door he came out
    of.  In this area is a long narrow room with droids working feverishly at some
    consoles.  Along the floor are two ground level lazers which move toward and
    away from you.  Get a feel for their timing and dive roll over them.  Past the
    lazers the path ahead of you is blocked by a lazer wall.  Have Ze begin to 
    slice the door controls.  When he starts this process two flying turrets will
    attack from behind you.  Behind the lazer wall is another narrow room.  Upon
    entering two wall turrets will begin blasting at you from the far wall and
    several waves of smugglers will attack from the left.  After you have utilized
    your analog stick and x button to make them stop Zeeo will unlock the next
    Go through the green light door on your right.  Through this door the path
    slopes downward.  Exit another door at the bottom and into an exposed alley
    like area.  At the other end of the roof section is a green generator.  Make
    your way to the generator to spawn a cutscene.  After the cutscene the level
    [-= III.g Level: 6 High Speed Traffic =-]
    This level has you clinging to Zeeo as he flies you toward your goal.  Along
    the way you will be required to dodge obstacles in your path.  This level is
    crazy fun.  I've been wanting to see this is in game ever since I watched
    Obi-Wan do it in Episode II.  Here are the controls for this portion of the
    game.  Analog-Moves you from side to side.
    L Button-Makes become perpendicular to Zeeo on the left side.
    R Button-Perpendicular to Zeeo on the right side.
    L and R Buttons together-Hop into a crouch on top of Zeeo.
    This level moves pretty fast so I will focus less on description and more on
    the different positions you will need to be in to avoid the obstructions.
    Don't worry about the speeders as they are there for decoration onl and can't
    harm you.
    The level begins with you dropping down into a traffic tunnel and after that
    one you drop down into another.  After the tunnel you drop down into the 
    ground area and here is where the fun begins. Here are the dodging movements.
    Left then right and you will move further down.
    Stay in the center then go either left or right, right, left, center, right,
    left, right, center, left, right, left, center, center, center, left, right,
    left, right, left, now hop on top of Zeeo, and stay on top as you round a
    Stay on top of him, drop down and swing on your side, left, right, side dodge,
    round a corner and side dode, the door to a large building opens and in you
    go.  Another door opens exposing some energy rays.  Mount Zeeo and cruise over
    them, stay up as you pass through another door, grab the energy pick up as
    you pass it, after entering the new area drop down to avoid bumping your head,
    at the end of the room you drop down into a tunnel.
    The tunnel leads you back outside.  You will be flying in between some 
    buildings and in your path are some skywalkways.  Side dodge, mount and grab
    an energy pick up, now you will move along the edge of the buildings as you
    work your way downward.  
    You will now be moving along the side of some buildings.  Mount and grab some
    more energy.  You will cross over to the buildings on the other side.  Mount
    and stay mounted as you pass over three obstructions.  Grab another energy 
    refil and you will cruise over a cargo freigter.
    Mount up and stay mounted as you dodge left and right repeatedly over the cargo
    ship.  After the ship you will be out in the open free from life ending sudden
    stops.  At the end of the breather you will move threw a doorway.  It will be
    in the process of closing so stay in the center.  After entering you will turn
    to the right and side dodge threw a narrow gab.
    You will now be in an alley with more sky bridges in your way.  Side dodge
    over the first one, drop down and go under the second one, and side dodge again
    over the third one.  You will now be clear and heading for a platform. After a
    6.5 dismount you will be again safely on the ground and a cutscene will play.
    Once the scene is done the level will end.
    [-= III.h Level: 7 Farmer Ship Lower Section =-]
    The level starts with you obtaining a new toy, the Heavy Blaster.  Blast the
    explosive crate in the corner to reveal an anchor jump point.  Jump up to the
    walkway and dive roll over a moving lazer to reach the next anchor jump point.
    Jump up and to the left to land on the walkway next to the one you're on.
    Move to the other end of the walkway and jump up another set of anchor points.
    Make your way to the other end of this walkway to another jump point.
    Pause a moment at the top of the anchor points before jumping down to the 
    walkway below.  Moving along the floor of the next walkway are a pair of lazers
    that are moving back and forth.  When you have the timing down hop to the 
    walkway and dive roll over the lazers as you make your way to the other end.
    Take the side door at the end of the last walkway.  The door opens to a large
    area with two smugglers being busy at some consoles.  Stealth kill the guard
    closest to you and move to the next guard.  Switch to your heavy blaster and 
    shoot another two smugglers on a walkway across from the platform you are on.
    Now send Ze to slice a console to lower a draw bridge which will take you to
    the next area.  Once you have checked to make sure the under side of the bridge
    is free from trolls cross over to the other side.  In this next area blast 
    three smugglers and have Zeeo slice the door controls.
    Move into the next room and take the doorway on your right.  Move up the along
    the ramping hallway and through the door on the left.  This door opens up into
    a large room with a walkway running around the edge of the room.  Quickly move
    along the walkway on your right.  Follow the walkway around and blast the 
    smuggler operating a turret.  With the operator out of order hop in the turret.
    With you behind the controls of the turret aim it down into the room and begin
    shooting the smugglers below.  Fire in short controlled bursts and leave Zeeo
    on turret repair duty.  When all the smugglers have been destroyed drop down
    to the floor below and have Zeeo slice a console behind some crates.  This
    causes a lift to lower.
    Along the edge of the drop off is an anchor point.  Maneuver down the jump 
    points until you reach the bottom.  Head through an open blast door at the 
    bottom and take out a smuggler.  Proceed through a doorway on your right.
    Move to the other end of the room until it ends by opening up and moving
    platforms are rolling by.  Take your time and jump out onto one of the moving
    platforms.  Jump along the platforms as you head opposite of the direction
    they are traveling in.  Move along them until you see a small platform on your
    right with a doorway.  Jump to the stable area and head up some anchor points.
    When the points run out jump and anchor kill an unsuspecting guard below.
    Head to the other end of the area to find another guard operating a console.
    Stealth kill the guard and have Ze slice the console he was working at.  This
    causes a platform to rise up.  When it stops slide onto the side of it and 
    after a moments pause it will begin to rise with you clinging to the side of
    it.  As it rises keep attention focused on the lower portion of your screen.
    When you are traveling up black squares will appear.  Make sure you are not
    lined up with one of these sections because they will shoot out and slam into
    the side of the platform.  On your journey upward dodge the black squares until
    the platform comes to a stop.
    A platform will come into view with a guard on it.  When you get the option
    to anchor kill him...do so.  Move through the next area and kill two smugglers.
    Make your way through a doorway on the left hand side.  Pass through this room,
    into the next room, and stealth kill another smuggler behind a console.  Send
    Ze to hack the console then do a 180 and take the door on your right.  You will
    now be in a large area.  Move into the area and stick to the right ascend a 
    jump point and hop behind the controls of the turret.  Begin blasting smugglers
    on the two walkways infront of you.  They will appear on both the upper and 
    lower walkway.  Continue causing them to disappear until they stop showing up.
    When they are all gone a bridge will raise and give you a path to the next
    platform.  Hop down from the turret and go right and cross the newly risen
    bridge.  Shoot some more smugglers in the area and get Ze to slice a console.
    Go through the large blastdoor ahead of you and enter the next room.  Move 
    around the left side stealth killing console workers as you go.  When the three
    smugglers in this area are gone.  Several blastdoors will raise and unending
    waves of them will enter the area.  Have Ze slice the yellow consoles on the
    side of these doors.  When all the doors have been closed finish off any
    remaining Black Sun agents.  Now have Zeeo slice a console with a red light
    along the wall.  This causes an lift to lower, hop on it and up you go.  Run
    up along a ramp on your right when you get off of the lift.  Blast your way
    through three smugglers at the top.  When they are no more a door unlocks
    and is marked with floor arrows.  Proceed through this door to end the level.
    [-= III.i Level: 8 Farmer Ship Trench =-]
    This level starts you off in a small room with a jump point.  Head up the
    anchor points.  When you reach the second tier of them an energy barriers show
    up underneath you and begin to work their way upward.  Move quickly along the
    jump points as you head upward.  When you reach the top the blastdoor will
    open.  Jump through onto the deck and you will be in a large open outdoor area.
    This particular section is full of smugglers.  Run towards the pillar that is
    supporting the bridge like section in the middle of the area.  On the other
    side of the pillar is a jump point.  Move up the point and onto the walkway
    above.  Blast the guard manning the turret and take his place.  Now take out
    several waves of smugglers and flying turrets.  When they are all gone you
    will be directed to shoot a generator.  The game will show you a picture of
    your target, so just aim up and spin the turret around until you see it.
    When it is rubble the barrier blocking the next area will dissipate.  Hop
    down from the turret and into the next section.
    Follow the path as it curves around to the right.  Make a timely jump through
    some lazers and shoot an explosive crate which will expose a duct for Zeeo to
    travel in.  Move along the duct and ignore the side paths and wind around
    as the duct turns to the left.  Once around the corner take the first right
    you come across.  When that portion ends take a left and then the next right
    you come to.  This leads to the console you slice to unlock the blastdoor.
    Make your way back out of the duct and head through the now unlocked door.
    This opens into a large circular room with several blastdoors and consoles
    lining the walls and a central console piller in the middle.  When you move
    in the room you are sealed in and the blastdoors open which let in never 
    ending swarms of IG-88 droids.  To advance you need to have Ze slice four
    consoles.  Two of these are located on the wall and two are located on the
    central piller.  Their locations are marked by protocal droids operating them.
    Shoot the droids and slice their consoles.  With all four consoles dealt with
    focus on the IGs.  When they are gone there will be an open blastdoor with
    some arrows identifying it.  Head through the blast door and the level ends.
    [-= III.j Level: 9 Farmer Ship Greenhouse =-]
    Head around the bend in the room and use your newly aquired deflection shield
    ability to take out a wall full of mini turrets.  Now go through the door on
    your right.  Wind your way through this room and dive roll over some crates.
    When you are on the other side a blastdoor will slide up revealing a large
    open area with a turret and a guard with his back to you.  Stealth kill the
    guard, hop behind the turret and use it to take out several waves of smugglers.
    They will attack from the open blastdoor on the upper walkway and also from
    behind some crates below you.  With all of the guards dead the blastdoors will
    seal themselves.  Leave the turret and move to the right of the platform you
    are on.  On the otherside of some metal pipes a slide point will appear.
    Slide up the pipes when you near the top a smuggler will run by.  Give him
    some time to pass then hop up on the walkway and stealth kill him.
    Move along the left side of the platform to locate some anchor jump points.
    Follow the path of jumps until they end.  Jump down onto the platform below 
    and move to the other side of it.  Here you will find some more slide pipes.
    Head up the pipes making sure to dodge the three lazers located on them.
    They turn to the right when you reach the top.  Take a moment to pause when
    the pipes end.  A smuggler will exit, once he stops below you jump down and
    give him a stealth kill suprise.  Move out onto the grassy platform.  On the
    right of this platform is another one that is moving up and down.  Wail until
    its at its lowest point and dive roll onto it.  Now jump to the next platform
    when you are a little bit above it.  There is an anchor jump point on this
    platform.  Follow the jump points until you reach the next platform.  Jump
    to another moving platform and from that one to another one.  Enter the doorway
    next to the platform you are on.
    Make your way through the room and into the next room.  Stealth kill the guard
    using a console.  Man I guess none of these guys can here doors open.  A 
    cutscene will playout.  Once the cutscene is done have Zeeo slice the console
    and move through the doorway that was located behind the lazer barrier.  Make
    your way down a lazer filled ramp and through the door on the right at the 
    bottom.  Stealth kill two smugglers using consoles in the next room and then
    have Zeeo slice them.  This causes some doors to open and IGs come into the
    room.  With both consoles sliced a central piller will lower into the room.
    Slice the console on the piller to close the blastdoors and open the doorway
    into the next area.
    You will now have three minutes to escape the area.  Proceed through the door
    and take out the two guards in the next room to unlock the door to the next
    area.  The next room is a long guard filled room.  Take out the guards in this
    area as well to unlock the door to the next room.  With the guards gone go
    through the doorway at the end of the right wall.  Move toward the screen as
    the background begins to explode.  The level is now over.
    [-= III.k Level: 10 Farmer Ship Communication Center =-]
    Move into the room and stealth kill the guard in front of you.  Now look to
    your right to located a doorway blocked by a barred door.  Blast the bars and
    head into the hall.  Head up an anchor jump at the end which leads to a large
    room with some upper walkways.  When you enter this new area a cutscene will
    play.  After the cutscene jump up another anchor jump located in front of you.
    When you land at the top Slak will send a wave of explosive droids at you.
    Dodge them or shoot them before they reach you.  When the droids are gone Slak
    will have left and the shield preventing you from reaching his platform will
    also be gone.  Jump over to the next platform and have Zeeo slice the console.
    After a conversation with the rebels drop down to the floor below and head
    through the open floor grate.  Deal with the three smugglers in the room to
    open the door to the next room.  
    In the next room deal with a smuggler and a flying turret before heading into
    the doorway on your left.  Move through this room and into the room at the
    other end.  Blaster dance with three smugglers in the room and locate a jump
    point on the right hand corner.  Head up the jump points and drop onto a moving
    platform below.  When the platform comes to a stop head up some more jump 
    points and drop onto another moving platform.  Once this platform comes to a
    stop move up some more jump points and into the next room above.  In this
    area are several crate stacks with an explosive crate mixed in.  Deal with
    some smugglers and turrets and then blast the three stacks of drugs.  Now
    drop down to the next area and take out some more turrets and smugglers.
    After all the enemies are dealt with blast the last two stacks of drugs and
    the blastdoor to the last area will open.
    Through this blastdoor you fill find yourself in an open area.  In the center
    of the area is Slack.  Four pillars surround Slak.  Enter the area to start
    your first boss fight.
    (Boss Fight: Slak)
    Slak will protect himself with a shield preventing you from damaging him. To
    take this shield down move around the pillars to locate some consoles.  There
    are three consoles total, two on one side and the last one on the other side.
    You need to slice all three consoles to cause some turrets to shoot slak and
    drop his shield.  With his shield down begin pounding away with your heavy
    blaster.  Don't try to run in and melee him as he will only blast you back
    with massive ground pound.  As you engage Slak IG droids will enter from 
    either side of the area.  Ignore them and attack them only if you need health
    or ammo.  Repeat the process of slicing the consoles and blasting away at slak
    until he dies and the level end.
    [-= III.l Level: 11 Lava River =-]
    The Mustafar string of levels starts with you clinging to Zeeo and flying
    towards the mining facility.  As you fly over the lava watch the river below.
    The lava will geiser up in places.  Before it shoots up there will be a 
    disturbed section of the lava that will appear shortly before it geisers.
    Continue dodging the lava and a few scattered rocks until you drop down the
    first lavafall.
    Go under the first platform and when you come to the second and third hop on
    top of Zeeo.  Make sure to grab the energy refill in the lefthand side of
    the second platform.  Stay to the left and on top of Ze to avoid damage as you
    pass over another mining platform.  Weave between some lava spouts and stay
    to the right while mounting Ze to avoid damage.  Now quickly shift to the
    left side while staying atop Zeeo to grab an energy refill.
    You will now find yourself in an open lava area with large metal grates that
    will turn.  Weave through them making sure to avoid running into them.  When 
    clear the gates climb onto Zeeo to avoid damage from a platform.  Then weave
    left, right, left to find your way through a second grate area. Climb onto 
    Zeeo to dodge a platform and you will drop down a second lavafall.
    Stay to the right to avoid some mining robots as you round the corner side
    dodge over a platform and pipe and you will drop down yet another lavafall.
    Stay to the left as the river turns to avoid some more robots and side dodge
    between some pipes.  Now move to the right as you enter a cave.  Weave through
    the stalagmites and watch out for a train on your left.  As you catch up on
    the train climb onto Zeeo and move into the low section of the train to pick
    up an energy refill.  Stay in your current position until the train begins to
    turn to the left.  At this point move to the right and drop down to avoid the
    low ceiling.
    You will now be heading towards a section with a metal grate like floor.  Climb
    onto Zeeo as you pass over this area.  The path will curve to the right and
    you will come to an area with a train on either side.  Dodge the central 
    pillars as you gain on the trains.  Stay in the center until you catch up to
    the low section of the train on your right.  Now move to the right to grab some
    more energy before moving back to the center.  At the end of this section are
    three pipes obscurring your path.  Side dodge to avoid them and you will enter
    a large lava tube.
    Dodge the lava spouts and side dodge some more pipes as you leave this area
    and move into the next.  Avoid more lava upswells as the path curves to the
    left.  You will now be in a tunnel with several bridges.  Stay in the center
    and the bridges will split and lower as you approach them.  When you reach 
    the last bridge you will turn into the room on your right.  You will now be
    in a machinery area.  Watch the big machines as they move into your path.  
    Side dodge through their grip.  Past this area you will go through a couple
    of doors and uneventfull halls.  At the end you will head back outside and 
    drop down onto a platform.  The wild ride and level are now over.
    [-= III.m Level: 12 Mirkanite Mining Facility Entrance =-]
    The level opens by giving you a new toy in the form of the blaster rifle.
    Why not try it out on the Stormtrooper at the end of the walkway in front of
    you.  Head down the walkway while alternating between dive rolling and rolling
    to avoid the lazers.  When the walkway stops and then turns to the left have
    Zeeo slice a console.  This will deactivate the lazers along the next walkway.
    Blast the flying turret that shows up while he is hacking.  Now move up the
    next walkway.  Deal with two Stormtroopers at the top and then have Ze slice
    a console.  This causes the moving platform to come towards you and a flying
    turret and two stormtroopers to attack.  When they are gone step onto the
    platform and have Zeeo slice the console on the next platform.  Dodge the fire
    from the Stormtroopers as you cross the gap.  They will infini-spawn until you
    can close the doorways so don't waste your ammo.  Once safely on the other side
    have Zeeo close their doors and then finish them off.  The lazer barrier on
    your right will drop revealing some jump points.  Move along the anchors and
    drop down onto a Stormtrooper below.  Before rushing out onto the bridge have
    Zeeo slice into a console.  This causes the lava to rise, killing any troopers
    on the bridge.
    Move across the area via jump points and drop down onto a Stormtrooper.  Send
    Zeeo to slice the console that will close the infini-spawn door.  Clean up any
    remaining Stormtroopers and head into the hallway on your right.  At the end
    will be another console for Ze to slice.  Stealth kill the two Stormtroopers
    that will have their backs to you on the other side of the doorway.  With the
    troopers gone you will now have an interesting task ahead of you.  Have Ze 
    slice the console and then head up the jump point to the right of the console.
    You will have to be quick because once the hack job is done this causes a 
    platform above you to begin moving.  When you are on the platform above you
    move out onto the bridge and when the platform passes under you drop down onto
    it.  When it stops moving drop onto the platform below and blast the troopers
    across from you until they are gone.  Now have Ze slice another console and
    quickly move up some more anchor points to reach the platform above.  Run out
    onto the bridge and drop down onto the moving platform.  Drop down onto the
    walkway below when it stops moving and take out two stormtroopers.  Now make
    your way through the door on your right to end the level.
    [-= III.n Level: 13 Mirkanite Mining Facility =-]
    Have Ze access the console to stop the lift and drop the security barriers.
    When the barriers are down move through the door and take down the lone 
    Stormtrooper.  Head back to the lift and have Ze slice the console to raise
    the lift to the next level.  There are two more troopers awaiting your arrival
    behind the door on this level.  With the guards dispatched use Ze to slice the
    console again and ride up to the next level.  Kill the two stormtroopers, 
    imperial officer, and security guard on this level.  Now use the console to
    rise to the next level.
    Now slide up one of the pipes and maneuver around to the anchor jumps.  Head
    up the jump points and when you reach the top jump and anchor kill a trooper.
    Move through the doorway and take out two troopers on the walkway.  Have Ze
    slice the consoles on either side of the lazer barriered area.  When Ze is
    slicing either console two flying turrets will show up.  Collect the health
    and ammo in the small area when both consoles have been sliced.  Now go back
    out onto the walkway and shoot the stack of explosive crates.  Dive over the
    ruined section left behind by the explosion.  Once you are at the bottom use
    your blaster rifle to reach out and touch the Stormtrooper in the distance.
    Now use the slide point on the wall.  Slide up and then go right along the 
    wall.  Time your sliding to avoid the lava as it comes out of the spouts.  When
    you are at the other side go up and onto the walkway.  Stealth kill the two
    troopers located on the walkway
                            (       Section Four: Closing          )
    [-= IV.a Frequently Asked Questions =-]
    Q: Are there any lightsabers or jedi like abilities?
    A: No, this game is a nod to all the old Star Wars games such as Dark Forces
    and its kind of refreshing to play something other than a jedi for a change.
    Contrary to popular belief there are non Jedi who populate the Star Wars 
    Q: Are there any secrets or unlockables?
    A: No, not to my knowledge at least the only reward for game completion is
    a replay level feature. 
    (There is another way to unlock the replay level feature.  To unlock it 
    without beating the game enter the name Hansolo for your profile. Note: 
    instead of O's enter Zeros in their place. -submitted by: Starwars123fan)
    Q: Is there any way to turn off the onscreen hint pop-ups?
    A: Nope, enjoy them because there is no escaping them.
    [-= IV.b Credits =-]
    Section under construction.
    [-= IV.c End =-]
    Section under Construction.

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