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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MagicMaster87

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    "Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness" Walkthrough
    Written by MagicMaster87
    #Table of Contents#
    1.  Introduction  [INTR]
    2.  Basic Information  [BINF]
        2.a Controls  [CTRL]
        2.b Menus  [MNFO]
            i.   Title Screen  [TITL]
            ii.  Castle  [CSTL]
            iii. Battle  [BTLM]
        2.c Battle  [BTTL]
    3.  Main Story Walkthrough  [WLK1]
        3.a Episode 1  [EP01]
        3.b Episode 2  [EP02]
        3.c Episode 3  [EP03]
    4.  Etna Mode Walkthrough  [WLK2]
    5.  Item World  [ITMW]
    6.  Dark Assembly  [ASMB]
    7.  Endings  [ENDS]
    8.  Character Lists  [CLST]
    9.  Item Lists  [ILST]
        9.a Weapons  [WPNS]
        9.b Armor  [ARMR]
        9.c ETC  [ETCS]
    10. Secrets  [SCRT]
        10.a Etna's Secret Room  [ESRM]
    11. Version History  [VHIS]
    12. Contact Information  [CINF]
    13. Copyright Information  [CPYR]
    You can jump to a specific section by pressing CRTL+F (or whatever you use to
    search a page) and entering the four-letter keycode after the section's name.
    #Introduction [INTR]#
    Hey all!  Welcome to my second guide (and first-ever walkthrough), a guide for
    the game, "Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness" for the PSP!
    For those who haven't played this game or the PS2 version, "Disgaea: Hour of
    Darkness", before, Disgaea is a Tactical RPG (think Final Fantasy: Tactics)
    with 2D characters and items on a 3D map (think the Paper Mario series).
    You can jump to a specific Episode by pressing CTRL+F and entering the name or
    keycode of the Episode that you're looking for.
    #Basic Information [BNFO]#
     Controls [CTRL]
    Directional Pad - Moves your character in the castle, moves the cursor during
                      battle and in menus.  Switches between the Item Bag and the
                      Warehouse on item menus.
    Control Stick - Same function as the D.Pad.  I find it easier to use the D.Pad
                    for navigating through the menus and the Control Stick for the
                    castle and battlefields, but you can use either or both.
    X Button - Talk to characters or examine items in the castle, proceed through
               text, choose a character on the battlefield, or make a selection in
    O Button - Exit out of menus, cancel selections, and proceed through text.
               Delete letters on the name-entering screen.
    Triangle Button - Opens the main menu in the castle and on the battlefield,
                      although the menus have different options.  Sorts items in
                      the Item Bag and Warehouse menus, and unequips items on the
                      Character Equipment menu, which sends them to the Item Bag or
                      Warehouse.  Move characters on the battlefield while
                      attempting to perform a skill.
    Square Button - No function in the castle or most menus.  On the Item Info and
                    Character Info menus, it switches the information show in a
                    cycle.  Heals everyone at the same time at the hospital.  Hold
                    this button down and press L to zoom in or out during battles.
                    Hold this button down and press R to cycle through your base
                    panel and your deployed characters during battle.  Hold this
                    button down while the cursor is on a character and press a
                    direction on the D.Pad (not the control stick) to change the
                    direction the character is facing.
    L/R Buttons - Scroll through character and item lists on various menus a page
                  at a time; L scrolls up and R scrolls down.  Advance or go back
                  a space on the name-entering screen.  Switch between characters
                  on various screens.
    Start Button - Send items from the Item Bag to the Warehouse when using the
                   Item command on a battlefield.
    Select Button - Turns Geo Panels on or off on battlefields.
     Menus [MNFO]
    This is the first screen you will see after the game has finished loading.
    Start - Start a new game from the beginning, on a new save file.
    Continue - Resume a saved game, or start a New Game+ with an old save file.
    Settings - Opens the Setting menu.
    Press Triangle to access the Main Menu, which consists of the following:
    Item - Opens the Item Screen, which consists of the Item Bag, Warehouse, and
           Item Information menus.  Items in the Item Bag can be used during a
           battle, while items in the Warehouse cannot.  The Item Bag can hold 16
           items, while the Warehouse can hold a max of 256.  If you get or unequip
           an item while your Item Bag is full, it will automatically be sent to
           the Warehouse instead.  If both your Item Bag and Warehouse is full, it
           will be sent to the first Item Shop you go to, BUT IT WILL ONLY BE THERE
           THE FIRST TIME YOU GO.  If you leave the Item Shop without buying the
           item, it'll be lost forever, so be careful with hard-to-get items.
    Equip - Opens the Character Selection Screen.  After selecting a character, the
            Character Info, Item Bag, and Item Info menus will be shown.  This is
            where to go when you want to equip new items on characters.  Each
            character can equip one Weapon and up to three pieces of Armor or
            Accessories.  Single-use items cannot be equipped.  You can switch
            between the Item Bag and the Warehouse by pressing Left or Right on the
            D.Pad or Control Stick.
    Status - Opens the Character Selection Screen, which will then bring you to the
             Character Info and Character Details menus.  The Character Detail menu
             actually consists of four individual menus, which you can switch
             between by pressing Square.  The first menu shows you your Mana, what
             character created the current character in the Dark Assembly (Mentor),
             and what characters the current character created him/her-self
             (Pupils).  The next screen lists the character's currently-known
             Skills and Spells.  The third screen lists the character's Weapon
             Masteries and stat Aptitudes, which you can learn more about in the
             Advanced Information section.  The final screen lists the character's
             elemental and status resistances; the higher the numbers, the less
             damage you will take.
    Rearrange - Reorder the characters in your party.  Not really useful until
                you've made a lot of characters, and even then you could easilly go
                the entire game without using it.
    Help - Brings up a list of several topics of discussion.  The "Basics" topic
           will bring up another menu of more specific options.  Very useful for
    Settings - Opens the Settings menu.
    Quit - Quit the game and return to the title screen.  Be warned, though, that
           if you've done anything since you last saved, you'll lose all that
    Save - Opens the PSP save menu.
    -Battle [BTLM]-
    Press Triangle to access the Battle Menu, which consists of the following:
    Execute - Executes any Attack or Special commands you've given to your troops.
    End Turn - If there are any Attack or Special commands you've given, they will
               be executed first, and then your turn will end.  Otherwise, you'll
               just end your turn.  Either way, the enemy will then take their turn
               before play returns to you.
    Bonus - Lets you see what extra goodies you'll get at the end of the battle.
            The ones grayed out are the ones you won't receive.  The number to the
            right of the reward corresponds to the number of the Bonus Gauge; fill
            up the Bonus Gauge (which you can see in the bottom-right corner of the
            screen), and you'll get more rewards.
    Character - Brings up a list of enemies, allies, and Geo Symbols.  Enemies have
                red names, while your troops and Geo Symbols will be listed in
                plain, black text.  When you move the cursor over a character's
                name, the cursor on the battlefield will warp to that character's
                location.  You'll also be shown that character's stats and items,
                but not any skills or spells they have.
    Help - Brings up a list of several topics of discussion.  The "Basics" topic
           will bring up another menu of more specific options.  Very useful for
    Quit - Quit the game and return to the title screen.  Be warned, though, that
           if you've done anything since you last saved, you'll lose all that
    Settings - Opens the Settings menu.
    Press X while the cursor is over one of your characters to access the Command
    Menu, which consists of the following:
    Move - Allows you to move the character to any tile within its movement range.
           The blinking red tiles are the ones your character can move to.  This
           command executes immediately.  You can only perform this once per turn,
           regardless of how many spaces you Moved, unless you cancel it.
    Attack - Assign a standard attack to perform upon a target.  Enemies are listed
             in black, allies are in blue.  You can attack any single character
             within your weapon's range.  If there are no targets within range,
             this command will be greyed out.  This command will not be executed
             until you use Execute or End Turn in the Battle Menu.  After executing
             this command, all other commands become greyed out (except Item,
             Status, and Move {unless you've already Moved this turn}).
    Special - Assign a skill or spell to perform upon a target.  You must select a
              spell or skill first.  For skills, you then must select a direction.
              You can move the character around with Triangle if you haven't moved
              that character already that turn.  If there are no targets within the
              skill's area of effect, or if any yellow "placeholder" tiles are
              obstructed or occupied, you will not be able to perform the skill.
              For spells, you must choose an area of effect size, then move the
              cursor until at least one target is within the area of effect.  You
              will not be able to choose a skill, spell, or area of effect if you
              do not have enough SP to perform it.  This command will not execute
              until you use Execute or End Turn in the Battle Menu.
    Lift - Lift a target next to you.  This command becomes Throw afterwards, and
           all other commands (except Status) become greyed out.  Throw will have
           you choose a direction and a distance, and you will throw the target to
           that spot.  If you end the turn without Throwing, the character will
           take damage when your turn comes again.  You cannot Lift/Throw and
           perform an Attack or Special on the same turn, or use an Item.  Also, if
           you Lifted on one turn and Threw on the next, you cannot Lift again
           until the next turn.  Both commands execute immediately.
    Defend - Put your character in a defensive state in order to take less damage.
             All other commands (except Item {you cannot use an Item, though} and
             Status) become greyed out.  You cannot use this command after Lifting,
             Throwing, or assigning an Attack or Special.
    Item - Use an item in your Item Bag on a target.  Different items can be used
           from different distances.  You cannot use equipment.  All other commands
           become greyed out (except Item {you cannot use a second item, though},
           Status, and Move {unless you already Moved this turn}).
     Battle [BTTL]
    Coming soon!
    #Main Story Walkthrough [WLK1]#
    This is the reason you're here:  to find out how to progress through the story
    and beat the game.  Just note that this is for the main story mode with Laharl
    as the main character; if you're looking for the alternate story mode with Etna
    as the main character, you're in the wrong section.  Look for the Etna Mode
    Walkthrough section.
     Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld [EP01]
    After the introductory cutscene, you will be in control of Laharl, a
    blue-haired demon boy and prince of the Netherworld.  You'll be in the same
    room as you were in the cutscene, although the flames have been put out.  The
    various weapons are still there, however.  Feel free to check them out, but you
    won't get anything out of it.  They won't be there next chapter, though, so if
    you're some kind of weird script completionist, you might as well take care of
    this now.  Anyways, there's nothing else to find here, so head to the bottom
    right of the screen to leave the room.
    You'll now be in the throne room, as you can tell by the large chair sitting in
    the back.  You'll see a couple of demons standing throughout the room; these
    are your "vassals", although they'll seem to be more loyal to your late father
    than you...  Anyways, talk to them for a small chuckle or two and to get a bit
    of information about what happened while you were asleep.  Also, before leaving
    the room, go behind the throne and press X.  You'll find a switch, as shown by
    the popup menu.  Press it by selecting Yes on the popup menu; this will be
    semi-important later.  Once you're done with that, follow the blue rug to leave
    this room.
    This is a hallway of sorts, although it only connects two visible rooms (the
    throne room and your next destination).  You're on the second level, but there
    are stairs on the right and left sides of the room so you can reach the demons
    on the bottom level.
    On the right side of the second level is a Red Skull, a magic-user.  Ignore him
    for now and go down the stairs.  There are several more demons to talk to here,
    although all are optional.  Two important ones to note are the Prinny (penguin
    with peg legs) and Longinus (a spear-looking guy).  The Prinny, located at the
    top corner of the lower level, will mention a breeze.  Although you can't go in
    it yet, there's actually a secret room in that corner where the wall is black.
    Longinus, who's in the bottom corner, will explain the various weapons and
    their pros and cons.  Very useful for beginniners or just to refresh your
    memory.  You can also get a weapon from him later on, but I'll explain that in
    another section.  Once you've had your fill of this room, head up the stairs on
    the left and enter the main hall of the castle.
    This is the most important room of the castle; you'll be spending most of your
    time here when you're not on a battlefield.  Walk forward and you'll be forced
    to read through the first tutorial, an brief explanation about items.  It's
    only a few lines long, so read them and continue forward and to the left.
    You should see three characters in this alcove.  Plenair, the blue-haired girl
    standing in front of a cage, takes you to the Dark Assembly (which I'll explain
    later), but you can't go there right now.  The girl standing in front of the
    next cage, gives you an unimportant tutorial that explains absolutely nothing.
    The boy south of the two of them is a record keeper; he's the guy to go to if
    you want to find out miscellaneous information about your save file, such as
    what demons you've unlocked, how many items you've collected, max damage on an
    enemy, and so forth.  Great if you're a completionist, like me, as you can see
    if you're missing something.
    Move up and to the right to see several more demons standing around.  The girl
    with black hair and red pants is a hospital worker, as you'll find out when you
    talk to her.  If you take damage in battle, go to her to heal up.  She's also
    the only way to revive dead characters aside from finishing an Episode.  Just
    remember that you'll need HL (the currency in this game) in order to use her
    services.  You can earn prizes for healing here often, however, so don't be
    afraid to splurge if you can afford it.
    Next to her is a zombie, but he's not important.  South of him are two demons
    behind a desk.  The top one, a girl, sells you weapons, which you use to fight
    with.  The boy south of her sells armor and various other items.  You can sell
    items of any type to either of them.  The more items you buy from them, and the
    more expensive the items, the more your "Customer Rank" will go up.  I'll
    explain this in more detail once you can start using the Dark Assembly, but
    basically it allows you to upgrade the store to get better (and more expensive)
    items.  Selling items does not reduce your Customer Rank.
    While you're there, examine the skull on the desk.  Another switch is hidden
    inside of it.  Press it, and, if you've pressed the switch behind the throne,
    you'll unlock the secret room I mentioned before.  I'll explain it in more
    detail in the Secrets section, so check it out now if you don't want to miss
    out on a relatively simple hidden quest.
    To the right of the zombie is a girl in a maid's outfit.  She controls the Item
    World section of the game, but as you'll see if you talk to her, they're not
    open yet, so ignore her for now.
    The final character, a woman standing in front of a swirling portal, is called
    the Dimensional Gatekeeper.  She's your access to the battlefield portions of
    the game.  When you walk towards her, a tutorial about saving will pop up.
    Read it, then talk to the Gatekeeper to read another tutorial.  Afterwards,
    you'll be brought to the Area Selection screen.  The only area available right
    now is the Tutorial level, so select that.  If this is your first playthrough
    on the current save file, you'll have to complete a duo of Battle Basic stages,
    each with a complete tutorial of how certain aspects of battles work.  I
    strongly suggest following them completely if you've never played this game
    before, as I'm not going to explain it to you.  :P  It's quite simple, really,
    so you should complete all three stages without much effort.  Just watch the
    tutorials closely, and you'll be fine.  Once you complete a stage, a new one
    will appear.  These tutorial stages overwrite the previous tutorial stage,
    however, other areas will simple just add new stages onto the list.
    Once you complete the two tutorial stages, a third stage labeled Geo Effect
    will be left.  If you're on a repeat playthrough on the current save file, this
    will be the only stage you'll have to do for the Tutorial level, and you won't
    have to go through all the Tutorial information.
    Anyways, on this stage, just take a character, preferably Laharl, move him one
    spot below the Blue Geo Symbol, and attack it.  Before you Execute, however,
    move the Prinnies and Etna to the blank spaces to the side of the Geo Panel
    area, so they don't get injured from the exploding panels. You'll see why I
    tell you to move them in a moment.  Anyways, Execute Laharl's attack and he'll
    destroy the Blue Geo Symbol, which will set off a chain reaction that will end
    up "nullifying" all the Geo Symbols (removes them from the field, basically).
    It should also kill all the enemies.  Once they're all gone, you'll see a blue
    bar increase for a short bit, increasing a counter whenever it's full, and then
    the stage will end.  You'll notice that you've gained a whole lot more extra
    goodies now that you did in the first two levels; that's because every time
    that blue bar (called the Bonus Gauge) fills up and increases the counter, you
    get an additional reward, for a maximum of ten and a minimum of one.
    Alternatively, you can just defeat the enemies normally.  If you choose to do
    this, have a character pick up the Null (clear) Geo Symbol and throw it onto a
    red Geo Panel.  That way, you not only get a DEF boost, but you also get 50%
    more EXP and HL for killing enemies!  In fact, you may want to choose this path
    on your first playthrough to help level up your characters.
    Note that every time you play this stage afterwards on this save file, the
    stage will be missing the EXP+50% Geo Symbol, so you won't be able to beat the
    stage by just destroying Geo Symbols in a chain reaction.  You also won't get
    the extra EXP from killing enemies.  You can't even weaken the enemies by
    changing the panels they're on, because the only Geo Symbol on the red panels
    is behind all of them, making it extremely difficult to reach.  You might as
    well just ignore the symbols and focus all your attention on the demons.
    After clearing this stage, you'll automatically be taken to Plenair, the girl
    I talked about before who controls access to the Dark Assembly.  She'll explain
    what the Dark Assembly is about, including the points called "Mana" that you
    might have seen if you looked at a character's Status screen.  Once she's done
    talking, you can move around again, but I strongly suggest talking to her once
    more.  Choose "Summon Assembly" to enter the Dark Assembly screen.
    Here is where you pass "proposals" in order to accomplish various tasks.  For
    instance, you can create new characters, change their names (except for story
    characters such as Laharl and Etna), or pass various bills before the assembly.
    On the right you'll notice two stats:  Rank, and Mana.  Mana is a kind of
    "currency" that you use in the Dark Assembly.  You gain Mana by defeating
    demons in the battlefields; the stronger the demon, the more Mana you get.
    Rank determines which bills you can attempt to pass and what kind of senators
    appear in the Dark Assembly.  You can increase your Rank by taking Promotion
    Exams, but they get harder as the Rank goes up.
    If you choose a character, you'll see a list of what you can do with that
    character; they're pretty self-explanatory.  The higher a character's Rank, the
    more you'll be able to do with that character, but the stronger the senators as
    well.  All characters start off at Rank 0, so you won't be able to much right
    now, but you can attempt to do a Promotion Exam if you like.  Just make sure to
    save first.
    The most important option is the "Create New Character" one.  Select that, and
    you'll be brought to a screen where you can choose a new demon to add to your
    group.  You can create a large number of characters, although you can only have
    10 out on the battlefield at a single time.
    After you choose a demon to add to your party, you are asked to choose from a
    list of different rankings, from Good-for-nothing to Genius.  This ranking
    determines how many bonus points you get to add (or subtract, in the case of
    Good-for-Nothing) to the demon's base stats.  The higher their base stats, the
    stronger the demon will be in those stats, so adding points is a very good
    thing.  On that note, you should NEVER create a Good-for-nothing demon unless
    you're REALLY desperate for some reason or other.  For the main storyline, you
    will never need demons this badly.
    If you have enough mana to create an Incompetent demon, go ahead and do so now.
    If not, go back to the Geo Effect stage and clear it a few more times until a
    single character has at least 10 mana.  Once you do, go ahead and create a new
    ally for your team; I suggest starting off with a Warrior or Brawler, as that
    will make defeating enemies (and thus garnering Mana) much easier.  When you
    have enough Mana again (or if you have another character with enough Mana), go
    ahead and make a Cleric; their healing abilities with be needed.  After that,
    your next creation should be a Mage or a Skull; they're both magic-users, they
    just are different genders and have slightly different stats.  This is just my
    personal preference, though; feel free to create whomever you like in whatever
    order you prefer.  I made only made a male Warrior before I continued on.
    When you've got at least one or two demons added to your team, exit the Dark
    Assembly and head back to the Dimensional Gatekeeper.  Along the way, the
    zombie will give you 300 HL, which you can use to heal or buy better weapons or
    armor.  Talk to the Gatekeeper, and she'll tell you that she added a new area
    for you to travel to, called Vyers Castle.
    From now on, unless there something that needs to be done in the castle, I will
    break up the guide into individual Stages, which are the individual
    battlefields.  They follow the following order:  Stage X-Y: <name>, where X is
    the level number, Y is the Stage number, and <name> is what the game lists as
    the stage name.  Also provided will be whether the stage has an opening scene
    or not and the Bonus Rank of the stage (the higher the rank, the stronger the
    enemies, but the better the Bonus Gauge items as well), as well as how to clear
    the stage.
    ~Stage 1-1: Magnificent Gate~
    Bonus Rank: 1
    Opening Scene: No
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    As soon as you start, destroy the yellow Geo Symbol.  This will not only damage
    most of the enemies on this stage, but will also remove that pesky Enemy Boost
    X3 effect, which triples the ATK and DEF of all enemies on those panels.  That
    makes them strong enough to kill you in one hit while you do zero damage to
    them, so you can see why this is so important.
    After you do that, have someone else pick up the blue Geo Symbol and throw it
    onto the now-yellow Geo Panels right next to it.  This will give you a 50% EXP
    boost when you kill enemies now.  End your turn now, and on your next turn,
    return any characters you used to the base panel, then attack the enemy full
    force.  Use the L and R buttons to switch the camera angle to find the enemies
    hidden behind the wall if they don't come chasing after you.
    Be careful with the level 2 Red Skull and level 2 Hobbits, as they can do a lot
    of damage if you're not careful.  Any of your characters who has a -50% for
    Fire will take extra damage from the Red Skull's fire spells, so you might want
    to take him out ASAP.
    This is a good stage to level up on until you reach the third Episode, due to
    the EXP+50% effect, especially for leveling up new characters you create, or if
    you have trouble with the boss.  Don't forget that you can throw enemies onto
    each other to combine them into stronger ones and gain even more EXP!
    ~Stage 1-2: Blessed Court~
    Bonus Rank: 2
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    The intro scene shows you a little more about the ways of the Netherworld. Once
    you're on the battlefield, take out the four level 1 Ghosts in front of you,
    then send two people to stand on the yellow panels.  You'll notice a new Geo
    Effect, "Attack +1".  Every time you attack or cast a spell while standing on
    a panel with this effect, you'll repeat the same action that many extra times.
    Unless, of course, your target is no longer there (i.e., you kill it).  Special
    attacks will not be duplicated by these panels.
    You should set people who can't attack from a distance (such as Sword or Fist
    users) on the panels, and have Spear, Bow, Gun, and Magic users stand behind
    them.  End your turn, and the enemy will come to you.  Just stay on the panels
    until they're all defeated.  If the two Hobbits on the sides don't come after
    you, just send one person after them; you should be strong enough to take them
    out in one or two hits now.
    After clearing this level, I made a male Cleric and a male Brawler at the Dark
    Assembly.  Those of you who made several characters earlier when I first
    explained the Dark Assembly can skip this step, or make a few more characters.
    You might even have killed enough Ghosts by now to afford to make one of those,
    if you so please.  I recommend giving Clerics a bow at first, rather than a
    staff, as it will be difficult for them to kill enemies otherwise.  Plus, bows
    have kick*** specials.  :P  Don't forget to give your new allies some armor.
    ~Stage 1-3: Corridor of Love~
    Bonus Rank: 2
    Opening Scene: No
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    As soon as you start this level, check the two red Geo Symbols that you can see
    to your right.  If they are Recovery+40%, DO NOT TOUCH THEM.  You can use the
    pool area at the bottom of the stairs to recover your health by 40% each turn.
    If it's a Damage+40%, destroy them, otherwise you'll LOSE 40% of your maximum
    health each turn.  Combined with the damage from enemy attacks, that's enough
    to kill even your strongest characters in just a single turn or two.
    Anyways, there's a new type of enemy here.  Called a Boggart, it's basically a
    blue Ghost, but they're stronger than normal Ghosts.  This may take a couple of
    turns, but they shouldn't give you much trouble.
    There's a level 2 Ghost in the pond at the bottom of the stairs, but don't be
    fooled; this guy is tougher than you might think.  It's equipped with a Muscle
    Brawn (increases your maximum HP) and two defensive items, so you'll do very
    little damage to it.  If a Recovery+40% effect is in play, it'll probably heal
    faster than you can damage it if you try to use weaker characters.  On the plus
    side, it won't attack, and if the red Geo Symbols were giving out a Damage+40%
    effect instead, it'll probably be dead by the time you get down there.
    On the other set of stairs are two more Boggarts, two Archers, a Warrior using
    a spear, and a Red Mage.  The Archers, Warrior, and Red Mage are all level 4,
    so don't try to fight them all at once, as you'll eat a lot of damage that way.
    Instead, try to lure a couple of them down at a time and pick them off one by
    one.  Even that way, you're still bound to lose a character or two, especially
    weaker ones, since the Archers tend to target them first and can attack from a
    fair distance away.
    ~Stage 1-4: Hall of Caresses~
    Bonus Rank: 3
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    Here you'll meet the first new character important to the story:  Vyers, the
    Dark Adonis.  Or, as Laharl and Etna prefer to call him, Mid-Boss.  XD
    Anyways, this is your first boss battle (even though they call him Mid-Boss),
    so be prepared for a tough fight.
    The first thing you'll want to is look around the field.  You'll notice two
    demons standing on red Geo Panels.  These two are extremely dangerous, as the
    panels they're on give them Attack+1 and Enemy Boost x6.  No matter how strong
    your party is at this point, they WILL kill you in one hit.  However, they will
    not move from those spots, so if you stay back, they won't attack you.
    Unfortunately, they both can attack from long range, so that's not really an
    option as you can't walk far enough to get past them safely.   You COULD throw
    a couple of characters past them, but Mid-Boss is powerful as well, and he has
    four demons - two Level 3 Boggarts and two Level 4 Sword-wielding Warriors - to
    fight with him, so you'll probably get killed off anyways.
    Instead, the best approach would be to lure a few of the Boggarts to you so you
    can kill them off easilly.  The Boggart to the right of the stairs will come to
    you even if you're only one space away from the Base Panel, and the two
    straight ahead of you will approach if you stand on the second stair from the
    base panel.  When you kill one of them, the Dark Adonis will then come to you,
    so you can take care of him as you will.  Just make sure not to leave the
    Once you've taken care of him, you can then start worrying about the girls on
    the Geo Panels.  If you follow the path to the left of the stairs, you'll find
    the Geo Symbols causing the effects.  Unfortunately, they're guarded by a pair
    of Boggarts, and you're most likely weakened badly from the fight with Mid-Boss
    and the previous Boggarts.  If you have any healing items (such as the Mint Gum
    that you start off with), use them if necessary, then use a character to throw
    your strongest Swords user (most likely Laharl at this point) towards the Geo
    Symbols.  Use Blade Rush on the Symbols and they'll hopefully all be destroyed.
    If not, then you'll lose a character to the Green Mage's boosted Wind spell.
    Use another Blade Rush next turn and they will be destroyed (unless you're
    horribly underleveled, in which case I don't know how you survived Mid-Boss),
    so you can fight the rest of the demons on this level without much worry.  You
    still ought to be careful about the Green Mage's Wind spell, though.
    Once you've beaten this stage, you'll get another cut scene.  You haven't seen
    the last of Mid-Boss.  ;)  There's also quite a bit of foreshadowing, and not
    just because Mid-Boss claims to pay you back for defeating him.  Why did Etna
    poison the Prince?  Who is she working for?  You'll find out soon enough...
    You'll also be treated to the first of Etna's special Episode "previews",
    although it actually has nothing to do with the next Episode.  XD
    An important piece of info to note:  Whenever you complete an Episode, your
    entire party is healed, so you don't have to pay for the Hospital's services!
    Yay for free stuff!
    If you were unfortunate enough to be defeated on this stage, you have two
    options.  You can either reset the game and try again, or you can sit through
    the credits, as losing on a stage with Mid-Boss is actually they way to get
    one of the game's multiple endings, 
     Episode 2: Enter Flonne [EP02]
    The cut scene gives you the entire plot line for this chapter, and trust me,
    it's going to be a good one.  :D  It also introduces several new characters,
    all of which you'll be seeing a LOT more of, especially Flonne.  Make sure to
    remember them.
    Once the cut scene is done and you're done laughing over Flonne's antics (nin,
    nin, nin!), go to the hallway between the throne room.  Remember that Red Skull
    I told you to ignore before?  Well, talk to him now, and you'll find out that
    he's actually a music seller!  It's kind of like a mini-sound test, except with
    music only.  You have to purchase the songs first in order to listen to them
    fully, and they're quite expensive.  Not only that, but only the songs you've
    already heard are up for sale.  On the plus side, whatever music you've bought
    can be used in the Item World dungeons, which is neat, especially if you get
    tired of listening to the same old music.  Speaking of the Item World, it's now
    open for business if you want to try that out.  Just be careful not to get
    When you're done checking out these new features, I suggest buying some better
    armor and weapons for your characters.  Make some new ones if you wish (I added
    a Green Mage and a Female Warrior to my team), or perhaps pass a few proposals
    or Promotion Exams, then talk to the Dimensional Gatekeeper.  She'll tell you
    that Flonne is hiding in a place called Frozen River.  Guess where you're going
    ~Stage 2-1: Forsaken Land~
    Bonus Rank: 4
    Opening Scene: No
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    If you have a Red Mage or Skull, rejoice!  All the enemies in this Episode will
    have a -50% in Fire, which means they'll take extra damage from all Fire-based
    attacks and spells.  On the other hand, all enemies have a +50% in Ice, so Ice
    Mages and Skulls have no business here.  Don't worry, they'll get their chance
    later on in the game.
    This will be your first encounter with Zombies.  None of them have equipment,
    but Zombies have a naturally high HP, so they won't be as easy to kill as you
    might think.  There are five Zombies scattered throughout the field; the two on
    the far left will come after you no matter how far away you are, while the
    three that are closer won't close in unless you're within attacking distance.
    There are also two Archers and a Male Cleric with the Ice spell on top of an
    extremely high cliff that you will not be able to simply walk up, and most of
    your Specials will give you an "Attack Zone height problem".  There are two
    solutions to this problem.
    The first is to have a long-distance attacker, such as someone with a Bow or
    with Fire or Wind spells (such as a Red Mage or Skull) to stand on the raised
    column with footprints on it, which you can find two spaces below the cliff.
    From there, you will be high enough for your attacks to land, but the enemy
    will also be able to attack you, and most likely all three will attack you at
    the same time.  This could easilly be enough to kill your character, especially
    if it's a Mage or Skull.
    An alternate plan is to Throw someone onto the cliff while standing on the same
    raised column.  You can Throw anyone up there and attack them at will.  They'll
    still gang up on you, but since you can throw your strongest characters up
    there, there's a greater chance of them surviving.
    Either way that you choose, I suggest fighting the Zombies first, making sure
    to stay out of range of the Archers and Cleric (which is three spaces).  Once
    you've taken care of them, you can proceed with your plan to get rid of the
    cliff-dwellers.  Expect to take a few casualties on this stage.
    ~Stage 2-2: Icy Breath~
    Bonus Rank: 4
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    After the cut scene, you'll find yourself on a battlefield populated entirely
    by Zombies.  They're all separated into groups of two and three, so this will
    be an extremely simple stage.  Just gang up on each individual group, and
    you'll be done before you know it.
    This is a good stage for bringing weaker characters up to par, so try to have
    them land the finishing blow if possible.  Otherwise, nothing spectacular about
    this stage.
    ~Stage 2-3: Eternal Winter~
    Bonus Rank: 4
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    Remember, readers:  There's nothing more important to a demon prince than his
    hair.  XD
    This stage introduces the Imp and Gremlin demons, a species that has a high
    Move range and comes with the dangerous Hell Pepper skill, which can hit three
    people in a row and inflict Poison upon them.  Luckilly for you, they're all
    pretty far away.  Unfortunately for you, they're going to come after you
    immediately, and there's a bunch of Zombies right next to the Base Panel.
    Your first priority is to get rid of those Zombies as fast as you can, while
    taking as little damage as you can; you're going to need every point of HP you
    can keep for when the Imps and Gremlin reach you.  If you have at least two
    Sword users with Blade Rush, USE THEM.  If you have a Red Mage or Skull, USE
    THEM.  These are the two easiest ways to inflict massive damage on all the
    Zombies at once, which will make it that much easier for your other characters
    to pick them off with a single blow.  You only have two turns to do this before
    the Imps and Gremlin are within attacking range.
    Regardless of whether you've defeated all the Zombies or not, once the Imps and
    Gremlin come within a few spaces of your team, focus all your attention on
    them.  Taking 5 Level 6 Hell Peppers in the face will kill off most, if not
    all, of your team.  Basic Zombie attacks will take a tiny sliver out of all but
    the weakest characters.  Which would you prefer?
    By this point in the game, if you've made both a Male Warrior and a Male
    Brawler, you should have unlocked the Thief and Scout classes.  I strongly
    suggest making at least a Scout, and giving him a Gun.  Guns have immense range
    and use the Hit stat instead of Atk, which also determines whether you'll miss,
    Nick, hit, or Bulls-Eye the enemy.  The Scout also has two extremely useful
    skills:  Geo Change and Dark Cannon.  Also, because it has the highest Gun
    Mastery of all available characters, you can use him to start working on yet
    another unlockable class.  Check the Character list to find out who. *hint: it
    uses Gun Mastery as a factor*
    Thieves are weak stat-wise, but as their title implies, they are very good at
    stealing items from enemies.  All other characters have a maximum 50% chance of
    stealing an item; Thieves can go up to 100%.  At this point in the game, you
    don't really need to steal anything, nor is it likely that you have any Hand
    items to steal with, so it's up to you whether or not to make a Thief.
    Before going on to the next area, I created a Scout, a Green Mage, and a Blue
    Mage.  I also trained my Scout up to Level 4 in Stage 1-1.
    ~Stage 2-4: White Death~
    Bonus Rank: 5
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    This is the final stage for this episode, so you know what that means: Boss
    Battle!  And as the cutscene showed you, you'll be fighting a particularly
    nasty race of demon called a Dragon, and this one is at level 8.
    The strategy for this stage depends on whether you made that Scout I mentioned
    just a few paragraphs up, and trained him enough to have 30SP minimum.  If you
    did, then you can use the Dark Cannon ability he has to create a 10-second
    gatling gun to clear as many monsters as possible.  You won't kill all of them,
    and you won't get any EXP for it, but it will make this battle considerably
    If you either don't have a Scout or didn't level him up enough, you'll have to
    play similarly to the beginning of the Mid-Boss level: stay back and lure the
    weaker enemies to you.  Neither the Dragon nor Flonne will come after you when
    you kill one of the Imps or Gremlins, so you can get rid of all the weaker
    demons first.
    Once you've cleared out all the Imps and Gremlins, you can focus your attention
    on the Dragon.  Be extremely cautious with this guy, as it has close to 300 HP
    and enough Atk to kill off weaker characters in one blow.  Try to gang up on it
    with a long chain.  Even then, it'll most likely take at least three turns to
    kill, since it likes to target the weakest character you have out, which often
    means death.
    Whatever you do, DO NOT GO NEAR FLONNE UNTIL THE DRAGON IS DEAD.  If you do,
    she'll chase after the Dragon, trying to heal it.  Her Power of Love skill can
    heal over 80HP, which will nearly nullify all your efforts.  Luckily, she moves
    before the Dragon does, so if you accidentally walk too close to her, there's a
    chance the Dragon will move out of range of her Special, and occasionally she
    might even heal your party members by accident.  Still, the risk isn't worth
    it, so you might as well just try to keep away for as long as possible.  Or,
    alternatively, you could take her out ASAP, since she's extremely weak and will
    go down in just a couple of hits.
    When you've completed this fight, you'll be treated to another cutscene, and
    Flonne will join your party.  The Episode will end, and you'll be forced to
    watch another of Etna's crazy Episode "previews" with Flonne as a guest.  Save
    your game, enjoy the free healing, and continue on to the next Episode!
     Episode 3: A Hint of Kindness [EP03]
    The opening cutscene for this Episode gives you the reason WHY you're leaving
    for distant realms (even exploding demon slave penguins with peg legs need
    money), but it doesn't tell you WHERE you're going.  For that, you'll have to
    go and talk to the Dimensional Gatekeeper.
    Unfortunately, she'll tell you that the richest demon she found has put up a
    barrier, most likely to prevent greedy demons such as you from entering.  :P
    As the Gatekeeper explains, you'll need to equip Laharl with a level 10 or
    higher item.  It can be any item that you want, and you only have to have it
    equipped the first time you attempt to enter the rich demon's realm.  The
    Gatekeeper will also provide you with a Mr. Gency's Exit (get it?  Emer-Gency
    Exit?  :P), which allows you to escape from the Item World whenever you want.
    It's a single-use item, though, and you cannot buy them (you can only obtain
    them from the Bonus Gauge reward list), so make sure to save them until
    absolutely necessary.
    At this point, you'll want to buy the weakest, cheapest equippable item you can
    from one of the Item Stores.  If you went to try out the Item World last
    Episode, you may already have a Level 10 equippable item; if so, lucky you!
    You just have to equip it and you can skip straight to Stage 3-1.  The rest of
    you, read on.
    Once you have an appropriate item,  you'll want to talk to the Item World lady
    (she's the one right next to the Dimensional Gatekeeper, she looks like a Red
    Mage).  You'll then have to select "Go to Item World, then choose the item you
    want to level up from your Item Bag.  Do so, and you'll be shown the enemies'
    average starting levels, the floor you're currently on, and the background
    music.  Confirm you have the correct item, and you'll be whisked away into Item
    You'll have to go through 10 randomly-created levels, either defeating all the
    enemies on each floor or going through the yellow portal to skip to the next
    floor.  Once you've completed all 10 levels, you'll be given the option to
    leave the Item World, or you can use the Mr. Gency's Exit to leave at any time
    you want.  For more information about the Item World and what it contains, see
    the Item World chapter of this FAQ.
    Once you've finished with the Item World on the equipment of your choice, equip
    it to Laharl and speak to the Dimensional Gatekeeper.  Dinero Palace will be
    unlocked, and you won't need the Level 10 item anymore (although it'll most
    likely be stronger than your current equipment, so you may want to keep it for
    ~Stage 3-1: Gaudy Entrance~
    Bonus Rank: 5
    Opening Scene: No
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    This Episode marks the end of fixed elemental weaknesses, so you won't be able
    to abuse that Red Mage as much anymore.  You'll have to check each individual
    enemy again and see what they're weak to.
    This stage is pretty straightforward.  There's three Male Brawlers with Fist
    weapons right in front of you, and two with Bows near the top of the stairs
    (the one on the right is hidden behind the pillar unless you change the camera
    angle).  After that are two more Fist-wielding Male Brawlers, and then a final
    Male Pugilist (the next tier of Brawler) with an Axe and a Female Pugilist with
    a Staff.
    The ones with the Bows will not move, so you can kill the first three at your
    leisure; just don't walk too close to the Bow-users.  Once the first group of
    Brawlers are gone, you can move on to these two.  You'll want to kill them as
    fast as you can, however, or kill them from a distance.  If you move too far up
    the steps, the enemies behind the Bow-users will come after you.
    The Female Pugilist will carry the Fire and Heal spells, but luckily the
    Brawler class doesn't have quite as much SP as other classes, so she won't be
    able to use them more than a few times.  Still, healing is always a problem
    when it's not being used on you, so you may want to take her out quickly,
    especially if you have a lot of characters weak to Fire-based attacks.
    ~Stage 3-2: Golden Courtyard~
    Bonus Rank: 5
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    After the short cut-scene, move the cursor up until you see the blue Geo Panels
    at the top of the first flight of stairs.  This is the one and only time in the
    entire game you will ever see the No Entry Geo Effect.  No other stage, whether
    through the Dimensional Gatekeeper or through the Item World, will ever have
    such an effect.  Anyways, as you can probably guess, this effect prevents any
    character from stepping or being thrown over these panels, so you're currently
    blocked off from the rest of the stage.
    The Geo Symbol causing this effect is right next to one of the golden statues,
    but unfortunately you can't simply Lift and Throw it somewhere; there's another
    Geo Symbol giving off a No Lifting effect, which prevents any target on those
    panels from being lifted.  And wouldn't you know it, this Geo Symbol is WAAAAY
    in the back corner of the stage, behind the blue Geo Panels.  So you're going
    to have to do this the hard way and destroy the No Entry Geo Symbol.
    The problem is, there's four Male Pugilists in between you and the Geo Symbol,
    and they're not about to let you destroy that Geo Symbol without a fight.  Even
    worse, the enemies on the other side of the No Entry panels (which includes the
    Manticore demon) are just close enough that if you're standing right next to
    the Geo Symbol when you destroy it, they all will chase after you.  Two of the
    Pugilists on the other side have Bows, which means they'll be able to attack
    you past the No Entry line anyways, which they will of you're too close to it.
    Your first move should be to take care of the four Pugilists that are on your
    side of the No Entry line so you can deal with the Geo Symbol at your leisure,
    as well as not having to bother with them once the swarm of demons come at you
    after you after the Geo Symbol is gone.
    Once those four are gone, you have two options.  You can either lure the two
    Bow-users to you and attack them with long-distance weapons and Specials first,
    or you can destroy the Geo Symbol first.  It's safer to kill of the two archers
    first, but the second option is faster.  Whichever you choose, be prepared for
    a tough fight once the Geo Symbol is gone; that Manticore is a tough one.
    Of course, if you have a strong enough Scout, you COULD just use a Dark Cannon
    to destroy them without even having to worry about the Geo Symbols, but where's
    the fun in that?  :P  You won't get any experience either, which you'll need if
    you don't like level grinding.
    ~Stage 3-3: Flashy Passage~
    Bonus Rank: 6
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    You'll see Laharl's dad for the first time in the opening cut-scene, and learn
    how he died.  Talk about a mood-killer, lol.
    Now, when you first enter the actual battlefield, don't be alarmed.  There's a
    large number of enemies, but many of them are actually rather weak, only at
    level 4.  You should be able to take them out with a single hit or two,
    depending on how strong your characters are.
    At the end of the long line of weakling Female Brawlers is a Female Pugilist at
    a powerful level 10 and with some strong equipment.  You'll want to be very
    careful with her, especially because she'll chase after you if you get too
    close to her.  When you get the chance, gang up on her with as many characters
    as you can.  Hopefully you'll kill her with a single chain and won't have to
    worry about her decimating your troops.
    On the other side of the gap are four level 7 Male Pugilists, all equipped with
    Bows.  They can attack across the gap because of this, but they won't move from
    where they stand.  Because of this, you can attack them with a gun or long
    distance Specials without worrying about return attacks.  You can also send a
    few characters up the stairs near the back of the stage if you want to get up
    close and personal with the archers; they're nowhere near as well-equipped as
    the Female Pugilist was.
    Now that you've reached this stage, you shouldn't bother with the Episode 1
    stage for leveling new characters.  This one is much better since there's a
    plethora of weak characters, and you can raise them much easier even without an
    EXP+50% effect.
    If you haven't done so already, I strongly suggest going to the Dark Assembly
    and passing at least one Stronger Items bill.  A boss fight is coming up next,
    and you're going to need the stronger equipment.  Alternatively, you could use
    the Item World to power up existing equipment, which has the benefit of saving
    you money and mana, as well and helping you level up characters.  It would take
    a MUCH longer amount of time to do things this way, however, and you can only
    level up items so much before you reach the maximum and you'll need to pass the
    bills anyways.  You'll have to pass at least one Promotion Exam (so your
    character is at Rank 1) before the bill will appear, however.
    ~Stage 3-4: Lavish Hall~
    Bonus Rank: 6
    Opening Scene: Yes
    Clear: Defeat all enemies
    Coming soon!
    #Etna Mode Walkthrough [WLK2]#
    Coming soon!
    #Item World [ITMW]#
    Coming soon!
    #Dark Assembly [ASMB]#
    Coming soon!
    #Endings [ENDS]#
    Coming soon!
    #Character Lists [CLST]#
     Story Characters
    Coming soon!
     Humanoids & Monsters
    Coming soon!
    #Item Lists [ILST]#
    Items will all be listed using the following setup:
    Name: Description
             |HP |SP |ATK|DEF|INT|SPD|HIT|RES|
    Common   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Rare     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Legendary|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Specialists:  <any Specialists that always appear on the item and their levels>
     Weapons [WPNS]
    Coming soon!
     Armor [ARMR]
    Coming Soon!
     ETC [ETCS]
    Coming soon!
    #Secrets [SCRT]#
     Etna's Secret Room [ESRM]
    If you visit this room once every Episode and read the new chapter added to
    Etna's diary, in the Final Episode, you'll receive a Testament, which is one of
    a series of the Etc-Treasure accessories.  These items improve all stats at
    once, and they're not the easiest of items to find.  This one isn't the best,
    especially at this point in the game, but it's decent if you need a piece of
    equipment for a newer character.  They also sell for a lot, in case you need
    the money more than the stats.
    At the very least, it's probably the easiest of the secrets to accomplish, so
    there's really no reason NOT to do this.
    #Version History [VHIS]#
    Version 0.3 - June 24, 2008
    The walkthrough has been completed up through most of Episode 3.  Fixed some
    parts of the guide that I forgot to update, such as the Table of Contents and
    the date for when I submitted the last version.  I added a section for the Item
    World and the Dark Assembly, but no information has been provided for them yet.
    I also split up the Item section into the three main groups that the game uses,
    as well as providing the format I'll be using to list the information for them.
    No items have been listed yet, however.
    My next update will probably be to just finish Episode 3 and work on some of
    the other parts of the guide, probably the Item World and Dark Assembly
    Version 0.2 - June 19, 2008
    Finished Episode 1 and completed all of Episode 2.  Also redid part of the
    guide, making the Basic Control section into Basic Information, and putting
    Controls under it as a subsection.  Also added Menu and Battle subsections to
    it (although the Battle subsection is still incomplete), and added Etna's
    Secret Room to the Secrets section.  I've Renamed the Character & Job Lists
    section as well, choosing to call it Character Lists, since "Job" is kinda
    misleading.  I also provided the format I'll be using for it, as well as
    splitting it up into two subsections (Story Characters and Humanoids and
    Demons), but no information has been added to them yet.  Lastly, I've spruced
    up the formatting a bit to accommodate for the sub-subsections made necessary
    by adding the Menu subsection.
    Version 0.1 - June 14, 2008
    I created the guide today.  Created the Table of Contents first, then built the
    rest of the guide around it.  Added in the basic controls and part of the first
    Episode.  I had planned on doing the entire first Episode before submitting it,
    but it took longer than I had planned since I decided to start with a fresh
    save file instead of doing a repeat playthrough.  Hopefully GameFAQs will still
    accept it...
    #Contact Information [CINF]#
    If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, etc., here's how to let me
    E-Mail: thundernyannyan@hotmail.com
    Make sure the email contains "Disgaea Guide" in the subject, or else there's a
    high chance I'll junk it without looking at it.
    #Copyright Information [CPYR]#
    This guide may not be copied or reproduced, in whole or in part, under any
    circumstances except for personal use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without written permission. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights in this document belong to their respective
    trademark and copyright holders.
    If this guide is on ANY website that isn't on the following list, PLEASE LET ME
    KNOW, as it was taken without my permission.
    Copyright 2008 MagicMaster87

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