Review by drakiller22

"Decent Airplane Side Scrolling Game"

Well looking for a psp side scrolling airplane game, I came across this game. Its not that expensive and it does not look that bad. Upon playing this game, it has its ups and downs, but mostly downs.

Game Play: 7/10

As stated above, its a horizontal shoot-em-up game. On the fun scale, it is pretty enjoyable, but the lack of weapons, levels, and monsters is disappointing. The weapons are time based, so it doesn't matter if you just spam it. With only four types of weapon, there is not many different variations you can have fun with. The level is split up in 5 worlds where each world will have several levels ending in a boss fight.

Well enough about the con and look at the pros. For starters, its pretty unique. You move a plane made of clay and blow up enemies ship made of clay. There is also a survival mode which I find more fun than the main game itself. You run through a level with only one health and see how long you last while blasting enemies and dodging bullets.

The sad part is that you could even beat the game in one sitting, but that doesn't mean you leave this game on your shelf. The reply value is great that you can play the game over and over again trying to beat your old score. The levels are short and its great when your on the go.

Graphics: 6/10

Kinda childish and cartoon-ish if you asked me. I expected more from a psp game but the graphic fits with this game. But I guess when everything is made of clay in this game, you can't expect much in the graphic.

Story: 0/10

Well there is no story here. Just a shoot-em-up game when your goal is to blow everything up in your way.

Music: 5/10

Ah the sound during the game. Its decent at best if you have nothing else to listen to. If you have an mp3 player, I recommend listening to that instead while playing this. But other than that it could be improved, it doesn't affect the game play.

Overall: 6/10

Why did I give this a six? Only because if you on the move and feel like for some quick blowing airplane up action, this game is great. If it weren't for the quick fun, this game completely blows. I don't recommend renting this game but pick it up at a game store if its below $10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/11/07

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