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    Walkthrough by SokataKlasa

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/23/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness 
    System: Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
    Author: Klasa Sokata
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    3. Basics
       3a. Controls
       3b. Menus
       3c. Battle
       3d. Weapon types
       3e. Mentor / Pupil
    4. Characters
       4a. Plot Characters
       4b. Human Type Characters
       4c. Monster Type Characters
    5. Main Game Walkthrough
       5a. Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld
       5b. Episode 2: Enter Flonne
       5c. Episode 3: A Hint of Kindness
       5d. Episode 4: Gift from an Angel
       5e. Episode 5: Etna's Secret
       5f. Episode 6: Laharl's Challenge
       5g. Episode 7: On Being an Overlord
       5h. Episode 8: Reincarnation
       5i. Episode 9: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth
       5j. Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans
       5k. Episode 11: Hero's Will, Overlord's Way
       5l. Episode 12: War of the Netherworld, Part 1
       5m. Episode 13: War of the Netherworld, Part 2
       5n. Final Episode: What Lies Beyond The Battle
    6. Optional Levels
       6a. Item World
       6b. Prinny Land
       6c. Cave of Ordeal
       6d. Human World 
       6e. Alternate Netherworld
       6f. Beauty Castle
       6g. Baal Castle
    7. Misc
       7a. Dark Assembly
       7b. Hospital
       7c. Etna's Hidden Room
    8. Endings
    9. Etna Mode
       9a. Episode 1: Super Dimensional Etna
    10. Item List
       10a. Weapons
       10b. Armor
       10c. Etc
    11. FAQ
    12. Contact Information
    13. Version History
    14. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Well hello there! This is Klasa, and this here is my first guide ever, though 
    I'm happy to make my first walkthrough one for such a fun game as Disgaea: 
    Afternoon of Darkness. And a rather long game too, as it will most likely 
    drain 100s of hours of your time completing the various endings, optional 
    dungeons, going for the ultimate weapons, and etc. There is a lot to do in 
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and I hope you enjoy yourself doing it all.
    So with that all said, let's get onto the reason you're here!
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    Or maybe after I get this done and over with... In any case, you can NOT put 
    this FAQ / Walkthrough onto your site without my permission, and if I do let 
    you put it on your site, you may not change anything in it at ALL! Now if you 
    want to get my permission, then all you'll have to do is email me and give me 
    a link to your site, and then I'll reply with whether or not you're permitted 
    to use my Walkthrough. Also, if I give you permission to use it, no money is 
    to be INVOLVED at all! This guide is free for all to read and use, and under 
    NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anyone to pay money to use it! Now with all that said, 
    feel free to email me for permission so long as you'll follow all those rules.
    Just look to the end of this guide for my email information.
    3. Basics
    Well, as Disgaea is a Turned Based Strategy RPG, knowing the basics will 
    probably help you to play the game better, and heck, it definately can't hurt.
    For those unfamilar with this type of game genre, you basically take turns 
    moving and attacking with your units on a battlefield. In this game, you can 
    deploy up to 10 different units at once, though typically your enemies will 
    have more units on the field then you, usually around twice as many, though 
    on certain levels it can even be close to three times as many! So tactics 
    play a key role in winning each battle.
    3a. Controls
    Knowing the controls are essential, and I know not all of you will still have
    their manutals, so... Here you go!
    Directional Buttons: Character and Cursor Movement; Basically, it moves Laharl
    in the castle, and move the cursor in the menus and battlefield.
    Analog Stick: See above
    O (Circle) Button: Cancel; Need I explain this? It's for when you change your
    X Button: Confirm, Advance Message Box; I hope I don't have to explain this 
    either, but it's for making decisions, and moving along the story during 
    Triangle Button: Brings up Menu; Yeah... pretty self explanatory I think.
    Square Button: Change pages in Status Window, and change direction character 
    is facing while on battlefield; Okay, maybe that isn't what it says in the 
    manual... but I feel that's easier to understand.
    L (Left Shoulder) Button: Rotate Area Map counter-clockwise; Moves your view 
    of the battlefield counter-clockwise.
    Holding onto Square Button and then pressing L Button: Zooms in and out while
    on the battlefield.
    R (Right Shoulder) Button: Rotate Area map clockwise; Moves your view of the 
    battlefield clockwise... Basically just the opposite of the L Button.
    Holding onto Square Button and then pressing R Button: Move crusor to unused 
    character on Area Map; Moves the crusor to a character who either hasn't 
    moved, preformed an action, or both. Or to your Base Panel if you haven't 
    deployed all 10 units, or to the next floor panel if in Item World.
    Start Button: Isn't used
    Select Button: Turns off or on Geo Panel view; Just to note, even if you 
    turn off the view, the effects of the Geo Panels still work... more on that 
    3b. Menus
    Ah, menus. Can't really play a game without them, can we? As for the Dark 
    Assembly and Item World Menus... I'll discuss those in their own sections. 
    Let's go over the main menu while in the castle first, yes? It goes like 
    Let's go over them starting from the top, shall we? Mind you, Rearrange 
    and Help will appear as ????? and ???? at first, respectively.
    The Item menu is where you can see all your held items, items currently 
    not equipped to units or in the warehouse, on the left menu, items in your
    warehouse in the middle menu, and the highlighted item's statistics in the 
    right menu. Now you can only carry 16 items at a time, but you can store 
    up to 256 items in the warehouse. Held Items can be used in battle, while 
    items in your warehouse can not. So think carefully about which items you 
    want to take into battle with you.
    The Equip menu is self explanatory I think. You just choose items from your
    held items or warehouse and equip them to your character. Each character 
    can only equip one weapon and three other types of equipment, ranging from 
    armor to shoes to even glasses.
    The Status menu just... shows you your character's status. First page shows 
    their stats, such as current and max hp, attack, etc. Also shows their 
    Weapon Mastery levels, current level with each weapon type, and their 
    Aptitude levels. I'll go into more details about weapons soon, but as for 
    Aptitude, it basically shows a percentage after a basic stat, like hp or 
    def, and that shows you how much each stat boosts a character from their 
    items... Bascially, if it's 100% and your armor gives 100 def, you'll get 
    100 def from wearing it. On the other hand, if you only have 50% aptitude 
    for def, then you'd only get 50 def from wearing that 100 def armor. So 
    yeah, choose your equipment based upon your character's aptitude levels.
    Ah, well now that that's explained... Page two shows you elemental resists, 
    and the higher the percent, the less damage that element of magic does to 
    you. And of course, a percent in the negatives means you take extra damage.
    Then we have your status ailment resists, which will all most likely be 1.
    It goes on a scale from 1 (always affects) to 99 (never effects). Only way 
    to increase either of these two is from item specialists, which will be 
    explained later.
    Page three shows your current mana, that character's Mentor, and the pupils 
    of that character. Again, all that will be explained in another section. 
    And finally, page four will show you all the special skills and magic that 
    character knows, along with their sp cost and current skill level. 
    Whew, that sure was a lot for one menu... next up is the Rearrange menu, 
    which is just basically moving the order of your units around. Has no real 
    importance aside from making it faster to choose the characters you want to 
    use in battle and equiping items.
    Then we have the Help menu, which teaches you the basics of the game. Not 
    really too useful to you if you're reading this though. But hey, can't hurt 
    to look through it, especially since it's right there in the game, and you 
    can't be next to a computer all the time.
    Then we have the Settings Menu, which is just the options menu. You can 
    adjust volume levels for music, voices, and sound effects, change the 
    language from English to Japanese, and a few other things.
    As for Quit and Save, they aren't really menus, but I'll explain them 
    anyways. Quit just... quits the game without saving and takes you back to 
    the main menu. Never use this unless you've already saved, or don't want to 
    save. And save just... let's you save the game, nothing else. Oh, and a bit 
    down from the save option will be a window displaying your current HL, which
    is the currency used for shops.
    A lot to take in, but it will become second nature after a while. Next up is 
    the menu during battle, which looks like this...
    Turn     #
    End Turn
    Now turn isn't really a selectable menu, but merely shows you how many turns 
    you've taken in the current battle.
    Execute will have any actions you've queued be preformed. Just remember, once 
    you execute them, there's no changing your mind and going back.
    End Turn just... ends your turn. And don't worry, all queued actions are done 
    before your turn ends.
    Bonus shows all the items you can get depending on how many bars of the bonus 
    gauge you fill up. More on that later.
    Character will take you to a menu showing all the characters currently on the 
    battlefield, and where they are on the battlefield if you highlight them. 
    Help, Quit, and Settings all work exactly the same as the ones in the castle 
    3c. Battle
    Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Knowing the basics for battle will probably 
    be the thing you chould concentrate on learning to do well first. But don't 
    worry, that's what I'm here for, right? So let's get started!
    Basically, battles start with all of your opponents already on the field 
    and none of your characters on the field. And sometimes there may be Geo 
    Panels and Symbols as well, but more on that in a bit. Now all you'll have 
    on the field is your base panel, which is a glowing blue square. From this 
    square you can move out all of your characters, or move them back in if you 
    wish to switch them out for someone else later in the battle. Though to 
    bring them back in, they can't have preformed any actions, unless you decide 
    to throw them in, though that uses up another character's action for that 
    turn. Anyways, with the exception of one level and item world, the goal of 
    each battle is to kill all of your opponents. Now how far each unit can move 
    is based upon what type of character they are, and their equipment, for shoe 
    items increase their maximum movement. 
    Along with movement, you can also do one of the following a turn. Attack, 
    which is just attacking with your equipped weapon, though if you have allies 
    placed next to your attacking unit, there will be a chance of a team attack. 
    The exact change of doing it depends on various things, such as whether they 
    are a pupil, mentor, etc. Special, which is using either magic or a special 
    weapon technique, both of which cost SP. Lift / Throw, which is picking up 
    an ally or enemy and then throwing them. Note that monsters can't use this 
    command. Also note that throwing an enemy onto another enemy combines their 
    levels, with the higher level one remaining on the field with the combined 
    levels. And a final note on lifting and throwing, but if you throw a monster 
    opponent into your base panel, it will engage in battle with all the units 
    not deployed, and if your units win, that monster will now become one of 
    your units, though you'll have to heal it at the hospital of course. If the 
    monster wins though, all your undeployed units are killed, and your base 
    panel is destroyed and gone for the rest of that battle. Defend, which just 
    makes you take less damage that turn. And finally, Item, which uses an item. 
    You can also change equipment as well, but only if you do not do any of the 
    previous actions, aside from movement.
    Now for Geo Panels, they are actually rather simple once you get used to 
    them. Geo Panels are basically colored panels found in some battles, and 
    when a character stands on one, they can received a variety of bonuses and 
    penalties, depending on which Geo Symbols are on the panels. Geo Symbols 
    come in various colors as well, along with null. Along with a color, they 
    have various effects, such as increase ATK, decrease DEF, Clone, and etc. 
    Now you can destroy Geo Panels if you don't like their effects, and you 
    even get EXP for breaking them! Now if you break a Geo Panel that is a 
    different color then the panel it is on, say a Blue Geo Symbol on a red 
    panel, then all the red panels will turn blue. Now if you break a Null Geo 
    Symbol, it won't change the color of the panels, but will actually destroy 
    the panels, and if you destroy all the Geo Panels in a map, you'dd get 
    bonus Bonus Gauge, and even cause some extra damage to all opponents in 
    the map. Also, if you can create a chain of Geo Panel color changes, you'll 
    earn a huge amount of Bonus Gauge. In a nutshell, Geo Panels and Symbols 
    are THE way to get items on the Bonus Gauge.
    And let's not forget Combos, which is basically just having all your 
    characters gang up on one opponent for extra damage and bonus gauge. 
    Basically, you just queue up a bunch of attacks or spells on one opponent 
    and after you'd got them all set, you just execute them. It pays to have 
    the weakest characters go first, as the bonus to damage and hit chance 
    goes up more the longer the chain.
    3d. Weapon types
    Weapons, you just can't seem to have a game without a weapon of some type. 
    Now here's all you'll need to know about the various weapons in the game. 
    Of course, you could just ask Longinus about the various weapons in the 
    Ah, Axes. The strongest weapon type in the game, with damage based upon 
    your ATK stat, but they come with a penality to your hit too, which 
    increases with the strength of the axe.A good weapon, one which I love 
    to give to Ronin or Warriors. Oh, and did I mention that all the Axe 
    techniques also lower your opponents DEF? Even if they all can only hit 
    one opponent, it's just perfect for bosses or very strong enemies.
    Lvl. 1   Boulder Crush   : Hits an opponent in front of you twice for 
                               about 110% normal damage and lowers their 
                               DEF about 10%.
    Lvl. 3   Skull Splitter  : Hits an opponent in front of you four times 
                               for about 130% normal damage and lowers 
                               their DEF about 12%.
    Lvl. 6   Colossal Fissure: Hits an opponent in front of you three times
                               for about 150% normal damage and lowers
                               their DEF about 15%.
    Lvl. 10  Violent Storm   : Hits an opponent in front of you six times 
                               for about 170% normal damage and lowers their 
                               DEF about 18%. Now that the space behind your 
                               opponent has to be free to use this attack.
    Lvl. 15  Graviton Bomb   : Hits an opponent in front of you once for 
                               about 190% normal damage and lowers their DEF 
                               about 20%. It's also Fire element, so big  
                               damage against enemies with fire weakness.
    Lvl. ??  Calamity Drive  : Err... haven't gotten this yet, but should 
                               be stronger then the other skills I'd think.
                               Besides, I doubt you'll get this during your
                               first run of the game...
    Swords are a great weapon choice as well, and is the weapon of choice 
    for the main character Laharl. Well, I suppose you could have Laharl 
    use a spear, axe, bow, or fists, but... Trust me, swords are a great 
    choice of weapon, especially for Laharl. They have good damage which 
    is only beat by axes, and a great variety of skills. And like all the 
    melee weapons, damage is calcuted based upon your ATK stat.
    Lvl. 1   Blade Rush      : Hits the three spaces in front of you for 
                               about normal damage. Note that you 
                               need four panels in front of you to use 
                               this attack, but only the 4th must be free.
    Lvl. 3   Hurricane Slash : Hits a single enemy in front of you twice 
                               for about 130% normal damage.
    Lvl. 6   Wind Cutter     : Hits the spaces three to five panels in 
                               front of you for about 120% normal damage.
    Lvl. 10  Winged Slayer   : Hits a 3x3 radius in front of you for about
                               110% normal damage. Note that you need the 
                               panel 3 spaces behind you to be free.
    Lvl. 15  Nightsever      : Hits one enemy in front of you twice for 
                               about 170% normal damage.
    Lvl. ??  Dimension Slash : Err... haven't gotten this yet...
    Spears are actually the weakest of the four melee weapons, though not 
    much weaker then Fists. Why would you want to use Spears then if they
    are so weak? Well, if you're going to collect all the weapons, you get 
    a nice Legendary Spear for getting a lvl 25 in spears with someone, and 
    Etna is just great at using them, so why not? Plus they can attack from 
    two spaces away or diagonally, which is just so useful. Also, almost all 
    of the spear skills move the user a bit, so useful in some situations.
    Damage is based upon your ATK stat like all melee weapons. 
    Lvl. 1   Impaler         : Hits the opponent in front of you for about 
                               110% normal damage and also moves you one 
                               space back. This requires the space behind 
                               you to be free.
    Lvl. 3   Sky Lunge       : Hits the opponent in front of you for about 
                               130% normal damage and moves you to the 
                               space behind your opponent. This requires 
                               the space behind your opponent to be free.
    Lvl. 6   Asteroid Drop   : Hits every enemy around you for about 110% 
                               normal damage and moves you three spaces 
                               from the spot you used the move. Requires 
                               a space three panels away to be free.
    Lvl. 10  Avalanche       : Hits a single enemy for about 170% normal 
                               damage and moves you four spaces back. 
                               This move requires the panel four spaces 
                               back to be free.
    Lvl. 15  Turbulence      : Yep, you guessed it, don't have this one.
    Lvl. ??  Spear Storm     : Yet again, don't have this one yet...
    Fists, what's there to say really? It's the third weakest melee weapon, 
    beating only spears in power. But while spears have that extra attack 
    range to make you consider using them, fists instead also increase your
    HIT stat along with your ATK stat as they get stronger. Their skills 
    however tend to move your opponents around a bit, which can be useful 
    sometimes, but also makes them terrible for combos. And yes, damage is 
    based upon your ATK stat.
    Lvl. 1   Triple Strike   : Hits one opponent in front of you three times 
                               for about 120% normal damage and knocks them
                               back one space. Requires the space behind
                               your opponent to be free.
    Lvl. 3   Tiger Charge    : Hits one enemy in front of you for about 140%
                               damage and knocks them back one space. This 
                               move requires the space behind your enemy to 
                               be free, along with the two behind you.
    Lvl. 6   Lion's Roar     : Hits all the spaces around your character for 
                               about 110% normal damage. Requires the space 
                               three panels behind your character to be free.
    Lvl. 10  King of Beasts  : Hits one enemy in front of you 11 times for 
                               about 160% normal damage. Also knocks 
                               them back 2 spaces. Requires the space 2 
                               panels behind your opponent to be free.
    Lvl. 15  Rising Dragon   : Hits one enemy in front of you 2 times for  
                               about 180% damage and also knocks them
                               behind you. Requires the two spaces behind
                               your character to be free.
    Lvl. ??  Big Bang        : Aside from the obvious DBZ reference...
                               Not much else I can say about it, as
                               I'm afraid I don't have this one yet...
    Ah, bows, known to be perhaps the most hated of the ranged weapons, 
    though considering there are only two of them, not too much of an 
    accomplishment. Now there are a few reasons as to why bows pale in 
    comparison to the other ranged weapon, guns, and here they are. Now
    first, guns have longer range, and if you're going for a ranged weapon, 
    then you want long range. And second, bows have an awful damage formula. 
    Instead of something simple like the melee damage formula, which is 
    based solely on ATK stat, bows are as followed. 1/2 ATK + 1/2 HIT = Base 
    Damage... Yeah, that's simple, not! So don't expect to be doing much 
    damage with bows. Why use them at all then? Well, they're about the only 
    weapon Archers are great with, and if you want Angels, then you need to 
    have at least one Archer. Oh, and perhaps the one good thing about bows 
    is that their skills tend to add status alignments... but eh, not really 
    that much of a good thing.
    Lvl. 1   Poison Arrow    : Hits one enemy 3 spaces in front of you 
                               for about 110% normal damage and may
                               cause poison.
    Lvl. 3   Dark Flash      : Hits the enemies 2-4 spaces in front of 
                               you for about normal damage and 
                               sometimes causes deprave.
    Lvl. 6   Delta Split     : Hit the enemy two spaces in front of you 
                               for about 140% damage and also a chance 
                               of causing sleep. Needs an awkward two
                               spaces diagonal of your enemy to be free.
    Lvl. 10  Sturmhimmel     : Hits a horizontal line of 3 enemies 2 
                               spaces in front of you for about 120%
                               normal damage. Also may cause paralysis.
    Lvl. 15  Zielregen       : Not in possession of this skill yet...
    Lvl. ??  Doppleganger    : Do not have this one yet either...
    Now guns are the ranged weapon of choice. They have good range, good 
    damaging skills, good normal damage, and a SIMPLE damage formula. I 
    mean it's just HIT = base damage, not that complicated 1/2 ATK + 
    1/2 HIT = base damage like bows. Well... not much else to say really, 
    only that if you're going to use a ranged weapon, make it guns!
    Lvl. 1   Tri-Burst       : Hits one enemy 3 spaces in front of you 3 
                               times for about 110% normal damage. Is 
                               an ice element attack.
    Lvl. 3   Rapidfire       : Hits one enemy 4 spaces in front of you 7 
                               times for about 120% normal damage.
                               Is a fire element attack and requires the 
                               panel in front of your enemy to be free.
    Lvl. 6   Proximal Shot   : Hits one enemy in front of you for about 
                               140% normal damage. Also knocks you back
                               3 spaces, and requires those 3 spaces to 
                               be free.
    Lvl. 10  Bullet Storm    : Hits on enemy 3 spaces in front of you 17
                               times for about 150% normal damage.
    Lvl. 15  Totenkreuz      : Yet another I don't have...
    Lvl. ??  Inferno         : And the final weapon skill I don't have...
    Staffs are technically melee weapons, but I would hope you don't use 
    them as such. Unlike the other weapons, staffs don't get any weapon 
    skills. Why use them then? Well, if you give them to a mage or Flonne, 
    it will increase their damage and range with magic, and even give 
    bonus spell patterns with a high enough weapon level, so be sure to 
    gives all your magi staffs!
    3e. Mentor / Pupil
    Yes, yes. I know you're all eager to get to the walkthrough, but here 
    is the last section of the basics you need to understand to play well.
    And it's a short one too, as there's not much to say. Mentors are 
    basically the character who makes a new character in Dark Assembly, 
    and these new characters who are made become the Pupils to the one who 
    made them. Now the main benefit of this is that Mentors can learn any 
    magic spell their Pupil knows by standing next to them and casting it 
    until it reaches skill level 1. So you could teach Laharl Heal, or 
    Etna Mega Wind for example. And that's it. Short, wasn't it?
    4a. Plot Characters
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    4b. Human Type Characters
    Well, here are the Human Type Characters, and the ones you'll most 
    likely be using, especially if you're following my walkthrough. And 
    I'll eventually add in the In-Game descriptions for the classes, and 
    all the different aptitude level and weapon proficiencies for all of 
    the different rank of each class, but for now I'll only list the 
    aptitude and weapon proficiencies levels for the first rank of each 
    class, as those will be the only ones you'll be using should you 
    follow this walkthrough. Of course, I'll try to add the rest soon for 
    those of you who are in their second playthroughs and such. But let's 
    move on then, yes?
    Brawler (male)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : A                HP : 100%    HP     : 16
    Sword: E                SP : 50%     SP     : 5
    Spear: E                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 12
    Bow  : E                DEF: 50%     DEF    : 4
    Gun  : E                INT: 60%     INT    : 6
    Axe  : E                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 12
    Staff: E                HIT: 100%    HIT    : 12
                            RES: 50%     RES    : 4
                                         Mv     : 6
                                         Counter: 2
    Brawlers are a good melee class, plus the only one really good with 
    fists at the beginning of the game. At least until you unlock Ninjas, 
    for which you will need a male Brawler to unlock, as well for the 
    Majin too.
    Brawler (female)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : A                HP : 100%    HP     : 16
    Sword: E                SP : 50%     SP     : 5
    Spear: D                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 12
    Bow  : E                DEF: 50%     DEF    : 4
    Gun  : E                INT: 50%     INT    : 6
    Axe  : E                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 12
    Staff: E                HIT: 100%    HIT    : 12
                            RES: 60%     RES    : 4
                                         Mv     : 6
                                         Counter: 2
    There really isn't much different between the male and female 
    Brawlers, aside from the males having better INT, and the females 
    having better RES, and a D in spears oddly enough. So which should 
    you choose then? Personally, I'd say start with both, as you need a 
    female Brawler for the Ronin class, but after you unlock it, just 
    say goodbye to your female Brawler as you really will only need one, 
    and that will be your male one as you need to get him to lvl 200.
    Warrior (male)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 100%    HP     : 14
    Sword: A                SP : 60%     SP     : 6
    Spear: C                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 11
    Bow  : D                DEF: 100%    DEF    : 8
    Gun  : E                INT: 70%     INT    : 8
    Axe  : A                SPD: 80%     SPD    : 11
    Staff: E                HIT: 80%     HIT    : 11
                            RES: 70%     RES    : 8
                                         Mv     : 5
                                         Counter: 1
    Ah, Warriors. Great with swords and axes, at least the male ones, 
    and unlike Brawlers they have great DEF and okay RES. Now they 
    start off with less ATK then Brawlers, but they're proficient in 
    stronger weapons, so it evens out. Now you need to get one of these 
    boys to lvl 200 for Majin as well, but even if you didn't, they're a 
    great melee class.
    Warrior (female)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 100%    HP     : 14
    Sword: A                SP : 60%     SP     : 6
    Spear: A                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 11
    Bow  : D                DEF: 100%    DEF    : 8
    Gun  : E                INT: 60%     INT    : 8
    Axe  : C                SPD: 80%     SPD    : 11
    Staff: E                HIT: 80%     HIT    : 11
                            RES: 80%     RES    : 8
                                         Mv     : 5
                                         Counter: 1
    Again, not much difference between female and male Warriors. Females 
    have better RES again, but worse Int then the males, and also have an 
    A in spears instead of axes, though personally the only person I'd have 
    use a spear is Etna. But hey, your choice really. Now you need to get a
    female Warrior and Brawler to lvl 10 to unlock the Ronin class, so again
    I recommand to make both versions of the Warrior, but to stick with the 
    male version for the long term.
    Red, Green, & Blue Skull
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 40%     HP     : 9
    Sword: E                SP : 100%    SP     : 13
    Spear: E                ATK: 50%     ATK    : 6
    Bow  : D                DEF: 40%     DEF    : 3
    Gun  : D                INT: 110%    INT    : 13
    Axe  : E                SPD: 70%     SPD    : 10
    Staff: S                HIT: 80%     HIT    : 9
                            RES: 110%    RES    : 13
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    Skills / Spells learned: 
    Lvl 1  : Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 8  : Mega Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 9  : Magic Boost
    Lvl 12 : Braveheart
    Lvl 20 : Giga Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 40 : Omega Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 100: Tera Fire / Wind / Ice
    Skulls, or the male version of the mage. They're a good class, and in 
    fact I'd go with making one of each of the three elements at first, so 
    you can unlock the Star Skull and then work on Prism and Galaxy Skulls.
    As the only real classes with offensive magic that can do great damage, 
    thanks to their 110% aptitude in INT, can't go wrong with a few of them.
    Red, Green, & Blue Mage
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 40%     HP     : 9
    Sword: E                SP : 100%    SP     : 13
    Spear: E                ATK: 50%     ATK    : 6
    Bow  : D                DEF: 40%     DEF    : 3
    Gun  : D                INT: 110%    INT    : 13
    Axe  : E                SPD: 80%     SPD    : 10
    Staff: S                HIT: 70%     HIT    : 9
                            RES: 110%    RES    : 13
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    Skills / Spells learned: 
    Lvl 1  : Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 8  : Mega Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 9  : Magic Boost
    Lvl 12 : Braveheart
    Lvl 20 : Giga Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 40 : Omega Fire / Wind / Ice
    Lvl 100: Tera Fire / Wind / Ice
    Yeah, aside from the slight difference in their SPD and HIT 
    aptitudes, just read above in the Skulls section. Though maybe it's 
    just me, but I prefer using Magi over Skulls... Oh wait, you do 
    need to get at least one mage to lvl 10 for the Knight class, but 
    trust me, the Knight class is terrible... though you do need it 
    for the Angel class...
    Cleric (male)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 70%     HP     : 12
    Sword: E                SP : 100%    SP     : 12
    Spear: E                ATK: 80%     ATK    : 10
    Bow  : B                DEF: 60%     DEF    : 4
    Gun  : D                INT: 100%    INT    : 12
    Axe  : E                SPD: 70%     SPD    : 10
    Staff: S                HIT: 80%     HIT    : 11
                            RES: 100%    RES    : 11
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    Skills / Spells learned:
    Lvl 1  : Heal
    Lvl 7  : Espoir
    Lvl 9  : Shield
    Lvl 10 : Mega Heal
    Lvl 15 : Magic Wall
    Lvl 25 : Giga Heal
    Lvl 50 : Omega Heal
    I'll just be frank about this... Here is a class to never use!
    Really, the female is superior in everything important for the 
    cleric class, and you need her to unlock the Angel, while this 
    guy here is needed for nothing! I mean he has less HP, DEF, and
    SPD in exchange for higher ATK and HIT? Why? He's not a melee 
    class, he's a healer! Like I've said, just ignore him and go for 
    the female cleric.
    Cleric (female)
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 80%     HP     : 13
    Sword: E                SP : 100%    SP     : 12
    Spear: E                ATK: 70%     ATK    : 9
    Bow  : B                DEF: 70%     DEF    : 5
    Gun  : D                INT: 100%    INT    : 12
    Axe  : E                SPD: 80%     SPD    : 11
    Staff: S                HIT: 70%     HIT    : 10
                            RES: 100%    RES    : 11
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    Skills / Spells learned:
    Lvl 1  : Heal
    Lvl 7  : Espoir
    Lvl 9  : Shield
    Lvl 10 : Mega Heal
    Lvl 15 : Magic Wall
    Lvl 25 : Giga Heal
    Lvl 50 : Omega Heal
    Right, well I've already said what I've needed about her in the 
    male cleric's section, so just use her for your healing needs. 
    Oh, and you need to get her to lvl 100 to unlock Angels, but I'm 
    sure that won't be a problem.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : S                HP : 100%    HP     : 15
    Sword: B                SP : 70%     SP     : 7
    Spear: C                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 12
    Bow  : D                DEF: 80%     DEF    : 6
    Gun  : E                INT: 80%     INT    : 9
    Axe  : A                SPD: 110%    SPD    : 18
    Staff: E                HIT: 100%    HIT    : 13
                            RES: 70%     RES    : 8
                                         Mv     : 6
                                         Counter: 3
    Ah, the Ninja. To unlock him, you need to get a male Warrior and 
    male Brawler both to lvl 10, and trust me, you'll be happy you 
    did it. They are the ultimate Fist user for your first playthrough, 
    and probably your next few ones too. Also, take note of their SPD 
    aptitude, 110%. Why is that important you ask? Well, thanks to that 
    you can increase their SPD to incredible amounts! And if your SPD 
    is high enough, then you can avoid melee attacks, and even magic! 
    Just to note however, that this applies to magic you cast on them 
    too. So be prepared to see a miss appear sometimes when you try to 
    heal them. But hey, when you're that fast, you're not going to need 
    much healing. Oh, and he's one of the classes you need to get to lvl 
    200 for the Majins.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : D                HP : 100%    HP     : 16
    Sword: S                SP : 70%     SP     : 7
    Spear: S                ATK: 110%    ATK    : 14
    Bow  : D                DEF: 100%    DEF    : 7
    Gun  : E                INT: 70%     INT    : 8
    Axe  : S                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 11
    Staff: E                HIT: 100%    HIT    : 14
                            RES: 70%     RES    : 9
                                         Mv     : 5
                                         Counter: 2
    If the Ninja is the ultimate Fist user for the first few playthroughs, 
    then the Ronin is the ultimate Axe, Sword, and Spear user for them. 
    She has S proficiencies in all three, and a 110% aptitude in ATK! In 
    my opinion though, the best way to use them is with Axes, as they have 
    the highest ATK, which is just multipled even more by her 110% aptitude!
    Yeah, you'll definately love this class, and it only takes having a lvl 
    10 female Brawler and Warrior to unlock her.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : D                HP : 80%     HP     : 14
    Sword: B                SP : 90%     SP     : 10
    Spear: D                ATK: 90%     ATK    : 10
    Bow  : D                DEF: 60%     DEF    : 6
    Gun  : E                INT: 90%     INT    : 11
    Axe  : C                SPD: 70%     SPD    : 8
    Staff: B                HIT: 80%     HIT    : 9
                            RES: 90%     RES    : 10
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    Skills / Spells learned: 
    Lvl 1  : Random 1st level elemental spell
    Lvl 6  : Magic Wall
    Lvl 7  : Magic Boost
    Lvl 9  : Shield
    Lvl 10 : Random Mega level elemental spell
    Lvl 10 : Braveheart
    Lvl 25 : Random Giga level elemental spell
    Lvl 50 : Random Omega level elemental spell
    Let me just say this. The only reason you'll ever even think about 
    using this class is because you need to get one to lvl 100 for Angels.
    Otherwise they're terrible! Look at those aptitudes! Not even a single 
    one reaches 100%! And then those proficiencies... not a single A! So 
    yeah, just get one to lvl 100 and then never use her again. Oh, and by 
    random elemental spell, I mean they get either Ice, Fire, or Wind at 
    1st level as their spell, and all the higher level ones they get later 
    on will be the same element as their first one.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 70%     HP     : 13
    Sword: E                SP : 70%     SP     : 7
    Spear: D                ATK: 100%    ATK    : 11
    Bow  : S                DEF: 70%     DEF    : 7
    Gun  : D                INT: 70%     INT    : 9
    Axe  : E                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 12
    Staff: D                HIT: 110%    HIT    : 14
                            RES: 70%     RES    : 8
                                         Mv     : 4
                                         Counter: 0
    If you're ever going to use Bows, or try to unlock Angels, then you'll 
    need an Archer. Unlocking her is rather easy, just give your cleric a 
    bow and have her reach a lvl 3 proficency with it and there you go. 
    Much easier then those EDF Soldiers... but anyways, they're great with 
    bows, and are used to unlock Angels at lvl 100... not much else to say.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : D                HP : 90%     HP     : 13
    Sword: D                SP : 60%     SP     : 7
    Spear: C                ATK: 80%     ATK    : 10
    Bow  : D                DEF: 70%     DEF    : 5
    Gun  : A                INT: 80%     INT    : 8
    Axe  : C                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 12
    Staff: D                HIT: 110%    HIT    : 15
                            RES: 80%     RES    : 7
                                         Mv     : 6
                                         Counter: 1
    Skills / Spells learned: 
    Lvl 1  : Geo Change
    Lvl 1  : Dark Cannon
    Ah, Scouts will be your resident Gunman. With an A in Guns, and 110% 
    aptitude in HIT, there's really no other weapon to give them then guns.
    Now to unlock him, you just need to get a warrior and brawler to lvl 5, 
    simple isn't it? Now maybe I should explain Geo Change and Dark Cannon 
    while I'm at it. Geo Change is an interesting ability that changes all 
    the Geo Panels and Symbols on the current battle, or adds them if there 
    aren't any. Useful for getting those bonus guage items. Note however 
    that you can't use this on a Story Map you haven't cleared at least once.
    Dark Cannon makes a turrent that lets you shoot your enemies for one turn.
    Note however that after that, it becomes a neutral character who will 
    attack both you and your enemies. Not too useful in my opinion. And yes, 
    you need to get him to lvl 200 for Majins.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : E                HP : 60%     HP     : 9
    Sword: D                SP : 50%     SP     : 4
    Spear: E                ATK: 60%     ATK    : 7
    Bow  : E                DEF: 40%     DEF    : 3
    Gun  : D                INT: 60%     INT    : 7
    Axe  : E                SPD: 100%    SPD    : 9
    Staff: E                HIT: 100%    HIT    : 9
                            RES: 50%     RES    : 3
                                         Mv     : 5
                                         Counter: 0
    Now, I'm sure you're thinking... why should I even use this class? Just 
    look at his stats, aptitudes, and proficiencies! Yes, the Rogue is a 
    terrible class for combat, but that's not why you make one silly. You 
    make them so you can steal items from your enemies, and even bosses! Of 
    course, to be useful at stealing anything, you need to get them some 
    levels... which means having them kill enemies or be on the map when you 
    earn an EXP bonus from the bonus guage. Still, it's worth the trouble for 
    the ability to steal items. Plus, you need one at lvl 200 for Majins
    EDF Soldier
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : ???              HP : ???     HP     : ???
    Sword: ???              SP : ???     SP     : ???
    Spear: ???              ATK: ???     ATK    : ???
    Bow  : ???              DEF: ???     DEF    : ???
    Gun  : ???              INT: ???     INT    : ???
    Axe  : ???              SPD: ???     SPD    : ???
    Staff: ???              HIT: ???     HIT    : ???
                            RES: ???     RES    : ???
                                         Mv     : ???
                                         Counter: ???
    Yeah, to unlock these guys you need a 30! level proficiney in guns with 
    one character... Yeah, I'll fill this in when I actually unlock the class.
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : ???              HP : ???     HP     : ???
    Sword: ???              SP : ???     SP     : ???
    Spear: ???              ATK: ???     ATK    : ???
    Bow  : ???              DEF: ???     DEF    : ???
    Gun  : ???              INT: ???     INT    : ???
    Axe  : ???              SPD: ???     SPD    : ???
    Staff: ???              HIT: ???     HIT    : ???
                            RES: ???     RES    : ???
                                         Mv     : ???
                                         Counter: ???
    Yeah, I haven't unlocked angel class yet... but all you need to do to 
    unlock it is get a female cleric, archer, and knight to level 100. I'm 
    close to that, so expect to see this section filled in soon!
    Weapon Proficiencies    Aptitude     Base Stats
    Fist : ???              HP : ???     HP     : ???
    Sword: ???              SP : ???     SP     : ???
    Spear: ???              ATK: ???     ATK    : ???
    Bow  : ???              DEF: ???     DEF    : ???
    Gun  : ???              INT: ???     INT    : ???
    Axe  : ???              SPD: ???     SPD    : ???
    Staff: ???              HIT: ???     HIT    : ???
                            RES: ???     RES    : ???
                                         Mv     : ???
                                         Counter: ???
    Majins on the other hand are a bit harder to unlock, but in contrast, 
    are stronger then Angels. To unlock them, you need to get a Scout, 
    Rogue, Ninja, male Brawler, and male Warrior all to level 200! Yeah...
    I'll get this section filled in as soon as I unlock them.
    4c. Monster Type Characters
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    5. Main Game Walkthrough
    Ah, finally! The actual Walkthrough section of the guide! Now this 
    is a strategy game mind you, and thus there is a certain element of...
    randomness involved, but so long as you follow my guide precisely, you 
    shouldn't encounter any problems. Of course, you could also merely use 
    my guide as a... well, guide only and try to do some things differently, 
    which is alright as well. Heck, you could even try and do things in a 
    completely different way then me, but... why are you even reading this 
    then? Oh, and I'll make no references at all to the story, aside from 
    names of course, as I have to, so there will be minimal spoilers! Now 
    onto the walkthrough!
    5a. Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld
    Okay, here we go! Now after watching the cutscene and gaining control 
    over Laharl, here are a few things to do. First, make sure to talk with
    all of the NPCS each Episode. What they say changes, plus sometimes 
    they even give you free items! Also, be sure to 'talk' to the back of 
    the throne, and the skull on the counter near the weapon and item store.
    Pressing both of these buttons will open Etna's secret room, which must 
    be visited once each Episode to unlock Etna Mode, and get a free item.
    To visit the room once both buttons are pressed, just 'talk' to the wall
    near the Prinny and Etna will enter. Then you read the new section of
    her Diary, and that's it. 
    Right, well after you've talked to everyone go see the Dimensional 
    Gatekeeper near the swirling portal to get started on the tutorial maps.
    Yeah, these should be easy enough that I don't have to tell you what to 
    do... except do try to get Laharl or Etna to finish off the enemies, and 
    not your prinnies. You won't be using them for long, and we want Laharl 
    or Etna to get the Mana and exp from killing them. But other then that, 
    have fun doing the Tutorial Maps!
    Right, well after you finish the Tutorial maps, go to the Dark Assembly 
    and make the following three characters on either Laharl or Etna, or one 
    on one, and two on the other, doesn't matter much. Anyways, make a 
    cleric, female brawler, and female warrior. Now, as you can most likely 
    only make Good-For-Nothings, take the 5 point penalty in ATK for the 
    cleric, and in INT for the brawler and warrior. Now buy a sword for the 
    warrior, a fist for the brawler, and a bow for the cleric from the shop.
    Oh, and don't forget to heal at the hospital. Now after doing all of 
    this, head to the Dimensional Gatekeeper and go to Vyers Castle...
    Map 1: Magnificent Gate
    Ah, the first map, err... barring Tutorials anyways. 
    Turn 1:
    Now then, here's what you do. First, you have your Brawler and Warrior 
    break the yellow Geo Symbol. Remember to queue them both before 
    executing, so that they do a combo and do extra damage. Then have 
    Laharl throw the Blue Geo Symbol onto the yellow panels near you so 
    that all the enemies you kill while standing on Yellow Panels give you 
    an extra 50% EXP, now that's nice. Just have Etna and your cleric move 
    up and end your turn. Why not use the prinnies too you may ask? Well, 
    they're not really necessary, and they might accidently kill an enemy 
    too. Plus, think of them as a safety net, in case all your other 
    characters die you still have 3 more in reserve. Now the three enemies
    in the front will most likely be the only ones to move, and depending
    on how you moved Etna and your cleric, will try and swarm your cleric.
    Now, if two manage to attack your cleric, there is a good chance 
    she'll survive with a little hp left, but if it's three, then she's 
    most likely dead. I will assume she's still alive. 
    Turn 2: 
    so here's what you do now. If your Warrior and Brawler can both 
    reach the same enemy, have them both attack and go for a combo again. 
    Have the one who attacked last against the Geo Symbol go first this 
    time, so the other one gets exp. Now Laharl most likely won't be able 
    to reach any of your enemies, since the closest one to him was just 
    killed by your warrior and brawler. Now here's a trick to moving a bit 
    farther in certain situations. Have Laharl move back into your base 
    panel and then move him again from there towards the enemy with the 
    most hp and attack. If he kills it, then good. If it's still alive 
    with a little hp, then kill it with your cleric. Now have Etna attack 
    the last enemy and she should finish it off. If not, and your cleric 
    still hasn't attacked yet, kill it with your cleric. Now, the most 
    damage your cleric can do is about 2-4 depending on the bow you bought 
    her, and in all honesty you only need to get about 1 kill with her at 
    minimum, but feel free to go for more to get her exp. Now end your 
    turn and watch as your enemies do nothing.
    Turn 3:
    Here we go! First, have your cleric use heal on herself and then move 
    her forward. In fact, just have the rest of your characters move 
    forward and then Defend. Not much else to do this turn. Now you'll be 
    swarmed by every enemy who can reach you, which is why you defended.
    Turn 4+:
    Ouch, the enemy got some free hits on you, but don't worry, they won't 
    be laughing for long. Have your cleric attack the skull and then have 
    either your brawler or warrior finish off the Red Skull. If neither can 
    reach him, have Laharl kill whatever enemy is in their way first so 
    they can. At this point, there's not much else to say but to just kill 
    the remaining enemies, healing when necessary. Try and get in Combos 
    and Team Attacks whenever possible, and try to keep your cleric out of 
    reach from your enemies. In a turn or two you should have won the 
    battle with no deaths on your side if lucky, or maybe only the cleric 
    if unlucky. Oh, and don't forget to heal after finishing the map at the 
    Map 2: Blessed Court
    Okay, before we start this map, take off the Imperial Seal and give it 
    to your cleric and then go and pay the Hospital to get her at full HP 
    and SP. Sure, this will weaken Laharl a bit, but he's stronger then 
    everyone else even without his Imperial Seal, and this will ensure the 
    cleric survives longer. Why didn't I make you do this before? Eh... no 
    partiuclar reason, heh. Now onwards to battle!
    Turn 1:
    Okay, first have Laharl go and kill one of the two further enemies from 
    the base panel. And if you haven't started using Team Attacks, then 
    please do start. They do extra damage, don't waste any of your other 
    character's movement or action for the turn, and when an enemy is 
    killed by a team attack, the exp is shared by all of the characters. So 
    there really isn't a reason not to, unless you're going for Combos, 
    which honestly is better used on bosses where you really want the extra 
    damage. But anyways... Have your Warrior or Brawler, whichever is lower 
    level kill the other further Ghost that Laharl didn't attack. Should 
    only be the two ghosts close to you left, and you have three characters 
    left. However, if one of the other two survived, just ignore them for 
    now, as the only ones they can attack are either Laharl, your Warrior, 
    or your Brawler, and you want to ensure your cleric is safe first. So, 
    have Etna attack one of the two near you, and then your Warrior or 
    Brawler attack the other, with your cleric finishing off whichever one 
    survives. With any luck, all 4 Ghosts will be killed in your first Turn, 
    either by the end of your turn, or killed by a Counter attack after 
    their turn. If not, then you'll have to kill them during your next turn, 
    and then just end your turn immediately after. In these first maps, the 
    enemy won't actively hunt you, but on later ones you never want to end 
    turn without using all of your actions and movement, as the enemy never 
    Turn 2:
    Okay, if anyone leveled have your cleric cast heal on them and then get 
    your Warrior and Brawler onto the two Yellow Geo Panels, throwing them 
    if you have to. After they're on there, just defend and end turn. They 
    will get ganged up on and hopefully survive, though will be in need of 
    healing most likely.
    Turn 3:
    Alright, beat the living daylights out of the enemies who attacked you, 
    which should be a simple task with the bonuses the panels give you. If 
    you can't kill them all, just kill the ones you can and make sure not 
    to get off those two panels, and be sure to heal anymore who gets low 
    in hp.
    Once you get down to only having the two Hobbits on the far side of the 
    map it's a garranteed victory, barring some stroke of bad luck. They 
    won't move towards you unless you're in their attack range, so you'll 
    have to bring the fight to them, one at a time of course. Once you 
    finish the map, visit the hospital, SAVE in the event you haven't yet, 
    and you really should save after every battle, and finally head for the 
    next map.
    Map 3: Corridor of Love
    Not much to say really, except that if you've healed 100 points of HP 
    in the hospital by now, then you're able to claim a free prize! A 
    Muscle Brawn!An item that when equipped, increases your max HP. Ironic, 
    huh? The hospital gives you free items like that when you heal set 
    amounts of HP, SP, or deaths. Hmm... now that I think about it, you 
    could be spending more SP by using weapon techniques, as I'm sure your 
    characters have learned the lvl 1 ones by now... Well, they're useful, 
    so get to using them! But do try not to waste them and leave yourself 
    out of SP when they'd really be useful... 
    Turn 1:
    Hmm... Now here you have two choices. You could break the Geo Panels for 
    a little extra exp and to get some damage done to that single Ghost 
    down on the blue panels... or you could leave them alone and use that 
    area for free healing. I'll be taking the route of leaving the Geo 
    Panels alone, so you're on your own if you choose to break them. Now 
    the first order of business is to try and kill off the two Boggarts near 
    your Base Panel. I'll leave how you do it up to you. Whether you use 
    team attacks, combos, or weapon skills, just make sure to kill at least 
    one of them and to weaken the other one at minimum. If one survived, 
    he'll attack you after you end your turn, but if you're lucky, you'll 
    kill him with a counter attack. 
    Turn 2:
    This turn is simple, just try and get everyone into the blue panels, 
    throwing them if you have to. If you have anyone with any attacks left 
    after reaching them, feel free to attack the Ghost or Boggart near 
    there. Now after this turn is over, the two Archers will come down and 
    attack you as well, and if you're unlucky, you may lose a character, 
    and if you're lucky, you may only have one or two hurt badly. 
    Turn 3:
    The panels will heal your characters, though have your cleric heal 
    anyone with less then 20 HP. Make sure to kill at least the Boggart 
    before ending your turn.
    Turn 4:
    Killing the Archers can be troublesome. They're 4th level, which is 
    higher then most of your characters by 1 most likely, and at this point 
    that makes a big difference. Try your best to kill off at least one of 
    the archers, and be sure to heal as well! And ignore that Ghost as well, 
    since he won't attack. Attack, end turn, you know the drill. If you're 
    unlucky, the two Boggarts and Warrior will come down to swarm your 
    Turn 5+:
    And I'm assuming they did swarm you. Move the injured into the blue 
    panels and ensure the cleric has good HP, even if she must Heal herself. 
    Try and finish off the archer if able, though there's a good chance 
    she's out of reach because she moved behind her friends that just 
    swarmed you. Just try to do as much damage as you can, move your more 
    healthy characters out in the front and try to pull back your injured 
    ones. And don't forget, you have healing items if you need them, and 
    the shops are always selling them. At this point, just follow the above 
    advise. The mage should have stayed behind so long as you didn't walk 
    into her attack range, and the Ghost in the blue panels won't attack 
    you, so once you kill the Archers, Boggarts, and Warrior the rest of 
    the battle is simple. Just kill the mage, then go back and break the 
    Geo Symbols, then kill the Ghost.
    Map 4: Hall of Caresses
    Well, that last battle was a tough one, eh? Especially with only 5 
    units, so... It's time to make some new ones! Also, are you utilizing 
    the Mentor / Pupil benefits? Depending on who you had made the cleric, 
    either Etna or Laharl should be able to cast heal so long as they're 
    standing next to each other. Use heal enough times with them, and they 
    can cast it anywhere, even if the cleric isn't close! Something to think 
    about, along with buying more Mint Gums for HP healing. Oh, and I hope 
    I didn't have to tell you to use the Hospital this time... oh wait, I 
    still said it... Oh, and it might be a good idea to buy some armor for 
    your characters too... at least one for the Brawler and for the Warrior, 
    best you can afford for the two. Now then, go to the Dark Assembly and 
    have your cleric create three mages, one of each element. Note that I 
    say mage, not skull. Now, depending on her total mana, here's what you 
    do. If it's 3-11 you make them as Good for nothings, if it's 12-21 you 
    make one as an Incompetent and the rest as Good for nothings, if it's 
    22-32 you make two as Incompetents, and dang, your cleric has been 
    getting a good amount of kills, and if it's 33+... Your cleric has been 
    getting too many finishing blows, let some of your other characters get 
    some exp! But yeah, those 3 mages should help nicely in the next battle, 
    oh, and don't forget to get all three some staffs if you can afford 
    them! And again, if you make Good for nothings, take the negatives in 
    ATK, as it's useless to them.
    Ah, your first Boss Battle, you have two choices to make here, again. 
    Now you can either attempt to beat the level normally... or you can 
    lose, either on purpose or not. Why would you want to lose you ask? 
    Because losing in this battle gets you the Mid-Boss ending, which would 
    then show the credits, ask you to save, and unlock the music which plays 
    during the credits for purchase in the music shop, which is the Red 
    Skull in the castle in case you haven't talked to him. Getting this 
    ending now has the benefit of getting you some extra experience for your 
    characters, as you have to restart the game after saving. It's your 
    choice whether or not you do, but I'll be assuming you didn't go for the 
    Mid-Boss ending, and hey, even if you do, that will just mean following 
    my walkthough will be easier for you, though only by a little. Now, 
    before we acutally do this map though, go back and redo one or two of 
    the previous levels, so that your three mages can level up a little. 
    After you get them to around 3 or 4 like your other characters, then 
    you should start this one. And don't forget to claim your prizes from 
    the Hospital! That 2nd Imperial Seal would be good to equip on Larharl 
    right now...
    Turn 1:
    One important thing to note here is speed! Mid-Boss will only wait a 
    few turns before marching off towards your group, and as a level 6 he 
    is dangerous, and may be able to kill your weaker characters in one hit! 
    Another thing to note is the mage and archer on those Geo Panels... 
    stay away! Now then, the first thing to do is have Laharl destroy those 
    Geo Symbols as they power up that Mage and Archer enough to kill any of 
    your units. How do you get Laharl close enough though? Easy, First move 
    your cleric to the space right in front of the base panel, then have 
    Laharl appear on the base panel. Have your cleric throw Laharl as far 
    forward as possible. Then have another character move up behind Laharl 
    and throw him to the left, towards the Geo Symbols. You then have Laharl 
    move towards the Geo Symbols and Blade Rush them. Yeah... they aren't 
    destroyed. Unfortunately, Laharl shouldn't be strong enough to break 
    them all in one attack... unless you've leveled him higher then all your 
    other characters, which you shouldn't have done. You want them to all 
    be around the same level you know. Anyways, have a character go pick up a
    nd throw that character you had throw Laharl towards Geo Symbols back 
    into the Base Panel. Then have another character pick up that character 
    and toss them towards the back, right next to the base panel. Now if 
    you did all this right, all your characters are out of range of the 
    instant death attacks of the mage, so end your turn. The two Boggarts 
    will attack Laharl, but do little damage if you equipped that Imperial 
    Seal on him, and that Boggart to the right will attack whatever 
    character you used to throw that last one. Not much damage done.
    Turn 2:
    First, ignore the Boggarts near Laharl and finish off those Geo Symbols with 
    another Blade Rush. Then have Laharl move back towards the Base Panel. Now 
    remember those mages I had you make? Have them kill the mage from a 
    range. The archer has too high of a RES for the mages to be able to kill 
    her. Attack anyone else in your range and approach the small bridge, 
    but don't go past it, only onto it at most. Now if you went onto the 
    bridge at all, the warriors who can reach you will move and attack. 
    Mid-Boss himself still will not move after this turn.
    Turn 3: Get to killing enemies quickly, because Mid-Boss starts moving 
    Boss Tactics: Mid-Boss isn't too hard of a boss, once you eliminate his 
    minions. Of course, you don't always get that chance, but on this level, 
    you should be able to before confronting him. Once you've defeated all 
    of them, approach Mid-Boss and try to entrap him by having your 4 melee 
    characters go all around him so he can't move. He'll be forced to only 
    attack one of your characters, which your cleric can heal each turn. 
    You just continue comboing him until he dies... as quoted by Laharl,
    "So the basic idea is to just gang up on one person and beat the crap 
    out of them." Or I think that's how he said it... been too long since 
    I did Tutorial, and you can't redo them on your second playthrough...
    And that's it for Episode One, congrats! Onwards to Episode Two!
    5b. Episode 2: Enter Flonne
    Okay, so it's the start of a new Episode! First things first, visit 
    Etna's secret room and read her diary, then go to the weapon shop and 
    buy the best gun you see there. Why? Well, you'll be making a new 
    character to use it with soon. Then go buy a good armor too, yet again 
    for the character you'll be making soon. Now with the money you have 
    left, buy new weapons for your Brawler, Warrior, Etna, Cleric, or 
    Laharl, in that order of importance. Do be sure to sell most of your 
    old items as well, saving just that Common Sword Laharl started the 
    game with. Why? Well, it will be important in Episode 3. Anyways, if 
    after selling and buying weapons you still have some money left, just 
    save it for now. Though in all seriousness, I'd expect you to be 
    completely broke at this point, heh. Though then again, it wasn't like 
    you were ever rich, but that's besides the point. After upgrading 
    everyone's weapons, head to the Dimensional Gatekeeper and head for the 
    first map!
    Map 1: Forsaken Land
    Turn 1: Meh, not much to say. Just send out one character and end your 
    turn. Oh, but it is very important that you get your Brawler and Warrior 
    both to at least level 5 before this battle ends. Why? Well, you'll 
    find out soon... but yeah, just wait for the Zombies to approach you 
    and then kill them, while staying out of the Archers' range for now.
    Turn 2+: Again, not much to say. Just continue killing Zombies until 
    they're all dead., healing when you need to. Now after the Zombies are 
    all dead, heal and move two characters over towards the two high ice 
    areas you can reach, preferably Enta and Laharl, who can then throw over 
    your Brawler and Warrior so they can kill the two Archers and the Cleric 
    over there. With any luck, that will be just enough to get them to level 
    5. And if they need healing, don't forget to do so with your cleric. But 
    healing should be getting to be something you do without much thought by 
    now, so I'll stop telling you to do so. As a rule of thumb, heal when 
    ever below half HP.
    Right, well after that battle is over, head for the Dark Assembly and 
    look at your Warrior and Brawler. Now have whichever one who has at 
    least 20 mana create a new character for you, and it doesn't matter 
    which makes the new character if they both have 20, but anyways, just 
    make a Scout. And make sure he's an Incompetent, not a Good-For-Nothing. 
    Put the bonus point into Hit and there you go, your 9th character for 
    battle. Now that leaves you at 5 ranged units and 4 melee. What? You 
    want to start using the full 10 characters in battle eh... well fine, 
    go have your other character of the two who didn't make a character go 
    ahead and make a Male Brawler. There, now you have ten characters. Just 
    don't forget to buy him a weapon and some armor if you can afford it. 
    In fact... if you haven't yet, take those three Amulets off your three 
    Prinnies and equip them to any characters you see fit. Also, go ahead 
    and sell their weapons too, not like you'll be needing them... 
    Map 2: Icy Breath
    What's this? I'm not suggesting you go level your new level 1s like last 
    time? Well this level is really easy, as Zombies aren't exactly the 
    strongest of enemies. Just be sure to try and get them in as many team 
    attacks as possible, and try to let them deal the finishing blows so 
    they get the exp and level, not much else to say. 
    Turn 1: Yeah, just kill the three near you and end turn. Yep, that's 
    right. I'll leave how you kill them up to you, just make sure they're 
    all dead. You have 10 characters, so that's more then 3 for each Zombie, 
    so have fun.
    Turn 2: Not much to do this turn. Just stay near your Base Panel and end 
    Turn 3: Same as above.
    Turn 4+: By now two Zombies should be close, so kill them. Then wait for 
    the other two to approach you and kill them too. Then go after the last 
    two, as they like to stay in that spot. By the end of this battle your 
    Scout and male Brawler will hopefully be at least level 3, maybe even 4.
    Map 3: Eternal Winter
    Right, this level introduces one of the most annoying enemies in the 
    game, especially if your cleric doesn't have Espoir yet. They're the 
    Gremlins and Imps. Why are they annoying? Their special attack, Hell 
    Pepper, hits up to 3 of your characters for okay damage, with a good 
    chance of Poison. And Poison is bad, very bad. Just remember not to 
    leave your characters in any line formations, so that they can only 
    target one at a time. Oh, and do try to kill them quickly.
    Turn 1: Ah, see those Zombies in nice Line Formations? They're just 
    asking for Blade Rushes from your Warrior and Laharl, and spells from 
    your mages who should have that spell pattern by now, at least if you've 
    been using them to attack... But anyways, just try and kill the Zombies 
    before the winged annoyances get there. If you can kill all six in one 
    turn, then great! If not, then at least try to kill 4 of them at the 
    Turn 2: Okay, the Imps and Gremlin will approach you, but should still 
    be out of attack range for most of your characters. Maybe one or two of 
    them could attack, but you're better off ensuring you're out of their 
    attack range and just ending your turn.
    Turn 3+: Not much else to do. Just kill, kill, and kill!
    Map 4: White Death
    Noticing a pattern? Map 4 and yet again, a boss battle. Albeit this time 
    you have two bosses. A dragon... and Flonne. While the Dragon is level 8 
    and has close to 300 HP... Flonne herself is level 5 with around 40 HP. 
    What's so dangerous about her then? The answer to that is simple, it's 
    her power of love! Err... as in, her special spell, Power of Love. It 
    heals everyone around her for a good amount, which means she can heal 
    the dragon! So yeah, be careful of that.
    Boss Tactics: Alright, first things first. Rush out and try to kill the 
    Imps as quickly as possible, followed by the Gremlins. Then have someone 
    go kill the dragon, but if Flonne appraoches then kill her first. Now 
    you should win, albeit with few characters left, heck, maybe even only 
    Laharl still alive. But you should still be able to win. If you do lose 
    though, then you might want to consider leveling your characters a 
    little on one of the earlier maps. Either way, the battle will end 
    But hopefully with you winning, and finishing Episode 2! Onwards to 
    Episode 3!
    5c. Episode 3: A Hint of Kindness
    Welcome to Episode 3! Don't forget to read the Diary, and then head off 
    to the Dimensional Gatekeep to learn that you need to enter Item World 
    before heading off to the first map of this Episode... So let me explain 
    Item World a little. Basically, it's random battles on random maps with 
    random Geo Panels and Geo Symbols and random enemies too. Yeah, always 
    different, so you're on your own with those battles. Plus, unlike story 
    battles... there is no visiting the hospital after each battle, as you 
    can NOT leave it unless you use a special item, which the Dimensional 
    Gatekeeper will give you 1 of, or reach a floor multiple of 10. Also, 
    the stronger and better the item, the stronger and better the enemies 
    you will encounter there, so be happy I had you save that Common Sword 
    for this. And if you sold it... then you'll have to buy another one. 
    Also, instead of killing all enemies, as it's sometimes impossible... 
    you can just enter a portal that will take you to the next floor. Makes 
    things simple, no? Now for each level of Item World you pass, that item 
    you're in will gain a level, which will boost all of its stats, making 
    it stronger. And if you beat the Item General on the 10th floor, it will 
    get an extra stat boost. You can also get some really nice bonus gauge 
    bonuses if you destroy all the Geo Panels, or barring that, cause a big 
    chain of color changes. A useful tactic for that is to toss all of them 
    onto one color and then break one, while making sure the Null Symbol is 
    further away then all the other symbols so that it will go last in the 
    chain. Of course, if you die it's game over like normal, and then 
    everything you did in Item World will have to be redone... so yeah, be 
    careful and go ahead and return to reading after you get that Common 
    Sword to level 10. Oh, and do not use Flonne at all, or use her if you 
    want, but this guide will be assuming you are not using her, and are in 
    fact just taking away her equipment and giving it to your other 
    characters to use. Why aren't you using Flonne? Well, it's a slight 
    spoiler, but... Flonne can't be used against the final boss of the game, 
    so you aren't going to use her. But anyways, just do Item World till 
    level 10 for now.
    Hope you had fun doing item world. Personally I find it as one of the 
    better ways to get exp and items during the first few times through the 
    game. Now I hope you tried to keep everyone around the same level, in 
    fact I am at least assuming all ten of your characters are at minimum 
    level 6. Oh, and did your cleric reach level 3 with bows yet? If so, 
    then switch that bow for a staff already, and never use bows again! 
    Unless you decide to make an Archer some time in the future of course.
    Now with that said... on to the first map of Episode 3!
    Map 1: Gaudy Entrance
    Turn 1: First things first, kill off those three Brawlers in front of 
    you. Oh, and are you teaching your cleric elemental magic from your 
    three mages? I would suggest doing so, that way she can be used for 
    offense and defense. After they're dead, just end your turn as you can't 
    reach anyone else for now.
    Turn 2: The enemy shouldn't have moved if you didn't get too close to 
    them, so go ahead and kill the two archers, then end your turn.
    Turn 3: Not much else left, most, if not all of the remaining enemies 
    should have charged you, so just kill the rest of them and finish the 
    Map 2: Golden Courtyard
    Turn 1: See what you can do about killing all four of the Pugilists in 
    front of you. If you can't, then it shouldn't be much of a problem as 
    nothing can get past those Blue Geo Panels for now. If you don't kill 
    them all this turn, just use another turn to kill them and then read 
    Turn 2.
    Turn 2: Right, well most likely you were attacked by those two Pugilists 
    with bows, so now it's time to show them they aren't so safe behind 
    those Geo Panels. Just have someone destroy the Geo Symbol and then kill 
    Turn 3: The last remaining enemies will probably charge you now, so just 
    kill them and end the map.
    Map 3: Flashy Passage
    Turn 1+: So many enemies, in fact this level has 21 of them, more then 
    twice your numbers. Considering how many there are, and how small the 
    level is... I'll leave it to you to decide how to kill them on. I will 
    give this advice though. Kill the ones closest to you and leave the 
    archers till last. Have fun.
    Map 4: Lavish Hall
    Boss Battle: First take out the "Wall of Meat" as those units are 
    called, then deal with the two Pugilists. Make sure you stay out of 
    Hoggmeiser's attack range though. Once you've killed everyone except for 
    Hoggmeiser, go ahead and combo him till you win.
    And that's the end of Episode 3! Next is Episode 4, so onwards!
    5d. Episode 4: Gift from an Angel
    And so we're onto Episode 4! As you may have noticed you now have a new 
    team mate, Hoggmeiser, the boss from the last Episode! Level 12 and 
    looking oh so tempting to add to you team... but you won't of course. He 
    may be useful now, but as you get farther he loses that usefulness so we 
    will just stick to our current team. Also, I Really hope you've been 
    using the Mentor / Pupil system for your cleric... As it is easier for 
    her to get killing blows with magic such as fire over whacking them with 
    her staff for exp... Oh, and don't forget to visit Etna's secret room 
    again. Once you've done all that visit the Dimensional Keeper and enter 
    the first level of Episode 4.
    Map 1: Road of Flames
    Turn 1+: A good level for some exp thanks to those two lovely +50% exp 
    Geo Symbols. Just try to ensure every enemy you kill is on a green panel 
    and you'll double your exp gain for this map. I'd advise that you try 
    and get your characters who are a little behind up to the same level as 
    your others on this map.
    Map 2: Parched Ground
    Turn 1+: Okay you've got 5 level 9 Pumpkins and a level 11 Decoy whose 
    attacks can poison you. Chances are you can only reach the two pumpkins 
    on the left side with melee attackers and some of the others with your 
    mages and your scout. Now you don't have to worry about those pumpkins, 
    killer armors, and decoy off on the other side of the map coming to kill 
    you. They'll wait patiantly for you to come into their attack range, 
    which means if you do this right you can get them to come one or two at 
    a time and gang up on each of them.
    Map 3: Blazing Field
    Turn 1+: Now there are two routes you could go for this level. The easy 
    way is to simply toss someone over to the red 20% Damage Geo Symbol and 
    toss it onto the red panels and wait five turns for them all to die. The 
    harder way is to fight off the first five pumpkins and then destroy the 
    enemy boost +50 Geo Symbol. You'll then have to kill the five decoys, 
    and finally the two killer armors and nightmare. Either way, pick a path 
    and finish this map!
    Map 4: Molten Labyrinth
    By now you have probably got a few more items from the hospital, but it 
    really is hard for me to say what because of the randomness involved in 
    this game. So just feel free to equip them to whoever you think could 
    use them best. Also, did you ever take away Hoggmeiser's items to give 
    to someone else?
    Preperations for Boss Battle: A rematch with Mid-Boss... Chances are you 
    will want to level a bit before trying this fight. At least get all of 
    your characters to level 10. At that point we'll also want to do a few 
    more things... Once you get your female brawler and female warrior to 
    level 10 you'll unlock the ronin class, but instead of making a new 
    character we'll simply Transmigrate your female warrior and brawler.
    What is Transmigrate you ask? It is kind of like restarting that 
    character, only they get additional bonuses to their stats, keep some of 
    their skill and spell levels, and other such stuff. Generally you don't 
    want to Transmigrate on your first go through the game, but in this case 
    it's fine since you'd never be using those two characters again anyways. 
    Now to Transmigrate you just need to go to the Dark Assembly and pick 
    the character you'd like to do it with, but here's the catch. They need 
    to be Rank 3 to choose the option, which means you'll have to take 
    Promotion Exams on them. A Promotion Exam is that one character fighting 
    against a set of predetermined monsters, so be sure to equip the one 
    taking the exam with your best items. Also, if you lose in the promotion 
    exam it is game over like any other map... so be sure to save! Anyways, 
    once your characters are all level 10 at least, and you have taken the 
    Promotion Exams on your female brawler and warrior so that they are both 
    Rank 3, it is time to Transmigrate them. Have your Female Brawler 
    Transmigrate into a Ronin and be sure to be the highest level you can, 
    which will probably be Average. Why the highest level you ask? Well 
    aside from it making the character stronger you also lose all of that 
    character's mana when Transmigrating, so there really is no reason not 
    to pick the best one. Anyways, after you Transmigrate her into a ronin 
    have your female warror transmigrate into a Male Warrior... why you may 
    ask? Well he's needed to unlock the Ninja class.
    Anywho, level the Ronin and Male Warrior to 10 and then.. Take your Male 
    Brawler to the Dark Assembly and get him promoted to Rank 3 and then 
    Transmigrate him into a Ninja. Level him to at least 10 and then you're 
    set in classes for a good amount of time. Oh, and as for where to level 
    them? You could always do old story levels again... but I'd suggest 
    trying out Item World. Not only will the map be different then one you 
    have done before, but you also get a chance to upgrade your equipment, 
    which will also help make things a little easier for you. Also if the 
    map features geo panels and symbols then you can easily get max bonus if 
    you position the symbols so that you can get a huge chain and also 
    destroy all of the panels, usually resulting in a large exp bonus and 
    better items, but you have to finish the level by killing all of the 
    enemies to get the rewards, and NOT finish the map by entering the next 
    floor portal. And don't forget to bring a Mr. Gency's Exit just in case. 
    Now regardless of what method you chose to level them all, with all of 
    that finished you're finally ready to face the 'Dark Adonis' Mid-Boss!
    Boss Tactics: So you're facing four level 12 Killer Armors, two level 14 
    Nightmares, a level 15 Mandrake, which is a new form of the Pumpkin and 
    decoy, and level 17 Mid-Boss. If you followed my advice however you'll 
    be armed with 7 level 15ish characters, your Ronin and Male Warrior who 
    will probably be 12ish level, and a level 10 Ninja. So the odds are in 
    your favor for this fight. A few things to watch out for though are the 
    Mandrake's Jack the Ripper attack, which can cause big damage to a 
    single character, and Mid-Boss's Adonic Blast, which can cause big 
    damage to a group of characters! Anyways, as with all boss fights the 
    best thing to do is lure the minions off towards you first and then deal 
    with the boss last and gang up on them. Do note that Mid-Boss will begin 
    moving at around the third turn, so try to kill off his minions while 
    staying away from him. Aside from that good luck on finishing the 
    5e. Episode 5: Etna's Gift
    Episode 5! I'm sure I don't need to tell you to read Etna's Diary 
    anymore, so I won't be anymore! But before we head for the Dimensional 
    Gatekeeper let's talk about the Dark Assembly a bit. If you recall that 
    is where I had you Transmigrate a few characters but this time I'd like 
    to talk about upgrading the shops. First you need to upgrade someone to 
    at least Rank 2, though you might as well upgrade a few people to Rank 3 
    since that shouldn't be to hard at this point. Once you reach at least 
    Rank 2 the following options should now be available for that character 
    in the Dark Assembly. More Expensive Stuff and Cheaper Stuff, which 
    makes the shops sell items more expensive and stronger, or cheaper and 
    weaker stuff, and Eyewear Inventory, Belt Inventory, and Shoe Inventory, 
    which will add their respective item types to the shops for you to buy. 
    Now it is not garrenteed that these will be passed if you choose to 
    invest in them, but rather it must be put to a vote by the Senators and 
    even if they choose to deny the proposal you will not receive your mana 
    back. You can always attempt to bribe the senators to vote in your 
    favor, but at this point in the game you shouldn't bother and just hope 
    luck is on your side. And besides, these proposals are easy ones to pass 
    and so you shouldn't have much trouble doing so. Also note that you can 
    only raise the item levels up as many times as your Customer Rank, so 
    buy lots of items if you want to have the shops sell stronger ones! Oh, 
    and if you haven't done so yet, then buy and equip your Ronin with an 
    axe. So with that said and done, let's move on to the first map of this 
    Map 1: Absolute Zero
    Turn 1: Yeah, this level is really out to get you. The entire map is 
    covered in yellow geo panels with the following three effects. ATK -50, 
    DEF +50, and Ally Damage 20%. What that means is that you and the imps 
    will probably be doing no direct damage to each other, but the map will 
    be doing 20% of your character's hp every turn and the imps can also 
    still poison you too. So the first thing to do is get rid of that Ally 
    Damage 20% Geo symbol. Now here's what you'll do. First have your Scout 
    take one step up from your Base Panel. Then have your Ninja appear on 
    the Base Panel. You'll then have your Scout pick up your Ninja and toss
    him left towards the three imps and Ally Damage 20% Geo Panel. Your 
    Ninja will then go to the imp directly below that symbol,pick it up, 
    and toss the imp onto the Geo Symbol, which will destroy it. And so with 
    only two out of ten characters you've already removed the most annoying 
    part of this level. Now for a more complex character throwing. This time 
    have one of your magi walk two steps to the right of your base panel 
    towards the Defense +50 symbol, then have another mage take one step 
    right, and finally have Laharl appear on the base panel. Have your mage 
    near Laharl pick him up, and then have your mage near the mage holding 
    Laharl pick her up. That mage will toss the mage one space to her right, 
    and then that mage will toss Laharl as far up as she can towards the 
    symbol. Laharl will then walk over to the top left of the Geo Symbol and 
    pick it up, tossing it as far left towards the imps and your ninja as he 
    can. After that just have the rest of your characters march off towards 
    your Ninja and end your first turn.
    Turn 2+: All the imps in the map will move towards you and the three 
    near the Ninja will attack him and those you sent off towards him. Now 
    you want to remove that Defense Geo Symbol from the field so have Laharl 
    walk over and throw it onto an imp. If he can't reach throw it onto one 
    from where he is then either have it the symbol over to where another 
    character could toss it onto an imp or have another character toss an 
    imp over to a spot where Laharl could toss it onto one. Either way, one 
    you do this simply treat the map like any other and kill the rest of the 
    imps. Not so hard once you remove those symbols, huh?
    Map 2: Endless White
    Turn 1: Now this level really isn't too hard, though Laharl's stats will 
    all be lower for this one so he won't be as useful as usual. Aside from 
    that you only have 7 Pucks, 2 Scouts, and 1 Ninja with a spear to deal 
    with. For the first turn try and kill the four pucks near you, though 
    if you can't kill all four then that isn't so bad. Though keep in mind 
    all of the other enemies will rush you and the Scouts will attack any of 
    your characters within their range... and some of your characters will 
    be within their range.
    Turn 2+: Just kill the rest of the enemies left. Shouldn't be too hard 
    since they are all so close to you. I'd suggest having your mages, 
    cleric, and Scout kill off the enemy scouts, and leave the melee troops 
    to your melee troops.
    Map 3: Terrible Cold
    Turn 1+: Now this level is an interesting one. All but one space in this 
    level has the effect of invincibility. This means that both you and the 
    enemy can not harm each other... Now to beat this level you need to have 
    a character go all the way to the geo symbol and toss it onto the only 
    green panel... but there is one other thing this level is good for, and 
    that is training weapon level for characters. See, since you both can't 
    be hurt you can just attack and attack for as long as you'd like and 
    each attack will raise your experience with that weapon a little like 
    normal. Just something to consider since you won't ever get a chance as 
    good as this level's again for doing such a thing. Regardless of what 
    you do, once that geo symbol is on the green panel just kill the demons 
    and finish the map.
    Map 4: Ice Queen
    And here we are on the boss level. Not much to say on the preperation 
    side, as you really should be prepared for face him right away.
    Boss Tactics: Four level 14 Empusas, Two level 15 Lilims, One level 16 
    Golem, and a level 19 Demon Sire Maderas. Not really much to say. Kill 
    the minions first and then go for Maderas, and do be careful of his 
    Chaos Fire attack. It does fire damage and can hit in an X formation, so 
    depending on how you leave your characters he could hit up to five of 
    them at once. The Golem's Golem Cannon is something to watch out for as 
    well. But aside from that just treat this as a normal boss fight and 
    combo the life out of Maderas once his minions are gone.
    5f. Episode 6: Laharl's Challenge
    And onto Episode 6 now. Really isn't much for me to say here anymore as 
    you should be doing the stuff I'd normally say here on your own now. 
    What I will say one last time however is not to forget to be upgrading 
    the shops with the Dark Assembly and then upgrading your character's 
    equipment with the new upgraded shop's inventories... Though do try to 
    leave enough money to use the hospital after levels of course. Anyways, 
    just head for the Dimensional Gatekeeper and enter the first map of 
    Episode 6!
    Map 1: Calamity Woods
    Turn 1+: Yeah... You've got 27 level 12 enemies and you can barely move 
    at all. They're all pretty weak so just have a go at it and kill! Go 
    ahead and use your magi's spells to hit a bunch of them at once to 
    speed things up.
    Map 2: Ritual Site
    Boss Tactics: Yep, that's right. It's just as it looks like... a boss 
    fight! A level 24 Demonslayer, which is of the knight class, and is a 
    really terrible class honestly, but anyways... It is ten of your 
    character vs one of her... shouldn't be hard at all really. Just combo 
    her to death!
    Map 3: Witches' Den
    Turn 1+: Yeah.... They're Prinnies. You can either beat them up normally 
    or just pick them up and watch them explode when you throw them. Either 
    way... this level is super easy so... yeah.
    Map 4: Writhing Shadow
    Turn 1: 10 Level 75 Alternate Overlords... If you haven't guessed by 
    now this is a battle you can't win. So just have all ten characters 
    rush them and fall to their deaths!
    Turn 2+: Yeah, just let your new level 300-400 allies finish this 
    level for you. Just ensure at least one of your characters isn't 
    killed by accident. 
    Map 5: Nightdwellers
    Turn 1+: Yeah... the entire level is on warp panels, so I can't really 
    give out a strategy for you to use... So just give it your all and 
    get a win!
    Map 6: Heart of Evil
    Boss Tactics: So you have ten level 17 Pucks right around you, and two
    level 20 Gargoyles and a level 23 Mid-Boss off in the distance. And as
    usual, Mid-Boss has changed his special attack again into a single 
    target for large damage type attack this time. Anyways, try and get 
    the ten Pucks killed within two turns and then handle the Gargoyles 
    and Mid-Boss as they come to you. By now you should have the hand of 
    boss battles and so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to win and 
    move on to the next Episode!
    5g. Episode 7: On Being an Overlord
    Episode 7 is a pretty easy one because of a very simple reason... The 
    only enemies you'll be facing on this Episode are zombies, and zombies
    are pretty weak. Anyways, just head for the Dimensional Gatekeeper 
    and start the first level. Oh, and Maderas also joins your group as 
    well, but like Hoggmeiser we won't be using him.
    Map 1: Scorching Wind
    13 level 20 Zombies and a level 23 Ghoul... Might be dangerous if 
    they weren't zombies. Also, you might notice that the entire level 
    is on red geo panels with the effects of 100% extra exp and 50% extra 
    HL, so double the experience and extra money. Now as for the zombies 
    themselves... I'm sure you know about Zombie Puke, but just in case 
    it's an attack that hits a single target for damage and potential 
    poison. Their other attack is Zombie Twister, which is like Blade 
    Rush except they don't return to their starting point but rather stay 
    in the last area.
    Turn 1: At this point I don't think you have the Cross spell form, 
    but if you do feel free to chain a big magic combo on those five 
    zombies in that formation, but if not then go for the three lines of 
    three zombies near you. Try and get rid of two lines before the end 
    of this turn, but at the very least get rid of one line. 
    Turn 2+: Well at this point they all rush you and it pretty much 
    becomes chaotic. Have your healer heal if she lived and just go on 
    with zombie killing. Not much else to say really.
    Map 2: Column of Fire
    Turn 1+: Seven level 20 Zombies, two level 23 Ghouls, and a level 26
    Corpse. Add in the Geo Panel effect of Enemy Boost x3 and you've got 
    a problem. Well here's what you do. First bring out your Scout and 
    move him down away from your Base Panel and the zombies one space. 
    Then bring out your Ninja and have your Scout toss him right behind 
    the corpse. Have your Ninja walk over to the geo symbol and toss it 
    onto the Corpse and watch them all get damaged... including your 
    scout and ninja. The end result will be about 100 damage to all the 
    zombies, 50 damage to your scout and ninja, and 1 and a half bars of
    bonus gauge for you. Bring out the rest of your team and kill as many
    of them as you can. Finish whatever are left in the next turns.
    Map 3: Raging Earth
    Turn 1: Six level 20 Zombies... seems easy, right? Except for the 
    Silence and 20% damage a turn effects on the geo panels on your side.
    And of course don't forget the line of green geo panels with the 
    effects of No Lifting and No Entry, which means you can't walk or 
    even toss people over the line and you can't pick up the geo symbols 
    on them either. Along with Silence which means no skills things might
    look a bit hard, but worry not I'll tell you how to get passed this. 
    The first thing to do is get out of those red panels as quick as you 
    can, so here's what you do. See that Green No Entry Geo Panel towards
    the bottom? Well you are going to have to destroy that first. Have 
    one mage move two steps down from your base panel towards the geo 
    symbol mentioned, and then have another mage move one step in that 
    direction. Have your ninja appear and then have your mage pick him 
    up, and then have your other mage pick up the first mage. Have her 
    toss them as far as she can towards the geo symbol's direction, and 
    then have your other mage toss the ninja in the same way. Then move 
    your Ninja right up to the Geo Symbol but don't attack it just yet. 
    Now move either Laharl or Etna behind the closest mage to your base
    panel and then bring your scout up on it. Have them toss your Scout 
    as far towards the Geo Symbol as they can and then have the Scout 
    move as close to the Geo Symbol as he can. Have the rest of your 
    units move as close to the Geo Symbol as they can, and have them 
    throw any units near them towards it as well. Once that is all done 
    have your Ninja and Scout combo the Geo Symbol and end your turn.
    Turn 2: Chances are high you didn't destroy the Geo Symbol so have
    your ninja and scout finish it off in a combo as your first action 
    this turn. Then get as many of your troops off the red panels as 
    you can. As you end your turn this time the Zombie will rush you 
    and attack.
    Turn 3+: Not much to say, just kill off the zombies and finish 
    this map. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, both Green Geo Symbols
    were actually wearing three sets of Chain Mail armor oddly enough.
    Map 4: Crimson Plains
    Turn 1+: This level is pretty simple actually... Just place four of 
    your melee units onto the red geo panels around you and wait for zombies 
    to approach you and attack from the green panels. Really easy map.
    Map 5: Ember of Dreams
    And here we are, on the final map of this Episode. A boss fight... 
    Against a zombie! Mind you, a zombie that should be about 7 levels 
    higher then your highest level character most likely, but still a 
    zombie. Aside from the level 27 boss, you have 4 level 20 zombies, 4 
    level 23 Ghouls, and 3 level 26 Corpses.
    Boss Tactics: The first thing you should try to do is gain control of 
    the green panels in the center of the map. The +100 DEF panels are just 
    too good to pass up. First thing you should do is have someone walk up 
    onto the only green panel you can reach and pick up the Corpse there, 
    and toss it three spaces back towards your home panel. Proceed to have 
    your characters gang up on it, and then have your remaining characters 
    attack one of the two Ghouls on the green panels. After that your 
    priority is to keep control of the green panels and try to fight on them 
    without letting the zombies onto them. Eventually the boss and his 
    guards will rush you, and hopefully by then you'll have complete control 
    of the green panels in the center and thus this fight shouldn't be too 
    hard. Also note that the items the boss zombie is equiped with can only 
    be gotten from this map and only by stealing them from him with a rogue, 
    so something to consider on a second playthrough.
    5h. Episode 8: Reincarnation
    And so we're on Episode 8 now. This means you're past the halfway point 
    of the game! Congrats! Now just talk to all of the npcs and you'll get a 
    free Staff of Sorcery, which should be the strongest staff you have now. 
    Feel free to give it to anyone you'd like and then talk to the zombie 
    npc near the Hospital and then to the Dimensional Gatekeeper and enter 
    the first level of this Episode.
    Also, note that if you ever find a map to be impossible to get through 
    even with my strategy, do consider the following reasons.First, there is 
    always an element of random in these games, so things may not go exactly 
    as planned. Second, your equipment or levels may not be up to par, so 
    you may have to purchase new equipment or level up on previous maps or 
    in item world. 
    Either way, onto the first map!
    Map 1: Theatre of Death
    Turn 1: First thing to do is get rid of that 3x Enemy Boost panel from 
    the map. So we're going to use five of your characters to do this. 
    First have your Ninja take four steps to the right. Then have your Ronin 
    take three steps to the right, then Etna two steps to your right, then 
    your Male Warrior one step to your right, and finally have Laharl stand 
    right on the base panel. Have Laharl be picked up by your warrior, then 
    your warrior picked up by Etna, then Etna picked up by your ronin, and 
    your ronin picked up by the ninja. Have your Ninja throw them all the 
    way to the right edge. Have the ronin throw Etna just two spaces 
    forward, so she is just one space away from the Cyclops. Then have her 
    throw your warrior as far forward as she can, and then have him throw 
    Laharl as far forward as he can. Have Laharl move next to the Geo Symbol 
    and then have him pick it up and throw it next to your Warrior. And with 
    all of that done end your turn.
    Turns 2-5: Now the Man-Eaters will attack, and in the best case you will 
    just have an injured Etna and Ronin, but in the worst case they both 
    will be killed off. The Ninja will be safe from harm due to his speed. 
    Either way, have Laharl walk up to the Geo Symbol and toss it onto the 
    Cyclops, thus making the battle a bit more fair. Now bring out the rest 
    of your troops and begin to wipe out the Man-Eaters on the right side of 
    the map near your Ninja, then work your way back to the left. Not much 
    else to say. Try to keep your Scout alive. This should take about four 
    turns at most. Also, avoid attacking the Cyclops, as they do big damage 
    and their defence is so high you can't even damage them.
    Turn 6+: Now to kill the Cyclops you need to toss the DEF -50 onto the 
    yellow spaces. This will make it so you can injure the Cyclops. After 
    that just gang up on them one at a time and finish the map.
    Map 2: Frigid Garden
    Turn 1+: Six Man-Eaters, Oakrots, and Treants, levels 1,2,4,8,16, and 
    32. The thing to do here is concentrate on each group of six one group 
    at a time, starting with the Man-Eaters, then going for the Oakrots, and 
    finishing with the Treants. Concentrate on the higher leveled ones first 
    and save the weaklings for the end. Should be much easier then the last 
    Map 3: Freezing Souls
    Turn 1-4: Your first task in this map is to kill the 10 Male Battlers 
    with various melee weapons, starting with the four away the yellow Geo 
    Symbols. However, all you need to do for these first four turns is take 
    out your ninja and leave him on the base panel. The four Battlers will 
    come to you and after the fourth turn reach your Base panel, with two of 
    them attacking and most likely missing your Ninja.
    Turn 5-8: Once they arrive at your base panel kill the four and then 
    head for the six other Battlers near the yellow Geo Symbols. Once they 
    are dead, pick up and toss the two yellow geo symbols on the panels off 
    of them and then toss on the ATK -50 Geo Symbol.
    Turn 9+: And then finally, head for the Female Battler and Mages and 
    finish them off to end the map.
    Map 4: Under the Moon
    Boss Tactics: And here we are on the last map of this Episode. All 
    enemies on this level are Nightmares and their improved versions. Now 
    you've only faced them on at least 1-2 maps before, barring encounters 
    in Item World. Basically they're like Mages, but with a decent up close 
    attack and good HP. Anyways, you'll want to move your Ninja out to the 
    back edge and lure them to you for one turn. After that bring out the 
    rest of your forces and try to kill them as quickly as possible. There 
    really isn't much else to say, as after the first turn the Shades and 
    the Chernobog boss will rush you right after the Nightmares. 
    Chances are the boss is at least 10 levels higher then most, if not all 
    of your characters, but the map should still be doable. If not, then 
    simply level a little and try again!
    5i. Episode 9: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth
    And so we're on Episode 9 now, which introduces one of my favorite 
    characters, Captain Gordon! And yeah, that's about all I really have to 
    say. On to the first map!
    Map 1: Valgipus IV
    Turn 1+: Yeah, you've got 8 level 30 Nekomata and a level 33 Dullahan in 
    a big Square formation. For your first turn you are going to want to 
    make a giant combo hitting as many of them as you can. Use your 
    strongest spells with the largest formation, have Laharl use Overlord's 
    Wrath, your Warrior use Wind Cutter, and then try to pick off ones close 
    to death with your remaining melee troops. Hopefully you'll take out a 
    good amount of them. Either way, after that it's pretty much just a big 
    brawl till the end.
    Map 2: Thurvean Sector
    Turn 1: Okay, first thing you want to do is have your Ninja pick up that 
    Geo Symbol and toss it onto a green geo panel, trapping you with 6 level 
    30 Nekomatas. You'll then want to bring out all of your other troops 
    except for your cleric and attack the two Nekomata on the far side away 
    from your Base Panel, and at the very least you should kill the both of 
    them. If you still have a troop or two left over then have them attack 
    one of the other Nekomata. 
    Turn 2-4: Chances are you lost a unit or two, or you have some pretty 
    injured so now is the time to bring out your cleric to heal them. Have 
    your troops attack the rest of the Nekomata. And continue to do so until 
    they're all gone.
    Turn 5+: At this point try and kill enemies on the other side of the 
    Green Panels with long range magic and attacks. Kill as many as your SP 
    allows. Your Scout is particularly useful here as he can kill most of 
    them without getting in their attack range. 
    Turn 5+ (alt): In the event that your Scout got killed, you'll have to 
    remove the Geo Panel and go melee against whatever troops are left. Try 
    not to get them all at once and go for one at a time.
    Map 3: Sphere VIII
    Turn 1: So you have 10 level 32 Pugilists and 3 level 36 Black Belts. 
    Really though, this battle should be a cinch. Just place your melee 
    troops onto the red geo panels and kick their butts really. You may lose 
    one unit or two due to their large numbers at the beginning, but that 
    should be about all you lose.
    Turn 2+: On this turn you want to bring out your cleric, Scout, and 
    Mages to heal and help fight. Try to take out as many Pugilists as 
    possible and always try to leave your units on one of the geo panels. 
    After a few turns the remaining enemies will decide to rush you, so just 
    take care of them as usual.
    Map 4: Cross-Point
    Turn 1+: So the entire map is on Green Geo Panels, but... There are no 
    Geo Symbols on the map. So it's just for looks really. You've got 11 
    level 34 Wraiths to deal with, and they're not that strong. Just try to 
    kill that one close to you with as few units as possible and then end 
    your turn. After that go on to kill the rest as they come to you. A 
    pretty simple level. Note that all of them have very high RES so they 
    take a lot less Magic Damage.
    Map 5: Primordial Soup
    Boss Tactics: And here we are, on the last map of this Episode, and it's 
    a boss fight against two level 38 characters, Thursday and Captain 
    Gordon. Now both are most likely at least 10 levels higher then all of 
    your units, but even so, a 10 against 2 battle should even that out. 
    Basically, all you have to do is gang up on one with all of your 
    characters, and then do the same thing to the other. And while Gordon is 
    a gun user, his special attacks are all close ranged attacks.
    This battle should be pretty easy, so it won't be long till the next 
    5j. Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans
    And so begins Episode 10. First thing you might notice is that Jennifer, 
    Gordon, and Thursday have joined as new troops. We will not be using 
    them however, but feel free to steal their equipment for your troops. 
    Most likely Gordon and Jennifer's weapons outclass what you have 
    equipped on your Scout and Ninja at the very least.
    And now for the first map of Episode 10.
    Map 1: Fervent Melody
    Turn 1+: This level is pretty simple. You have 5 level 34 Guardians, and 
    most of the map is on blue geo panels with the Invincibility and No 
    Lifting effects. Basically what you have to do is lure the Guardians 
    onto the few areas in the middle of the map without geo panels and kill 
    them there. And after you lure them there you can move your units back 
    to the geo panels and fight them while still invincible. A pretty easy 
    first map.
    Map 2: Wasteland of Woe
    Turn 1: 5 level 23 Hobbits, 3 level 27 Pucks, 2 level 28 Pucks, 1 level 
    33 Brownie, 2 level 36 Dragons, and 1 level 40 Fafnir... basically a 
    battle against fairies and dragons. Dragons are an enemy you haven't 
    seen in a while, and they're pretty strong and capable of hitting 
    multiple units. These dragons use ice attacks, so keep that in mind. On 
    the first turn the 4 Hobbits close to you and the lone dragon will begin 
    to approach, so try and damage or kill as many of the Hobbits as you 
    Turn 2+: At this point all of the enemies will begin to come to you, so 
    you'll want to try and take them on a few at a time. Fairies themselves 
    are not that strong though their Demon's Breath attack is pretty 
    annoying. Eventually you won't be able to help them all reaching you so 
    try to keep them stuck in the narrow areas and always go for the dragons 
    first. Either way there isn't much strategy needed for this map so just 
    fight till you win.
    Map 3: River of Lava
    Turn 1+: Well this level is pretty easy too. First, you stay away from 
    the Sentinel as it will kill you badly. What you have to do is destroy 
    or remove all of the Geo Symbols on the green panels and then place on 
    the green DEF -50 Symbol onto the panels once all of the others are 
    gone. And of course you should kill the Brownies while doing this. Once 
    that is all finished feel free to kill the weakened Sentinel. 
    Map 4: Searing Tyranny
    Turn 1+: 12 level 35 Treants and green geo panels with the +100% EXP 
    effect... This map should be a no brainer. Just try your best to kill 
    them on the green panels and finish up yet another easy map.
    Map 5: Inferno
    Boss Tactics: And here we are, at the boss battle, and it is once again 
    against... The Dark Adonis, Mid-Boss!You haven't seen him since Episode 
    6, and he actually  didn't change his special attack, so it is still a 
    single target special for big damage. Now he has 8 level 31 Pucks and 2 
    level 40 Fafnirs as his helpers for this battle. He and his Pucks will 
    be the first ones to rush you, with the Fafnirs coming after you when 
    you enter their attack range. This battle will be harder then most of 
    the other boss battles, so if you feel you need to level, then do so. 
    As a note, try and kill the dragons first.
    5k. Episode 11: Hero's Will, Overlord's Way
    Not much to say. Talk to the Manticore for a powerful Vile Brilliance 
    spear. Now on to the first map.
    Map 1: Ghostly Whisper
    Turn 1+: Another 'leveling' map, as all of the enemies start on EXP 
    + 100% panels. You have 6 level 37 Star Skulls and 6 level 38 Mandrakes. 
    Now Star Skulls and Star Mages use non-elemental magic, so keep that in 
    mind. Either way this is just a simple map where you need to kill as 
    quickly as possible, with your lower level characters hopefully gaining 
    the killing blows.
    Map 2: Rising Fear
    Turn 1: This map is a step up in difficulty compared with the last one. 
    You've got 7 level 40 Scarecrows, 3 leve 41 Skulls, and 1 level 44 Rune 
    Knight. And while that Rune Knight might seem scary, the ones you really 
    need to worry about are the Skulls, as since they're past level 40 they 
    have access to the Omega level spells. And Omega level magic is painful. 
    So for your first turn bring out your Ninja and move him one space to 
    the right of your base panel, then end your turn. Now one of the 
    Scarecrows will move next to him, and the others will move closer to 
    him. Also, most likely one, two, or all three of the skulls will jump 
    down from their higher ground and cast upon your Ninja, who will 
    hopefully avoid being hit by the magic.
    Turn 2+: Try to kill all of the skulls who jumps down and cast a "Giga" 
    level spell. If they cast an Omega level spell then they most likely 
    won't have enough magic to even cast a Mega level magic, so they can 
    safely be ignored while deal with as many Scarecrows as you can. If the 
    other skulls decide to simply stay up on higher ground and cast upon 
    you, then retreat your troops back to their base panel if they cast 
    Giga level magic and try to lure the skulls down with only one of them, 
    preferably your Ninja. After the Scarecrows around you are dealt with 
    and the Skulls are no longer a danger, then deal with the Knight and any 
    Scarecrows who are lingering elsewhere on the map. Not much else to say 
    for this map.
    Map 3: Crawling Terror
    Turn 1+: This map is pretty simple. There are 12 level 43 Alps on blue 
    Geo Panels with %40 Recovery, DEF +100, and No Lifting. And the Geo 
    Symbols are all the way past them. So what do you do? You have your 
    Ninja walk all the way past them to the Geo Symbols and break them, then 
    kill the Alps normally, noting that they will not move at all. If your 
    Ninja dies on the way then you may want to buy better SPD boosting 
    equipment for him and try again. And I hope it goes without saying, but 
    once the Geo Symbols are taken care of you can just kill them as you 
    normally would, and the fact that they don't move means you can snipe 
    them with your Scout and Mages if you'd like to without fear of being 
    Map 4: Hero's Tomb
    Boss Tactics: And the boss battle for this Episode. Actually, the boss 
    himself is not that strong, being only level 35. He has 6 level 40 
    Scarecrows, 6 level 43 Alps, and 3 level 45 Corpses as minions. Plus 
    they're all on Blue Geo Panels with a powerful 6x Enemy Boost effect. As 
    with the last map, this one will depend heavily upon how high of a SPD 
    stat your Ninja has. Since he'll have to go alone up the right side of 
    the map for the two 3x Enemy Boost Geo Symbols and toss them onto 
    Scarecrows before you can bring out the rest of your troops to rush the 
    boss and his minions. Chances are your Ninja will be almost dead and 
    will probably die right after he finishes his task as well, but if you 
    can keep him alive then all the better for you. And I realize I haven't 
    mentioned this in a long time, but times like this are when healing 
    items are useful.
    Either way, with that done with have the rest of your units approach the 
    boss and his minions, taking care to get rid of his lackeys first. Now 
    when you finally reach Don Joaquin, the boss, and his three zombies, 
    make sure you kill his zombies first! They all know Mega Heal, and are 
    all 10 levels higher then him, so they're the higher priority. Aside 
    from that, not much else to say for this boss fight. Without the 6x 
    Enemy Boost effect, it shouldn't be too hard of a fight.
    5l. Episode 12: War of the Netherworld, Part 1
    Nothing really special about this Episode beginning, so on to the first 
    Map 1: Embryon
    Turn 1+: You're facing a new type of enemy here, one which you get once 
    you have someone reach Gun level of 30... EDF Soldiers! They're the 
    ultimate gunmen, and they all use them on this map. There are 7 level 44 
    Recruits and a level 48 Officer. Also, the green geo panels, which is 
    also the greenish water, has an Ally Damage 20% effect, so avoid 
    stepping in it. They won't move unless you get close to them, and you'll 
    be fighting on narrow areas so you'll have to split your units into two 
    groups and have each group take one side until you finish the map. 
    Pretty simple.
    Map 2: Core Point No.4
    Turn 1-4: This level is filled with red and green Geo Panels, with the 
    red panels holding the Silence effect and the green panels holding Ally 
    Damage 100% effect. In case you've forgot, Silence effect means you can 
    not use any skills or magic, which is quite deadly as it denies you 
    healing. So we'll go with the usual method of dealing with an annoying 
    geo symbol, send the Ninja. There are 11 level 44 Recruits, 9 of which 
    use axes, and 2 which use guns. Now you'll want to have your Ninja go up 
    to the red Geo Symbol and toss it onto one of the EDF Soldiers. Feel 
    free to risk attacking with your Ninja against the axe users if you'd 
    like, as they'll most likely miss against him. Of course there is always 
    a chance they'll hit him, so don't let him get too hurt. Also, you may 
    have noticed this in the previous map, but the gun users can hit your 
    Ninja very easily, so keep that in mind as you got to destroy that Geo 
    Turn 5+: From this point continue the battle as if it were a normal map, 
    noting that the 2 gun users will not move while the axe users will move 
    all around the map.
    Map 3: Star Cluster
    Turn 1+: Once again, another level for your Ninja to be the star. All of 
    the Red panels have Invincibility and Ally Damage 20%, while the green 
    panels have Enemy Boost +50. So what you have your Ninja do is go all 
    the way towards the Geo Panels and toss the Enemy Boost +50 onto an 
    enemy on a red panel, then toss the Ally Damage 20% onto an enemy on a 
    red panel as well, or if one isn't in range then onto the green panels. 
    Now for this particular case I will say you almost have to buy healing 
    items from the shop for your Ninja to use during his long walk. The EDF 
    Soldiers with guns are just too good at hitting your Ninja for good 
    damage, so he really needs the healing from items. With all of that said 
    and done, For the rest of the match you try and kill the enemies while 
    they're on green panels, tossing them onto there yourself if they won't 
    walk on it themselves. Like this it should be an easy map. Do note 
    however that if you toss a red Geo Symbol onto an enemy on a green panel 
    and thus make the entire stage red panels that you'll have to also 
    destroy the Invincibility Geo Symbol by tossing it onto an enemy and 
    simply have a normal battle with no extra effects.
    Map 4: Sidereal Rift
    Boss Tactics: And we're on the final map for this Episode, a boss battle 
    with Kurtis. He's a level 52 Rival and his attack power is pretty high. 
    He has 7 level 44 Recruits and 2 level 48 Officers as his minions. Not 
    much to say really. By now you should understand how boss battles go, so 
    kill his minions first and then concentrate on him, and do your best to 
    keep as many of your troops alive as possible. 
    5m. Episode 13: War of the Netherworld, Part 2
    Still nothing really to add. We're on the second last Episode, so I just 
    hope your equipment is up to par.
    Map 1: Point Alpha-III
    Turn 1: You recall how to set up a long line of characters picking up 
    another character so you can toss one really far ahead, right? Well 
    that's all you have to do for this map. Simply set one of those up with 
    your Ninja at the top and throw him as close to the glowing yellow exit 
    panel as you can. The map ends once you reach that point, very simple. 
    Do note however that on future go throughs of the game you may want to 
    attempt to destroy the 4 level 50 Mega Cannons and the 2 level 100 
    Astro Cannons.
    Map 2: Main Corridor 1
    Turn 1+: This level is too small for any real strategy aside from combo 
    them to oblivion. You have 6 level 50 Cybrogs to deal with. 2 use guns, 
    the other 4 use their fists. A very simple map.
    Map 3: Main Corridor 2
    Turn 1+: Another small level. This time you have 5 level 45 Recruits 
    with axes standing in a line next to each other, level 50 and 51 Cyborgs 
    with guns, and a level 55 Psi-Soldier wielding a Light Sabre sword. 
    First thing to do is to try and kill off all five of the axe users, or 
    at least three of them. With your three mages and your cleric using 
    their magic it should be easy. After that get rid of the gun users and 
    finally kill off the sword user. Simple enough.
    Map 4: Main Corridor 3
    Boss Tactics: And it's a rematch against Kurtis. In fact, aside from 
    Mid-Boss, this will be the only boss you ever refight again. Now for the 
    start of this battle you will need three characters who have a Move of 6 
    at least. And if none of your characters are wearing shoe items, then it 
    will be Laharl, your Ninja, and your Scout. Chances are high your Scout 
    will die if you use him for this, but here is what you need them for. 
    You see the three Sword using level 55 Psi-Soldiers? You need to have a 
    character walk up to each of them and then toss them onto all three of 
    the red Geo Symbols to get rid of the Enemy Boost +150 effect. 
    Afterwards try and kill the two level 50 Cybrog gun users near your 
    Scout, then work on killing at least one of the Cyborgs near Laharl. 
    Your Ninja should be able to fend for himself. After that deal with the 
    Psi-Soldiers and remaining Cyborgs, then go for the level 60 Kurtis. If 
    you still lose, then your characters may be too low level or too 
    underequipped. Item World is a good place to visit to get levels and 
    good equipment if you need them.
    Map 5: Bridge
    Turn 1+: And this Episode's final map is a battle against new enemies... 
    Angels. This is a class you can actually get to use eventually, and they 
    are a strong one. Not only do they know heal and elemental magics, but 
    they're also strong in physical combat. This battle will be against 8 
    level 50 Spear using Angels and 2 level 55 bow using Angel Cadets. There 
    is little strategy for this map as it is so small and all of the angels 
    rush you from the first turn. Simply do your best to kill them one at a 
    time and to keep your own units healed.
    5n. Final Episode: What Lies Beyond The Battle
    And we're on the final Episode of the game. If you feel like trying any 
    of the special side quest maps this is the Episode to try them on... 
    though on a first go through I'd only try out Prinny Land. To unlock 
    them head for the Dark Assembly and if you are a high enough rank you 
    should see the option. Also, if you have been visiting Etna's room every 
    Episode you'll receive a Testament item this time, which is a very 
    powerful equip item. Also, the Ghost will give you a powerful Diabolic 
    Sword if you talk with him. Not much else different, so onto the first 
    Map 1: Field of Virtue
    Boss Tactics: And it's a boss battle for the first map. The final 
    rematch with the Dark Adonis Mid-Boss. He is level 70 and his three 
    minions are level 65 Strigoi, which are basically just stronger versions 
    of Maderas, as you probably guessed. This battle is the same as always, 
    kill the minions first, then go for Mid-Boss. Also note this entire map 
    is on red geo panels with the EXP + 100 effect, so big bonus exp for the 
    ones who kill on this map.
    Map 2: Paradise
    Turn 1+: The first of many maps against Angels, and it's filled with red 
    Geo Panels with the Warp effect. This battle will rely a lot upon luck 
    so I can't help you much, but you've already done a level like this 
    before, so it shouldn't be too hard to do again.
    Map 3: Angelic Choir
    Turn 1+: 3 level 55 Angels with swords to the upper left side, 2 level 
    60 Valkyrie archers and 4 level 57 Rune Knights to the lower right side, 
    2 level 60 Angel Cadets with spears, a level 60 Angel Cadet with a 
    sword, and a level 65 Angel Soldier with an axe to the upper right side. 
    There are also scattered Red Geo Panels with the effects of Recovery 20% 
    and DEF + 50, useful for you to claim yourself. First thing you'll want 
    to do is try and get rid of the sword using Angels, as they'll rush you 
    after your turn. Next you'll want to concentrate on the Angel Cadets, 
    Angel Soldier, and Valkyries as they come to you, and you'll want to 
    finish off the Rune Knights last. Shouldn't be a hard battle if you make 
    use of the Geo Panels.
    Map 4: Coliseum
    Turn 1-8: Aside from the level 70 Crusader, all enemies are either 
    archers or mages, and you're restricted to moving out in a line pattern 
    until a certain point... not a good situation. So it's up to your Ninja 
    again to walk all the way to the Geo Symbol and toss it off the panel so 
    you'll have free reign over where you can go. Have your Mages kill off 
    that archer in the middle of the path out on your first turn though.
    Turn 9+: Once the Red Geo Panels lose the No Entry effect, finish the 
    map as usual and kill off all of your enemies.
    Map 5: Divine Prison
    Boss Tactics: At the beginning of this fight you gain a new unit to use, 
    Kurtis, a level 50 Rival... which is basically a powered up Prinny. He 
    has some good equipment though, and comes at a good level. Plus, unlike 
    the other characters who join you, since he's a monster type he doesn't 
    have weapon proficency to worry about, so he wouldn't have to catch up 
    in that regard. However, we still aren't going to use him so just 
    remember to take away all of his equipment for your other characters 
    after the end of this battle. Now while these technically aren't really 
    'bosses', considering their levels and rank of monster compared to you, 
    they are at that strength. You're facing level 75 monsters, and they are 
    stronger versions of Gargoyles, Manticores, Dragons, and Vampires like 
    Maderas, plus a new type of monster called a Sea Dragon. In any case, 
    treat this as your usual Boss Battle and try to kill one at a time.
    Map 6: Inner Sanctum
    Turn 1+: Compared to the last map this one is easy. You only have to 
    kill 3 level 75 Avenger Angels on this small map... and that's it. 
    Map 7: Hall of Justice
    Boss Tactics: This battle won't be easy. There are 18 Angels to defeat, 
    including a level 80 Archangel Vulcanus. For minions, he has 4 level 70 
    Crusaders with Swords, 5 level 65 Angel Soldiers with bows, 2 level 60 
    Angel Cadets with Spears, 1 level 60 Angel Cadet with a Staff, and 5 
    level 55 Angels, each one wielding a different of the basic weapons 
    aside from guns. Now here's what you do. First, you just send out your 
    Ninja and move him one space forward. You'll then end turn and keep 
    doing that until all 5 Angel Soldiers reach you as they will begin to 
    move towards you themselves, with 2 of the Crusaders close behind. After 
    they are taken care of you will approach the Angels and Angel Cadets. 
    They will not move towards you unless you get close enough to them, 
    which is why you deal with the Angel Soldiers and Crusaders first. After 
    they're finished, you just have to head up and get rid of the last 2 
    Crusaders and Volcanus. It shouldn't be too hard to do.
    Map 8: Sacred Altar
    And here we are, the final map of the game. If you have any plans at all 
    on trying any of the side quest maps on this playthrough, then you have 
    to do so before doing this level, or else you'll have to start from the 
    beginning of the game again, and you won't regain those options in the 
    Dark Assembly until you get this far again. Now then, before you do this 
    level ensure your equipment is up to par and fill your inventory with 
    healing items, the best you can afford. When you feel you're ready, 
    then begin the final map.
    Boss Tactics: This battle will not be easy. For one thing, Lamington 
    is level 90, and his 5 Avengers are all level 75. Perhaps the only 
    good thing is that they will not approach you unless you enter their 
    attack range, so you can lure them one or two at a time slowly. So 
    just do that and avoid fighting more then two at once, however... 
    eventually Lamington will rush you regardless so keep that in mind.
    Either way, once you finish this map you've finished the main game!
    6. Optional Levels
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    7. Misc
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    8. Endings
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    9. Etna Mode
    And here we are on the Side Story Etna Mode section of the guide.
    Now this will be done in the exact same way and fashion as my main
    walkthrough, and in fact I will be acting as if you followed my main
    walkthrough, so I will be assuming you'll be using the same characters
    I had you use through that. If you're just using my guide for the Etna
    Mode sectin, then just substitute any characters you don't have for the
    next best thing. This mode is shorter then the main game, and you lose
    the use of Laharl and any items he had equipped to him. Aside from that,
    there isn't much difference, so let us begin.
    9a. Episode 1: Super Dimensional Etna
    I really hope I don't have to mention going to the hospital, buying 
    and upgrading equipment, and the other basic stuff you had to learn 
    and do while going through the Main Game, so I won't. If you've made 
    it to Etna's Mode then you obviously know how to play, or found the 
    code on the internent to start a new game on Etna's Mode. In either 
    case, this guide will assume you unlocked it during the Main Game by 
    reading her diary every Episode. Now onto the more important matter, 
    you'll notice you're missing Laharl, and thus only have 9 usable 
    characters really, along with some prinnies. And with the only way 
    to make new characters, the Dark Assembly, being closed, you'll just 
    have to start the first map.
    Map 1: Valgipus IV
    Turn 1+: This level is so simply I shouldn't have to say anything. 
    You're facing 3 level 65 Ghosts and a level 70 Zombie, and there is 
    one red Geo Panel in the center with the ATK +50 and DEF +50 effects. 
    Honestly, this battle should take only 1 or 2 turns at most to finish.
    [More coming soon.....]
    10. Item List
    Coming soon to a walkthrough near you.....
    11. FAQ
    When I actually get some questions, I'll probably place them and their 
    answers here!
    12. Contact Information
    Well if you have any questions about my walkthrough, or if you wish to 
    use it on your website, then please send me an email at klasasoatafaq @ 
    yahoo . com. And please include something like "Disgaea FAQ" or anything 
    close to that or I may ignore your email thinking it is spam. 
    13. Version History
    1.00 = 04/23/10
    The initial version of my Walkthrough. It has a completed Main Game 
    Walkthrough, all of the sections which cover the basics of the game are 
    completed, most of the human type characters done, and the first map 
    of Etna Mode written up.
    14. Credits
    As much as I would like to say I wrote this entire thing entirely on 
    my own, I did take some information from other sources, which I will 
    credit right here and now!
    - RealTides: Well, I don't really know who you are, but you're the 
    one credited in the Cheats, Codes, and Secrets section of GameFAQs 
    showing the requirements to unlock the three classes I'm missing, Angel, 
    Majin, and EDF Soldier, so... thanks for the info!
    Copyright 2010 Alex Larson
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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