PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File07/03/07KimGuy83799K
All Characters S Ranked @ Level 20 With 99999pts + FULL Unlocks + 100wins On All Survivals
Save Game File05/23/07AznCuBoi27795K
All Characters Unlocked
Save Game File05/24/07OgichiIkasoruk795K
All Characters, Partners and Maps Unlocked
Save Game File05/25/07vincent_10_27795K
All Characters, Partners, Maps, Gallery, Movies, Sound unlocked. All Characters at level 20. All SP/Alt Costumes unlocked. All Free Missions at S ranking.
Save Game File05/29/07PaulToka794K
Max Points, All characters and support characters unlock, all arenas, and 7 level 20 characters in Character Master.

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