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    New Maps/Levels Walkthrough by neeker

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/29/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           P R I N C E  O F  P E R S I A -------------------------
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                     NEW MAPS/ LEVELS WALKTHROUGH v. 1.00
                                 By: neeker
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    1. Contact Information
    2. Introduction
    3. The Fortress                                             [ RVSD01 ]
    4. The Lower City                                           [ RVSD02 ]
    5. The Balconies                                            [ RVSD03 ]
    6. The Temple Rooftops                                      [ RVSD04 ]
    7. The Market District                                      [ RVSD05 ]
    8. The Upper City                                           [ RVSD06 ]
    9. The City Gardens                                         [ RVSD07 ]
    10. The Promenade                                           [ RVSD08 ]
    11. The Hanging Gardens                                     [ RVSD09 ]
    12. Conclusion
    Appendix 1: Version history
    Appendix 2: Credits 
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
    works here:
    I've also won FAQ of the Month in the following months:
    2/2007  - Hotel Dusk: Room 215
    11/2006 - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All
    10/2005 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    The Prince of Persia series has always been a favorite franchise of 
    mine. I've played the console versions of the trilogy countless times, 
    and still hold fond memories of them. Prince of Persia: Rival Swords 
    is a PSP port of the concluding chapter of the series. Like Ubisoft's 
    previous PSP Prince of Persia offering, this game comes with additional 
    levels that are not found on the console versions of the game. This 
    document is written with the purpose of providing a walkthrough for 
    these fun, challenging, and sometimes deviously painful-to-navigate 
    To use this document, you must be reasonable familiar with the basics 
    of the game. I won't go through stuff like controls, combat skills and 
    speed kills techniques. If you're stuck on other areas not related to 
    the additional levels, you may refer to any Prince of Persia: The Two 
    Thrones walkthrough on GameFAQs.com for assistance.
    You may wonder where these new levels are found? Well, they'll be
    activated when you attempt to snag a sand gate. The Prince will be 
    "sucked" into a new platforming environment whenever he tries to 
    enter those beam of lights shooting out from the ground. Quite a neat 
    way to include the new puzzles, I must say.
    3. THE FORTRESS                                             [ RVSD01 ]
    The first sand gate is found just after "The Fortress" save point. 
    After you quick kill the two sand guardians, activate the sand gate to 
    enter the first bonus level.
    In front of you are some large water wheels. Notice the horizontal 
    bars on these wheels? You need to use them to get to the other side, 
    but their locations are somewhat awkward to get to. Your immediate task 
    is therefore to align them properly.
    To begin, look behind to find a statue of a mermaid. It's standing 
    right in front of a block of wall. To the left and right of this wall, 
    you can find walls that you can use to do the multiple wall-jumps up to 
    the top.
    At the top, there are two dials on the left and right. Turn one first, 
    and then jump to the next dial via the middle platform to turn the 
    other. Once done, the wheels will be turned in such a way that the 
    horizontal bars are now aligned.
    Jump back to the middle platform, and drop down to one of the hands of 
    the statue. Hang on the hand, and drop back down to where you begin. 
    You can now swing/ jump from bar to bar until you reach the other end 
    of the temple. Be careful when you jump though, as it's entirely 
    possible to misjudge the gap and fall to your death.
    In front of you now should be a large, empty room. Don't enter first. 
    Instead, go to your left to find a dagger plate. Activate it, and a 
    scene will show as some traps are activated in the supposedly empty 
    room. Beyond the traps are some flights of stairs.
    Wait for the first row to move to one side, and then walk in its 
    opposite direction, and then sneak past the rest of the traps in 
    similar fashion - you've got to do this quickly, since this is a timed 
    Beyond the traps, quickly wall run up the stairs, step by step, until 
    you reach the top.
    Your path is blocked by a large, brown wall. On the ground are three 
    buttons. If you step on the wrong one, you'll be hurt, badly. Step on 
    the left plate to remove the wall.
    Next wall, plus three more buttons. This time, step on the right 
    One more wall, and three more buttons, again. Step on the middle button 
    to finally see the ray of hope - the sand beam is right in front! 
    Proceed on the linear path towards the beam, and you'll automatically 
    activate the sand gate for your reward - a new sand tank.
    The walls begin to crumble now. You need to get out of here, fast. 
    Ignore the two fountains-like thing nearby, since you can't drink from 
    there nor save your game with them. Instead, go left to find a gap in 
    the wall. Jump through this gap.
    Hang on this gap and jump towards the opposite platform. You can now 
    do a wall run on the right wall, before jumping to the left platform 
    ahead. Time your jump right, or you'll end up missing the boat.
    Jump past the trunk blocking your path on this platform, and you can 
    wall run on the left wall this time. At the end of the run, jump to 
    the right platform.
    Now, wall run on the right wall before jumping to the left ledge. From 
    here, you can jump to the opposite, higher ledge, and then walk to the 
    front of this ledge. 
    From here, jump to the tree branch in front. You should now be able to 
    swing/ jump to the ledge ahead. See the two narrows walls thing? Jump 
    towards it, and slide all the way downwards.
    A dagger plate is screaming for you here. Jump towards it and hang on 
    to it. Now, wall run on the right wall to reach a ledge. 
    Drop down the ledge, and you'd have return to where you begin. Run 
    towards the circular platform to get out of this place.
    ---------------------------------------------------- THE FORTRESS: END
    4. THE LOWER CITY                                           [ RVSD02 ]
    This is one of the easier bonus levels available in the game. The sand 
    gate near you won't work unless you kill all the creatures guarding it. 
    Problem is, they're all found on the other side of a locked door. Your 
    job is to find a way to them, eliminate them, and return to activate 
    the portal.
    There are two pile of crates around this area. You need to climb on 
    top of the pile that is nearer to the L-shaped structure - if your 
    camera angle changes when you walk near the crates, you're on the 
    right pile.
    When on top, jump to the ledge on the wall. Shimmy to the left to get 
    onto some sort of a roof/ platform.
    Wall run on the right wall until you can jump towards the top of the 
    L-shaped structure. Shimmy left and you should now see a window to 
    the left of the screen. Jump towards the window and climb through.
    Once in, a scene will show you a room full of treasures, plus three 
    sand guardians roaming around. Drop down to the lower platform, and 
    wall run on the right wall. At the end of the run, jump left to the 
    horizontal beam. 
    Go right/ forward and walk to the end, where you'll be on some 
    platforms. Go left, and then wall run on the right wall. At the end, 
    jump left to the horizontal bar.
    Swing/ jump from bar to bar until the next platform. Ignore the window 
    ahead, as it'll bring you back to the previous section. Instead, look 
    left of where you stand, and you should find a wall with a ledge. This 
    wall is situated somewhere in the middle of the room. 
    Jump towards the ledge, and shimmy left until you see two horizontal 
    beams, one on top of the other. You'll be on the top beam, so drop 
    down to the lower beam. Wait patiently until the head guardian (red) 
    looks away, and drop down to double speed kill the other two morons. 
    With the two out of the way, sneak behind the red moron and speed kill 
    as well.
    There's a box with some sand credits near the locked door if you want. 
    Opposite the door is a wall with a button on it. Wall run up to touch 
    it, and the door will open. Run through the door back to where you 
    begin. You'll automatically activate the sand gate for the reward of 
    100 sand credits. 
    -------------------------------------------------- THE LOWER CITY: END
    5. THE BALCONIES                                            [ RVSD03 ]
    Some time after "The Balconies" save point, you'll find a sand gate 
    leading to this area. I don't really consider this a level though, 
    since there's no puzzle to solve whatsoever. 
    To proceed, simply walk forward, get past the bridge, and go up the 
    stairs to reach a fountain. Drink from it to get one of the most 
    important sand powers in the game - The Eye of the Storm. This helps 
    you to slow time.
    From here, walk back to the starting point to get out of here.
    That's it!
    --------------------------------------------------- THE BALCONIES: END
    6. THE TEMPLE ROOFTOPS                                      [ RVSD04 ]
    I like this level. It's pretty challenging, but not to the extent of 
    You'll begin opposite the king's flagship. Three morons are patrolling 
    on it. Wait until all of them are not looking at your direction, and 
    then jump to the T-shaped horizontal beam that is at the "two o'clock" 
    Move along the beam to its front, and then hop onto the beam above. 
    Jump to the rounded platform in the middle of the ship, and navigate 
    to the beam beyond it. You should now be facing the upper deck of the 
    ship, where a guard is. When his back is turned against you, drop to 
    the deck and speed kill him.
    Wait till both guards at the lower deck are not looking, and then drop 
    down to speed kill them if you want.
    To save time, however, I'd recommend to simply drop down from the T-
    shaped beam and dispose them with combat. But seriously, it's your 
    Once the guards are disposed, head towards the front end of the ship. 
    You should be standing beside a wall on the left. Wall run on this, 
    and jump on the deflecting shuttle. It'll send you into a window that 
    leads to an abandoned tower. 
    NOTE: Make sure your sand tanks are full before you proceed.
    In the tower, you'll find yourself atop a flight of stairs. Don't 
    bother going down. Instead, go left, and you'll hit a scene. It seems 
    that some sand are rising quickly, thus submerging the tower in the 
    process. If you don't get out of this soon, you'll be swallowed!
    NOTE: You must do the following sequence *very* quickly, and you must 
    continuously slow time whenever you can. 
    Wall run on the right wall to the next platform. Slow time now, and 
    quickly go left again to do another wall run to the next platform. 
    Do another wall run now, and at the end of it, jump to the horizontal 
    Climb up the beam, and jump to the platform ahead. Slow time if needed, 
    and go left again until you see another horizontal beam. Wall run up 
    the right wall, and rebound off the wall to this beam.
    Shimmy to the right of the beam, and jump to the beam ahead. From here, 
    you can jump to the platform ahead. You can now go left, and exit via 
    the window there.
    If you do this fast enough, you should see a cliff with some ledges in 
    front of you. Jump to one of the ledges, and continue to jump up ledge 
    by ledge until you reach to the top. If you don't see any ledges, it 
    means that you're too late.
    At the top, go towards the sand portal to activate it. You'll gain a 
    new sand tank for your efforts.
    After the cut-scene, you'll transform into the Dark Prince. Your sand 
    tanks should more or less be depleted, but you can fully replenish it
    by heading to the left of this area to find a sand box. Snag some sand 
    credits from the box, and refill all your tanks in the process.
    Now, head right, and right again. A scene will show you the way out of 
    this place. Once you resume control, run forward quickly - a wall is 
    moving out from the left wall, and you don't want it to block your 
    path. It's not necessary to slow time for this, since you should have 
    enough time to get past the wall.
    Beyond the moving wall, you'll reach the end of this pathway. The 
    camera angle will change. Wall run on the left wall, and then jump to 
    the pole on the ship. You won't reach it by merely jumping though, so 
    quickly use the Dark Prince's daggertail (press triangle after jumping) 
    to swing towards the pole. If done correctly, you'll end up hugging the 
    pole. Slow time now. 
    You should see the sand portal behind you here. Align towards that 
    direction, and jump towards it, while using your daggertail to swing 
    to the opposite walkway. 
    Go left and you should see a closing door. Quickly roll under it (slow 
    time if needed). Run towards the wall at the far end, and wall run 
    along it to reach the sand portal. As you land, you'll hit water, and 
    will transform back into the Prince.
    Head towards the sand portal to leave.
    --------------------------------------------- THE TEMPLE ROOFTOPS: END
    7. THE MARKET DISTRICT                                      [ RVSD05 ]
    Another treasure vault level, and like the previous one, it's pretty 
    Head to the bottom left corner of where you begin to find two facing 
    walls. Use them to perform multiple wall-jumps up to the top. At the 
    top, jump to the dagger plate. From here, climb up to the platform 
    Do a wall run along the left wall to reach the ledge just above the 
    window ahead of you. Shimmy right on the ledge until you're above the 
    window, and drop down. Climb through the window.
    A scene will now show you the locations of the three guardians. Drop 
    down to the lower platform, and wall run on the right wall to reach 
    the dagger plate.
    Jump to the opposite dagger plate, and perform a wall run on the left 
    wall to the next available plate. From here, you can wall run to a 
    ledge/ gap on a large pole.
    Shimmy right, and climb up to the platform. Wall run up to the dagger 
    plate here, and wall run along the left wall to the next plate. Here, 
    jump up the dagger plate above. 
    You can now run along the left wall to the very faraway dagger plate. 
    Note that if you attempt to perform this run on the lower dagger plate, 
    you'll never make it. Anyway, from here, jump to the platform behind 
    Do yet another wall run along the left to yet another dagger plate. 
    Drop down to the plate below, and jump to the ledge/ gap in the wall 
    behind you. Here, drop down to the ledge/ gap below. 
    Shimmy right first, and tweak the camera angle to check the head guard 
    at the far side. Once he turns to look to the right, quickly shimmy 
    left. You can now double speed kill the two morons below. There's every 
    chance that, while you're doing these kills, the head guard will turn 
    back to look at your direction. If that happens, you've no choice but 
    to fight.
    Anyway, if you successfully pull off the kills, use the wall here as 
    cover to check the head guard. Once he looks to the right again, sneak 
    towards his back quickly, and speed kill him. It's not necessary to slow 
    time here, unless you really have problems reaching him before he turns 
    to look in your direction again.
    There's a sand box in the small alcove beyond/ to the left of this 
    last guard. Snag it for some sand credits, and to replenish your sand 
    tanks if you're low on sand. 
    You can now return to the sand portal to get your reward of 150 sand 
    Alternatively, from where you begin, simply run in to kill all the 
    three morons head on. Once you enter, the door will be locked, so the 
    head guard won't be able to call for reinforcement. Once you kill them, 
    wall run up to hit the button near the locked door to unlock it, and 
    go back to the sand portal. I won't recommend this method though, 
    since the platforming approach is so much more satisfying to do.
    --------------------------------------------- THE MARKET DISTRICT: END
    8. THE UPPER CITY                                           [ RVSD06 ]
    Like The Balconies, this is merely a resting level. Walk across the 
    bridge and up the stairs to reach the fountain. Drink from it to get 
    a new sand power - the Winds of Sands. 
    -------------------------------------------------- THE UPPER CITY: END
    9. THE CITY GARDENS                                         [ RVSD07 ]
    This is by far the most difficult map among the new levels. It's also 
    extremely frustrating to do, due to camera and controls issues. Don't 
    be surprised if you've to redo it a few times.
    You'll transform into the Dark Prince from the onset. From where you 
    begin, go left, and jump across the gap to the platform ahead. There's 
    a pot here if you need to replenish sands. Here, run along the left 
    wall, and at its end, jump towards the chainswing. As usual, use the 
    daggertail to swing across to the opposite platform.
    NOTE: Precision is needed for this jump. Sometimes, you may miss the 
    platform even if you managed to connect to the chainswing, which makes 
    it very frustrating.
    The platform that you're hanging on is unstable, so quickly slow time. 
    Shimmy to the right, and around the platform until you can see another 
    platform to the left. Jump towards that.
    This platform is equally shaky, but its area is smaller, so you should 
    be able to shimmy right and around it without having to slow time. At 
    the end of it, you should find an angled wall with a ledge behind you. 
    Leap towards it. 
    Climb up, and shimmy left. Jump to the large, red column behind. You 
    may consider slowing time here. You'll be hanging onto a ledge. All you 
    need to do is to shimmy right, and then drop down to the ledge below 
    for a few times. Problem is, the column is sinking, so slowing time may 
    help your plight. A little.
    Once you drop down to a ledge with a pot, you've reach the bottom. A 
    pole is behind, across the lava. Quickly jump towards it, and climb up. 
    Again, the ground holding the pole is submerging as well, so you may 
    want to slow time. It's entirely possible to climb up to the top 
    without slowing time though, so the choice is up to you.
    At the top, the camera angle will show a chainswing to the upper right.
    Jump towards it, and use the daggertail to swing to a ledge on the 
    opposite wall. Drop down to the ledges below (or, if you're slow, the 
    ledges will break anyway). 
    At the bottom, head left to find a platform with two pots. Smash them, 
    and jump across the lava to the platform on the right. Here, you can 
    run up the wall to grab a ledge. Climb up to the ledge above, which 
    is connected to a platform. 
    You need to jump to the right, but a fire dragon statue is moving in 
    and out of the wall, and splurting fire. Wait for it to go into the 
    wall, and then quickly jump to the ledge on the right. 
    Adjust your camera angle and look down. You should see a small platform 
    with a pot. Drop down and break the pots to refill your health. You 
    need to go right, but another fire dragon statue awaits you. Again, 
    wait for it to go into the wall, and then run along the left wall to 
    the far ledge.
    This is one of the most frustrating segments of the level. You'll need 
    to perform multiple wall jumps up the walls here. Some ledges will be 
    available for you to rest, but don't think that it's easy. Somehow, 
    fire is splurting down from above. You'll have to wait for it to go 
    away, before wall-jumping to the next available ledge. The lousy 
    camera angle, however, makes it difficult to gauge whether the fire is 
    still there or not. If you remember, you're playing as the Dark Prince, 
    and your health continuously gets drained for nothing, I've to wish 
    you all the best as you transverse your way up.
    On top, wait for the fire to disappear (duh!) before jumping to the 
    right beam. Here, quickly jump to the horizontal bar ahead, since your 
    health should be rather low now. Climb up to the top of the bar, and 
    turn around. You should see another bar, so jump towards it.
    From here, jump to the small platform in front that has two pots. 
    On this platform, go left, and balance yourself onto the beam. Walk 
    towards its end, and jump left to the horizontal beam. Slow time here 
    if you want, since the bar will start to shake. Walk on this beam to 
    the right, and then left, until the end. You can now jump to a long, 
    thin horizontal pole. 
    Hang on this pole, and shimmy left, down and left again. You should 
    find a balcony at the top right corner of the screen (automatic camera 
    angle)... or at least the ledge on it. Jump to the ledge, and shimmy 
    left until you can climb into the balcony.
    Break the pot here, and then jump over and hang onto the railing. A 
    scene will show two chainswings, and the camera will pan to a left-to-
    right view. Jump to the right, and chainswing twice. You'll hopefully 
    reach a chain. Descend it to finally reach the sand portal, phew!
    You'll get a new sand tank for your efforts - the sixth, and final 
    one, by the way. 
    You'll still have to get back to the starting area. From where you 
    begin, head right to find a pot. Break it for sands, and then head 
    towards the far wall. Hug the wall, and drop down to a hidden ledge.
    NOTE: A glitch here will prevent you from dropping down to the ledge 
    easily. If you head towards the ledge area directly, you may find the 
    Dark Prince suddenly "swimming" in mid-air. If you're lucky, a few 
    stabs at the buttons will free him. If not, he'll somehow plunge to 
    his death.
    Walk forward a little on on this hidden ledge, and a scene will show 
    the lamps along the left wall. Run along the wall, and use the dagger-
    tail to chainswing further (twice) to land onto a ladder. Notice that 
    as you run along the wall, it begins to break. If you're worried, you 
    can slow time, but it's not essential.
    Climb the ladder up to the top. There's another pot here on the left. 
    Break it, and then slow time. Jump across the lava from platform to 
    platform (on the right of the pot) until you're on safe ground again. 
    The platforms will start to tilt once you step onto them, which is why 
    slowing time is helpful. 
    Break the pot here, and then wall run up the grey structure to hang on 
    to the ledge. Shimmy right all the way, and then climb up. Shimmy right 
    until you see a ledge opposite you. 
    DON'T, I repeat, DON'T even attempt to jump across to the opposite 
    ledge. Two bouts of fire are guarding the walls, and you'll never make 
    it. Instead, hang onto the ledge on that small, squarish platform. 
    Make sure that your back is facing you.
    You won't be able to see what's behind, but take the leap of faith to 
    land onto a narrow ledge. Be careful not to over-jump, or you'll fall 
    to your death. This ledge leads to the opposite platform that you 
    couldn't jump to earlier, so simply walk up to the next area.
    Ahead, you'll find one of those narrow walls thing. Drop in between 
    these walls, and slide all the way down. Drop down to the water below 
    to transform back into the Prince.
    There's a chain to your left. Jump towards it, and slide down to the 
    sand portal. I'm sure you're glad that you're finally leaving this 
    hell of a place.
    ------------------------------------------------- THE CITY GARDENS: END
    10. THE PROMENADE                                           [ RVSD08 ]
    Some time after "The Promenade" save point, you'll find the sand gate 
    leading to this level. It also begins with quite a surprise.
    Unlike previous stealthy beginnings, this level starts with three sand 
    monsters attacking you immediately. It's time to put your fighting 
    skills to good use. The good, old vault attacks should do the job 
    easily. However, if you happen to be holding a secondary weapon, you 
    may want to execute some combos just for the sake of it.
    Once you dispose the three morons, look around you. Notice that there 
    are some platforms above and around you. Go to the lowest one, and wall 
    run up to the top of it. From here, you should be able to run along the 
    right wall to reach the ledge at the left of the screen.
    Climb up to the platform above. The next platform is to the right, so 
    run along the left wall until you reach it. 
    Look to the right to find some shutters at the far end of the left 
    wall here. Run along the wall, and use the shutters to reach the ledge 
    just above the window ahead. Shimmy to the right, and drop down to 
    the window. Climb through.
    Guess what? It's another treasure vault. Wall run on the left wall to 
    hang onto the ledge at the right. Climb up to the above platform, and 
    look ahead of you from the left wall. You should see another shutter. 
    What to do? Just run along the left wall (again) and shutter-jump to 
    the chain on the right.
    Slide all the way down and drop to the wooden platform. Another shutter 
    is found on the left wall again. Do the same and shutter-jump to yet 
    another chain on the right. This time, you can slide down to execute a 
    double speed kill on the two morons below.
    Use the large, squarish/ rectangular structure in the middle of the 
    room as cover. Take the right path, and hug the wall of this structure 
    and sneak towards the far end of the room. You should see the head 
    sand guardian at the other side. Once he looks away from you, sneak 
    behind him to speed kill him.
    A locked door is just to the left of this last guard. Run up the wall 
    to the left of this door to touch a button. This unlocks the door, so 
    simply walk back to the sand portal to claim your loot - 200 sand 
    ---------------------------------------------------- THE PROMENADE: END
    11. THE HANGING GARDENS                                      [ RVSD09 ]
    You've been here before. Walk across the bridge, pass the stairs to 
    drink from the fountain. You'll get the most powerful attacking sand 
    power - the Sand Storm.
    --------------------------------------------- THE HANGING GARDENS: END
    I consider this document complete at the time of writing. Based on my 
    memory of playing The Two Thrones, there are no more sand gates after 
    "The Hanging Gardens". I've yet to complete Rival Swords, obviously, 
    but if I come across further levels, I'll include the sections 
    I hope you've found this document useful. Feel free to provide 
    feedback, etc. You know, the usual. Let me know if I made any errors 
    as well, if you come across any. 
    Version 0.70: Guide done up to the 4th sand gate. (4/25)
    Version 0.80: Guide done up to the 7th sand gate. (4/27)
    Version 1.00: Guide completed. (4/29)
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2007. 

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