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Reviewed: 02/20/07 | Updated: 02/21/07

The Warriors are good. Real good. The best.

The Warriors for the PSP is an amazing game with many things to do and has many hours of game play.

10/10 Story:

The Warriors are small gang from Coney Island hoping to get big. The story takes place 3 months before the big meeting takes place so it gives you a good prequel to the movie. The characters are also great and gives you a prospective from their view. Though there thousands of soldiers to their way home and many cops until they know their safe. It's all there all we need to need to know what's worth stealing.

8/10 Graphics:

The Graphics are pretty good for a Beat-Em-Up game. During the cut scenes the game show them off. I love how the graphics look so much like the console version. Overall, they're good. Though at times I wish it was brighter. Warriors come out and play!

10/10 Audio:

One of my favorite parts of this game is the Audio. Most of the cast form the movie came back to do their voices in the game, thanks Rockstar Games. The soundtrack is great and full of songs from the movie. the dialogue is awesome and humorous. Can you count suck ahs?

9/10 Controls:

The controls for The Warriors are good ,but it sometimes gets hard to move the camera. The Left shoulder button is used to both move and sprint so at times it gets hard to tell. There really isn't anything else wrong with the controls. Oh you don't get it I like it rough.

10/10 Game play:

The Warriors game play is superb. I love getting a beer bottle , hitting it against someone's head , and beating him more up for cash. Tagging is a good addition for this game also. You have a command system so you can tell your fellow Warriors what to do during different obstacles. steal a car radio 15$ , breaking into a store and stealing everything 100$+ , running from the cops while rival gangs throw bats at you , priceless.

10/10 Replay:

The reason you'll be replaying The Warriors is because it has loads of bonus objectives. There's a Rumble Mode which has many mini games and while your a it you may create a gang using over 300+ characters. In addition to that The Warriors also has a 2 player option so you can beat the game or play mini games. The game's 20 dollars so it's a bargain.


If your looking for a good fighting game look no farther.
+ Great story with impressive cast
+ The music
+ Tons of game modes.
+ Nice transition from the console.
+ Replay
+ Only 20 dollars!
- Controls

Buy or Rent:

If you like free roam, action , adventure , fighting games then this is a mecca. If not I'd rent it first , but with 20$ price tag it's worth it. The game may take about 10 hours to beat the main story or an addition 15 hours + to 100% it. Why 'd you do it? No reason I just like doing things like that.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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