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"How to make a movie baced game 101"

The PSP is a haven for re-releases of games we have played before, and like a lot of things, this is sometimes a good idea, other times it's not. This time it's a good one that even though I've played though on the Xbox I'm quite happy to play though one more time.

By the numbers this is how it breaks down.

Graphics 9 of 10

On the smaller screen everything just looks better as the blocky look on the home ports are shrunk so that graphic flaws are no longer noticeable. On the flip side the same shrinking has the honor of making the game a lot harder to see as the dark environment just can be hard to see making it hard to see the places to tag and sometimes the way to go, though the on screen map helps in that.

Of course there is also the stile that the game is presented in; there is just nothing in the game that does not fit the feel of the movie that it is based on. Mix that with the cinemas that make it feel like you might just be watching the film instead of the game and this just shows how much Rockstar tends to get the material that there working with.

Sound 10 of 10

They had this on the mark for the consoles and it loses nothing coming to the PSP, and thank god because there is a lot to like about the voice acting and music. It is all spot on for the era and I'm not sure if they had to find voice actors or if they were able to get the actors from the movie, but they all sound just as they did in the film.

Controls 9 of 10

This is the one place where I find this game is actually a small bit better then the consoles, the nub works well, especially with the tagging and radio stealing mini games and as much as I hate needing to use the select button in games, it is better then having to press down on the control sticks in the consol games to give commands.

Is it fun 10 of 10?

Much like most of the games that are heavy on story, it helps if you like the movie that this is based on. That I do. This is easily the best example of the side scrolling brawler that has come along since the 16 bit era of games. That was one of my favorite kinds of games back then. Mixing the two has made if quite fun for me and I'm sure if you're a fan of one or the other you will too.

Reparability 7 of 10

Ok, it's weak on this since there is little to do once you have played though the main story and the sub stories. This is hampered a bit more compared to the consoles by the PSP not being able to handle this as a multiplayer games nearly as well due to the system's nature. (Looking for another player with this game to play with? good luck) If you have played this one though on a consol you'll find nothing new here since this is just a direct port of the game and there is nothing new here.

Overall 9 of 10

Other game developers take note, this is how you make a game based on a movie, this game expands on the movie it's based on (you will get though two thirds of the game before you even get the story that the movie is based on, and that's without playing the bonus levels.) and had taken the time to be sure that what they ad really does expand the world that the movie hinted at much like most of these games based off of movies clam there going to be.

If you haven't played this on the PS2 or the Xbox, then I'd say this is a must buy. If you found the game fun when you played it then, taking it on the go could be fun too. Just remember that it is the same game you played and don't expect there to be anything new.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/01/08

Game Release: The Warriors (US, 02/12/07)

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