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    FAQ/Walkthrough by parsons19

    Version: 0.26 | Updated: 03/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           ssssss ttttttttttt       a           rrrrrr      
                           s           t           a a          r    r      
                           s           t          a   a         r    r      
                           s           t         a     a        r    r     
                           ssssss      t        a       a       r    r   
                                s      t       aaaaaaaaaaa      rrrrrr
                                s      t      a           a     r r
                                s      t     a             a    r  r
                           ssssss      t    a               a   r   r
                           w              w  a      rrrrrr  ssssss
                            w            w  a a     r    r  s
                             w          w  a   a    rrrrrr  ssssss
                              w   ww   w  aaaaaaa   r r          s
                               w w  w w  a       a  r  r         s
                                w    w  a         a r   r   ssssss      
                                        LETHAL ALLIANCE
                                           for psp
                                      By Jordan Parsons
    You should only see this guide on the following websites:
    Stuck on a certain part of the game?  Here's a hint press ctrl+f at the same 
    time and it will bring up the find box, type in the code (no need to include
    brackets) and it will find what you are looking for!
                                       =Contents=              Find box Code
                   I.  THE FAQ                                    (S1)
                   A.  Introduction                               (S1A)
                   B.  Terms of use                               (S1B)
                   C.  Contact information                        (S1C)
                   D.  Version history                            (S1D)
                   II.  Game Basics                               (S2)
                   A.  Controls                                   (S2A)
                   B.  Difficulty level                           (S2B)
                   C.  Weapons                                    (S2C)
                   D.  Items                                      (S2D)
                   E.  Hints and Tips                             (S2E)
                   F.  Characters                                 (S2F)
                   G.  Enemies                                    (S2G)
                   III.  Walkthrough                              (S3)
                   A.  Couruscant                                 (S3A)
                   A1.  Level 1: Lower streets                    (S3A1)
                   A2.  Level 2: Underground district             (S3A2)
                   A3.  Level 3: Backdoor to the warehouse        (S3A3)
                   A4.  Level 4: Black Sun warehouse              (S3A4)
                   A5.  Level 5: Emergancy exit route             (S3A5)
                   A6.  Level 6: High speed Traffic               (S3A6)
                   B.  Alderaaan                                  (S3B)
                   B1.  Level 7: Farmer ship lower section        (S3B1)
                   B2.  Level 8: Farmer ship trench               (S3B2)
                   B3.  Level 9: Farmer ship Greenhouse           (S3B3)
                   B4.  Level 10: Farmer ship communication center(S3B4)           
                                 SECTION UNDER CONSRUCTION!
                   IV.  Other stuff                               (S4)
                   A.  Glitches                                   (S4A)
                   B.  Thanks                                     (S4B)
    + Section I.THE FAQ      +  S1
    A.  Introduction             S1A
    Ok, before i say anything this is my first FAQ!!!
    I heard about the release of star wars lethal alliance and was very 
    happy that finally they had released something about the story 
    between episodes III and IV!  I went to the shop willing to pay more credits
    than Han Solo owes Jabba!  I rushed home put the UMD in my psp and played 
    the first level as soon as I finished that level I knew I was playing 
    a great game.
    B.  Terms of use             S1B
    Copyright 2007-2008 Jordan Parsons
    You may use this guide as long as you do not use it or any portion 
    of it without my permision.
    C.  Contact information      S1C
    You can contact me at parsnip.j@hotmail.co.uk
    If you wish to use my guide or use a section of it email me 
    first so I can give you my permision.  Although if you send me an 
    email and I let you use the guide you must not 
    change it in any way and I must be given full credit.
    If you have any questions about the game please email me.
    If you have any questions about the guide or any ideas on how
    I can improve it please email me.
    D.  Version history         S1D
    Version 0.20   Origianal file section I, II and Coruscant walktrough!
    Version 0.21 New updates!Small adjustments made and level 7 walktrough
    version 0.25 Updated!Finished alderan levels!Also added section 4 with
    version 0.26 Added to list of sites that can use this guide!
    +Section II.Game Basics +  S2
    A.  Controls                S2A
    These are the controls of the game.
    NOTE: Not all abilites and moves will be 
    available at the beginning of the game
    analog stick = Move character
    Directional Buttons = Change weapon (Down = Blaster, Left = Heavy blaster,
    Up = Blaster rifle, Right = Themal Detonator Launcher)
    triangle = zeeo offensive move (boomerang) /slice dataports
    X = Attack with current weapon
    circle = Roll/Dive roll/attach to anchor point or slide with ZEEO/
    When locked to target dodge or dual dodge (double tap)
    Square = ZEEO defensive move
    L or R = Rotate camera/When locked switch targets
    L+R = Tap: re centre camera/Hold:Free look
    select = Mission data
    start = pause menu
    analog stick = Move character
    L or R = Strafe
    Thorn of ryloth combo 1 = x+x+x
    Thorn or ryloth combo 2 = x+x+o
    Hammer of ryloth = x+triangle
    Winds of Mustafar = x+square
    B.  Difficulty level           S2B
    exactly what the name says easy!  You feel almost 
    invincible as very little damage is taken.
    The medium difficulty level.  Definitely a lot more realistic 
    health damage than easy!
    Very large portions of health are taken when hit!
    C.  Weapons                    S2C
    [Thorn of Ryloth]
    Close combat weapon
    Damage = Depends on combo
    Accuracy = Medium
    Available = Starting weapon
    I think that this is a good weapon. As you progress through the 
    game more combos become available and the weapon can be more 
    effective. Its particularly good at getting your team alliance
    meter full because of combos such as hammer of ryloth
    and my personal favourite the winds of mustafar.  It is also 
    good for stealth moves esspecialy when in a disguise.
    Long range weapon
    Ammo = 150 (recharches over time)
    Damage = Low
    Accuracy = Medium
    Available = Starting weapon
    This weapon is really only useful on enemies on 
    coruscant and alderan.  Although you find yourself using 
    this weapon on most levels as the other weapons that you have
    run out of ammo quickly!
    [Heavy blaster]
    long range weapon
    Ammo = 200
    Damage = Medium
    Accuracy = Medium
    Available = Farmer ship lower section
    I like this weapon as it is-quite effective in most parts 
    of the game.  It can wipe out most enemies in one blast if you charge 
    it up to full power (Hold down x until small bar in bottom left is full)
    because it fires 3 shots at a time.  But there is a disadvantage because
    it fires 3 at a time it really is a pain for ammo as you use up the 
    ammo fast.  Overall a good weapon out of ten I would say 8!
    [Blaster rifle]
    Long range weapon
    Ammo = 50
    Damage = High
    Accuracy = High
    Available = Mirkanite mining facility entrance
    A good weapon as long as the enemy can not see you so you don't get shot 
    dead.  You find yourself using this weapon less than others as you cannot
    find many good points for sniping as this weapon only has a zoom mode 
    which does make it more accurate!
    [Thermal detonator launcher]
    Long range weapon
    Ammo = 10 
    Damage = high
    Accuracy = Medium
    Available = I.V.F Arena
    A very powerful weapon Ubisoft give it to you at the exact right time
    just before the Rancor.  Also very useful on the last level kheevs lair!
    Its accuracy is good but its not amazing so its easy to waste ammo.
    Example, Take two stormtroopers one standing still shooting at you
    the other running around in loads of different places.  You shoot
    at the first one and KABOOM he is dead but the other one wastes at
    least one thermal detonator and some of your health.  What happens is
    as you shoot he runs to another place, fires at you that takes some
    of your health.  Then you shoot again and then mabye he will move or
    he might not.  He might get tired from running I spose!
    D.   Items                   S2D
    There are a few items you can pick up in this game to help you 
    on your adventure!
    These look like a cube but at the top it slants down. They are a 
    silver metal colour with a yellow strip down the side!  You can 
    pick up ammo in all of the levels to refill the ammo for 
    your weapon.
    You can pick up thermal detonators to refil your thermal 
    detonator launcher.  These look like a 3D circle hovering
    on its face. They're a silver metal colour.
    These restore your health.  Very useful when fighting
    tough enemies or fighting against bosses!  They are a
    slightly 3D square shape with an orange BACTA TANK (tube)
    down the side.
    These boost the energy of ZEEO.  They are very useful
    at certain times like when you are in disguise or you
    are in the middle of close combat!  These look like a rectangle 
    pointing upwards with a blue strip down the middle!
    E.  Hints and Tips            S2E
    When in disguise don't get too close to the enemies or 
    you will lose your disguise.  A good way to progress through
    these bits is to sneak up behind the enemy and stealth
    attack him with the thorn of ryloth.  The other 
    stormtroopers or whatever should not
    notice and you can carry on.
    Also when in disguise keep an eye on ZEEO'S energy.  If it
    gets too low you lose your disguise.  To prevent that from
    happening regularly keep picking up ZEEO ENERGY BOOSTS!
    When an alarm sounds that means that you have to fight off
    all of the enemies to progress to the next part of the level.
    If you are in a tricky spot with lots of enemies around and
    there is a ground turret available don't waste your ammo use
    the turrets!
    Keep an eye on your psp battery level.
    Every time you complete a level make sure you save because
    there is nothing worse than completing 5 levels without
    saving then losing battery power (Trust me its really
    annoying!  )
    F.  Characters               S2F
    Z-58-0 Security droid
    Princess Leia
    Kyle Katarn
    Darth Vader
    Human (sort of)
    Zarien Kheev
    Slak Sagar
    Boba Fett
    G.  Enemies                  S2G  
    [Black Sun Smuggler]
    Species: Wide range
    Health: low 
    [Turrets and Flying Turrets]
    Species: N/A
    Health: low
    [IG-88 assasin droid]
    Species: Droid
    Health: medium
    [Storm trooper]
    Species: Clone
    Health: medium
    [Sand trooper]
    Species: Clone
    Health: medium
    [Imperial security officer]
    Species: Clone
    Health: low
    [Imperial Ofiicer]
    Species: Clone
    Health: medium
    [Shock Trooper/Elte Trooper,YELLOW]
    Species: Clone
    Health: High
    [Elite trooper,GREEN]
    Species: Clone
    Health: high
    [Elite Trooper,RED]
    Species: Clone
    Health: high
    [Scout Trooper]
    Species: Clone
    Health: medium
    =Section III.Walkthough   =    S3
    This guide walks you through each level and tells you if
    unlock any new weapons or abilities!  It will not tell you 
    any locations of items.
    A.  Couruscant                  S3A
    A1.  Level 1: Lower streets      S3A1
    The level starts on a sort of path that leads into a square.
    Walk into the square and to yur left you will see a large
    garage like door with a green pattern to its right.  To the right
    of the green patern is another slightly smaller door.  Go through
    the small door.  You will see a large golden statue of a stormtrooper
    in the room that follows from the door.  Practice you combat skills 
    on the statue.  When you destroy the statue an alarm sounds and 
    Turrets slide out from metal hatches on the wall.  Destroy the turrets,
    about 4 or 5 shots should do it.  After you destroy all of the turrets
    a elevator will slide down step on to it and it will take you up 
    to the next floor.  In this corridor there are a few droids doing work 
    on some computers if you walk up to the far end of the corridor you
    will see a man.  It is Kyle Katarn!  If you walk up to him Rianna and 
    Katarn will talk about black sun.  After you and him talk the other
    corridor that was once protected by a red ray shield is open go 
    through there.Firt there are 4 lasers.  Roll under them.  Go to the 
    end of the corridor and turn to your right.  Then there are 2 lasers 
    roll under them.  A short distance ahead there are 2 lasers then a gap 
    and another 2 lasers, jump through the gap.  Then turn to your left and
    there are some more lasers.  However they are pointing upright and are
    moving!  There are 3 of them and if you time it right you can run though
    in 1 but if you would rather not risk loosing health just do 1 at a
    time.  After you clear the lasers you will enter another room.  You will 
    see a slight ramp to your right, run up that and jump over it.  Oh No!
    It's a trap.  You will have to destroy the 2 turrets to get through!
    They should explode in about 5 or 6 shots.  Now you have destroyed 
    the 2 turrets you can jump over the other side!  On the floor you
    will see some flashing red circles.  These are mines so carefully
    walk through them and make sure you don't get in the red circle
    or the mines will explode and you will loose health!  When you are
    safe so the mines can't get you will see 3 thick lasers.  Roll under 
    them.  To your right you will see a large garage like door with a 
    small green light above it.  Slowly walk towards it to make it open.
    You will see a black sun smuggler facing away from you.  do a stealth
    attack on him with the thorn of ryloth.  Another black sun will run 
    down and stand facing away from you.  To make things easier destroy
    the explosive crates.  The smuggler will get caught in the explosion
    and die!  Run down to the end of the corridor and turn left.  You will 
    see more explosive crates.  Blow them up!  Run down to the corridoor
    that the crates reveal.  Take out the 2 smugglers with the blaster.
    4 or 5 shots should do the trick.  Run to the very end of the coridoor
    and to your right there is a door.  Go through the door.  Oh look even 
    more lasers.  First there is 1 laser a gap and 2 more lasers.  Jump 
    through the gap.  Then the next set of lasers.  1 laser a gap 2 
    lasers and a gap.  Roll under the gap beneath all of the lasers.
    The next lasers have 1 laser a gap then 2 lasers.  Jump through 
    the gap.  Now to you right there is a door.  Go through there.
    Go down though the corridoor and there are more smugglers 
    take them out with the blaster or try some close combat skills.
    Also there are 2 turrets.  Destroy them!  The door below where the
    2 turrets were opens.  Go through the door!  Concratulations!
    You just completed the 1st level!!! 
    A2.  Level 2:  Underground district          S3A2
    You will start of in a very small corridoor. First walk to the 
    end and turn to your left.  Then at the end of the corridoor you 
    are in now you see metal hatches with a sort of smoke coming
    out of them.  It is safe to walk through it and no health will
    be taken!  You now see a black sun smuggler slowly walking.
    Deafeat him with the blaster.  Oh no!  There is another smuggler.
    To kill this 1 first target the explosive crates.  When you shoot
    them and they explode, if he is close enough he should get caught
    in the explosion and die!  The alarm is sounding!  This means you 
    have to fight more smugglers until you get to the next part of the
    level.  Test your blaster and close combat skills on these!  If you are
    Going to use close combat make sure you are not risking a lot of
    your health.  If using the blaster the smugglers die in about 5 or
    6 shots.  If using close combat it is hard to say when they will
    die because it depends on the combo.  When you wipe out all the 
    smugglers you will see a large door open.  Go to the end of this
    room and on your right you will see a space where the door was.
    Go through there.  Run to the end of that piece and then turn left.
    Run to the end of that peice then turn right.  This will go into a 
    large room where you will see a black sun smuggler come into the 
    room on a elevator.  If he has not yet noticed you shoot the 
    explosive crates in the middle of the room!  If he does not get
    caught in the explosion take him down with your blaster.  When
    he gets killed an alarm will sound!Take out the rest of the
    Smugglers!  Use your blaster or try some combos with the Thorn
    of Ryloth!  This part is a bit tricky but if you use your combat
    skills well you should be able to deafeat them all!  Once you 
    have wiped out all of them the alarms will stop.  Step on to the
    elevator the 1st smuggler came down on!  It will take you up to 
    a small platform.Step onto the platform.  Walk along the platform
    until you see a corridoor with lasers in.  You need to get trough
    the lasers without dying and I will tell you how!  First you see
    1 laser Quite close to you that is very low.  Then 1 moving up 
    and down.  If you jump over the 1st laser when the other one 
    is as high as it will go jump over the 1st 1 and you should 
    just about roll under.  Now you see 2 lasers which are moving 
    up and down.  When there as high as possible run and jump through
    the gap in the middle.  After thes lasers walk down to the end of 
    the rest corridoor.  Turn left walk down a bit then turn right.  In
    this corridoor there is a turret.  But it is moving!  Destroy it with
    your blaster!  About 6 shots should do the trick.  Run down to where
    the turret was then turn right.  Then you should see Oh No more
    Lasers!!  Fear not reader.  I will help you get through them.  The 1st
    laser is moving towards you then it moves away.  If you time it 
    right you can jump over it!  The 2nd laser is exactly the same.
    Time it right and jump!  The 3rd set are similar but instead there
    are 2 and there is a gap below them.  Time it right and simply roll 
    under!  Now you come to a dead end.  Jump through the gap.  Now you come
    into a room with a large green tube in the middle and lots of protocal
    droids  (like c3p0)  working at computers.  From where you are turn left.
    Run to the end and you see a black sun smuggler facing away from you!
    Sneak up behind him and using the Thorn of Ryloth stealth attack him.
    You should now see 2 smugglers talking shoot 'em dead with the blaster!
    After you destroy them it will tell you to destroy the generator.
               Well go on then destroy it!  Watch the clip and hey look it's 
    Zeeo!  But Riaana has been shot!  Go and find her!  You are now Zeeo!  If you
    look on the wall on your right then strafe across left you eventually
    see a small hatch go through there!  1st turn left and go down the very 
    bottom.  Then turn right and go down there.  Turn right again and get out 
    of the hatch and go up to Rianna.  Watch the clip!  Now Zeeo can Boomerang!
    Take ot the Smuggler with your blaster or use Zeeo's Boomerang attack!
    Run up the corridoor and turn right.  Run down to the garage like door.
    Slice the dataport using Zeeo and the door will open!  Hey   this place
    seems familiar   This is where you met Zeeo!Zeeo will now automaticly 
    slice the dataport.  Oh No!  Air Turrets.  Protect Zeeo.  Use your blaster.
    About 6 shots should destroy them!  Once Zeeo slices the dataport
    the red ray shied will dissapear!  Hook on to the anchor point using
    Zeeo.  Go up, up, right, up, up, right then anchor jump kill the Black sun 
    smuggler.  Walk along the platform and turn left.  Take out the smuggler.
    Turn left and 2 smugglers will come out.  Take them out.  Go into where
    the smugglers came from.  Well done!!  You completed the level!
    A3.  Level 3: Backdoor to the warehouse            S3A3
    You can now charge you Blasters power!  To do this
    hold down the x button!
    You start of in a small room.  Ahead of you there is a door.  Go through
    the door into the next room.  Kill all 4 of the Black sun smugglers so
    that Zeeo can slice the dataport.  Use your blaster and Zeeo's Boomerang
    attack to wipe them out.  Try out the new charge featue on your blaster.
    Now go up both sets of stairs and go through the door.  Though this door
    When on the other side and directly above the ground press o do drop 
    down off the slide.  Run along and jump over the gap.  (If you fell through
    the gap you will land on a platform.  Turn around and attach to the anchor 
    point.  The pattern is Up and accros to land on the platform you were on 
    before.)  Attach to the next slide.  Go up and accross the top.  Remember
    watch out for hover cars.  If you get hit by one you fail the mission.
    When the ground is beneath you drop down off the slide.  Turn right and
    you will see a red ray shield but there is no dataport to slice!
    There is a small gap to your right.  On the wall you will see a small
    hatch that you can send Zeeo down.  First go foward a little then turn 
    right.  Watch out for the Lasers!  Continue straight down the corridoor
    avoiding the lasers.  When you get to the end turn left and you will
    see the dataport.  Go up to it and slice it using the triangle button.
    Go back the way you came to meet Rianna.  The lasers are no longer 
    active so there is no need to be cautious.  Attach to the slide 
    behind where the ray shield was.  Go up and then accross the top.
    Remember watch out for hover cars!  When safely above ground
    drop down from the slide.  Run accross the platform and turn left
    into the door.  You will see 2 lasers moving up and down.  Time it
    right and jump through the centre.  Go through the door and
    You have completed the level!!!
    A4.  Level 4:  Black Sun warehouse                       S3A4  
    You can now Dual dodge!  Double tap o+direction while locked
    onto target.
    You start of in a small room again.  Go through the door and stealth
    Kill the Black Sun smuggler!  Go down both sets of steps and take out the
    smugglers so that Zeeo can slice the dataport.  This is a good chance to 
    test out your new move, the Dual dodge.  Slice the dataport and go over 
    the bridge.  Take out the Black sun smuggler.  There is also 1 Turret.
    Heres a hint destroy the turret before you kill the smugglers.  Remember
    To use the explosive crates to you adavantage!  Go through the door with
    the green lights at the top and side.  Go through the small corridoor.  There
    are a few turnings.  Go through the door at the end and target the smuggler 
    at the computer.  Charge up your blaster to full and fire at him.  It will 
    not wipe him out but it will do quite a bit of damage.  More smugglers 
    come out.  You need to kill them all.  After you have killed them all slice
    the dataport to move the bridge.  Go over the bridge and take out the 2 
    turrets.  Use your blaster to take care of them.  To your right you will
    see a slide that you can attach onto using Zeeo.  Go up then accross 
    until you target the smuggler.  Jump kill him!  Target the nearby dataport
    and slice it using Zeeo.  Go up the next slide and go up and accross.
    Take out the Smugglers!  Go back over the bridge and through the door
    with the blue flashing arrow pointing towards it.  Go throgh the short
    corridoor into another room.  First go foward until you see 2 sets of 
    stairs on your left.  Go up them.  Destroy the protocal droid operating
    at the computer.  Slice the dataport.  Go back down he stairs and kill 
    all of the Smugglers.  After you have killed them all Zeeo will slice 
    the dataport.  Go trough the door next to the dataport.  Walk through 
    the way you came and kill all the smugglers in the next room.
    There are also a few turrets take them out first.  Go through the door
    that was below the turret.  Go through that corridor and destroy and 
    kill all the Turrets and smugglers in the next room.  Go through the
    other door.  Go towards the door that is in the next room and 
    Hey presto You completed the level!!!
    A5.  Level 5: Emergency exit route                 S3A5
    You start off in a small room again again. This game must
    really like small rooms!  Anyway go through the door in front of you
    and take out the turrets and Black Sun smugglers.  use your blaster
    and some close combat if you like.  Attach to the anchor point on
    the left wall.  The pattern is Up, up, right then jump kill the smuggler.
    Go through the door the smuggler came through.  Oh Great 2 lasers and
    there moving!  Time it right and jump over them.  When you get to the end
    slice the dataport.  Oh No!  Air turrets!  Protect Zeeo!  You blaster should 
    do the trick.  Once Zeeo has sliced the dataport the red ray shield will
    dissapear.  Run down the path while shooting at the smugglers.  There are 
    also two turrets so take them out to.  After you have killed them all
    Zeeo will slice the dataport.  After he has sliced it go through the 
    door on the right.  Run down the steps through the door and turn right.
    Walk up to the generator, watch the clip and Level complete!!!!!!!!!!!
    A6.  Level 6: High speed traffic                   S3A6
    Hmmmm does this remind you of anything.  Let me think.  Oh yeah!
    This reminds me of Obi Wan holding onto that droid in episode II!
    In these sort of levels Zeeos energy is also your health!  You will 
    go along for a while and get to a piece below the traffic.  Avoid the
    obstacles!!  Then press l or r after a while to go over the tubes.  Avoid
    more obstacles.  Press l+r To stand on Zeeo to avoid the plasma electric
    lasers.  Keep going until you reach a traffic area again and avoid more 
    obstacles!  Stand up and avoid the obstacles.  Avoid more obstacles!  Yay!
    Now watch the clip!  Hey are we ever gunna get of couruscant.  Hey!  Whats 
    this.  Mission Complete!  We are getting off Coruscant! 
    B. Alderaan                S3B
    B1. Level 7: Farmer ship lower section           S3B1
    Right then lets do it!First watch the small clip!
    Now you have the hevy blaster, YAY!First Blow up the explosive crate.Then 
    simply use Zeeo to go up the wall by pressing O!  Now there is 1 laser.
    Jump roll over it.  Use Zeeo to go acroos the wall again and land on the
    next platform!Use Zeeo again to go up the wall and land on the above
    platform!  Use Zeeo to do the wall thing yet again and land on the platform.
    Watch out though there are lasers!You now the drill.Jump over the lasers!
    Go trough the doorway to your left.  Go through that door and sneak up
    behind the bad dudes and BAM!  Kill then with a stealth attack!  Now wipe 
    out all of the bad dudes on the other platform!  This is a good time to 
    test out the heavy blaster.  Once they are dead activate the console using
    Zeeo.  A small stairway  will come down and you will be trown into some more
    combat!  When they all fall before your amazing skills (I just had to put 
    that) Activate the console.  The large door will open.  Go through there and
    go through the sliding door to your right!  Go though the coridoor and trough
    the next door and prepare for more shooting.But this time it is with a real 
    cool turret!  First kill the 1 dude (he might get in the turret) then you can
    get in the turret and blow these dudes away!  It will show you the turret
    controls!  Heres some advice I don't bother with Zeeo I just leave him on 
    repair!  Once you have killed all of them because of your amazing skills(I
    said it again) Get out of the turret and jump onto the floor and activate the 
    console behind you!  A big floor panel will slid open.  Go up to the ancor
    point and use Zeeo to go down there!  Get to the floor and more action.  Wipe
    out the bad dudes!  Go throught the door to your right and trough the coridoor.
    At the end of this coridoor there are loads of moving sort of blocks.  Jump 
    onto one and keep jumping Onto others to your right until you reach another 
    small platform to your right jump onto that and use the anchor point!Jump 
    kill the smuggler.  Wipe out the others!  Once they are all dead use the 
    console.  Anchor to the elevator and avoid obstacles!Jump of when you get to
    the platform and show them who is the daddy!  Well Mummy cause Rianna is a 
    woman.  But anyway kill them with your amazing skills (I said it again) and
    go through the door on the left. After you have done that go through the door
    on your right!  Stealth kill the dude and activate the console!  Go through
    the next door and anchoor up to the turret.  Use that to get rid of these guys!
    Once they are gone the bridge will rise.Jump down go over the bridge and combat
    WOOHOO!Show these guys who is boss and activate the console.  Go through the 
    door and wipe out the dudes Using your amazing skills (I said it yet again!).
    Right once they are gone a load of droids come in.Once you kill one along comes 
    another one.  What could you do.  I know thats why your using this guide cause 
    I know everything there is to know well kind of anyway.I know what to do here 
    you just slice the orange dataports and wipe out the droids.  Go on kick some
    droid butt!  Done that Good!  Now activate the console in that room and a 
    Elevator will come down get on that.  Kill the smugglers kill them all 
    Mwhahahahahahahaha! Go  through the door and level complete!
    Right I haven't updated this in a while and i plan to complete it so i am
    gunna try make it a little bit shorter!
    Level 8: Farmer ship trench       S3B2
    So you start off in a place, go up grapple point (is that what there called)
    you should be able to work out the way.  By the way watch out for the blue 
    laser stuff.  You need to be quick!  Right get to the top and incoming enemies!
    right get to the turret and take them all out!  Hint: Look for a graple hook!
    The main guys to wipe out are the flying droids when they come in.  Destroy
    that genorator!  Once its destroyed you can go through the laser door thing.
    You come up to some red lasers!  jump and dodge them or whatever and then blow 
    up the crate and send Zeeo down the hole! find the red circle and activate it!
    Go back and then go throught the door that was locked!  Then shoot at the 
    stupid droids and let zeeo slice 4 dataports to open the door.  Done?  Great
    now go throgh the doorand Level complete!!!!!
    Level 9: Farmer ship greenhouse    S3B3
    Right, you start off in a room where you have to take out the turrets.  Try
    your new ability (press and hold square) deflect shield.  Continue on through
    the corridoor jumping over crates and stuff if you need to.  Get into the 
    turret at the end and wipe out the alien freaks!  After that look for a grapple 
    point.  Get to the other side and look for another one.  Got there, now jump 
    onto other platforms until you reach another graple hook and get to the other
    platform.  OK, done that then jump onto other platforms until you reach one 
    with a door.  Then go through the door!  Go through a few coridoors until you
    reach some person at a dataport, kill him then activate it after the short
    clip.  The red laser field will open up.  Go through then you see loads of red
    laser lines.  Just dodge them then go through the door on the right.  Slice the 
    2 dataports to gain access to the main server!  Shoot at the droids aswell as
    getting Zeeo to slice the "Heart" !  Done that, Now get out of there before 
    the place blows up!  Once you hav done that.  Level Complete!
    Level 10: Farmer ship communication center   S3B4 
    So, the level starts in a room with a bad dude in front of you.  Kill him then
    blast the metal gate to your right (when you start) and go through.  You will 
    see a grapple thing so hook onto it and make your way to the top.  Easy watch 
    the clip.  You should see another grapple point, go up there and Slak Sagar 
    will send out some droids.  Wipe em' out!  Quickly, after youv'e done that
    jump accross to where slak was and slice the computer.  Listen to Leia.  Go back
    the way you came and wipe alien people! Go through coridoors killing more until
    you find a grapple.  Go up there, be careful though the platforms you have to 
    land onto move!  Now, Destroy the last drug shipment.  Go through that door
    that opened after youv'e done that and its time for a boss fight!
    It will be hard!  Droids will be coming at you, Slak Sagar will be attacking 
    plus you have to get Zeeo to slice 3 different data ports!  So first of all 
    make sure all 3 dataports are sliced.  Then attack him so he loses health!
    You need to do it enough times for his health to run out then mission 
    IV.  Other stuff                      S4
    A.  Glitches!                         S4A
    On the Farmer ship communication center (level 10,Planet alderan) I found a 
    glitch.  In the boss battle at the end in one of places where the droids 
    come out you need to get behind the shield.  Do this by getting in between 
    the slits there.  Once you are behind the shield go to the far end of that 
    coridoor and you will go through the wall.  You are now underneath where you
    were before.  If you go out a bit you can be underneath Slak Sagar!!!  
    Unfortuanatly you blaster shots will not do damage.  The only way I know how
    to get out is by loading the last checkpoint.  If you go out far enough you
    will get trapped and there will be a funny shadow of Rianna and Zeeo!
    Remember: To get out use Load Last Checkpoint!
    B.  Thanks                           S4B
    I just wants to say thanks to gamefaqs for accepting this guide on their site.
    I also want to say thanks to YOU, the reader for using my guide and I hope you
    find it useful!

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