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    Item World Specialists by SephirothYuyX

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    	      Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Item World Specialists
    			Posted by : SephirothYuyX
    		      Version 1.00 Created On 09/03/03
    This is a very, very, very small guide on the information about the 
    'Specialists' in 'Item World' Just a breif description of each and what they do.
               Stat Bonus Specialists
    Dietician - Adds HP bonus. 
    Master - Adds SP bonus. 
    Gladiator - Adds ATK bonus. 
    Sentry - Adds DEF bonus. 
    Teacher - Adds INT bonus. 
    Coach - Adds SPD bonus. 
    Marksman - Adds Hit bonus. 
    Physician - Adds RES bonus. 
               Status Effect Specialists
    Alchemist - Adds poison effect to attack. 
    Hypnotist - Adds sleep effect to attack. 
    Witch Doctor - Adds paralyze effect to attack. 
    Amnesiac - Adds forget effect to attack. 
    Gangster - Adds deprave effect to attack. 
    Professional - Adds critical effect to attack. 
               Resistance Specialists
    Pharmacist - Raises resistance to poison. 
    Coffee Maker - Raises resistance to sleep. 
    Medicine Man - Raises resistance to paralyze. 
    Psychologist - Raises resistance to forget. 
    Social Worker - Raises resistance to deprave. 
    Firefighter - Raises resistance to fire. 
    Aeronaut - Raises resistance to wind. 
    Cryophile - Raises resistance to ice. 
               Stat Bonus Specialists
    Broker - Raises money gained by killing enemies.
    Statistician - Raises EXP gained by killing enemies. 
    Manager - Raises amount of mana gained. 
    Armsmaster - Speeds up weapon mastery. 
    Artisian - Increases the item's potential. 
               Item World Exclusives
    Troublemaker - Mischevious resident that hinders others. 
    Villain - Nasty resident that hinders others. 
    Item General - General of the Item World. 
    Item King - King of the Item World. 
    Item God - God of the Item World. 
    Item God 2 - God of the Item World.
    Please note that some of these Specialists have been removed from the game and
    I original did NOT make this list, a fellow gamer was curtious enough to
    translate and post this on Atlus' message board and then hand it over to me for 
    posting on GameFAQs.
    This guide was created in a very short while and submitted to GameFAQs.
          Please EMail Any Comments To SephirothYuyX@Yahoo.Com

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