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Reviewed: 12/28/06

Take a break and smell the Sunny Funnies!

PaRappa The Rapper

A music game brought to us first by _No Company. It was a PS1 release in the beginning and garnered a massive cult response of gamers. Just about everyone who played it became hooked...then, it faded noiselessly into the background. It's back, but only in Japan...

I admit, I was first intrigued by this game by the unique cover art. The characters all look like they were kidnapped from the pages of a five year old's coloring book and then reinvented by someone tripping on LSD....

There are three versions out there. The only variation seems to be the difference in languages in the manual. There is the Korean version, the Cantonese version and the Japanese version. (I have the Cantonese version and it comes with a simpler instruction sheet in English.)

Story - 7/10

You play as PaRapper, the rapping pooch! He's out to impress his gal, Sunny Funny with his cool raps...and so he goes on a saga to become the pooch with the raddest moves ever! PaRappa challenges all of his musically inclined town to rap with him, and when he wins all of them...he wins Sunny's heart.

The story seems tacked on at last minute, but does fit the slightly weird and trippy feel of the game.

Gameplay - 9/10

Each stage starts off with your sensei (teacher) rapping. You follow with a rythmn guide, which tells you which buttons to press at what time. You have many statuses, ranging from "COOL" to "AWFUL". As you rap, you can drop or ascend from these statuses. In order to pass the stages, you have to finish each song with "GOOD" or "COOL" statuses.

Freestyling is another concept that allows you to get the elusive "COOL" status. Freestyling involves adding more button presses than neccessary or subtracting them - all to the music of course! (Not recommended if you have a tin ear...)

Graphics - 8/10

So many characters, so many very weird styles. You have Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken, Prince Fleaswallow, and of course Sunny Funny. All of the characters are plays on stereotypical farm animals, and they are of course very colorful and intensely "flavoured". You'd laugh out loud at some of the character designs....

Sound - 9/10

Japanese pop-culture is heavily responsible for the music here. But interestingly, the voices are in English only, with the subtitles changing to whatever language you need.

Control - 10/10

Deceptively easy to control. The words are controlled by different buttons at different times. (Think Dance Dance Revolution with button presses instead of steps...) Play this in in a quiet area, as your curious cousins may poke buttons at wrong times, resulting in an "AWFUL" status!

Replayability - 5/10

Almost nil, just repeat stages for higher levels, and that elusive "COOL" status. I wish there were more stages, although...the six levels aren't really enough to quench your rapping thirst.

Extras - 4/10

None, although there is an adhoc versus mode. (Humph...finding players in North America will be difficult as attempting to find a snowball in hell.) The upside is that this title supports gamesharing, and thus you can send a demo of stage 1 to anyone who asks. (Hopefully, this will hook some new players!)

Final Thoughts - 8/10

Uniquely weird, and fun! Get one of your friends to send a "gamesharing" file to you, and try it out first. A refreshing addictive addiction to every PSP owners' collection. (A great break from all the killing and crashing titles found on each PSP!)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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