Review by scythe16

Reviewed: 07/30/07

You gotta believe!

The game that started them all. PaRappa the Rapper is a rapping to the rhythm game that was released in 1997. Many people were taken when they found how unique this game really was and now it has been brought back to us for our PSP!

Story: 7/10

Pretty interesting. You go through the game as PaRappa who is trying to impress this girl he likes named Sunny Funny. He goes through various challenges to try and become a better rapper. The story isn't great but it fits so well with the levels that it's hard to hate it.

Graphics: 8/10

Feels like being in a cartoon. The characters have a paper looking quality with vivid colors. Makes you feel like a kid again just playing it. Nothing really flawed here except the resolution can seem a little off at times.

Gameplay/Control :9/10

Things can get a little tricky here for some of the players who are new to the game or genre. The game relies heavily on how well your rhythm and timing are. Going for a win solely by looking at the button sequences at the top of the screen is not a good idea. Listening to the music and pressing the buttons accordingly makes things much easier.

Music/Sound: 10/10

Outstanding. I found myself just listening to my replays over and over rather than playing. I found no flaws in this aspect in the game. This is about the only thing that gives the game replay value.

Replay value: 3/10

Sadly, this is where the game suffers most. After beating the game the only thing you might want to do is listen to the tunes or try to get a "COOL" rating on all the levels. Multiplayer, while fun, is slightly impractical seeing as how there will not be many people who own this game. I can only see a hardcore fan of the genre beating this more than 3 times without getting tired of it.

Overall, this is a terrific game that is lacking in replay which is actually pretty important. Unless you can find this game for less than 25$ I would recommend renting it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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