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    FAQ/Walkthrough by packrati

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    Written by: The Rat
    GameFAQS ID: Packrati
    Contact me at: packrati@hotmail.com
    System: PSP
    Version 1.0 - ???
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 The Rat
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    Table of Contents
    I. The Game
    II. Characters
    III. Controls
    IV. Soldier Specialty
    V. Stats
    VI. 	Skills
    VIII. 	Combat
    IX. 	Items
    X. Walkthrough
    	01. Aboard the Kronos
    	02. Recon Aboard the Kronos.
    	03. The Bridge
    	04. Into the Kronos’s Engine
    	05. Strong Sense of Duty
    	06. Deadly Recreation
    	07. Unexpected Circumstances
    	08. Retribution
    	09. Extermination
    	10. Escape
    	11. The Corrupt King
    	12. AWOL
    XI. Aliens
    	01. Aboard the Kronos
    	02. Recon Aboard the Kronos.
    	03. The Bridge
    	04. Into the Kronos’s Engine
    	05. Strong Sense of Duty
    	06. Deadly Recreation
    	07. Unexpected Circumstances
    	08. Retribution
    	09. Extermination
    	10. Escape
    	11. The Corrupt King
    	12. AWOL
    XII. About the Author
    XIII. Help
    I. The Game
    Thousands of years from now, humankind is driven by an insatiable thirst for 
    knowledge and a strong will to explore the farthest corners of the galaxy. 
    Earthling explorers armed with the ability to terraform entire planets and make
    the habitable will prepare these frontiers for human colonization. 
    At one such remote frontier sits the Seti-Alpha 5 Terraforming Station (SAT5), 
    a facility preparing its assigned planet for human habitation. 
    Its has been some time since the last interstellar communications were received
    from SAT5 and the top brass at Earth Command are concerned. 
    The CICEC (Commander in Chief, Earth Command) has decided to send the Starship
    USS Logos to investigate. 
    II. Characters
    Lieutenant Aileen Harding (YOU):
    	A 21-year-old Lieutenant in the Earth Command, standing 5’6” with 
    shoulder length brown hair and green eyes, Lt. Harding has a lean, athletic 
    build and possesses great agility and strength. Orphaned at an early age, 
    Aileen was raised by her uncle, Captain Trevor James. After spending most of 
    her early childhood living on various military bases, Aileen enrolled in the 
    prestigious Earth Command Space Academy at 13. She easily out classed those 
    several years her senior with her combat proficiency and graduated with top 
    honors at the age of 16. Assigned to the Starship Kardis as her first post, 
    Ensign Aileen Harding served with distinction and rose quickly through the 
    ranks, becoming the youngest Lieutenant in Earth Command history at the age 
    of 19.
    Tom Tobin (your fiancée)
    	Tom Tobin is an atmospheric engineer who has lived aboard terraforming 
    stations most of his adult life. On a recent furlough, Tom met a young woman 
    and the experience changed him forever.  On shore leave for six months while 
    the Starship Kardis was overhauled for repairs, the young engineer met and fell
    in love with Aileen Harding; a six- month whirlwind romance led to a marriage 
    proposal from Tom. They agreed that when Tom returned from the SAT5 Project in 
    three years they would be married. During the following two years of separation
    Aileen and Tom were in constant communication and their close bond grew even 
    Captain Trevor James
    	The Captain of the Starships Logos is a dependable and honorable career
    military man. Known to be friendly and considerate, he nevertheless runs a 
    tight and disciplined ship. Captain James loves Aileen as a daughter and has 
    taken great care to raise her into a loving and compassionate human being. 
    Though strict with others under his command, he never has been able to 
    completely impose his will on Aileen.
    Commander Iris Hayes
    	In charge of the bridge crew as well as the day-today affairs of the 
    Logos, Commander Hayes is a highly organized and diligent professional. She has
    served Captain James and the crew of the Logos well during her tenure and is 
    renowned for always keeping the ship running in tip-top shape.
    The Alien Syndrome
    	The Alien Syndrome is a menace whose very touch can mutate man and 
    machine alike into unspeakable alien horrors. Some one hundred years ago, a 
    scouting party of the alien syndrome encountered Earth Command forces. Only 
    through the brave efforts of two Earth Command Soldiers, Trooper Ricky and 
    Trooper Mary, were the Earth forces able to repel the attack of the Alien 
    Syndrome. These events are chronicled in the original Alien Syndrome. 
    	Nobody could predict when the aliens would strike again, but when they
    did Earth Command would be ready. They knew that at some disputed barricade on
    the frontier of freedom, the time would come to join the battle. That time is 
    now. The Alien Syndrome has returned.  
    III. Controls
    Scheme 1
    Cross - Attack/Strafe*
    Circle - Attack/Strafe*
    Square - Use/Pick up items/open doors/and everything else
    Triangle - Hold down to move camera
    Directional Pad up - minimap zoom
    Directional Pad left - health pack
    Directional Pad right - recharge pack
    Directional Pad down - melee/range swap
    L button - Shield
    R button - Health pack
    Start Button - Pause/Settings
    Select Button – Stats/Inventory Screens
    Scheme 2
    Cross - Attack
    Circle - Attack
    Square - Use/Pick up items/open doors/and everything else
    Triangle - Hold down to move camera
    Directional Pad up - minimap zoom
    Directional Pad left - health pack
    Directional Pad right - recharge pack
    Directional Pad down - melee/range swap
    L button - Shield
    R button - Strafe*
    Start Button - Pause/Settings
    Select Button - Stats/Inventory Screens
    *To strafe you must hold down the corresponding button
    IV. Soldier Specialty
    These are the five choices of starting weapons at the beginning of the game, 
    but they do not limit you to just those weapons or skills. Any specialty may 
    use any skill, for example: the Demolitions Expert starts with Ranged: 
    Explosive skill but may add points to the Melee skill. The only real question 
    you must ask yourself is, what is your play style? If your an up close and 
    personal person pick the Tank, if you like to lots of damage and have high 
    resistance then the Seal is for you. 
    All Specialties start with 2 health pack and 2 recharge packs. 
    Demolitions Expert
    Skilled in the use of explosives. Starts with the Bomb Launcher MK 1, Ravager 
    MK 1 and 200 explosive ammo. 
    Strength - 10
    Dexterity - 5
    Accuracy - 10
    Endurance - 5
    Ranged: Explosive - 2
    Ranged: Projectile - 1
    Armor Aptitude - 1
    Melee Aptitude - 1
    Expert at using flame weapons. Starts with Flamethrower MK 1, Ravager MK 1 and 
    200 flame ammo.
    Strength - 5
    Dexterity - 5
    Accuracy - 10
    Endurance - 10
    Ranged: Flame - 2
    Resist: Fire - 1*
    Armor Aptitude - 1
    Melee Aptitude - 1
    The Seal is a survival expert. Starts with the Laser Rifle MK 1.
    Strength - 5
    Dexterity - 5
    Accuracy - 5
    Endurance - 15
    Ranged: Energy - 1
    Resist: Fire - 1
    Resist: Infection - 1
    Resist: Radiation - 1
    Resist: Electricity - 1
    Armor Aptitude - 1
    Deadly in close combat using melee weapons. Starts with Ravager MK 1.
    Strength - 15
    Dexterity - 5
    Accuracy - 5
    Endurance - 5
    Melee Aptitude - 2
    Armor Aptitude - 1
    Rapid Strike - 2
    Master of Projectile weapons. Starts with Gauss Rifle MK 1, Ravager MK 1 and 
    200 projectile ammo.
    Strength - 5
    Dexterity - 5
    Accuracy - 15
    Endurance - 5
    Ranged: Projectile - 1
    Combat Mastery - 1
    Swiftness - 1
    Armor Aptitude - 1
    Melee Aptitude - 1
    *The game book says 2 points in fire resist, but game says 1.
    V. Stats (done using trends):
    min 5		max 200
    Represents your physical strength and vigor.
    Sub Stat:Weight +2 per lvl
    How much you can carry
    Sub Stat:Melee Bonus 0-1 every lvl and every other +1-0
    Default melee damage rating
    Represents your agility.
    Sub Stat:Melee Rate +0.5% per lvl
    Melee attack speed.
    Sub Stat:Speed +1% per lvl
    Movement Speed.
    Represents your ability to evaluate a target and land an accurate and deadly 
    Sub Stat:Crit. Chance +0.5% per lvl
    Chance to do a critical hit with both ranged and melee
    Sub Stat:Crit. Multiplier +1% per lvl
    Critical hit damage multiplier. only for ranged, melee is always 150%
    Represents your health and physical constitution
    Sub Stat:Health +5 per lvl
    Base Health.
    Sub Stat:Resist +0.5% per lvl
    Base Resistance.
    Other Stats:
    Damage Reduction
    Armor Value
    Battery Charge for energy weapons and shield
    Energy Recharge
    How fast the battery recharges at.
    Shield Damage Absorption Ratio (called Shield)
    How much damage the shield can absorb before it runs out.
    VI. Skills (done using trends and slight guess work, read above for reason):
    Armor Aptitude(Note special armors not mentioned)
    level 1 - Hermes unlocked
    level 2 - Triton unlocked
    level 3 - Magini unlocked
    level 4 - Tyrant unlocked
    level 5 - All Armor Types unlocked
    Melee Aptitude
    level 1 - Devastator unlocked
    level 2 - Eviscerator and Disemboweler unlocked
    level 3 - Annihilator and Mutilator unlocked
    level 4 - Exsanguinator unlocked
    level 5 - All Melee weapons unlocked
    Ranged: Energy
    level 1 - Laser Rifle unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 2 - Sonic Blast unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 3 - Reflect Laser unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 4 - Damage +25%
    level 5 - Dispersion Laser unlocked and Damage +25%
    Ranged: Flame
    level 1 - Flame Thrower unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 2 - Firebolt unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 3 - Fragmentation Fireball unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 4 - Damage +25%
    level 5 - Flame Geyser unlocked and Damage +25%
    Ranged: Explosive
    level 1 - Bomb Launcher unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 2 - Mine Layer unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 3 - Missile Launcher unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 4 - Damage +25%
    level 5 - Quantum Ripper unlocked and Damage +25%
    Ranged: Projectile
    level 1 - Gauss Rifle unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 2 - Blast Cannon unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 3 - Chaingun unlocked and Damage +25%
    level 4 - Damage +25%
    level 5 - Nanobot Swarm unlocked and Damage +25%
    Combat Mastery – Crit. chance +5% per lvl
    Swiftness - Movement speed +0.25 per lvl
    Dominating Strikes - Melee damage +10% per lvl
    Rapid Strike - Melee attack speed +0.1 per second per lvl
    Resist: Fire - resistance +5% per lvl
    Resist: Infection - resistance +5% per lvl
    Resist: Radiation - resistance +5% per lvl
    Resist: Electricity - resistance +5% per lvl
    Bio Regen - rate +1 per lvl
    Enhanced Recharge - rate +1 per lvl
    Pack Rat - Weight allowance +25 per lvl
    Bio Regen Field - heals other players +1 per second per lvl
    Recharge Field - other player's energy +1 per second per lvl
    The best little, floating store in the whole galaxy. Plus he can shoot and 
    heal you. The Sentient Combat and Recycling Assembly Bot is by far the best 
    shop/companion for any PSP game I have play to date. The SCARAB has the ability
    to remove items you don’t want, and turn them into Resource Points (RP). Using 
    RP you can have the SCARAB build weapons, armor, ammo, health packs or recharge
    packs. To remove an item, in the inventory screen press the Triangle button. 
    Word of Warning once you recycle an item you can’t get it back unless you find 
    it again. Every 2 to 3 minutes or when ever you enter a new map the SCARAB gets
    new items. The SCARAB has only four upgrades, Attack power(increases the damage
    done), Firing Rate(how fast it can fire), Auto-Repair(Heals you), and 
    Auto-Recharge(Recharges battery). At any given time the SCARAB can have two 
    upgrades on, meaning you have to decide if you want him to fight or heal or a 
    mixture of both.
    VIII. Combat
    There are two types of combat, ranged and melee. Melee is the easiest of the 
    two. In melee all you have to do is run up to the enemy and hack away.  In 
    ranged you use a red line that extends from the direction that your character 
    is facing to aim. This can get tricky in the heat of battle, but the more you 
    play the better and fast you get at it. As you kill aliens they will drop 
    armor, ranged and melee weapons, SCARAB upgrades, neural adapters, ammo, RP, 
    and health and recharge packs. Each looks different from the other. Armor looks
    like a shield. Melee weapons look like a staff. SCARAB upgrades look like green
    rectangles with silver on the bottom. Neural adapters look like “helmets”. All
    ammo looks like a pyramid. RP looks like a small square. Health packs looks 
    like a triangle with a red cross in the middle.  Recharge packs look like a 
    blue rectangle.  
    Melee Weapons: 
    	Regardless of weapon there are two types of attack light attack and 
    	hard attack.
    	Light attacks are the “X” button.
    	Hard attacks are the Circle button.
    	You can do combos by using a combination of “X”s and Circles.
    Flame Weapons*: 
    	Flamethrower is an easy to use weapon. Just hold down the attack button
    	and strafe away from the alien. Uses 1 flame ammo.
    	Firebolt shoots out a fireball that explodes causing splash damage. 
    	Uses 2 flame ammo
    	Fragmentation Fireball** shoots out a fireball that explodes into 
    	smaller fireballs. Uses 4 flame ammo.
    	Flame Geyser shoot out three small grenade like objects, which engulf 
    	the alien doing massive damage, it’s ineffective at close range. 
    	Uses 8 flame ammo.
    Energy Weapons:
    	Laser Rifle is very weak, but because it has no ammo you could just hold the 
    	fire button down, if you had a fast recharge.
    	Sonic Blast more powerful than the Laser Rifle and has the ability to knock 
    	back and stun. 
    	Reflect Laser just like the Laser rifle, but with an added bonus, it can 
    	bounce off walls.
    	Dispersion Laser shoots out 4 beams in 4 directions.
    Projectile Weapons:
    	Gauss Rifle is automatic it shoots about 3 rounds a second and does 
    	light damage.
    Work in Progress
    Explosive Weapons:
    	Work in Progress
    Leveling guide(about)
    1 200		26	???		51	??? 		76	???
    2 520		27	???		52	??? 		77	???
    3 930		28	???		53	??? 		78	???
    4 1400		29	???		54	??? 		79	???
    5 2000		30	???		55	??? 		80	???
    6 2500		31	???		56	??? 		81	???
    7 3030		32	???		57	??? 		82	???
    8 3655		33	???		58	??? 		83	???
    9 4330		34	???		59	??? 		84	???
    10 5005		35	???		60	??? 		85	???
    11 5715		36	???		61	??? 		86	???
    12 6450		37	???		62	??? 		87	???
    13 7200		38	???		63	??? 		88	???
    14 7980		39	???		64	??? 		89	???
    15 8720		40	???		65	??? 		90	???
    16 9640		41	???		66	??? 		91	???
    17 10455	42	???		67	??? 		92	???
    18 ???		43	???		68	??? 		93	???
    19 ???		44	???		69	??? 		94	???
    20 ???		45	???		70	??? 		95	???
    21 ???		46	???		71	??? 		96	???
    22 ???		47	???		72	??? 		97	???
    23 ???		48	???		73	??? 		98	???
    24 ???		49	???		74	??? 		99	???
    25 ???		50	???		75	??? 		100	???
    About leveling I have not put any points into dexterity with my Tank, but it’s
    at 9. It looks like every 3 levels you get en extra point in a stat you
    Specialty uses.
    Because any character may use any save game, start a just from the very 
    beginning that way when you find something good, you can always save your game
    and open your item game. Dropped items will still be there when you load a 
    saved game. Its helpful for when you have too many items, but can’t hold them 
    because of you low strength and weight max. 
    *Did you notice how all the flame weapons begin with “F”?
    **The book says 3 smaller fireballs, but while playing I have counted up to 5.
    IX. Items and the Names of affects
    		Laser Rifle MK I 1-2
    		Laser Rifle MK Ia 1-6
    		Laser Rifle MK II 1-11
    		Laser Rifle MK IIa 1-15
    		Laser Rifle MK III 1-20
    		Laser Rifle MK IIIa 1-24
    		Laser Rifle MK IV 1-29
    	Laser Rifle MK IVa 1-33
    		Laser Rifle MK V 
    		Sonic Blast MK I 23-67
    		Sonic Blast MK Ia 26-75
    		Sonic Blast MK II 29-83
    		Flamethrower MK I 1-2
    		Flamethrower MK Ia 3-5
    		Flamethrower MK II 6-8
    		Flamethrower MK IIa 8-11
    		Flamethrower MK III 11-15
    		Flamethrower MK IIIa 13-18
    		Flamethrower MK IV 16-22
    		Flamethrower MK IVa 18-25
    		Firebolt MK I 1-62
    		Firebolt MK Ia 1-69
    		Fragmentation Fireball MK I 163-487
    		Gauss Rifle MK I 1-4
    		Gauss Rifle MK Ia 1-15
    		Gauss Rifle MK II 1-26
    		Gauss Rifle MK IIa 1-36
    		Gauss Rifle MK III 1-48
    		Blastcannon MK I 103-123
    		Blastcannon MK Ia 112-142
    		Blastcannon MK II 121-161
    		Bomb Launcher MK I 1-9
    		Bomb Launcher MK Ia 1-30
    		Bomb Launcher MK IIa 2-74
    		Bomb Launcher MK III 3-97
    		Bomb Launcher MK IIIa 3-119
    		Mine Layer MK I 68-203
    		Mine Layer MK Ia 76-228
    		Mine Layer MK IIa 93-278
    		Ravager MKI 1-3
    		Ravager MKII 1-20
    		Ravager MKIII 1-37
    		Ravager MKIV 1-54
    		Ravager MKV 1-71
    		Devastator MK I 17-53
    		Devastator MK II 21-66
    		Devastator MK III 25-79
    		Devastator MK IV 29-92
    		Decapitator MK V 1-494
    		Death Adder (melee) 1-367
    			Fire/Elec/Rad Dam. +20
    			Melee Aptitude level 5
    Armor(only doing up to five, just follow the trend)
    		Boots MK I 0-1
    		Boots MK II 1-1
    		Boots MK III 1-2
    		Boots MK IV 2-2
    		Boots MK V 2-3
    		Gloves MK I 0-1
    		Gloves MK II 1-1
    		Gloves MK III 1-2
    		Gloves MK IV 2-2
    		Gloves MK V 2-3
    		Helmet MK I 1-2
    		Helmet MK II 2-3
    		Helmet MK III 3-4
    		Helmet MK IV 5-6
    		Helmet MK V 6-7
    		Chest MK I 1-3
    		Chest MK II 3-5
    		Chest MK III 5-7
    		Chest MK IV 7-9
    		Chest MK V 9-11
    		Leggings MK I 1-2
    		Leggings MK II 2-3
    		Leggings MK III 3-4
    		Leggings MK IV 4-5
    		Leggings MK V 5-6 
    		Boots MK I 1-5
    		Boots MK II 1-6
    		Boots MK III 1-6
    		Boots MK IV 1-7
    		Gloves MK I 1-5
    		Gloves MK II 1-6
    		Gloves MK III 1-6
    		Gloves MK IV 1-7
    		Gloves MK V 1-7
    		Helmet MK I 1-13
    		Helmet MK II 1-17
    		Helmet MK III 1-21
    		Helmet MK IV 1-26
    		Chest MK I 1-18
    		Chest MK II 1-24
    		Chest MK III 1-31
    		Chest MK IV 1-37
    		Leggings MK I 1-10
    		Leggings MK II 1-13
    		Leggings MK III 1-17
    		Leggings MK IV 1-20
    		Boots MK I 3-9
    		Gloves MK I 3-9
    		Chest MK I 9-27
    		Leggings MK I 5-15
    		S.P.U.D. Boots 2-3
    			Weight Max +100
    			Dam. Conv. +37
    			Armor Aptitude level 1
    		Protean Batteshroud (Chest) 50-100
    			Armor Aptitude level 2
    		Golden Fleece 51-71
    			Drop Quality 150%
    			Bio Regen Field +5/s
    			Armor Aptitude level 5		
    		Protean Grasp (Gloves) 1-8
    			Rad. Resist -5%
    			Crit. Hit% +10%
    			Health +95
    Health packs
    1 	20
    2 	40
    3 	60
    4 	80
    5 	100
    6 	120
    7 	140
    8 	160
    9 	180
    10 	200
    Recharge packs
    1 	50
    2 	75
    3 	100
    4 	125
    5 	150
    6 	175
    7 	200
    8 	225
    9 	250
    10 	300
    Neural Adapters are your biggest help; they add every thing from regen to stats
    to shield time. They do stack, but they do weight you down so be careful.
    SCARAB Upgrades:
    Bio Regen Nanofield MK
    1 +1.0/s
    2 +1.5/s
    3 +2.0/s
    4 +2.5/s
    5 +3.0/s
    6 +3.5/s
    7 +4.0/s
    8 +4.5/s
    9 +5.0/s
    10 +6.0/s
    Energy Transducer MK
    1 +1.0/s
    2 +1.5/s
    3 +2.0/s
    4 +2.5/s
    5 +3.0/s
    6 +3.5/s
    7 +4.0/s
    8 +4.5/s
    9 +5.0/s
    10 +6.0/s
    Rapid Fire Chip MK
    1 0.93s
    2 0.85s
    3 ???
    4 ???
    5 ???
    6 0.55s
    7 ???
    8 ???
    9 ???
    10 0.33s
    Weapon Enhanced MK
    1 +5
    2 +10
    3 +15
    4 +20
    5 +25
    6 +30
    7 +35
    8 +40
    9 +45
    10 +50
    Find “Unencumbered” armor and neural adapters as soon as possible.  
    Names: Work in Progress
    Adept - +XP Bonus%
    Asbestos - +Fire Resist%
    Autotargeting - +Critical hit%
    Balanced - +Dexterity
    Bioleeching - +Damage Conversion
    Blunt - -Damage%
    Brisk - +Speed%
    Burdened - -Speed%
    Charmed - +RP Drop%
    Chraging - +Energy Regen
    Concussive - +Knock Back%
    Conducting - -Elec. Resis%
    Draining - -Energy Regen
    Dull - -Damage%
    Efficient - +Shield Time
    Empowered - +Recharge Field
    Encumbered - -Weight Max
    Flammable - -Fire Resist%
    Heavy - +Wieght of Object
    Immolated - +Fire Retrib.
    Imprecise - -Accuracy
    Inefficient - -Shield Time
    Infected - +Infect. Damage 
    Infused - +Energy Max
    Inhibiting - -Health Max
    Inoculated - +Infect. Resist%
    Insulated - +Elec. Resist%
    Irradiated - +Rad. Retrib.
    Leaded - +Rad. Resist%
    Lucky - +Drop Quality%
    Mechanized - + Strength
    Penetrating - +Damage%
    Precise - +Accuracy
    Protective - +Endurance
    Radioactive - +Rad. Damage
    Rapid - +Melee Rate%
    Reflective - +Damage Reflect%
    Rusty - -Strength
    Serrated - +Damage%
    Shocking - +Elec. damage
    Shorted - -Energy max
    Static - +Elec. Retrib.
    Sustaining - +Bio Regen Field 
    Ultralight - -Weight of Object
    Unassisted - -Crit. Hit%
    Unbalanced - -Dexterity
    Unencumbered - +Weight max
    Vigilant - +Perception
    X. Walkthrough(I will not write down conversations or out lines of cinematic, 
    the reason is so that you have to play through the to find out why.)
    This walk through will take you through every area on every map because this is
    and action RPG. Meaning that you need to kill every thing, find all the boxes 
    and chests. Period. Some of the steps you can skip, but I will not say which, 
    you must either, follow my guide or figure out which steps to skip.
    1. Directions will be used from where you start the map, so north is straight 
       ahead of you and south is behind you, etc...
    2. You can skip some of the steps because of them will take you off the trail 
       of the main mission. 
    3. This is a linear game there is only one exit, but the maps are big enough to
       hide boxes and chests in. Find them all for items.
    4. The best way to defeat minibosses if you ranged is to put on you shield and 
       just hold down the attack button and back up, if your melee put on you 
       shield and attack with strong attacks.
    5. You can always restart a map if you die or reload a save.
    6. The save points are those weird glowing crosses on the ground that when you
       step on them they center starts to make circles. These are also the 
    7. Your shield is your friend.
    8. Brake all boxes you can find.
    9. Open all chests you can find.
    10. Kill EVERYTHING, that’s an order Lieutenant.
    01. Aboard the Kronos: Proceed to the Bridge of the Kronos and download the 
        Captain’s mission logs.
    	A. You must exit through the Hanger Bay first.
    		First time players will want to follow the tutorial. 
    		If not skip down to b.
    		a. The tutorial.
    			1. Find the question marks on the minimap and press 
    			   square “To interface with the tutorial system.” 
    		b. Run around the hanger bay whacking all of the box to get 
    		   health pack, recharge packs, ammo, armor, or weapons.
    		c. The keycard is in the north end of the room.
    	B. You must get trough the Warehouse areas first.
    		a. Exit the room in the southwest corner using the keycard. 
    		b. Checkpoint.
    		c. Follow the passage west (braking the boxes on the way) till
    		   you come to the “T” intersection.
    		d. Follow the passage north (killing everything in you path).
    		e. Head into the western room for some more aliens to kill or.
    		f. Head into the eastern room.
    		g. Look at the tutorial question mark to make your chest 1 
    		h. Kill everything in the room before heading out the door.
    		i. Head east along the hall (killing all) to find your chest 2.
    		j. Head back west to the door north of the room you just 
    		k. Explore the room killing all(that orange circle on your 
    		   minimap represents a miniboss, a boss, or a important place 
    		   you need to go).
    		l. Exit the room using the door to the west and the head south 
    		   for chest 3,4,5.
    		m. Head back to the door where the orange circle is. 
    		n. Checkpoint.
    		o. Here is your first miniboss: Corrupted Machine Pulverizer.
    		The best way to defeat him (if you ranged) is to just hold down
    		your attack and back up, if your melee put on you shield and 
    		go all out.
    		p. Explore the room doing the usual(killin’, brakin’, openin’). 
    		q. Chest 6 is in the far west end of the room.
    		r. Then head out the south door.
    		s. Head west.
    		t. Then south.
    		u. Checkpoint.
    		v. Head through the opening to your east and kill the aliens.
    		w. Open the second locker on the east side.
    		x. Open the first locker on the west side.
    		y. Open the fourth locker on the east side.
    		z. Open the chest 7 and the sixth locker on the east side.
    		aa. Open chest 8.
    		bb. Head south then east Open chest 9.
    		cc. Head back north past the exit killing every thing.
    		dd. Head to the exit.
    02. Recon Aboard the Kronos.
    	A. Continue to the bridge via the Starboard Laser Cannon section.
    		a. Hang out near the entrance till no more aliens spawn.
    		b. Head west till you reach the larger walkway.
    		c. Head north west onto a smaller walkway.
    		d. Continue west until you can’t go any farther then head south
    		e. In the room you will find chests 10 and 11.
    		f. Head back to the walkways that are parallel and head north.
    		g. At the “t” intersection head east.
    		h. Until another “t” then head north.
    		i. Check point.
    		j. Head north to those hexagon shaped rooms.
    		k. The northern most room has chest 12.
    		l. Head to the east through a door.
    		m. Then head southwest to a room in the northern part of the 
    		   room is chest 13.
    		n. Then follow the west wall in to the room just north of the 
    		   chest for a box leave the room.
    		o. Follow the west wall north until you can head west.
    		p. The second room to the south has a box in it.
    		q. North of the far west room is a chest.
    		r. Along the north wall is a chest 14.
    		s. Follow the north wall east to...
    		t. Checkpoint.
    		u. Through the door to the north following the path.
    		v. Then heading east to the second miniboss: Corrupted Machine 
    		w. In the far east part of the room is chest 15.
    		x. Head north and then west.
    		y. Watch out for the gas pipes.
    		z. Head into the first room for chest 16.
    		aa. Head north then east until you reach another room.
    		bb. Head south.
    		cc. Head east then south.
    		dd. Then east again.
    		ee. Open chest 17.
    		ff. Head back and north.
    		gg. Checkpoint.
    		hh. Head east for chest 18.
    		ii. Head back and north then west.
    		jj. In the room to the north is chest 19.
    		kk. Head back to the exit.
    03. The Bridge
    	A. Locate the bridge and download the logs ASAP!
    		a. Head north.
    		b. There is a box in the north most part of the hall.
    		c. Head west through the door.
    		d. Head north.
    		e. Then west.
    		f. Checkpoint.
    		g. Now head back to “t” intersection.
    		h. Head west into the center area.
    		i. Head north, then one room over and head south
    		j.  Head to the next set of rooms and head north
    		k. Head west then north through the door.
    		l. Same checkpoint.
    		m. Head north to the orange circle.
    	B. Reroute power to the bridge. Proceed to Main Engineering and await
    	   further instructions.
    		a. Head south, (checkpoint) then west.
    		b. Head south through two doors, following the path.
    		c. Head towards the exit.
    04. Into the Kronos’s Engine
    	A. Locate Engineering and reroute power to the bridge.
    		a. Head south along the path.
    		b. Follow the path to the dead end and then head to the 
    		   southern path.
    		c. Follow the west path toward another dead end.
    		d. In the room at this dead end are chests 20, 21, 22, 23, and
    		e. Head through the north path.
    		f. Checkpoint.
    		g. Follow the path
    		h. Choice time: follow the path forward toward the orange 
    		   circle or follow the path southwest. My choice is to clear
    		   the map.
    		i. 3rd miniboss: Putrid Trashman.
    		j. Head to the northwest part of the open area to find a door and...
    		k. Checkpoint.
    		l. Follow the path.
    		m. Head into the first cone shaped area (near the entrance is a
    		   hole in the floor with a rail on the eastern side and a pipe
    		   on the western side, yes you can fall into that hole) for
    		   chest 25.
    		n. 4th miniboss: Defiled Trashman.
    		o. The second cone shaped area is the same as the first only 
    		   without a chest.
    		p. Following the path west and south you find.
    		q. Checkpoint.
    		r. Once more a choice: I headed down the northern path.
    		s. The outer stations must be used first then the center one.
    		t. If you clear out the are before you exit you will get more 
    		   exp. Or just head to the exit.
    05. Strong Sense of Duty
    	A. Proceed to the source of the life signs. Render aid, if necessary.
    		a. Heading west will give you exp. and items.
    		b. Then north and west for the same reason.
    		c. On the northeastern path is.
    		d. Checkpoint.
    		e. 5th Miniboss: Berserker.
    		f. Head east following the path.
    		g. Checkpoint.
    		h. Head to the green triangle it’s an elevator.
    		i. Follow the path north(the barrels can be broken).
    		j. Chest 26 is on the eastern wall.
    		k. In the room to the west is the 6th miniboss: 
    		   Vicious Shrieking Schizm It will knock you down.
    		l. On the western wall is chest 27.
    		m. In the northern power is.
    		n. Checkpoint.
    		o. Head back east and through a door.
    		p. Head either through the top or bottom halls, but get to the
    		   center hall for chest 28.
    		q. Now head south then east into the southeastern room has 
    		   chest 29.
    		r. In the northeastern room is.
    		s. Checkpoint.
    06. Deadly Recreation
    	A. Make your way to the source of the life-signs; render aid if necessary
    		a. Head through the small doorway to the northeast.
    		b. Head east, past the southern path.
    		c. Open the door and head to the southeastern octagon room for 
    		   a green(sometimes its there sometimes its not).
    		d. Keep ending east.
    		e. Head south for chest 30.
    		f. Head into the second room for
    		g. Checkpoint.
    		h. Head back west to the southern path.
    		i. Head west following the path
    		   (no you can’t fall through those holes)
    		j. Head through the small east doorway.
    		k. Checkpoint.
    		l. Head to the east pool area and the follow the walkway south
    		   for the keycard for the area where the first checkpoint is.
    		m. Head back to the first checkpoint.
    		n. Head north the locked door.
    		o. In the northern part of this area is chest 31, 32, and 33
    		p. Head back to the second checkpoint.
    		q. This next part is difficult not because of aliens, but 
    		   because there are turrets that pop up and can do massive 
    		   amounts of damage if your not careful, but if you have the 
    		   highest armor you can wear then you should be fine. 
    		   Remember rule 7.
    		r. Head south along the path and then west.
    		s. Your first turret is in the small alcove; it’s that gray and
    		   yellow circle in the ground.
    		t. Follow the path west.
    		u. The southern most path will lead to chest 34.
    		v. The middle path leads nowhere.
    		w. Now the northern most path will take you out of this little maze.
    		x. Follow the path west to.
    		y. Checkpoint.
    		z. Now head back and follow the stair like hall south to the 
    		   dead end hall for chest 35.
    		aa. Follow whatever path you like south to the hall the runs 
    		    west to east.
    		bb. Now see those squares laying on the ground, don’t touch 
    		    them, they go BOOM.
    		cc. Head east to the.
    		dd. Checkpoint.
    		ee. 6th miniboss: Rancid Trashman.
    		ff. Now head to the exit.
    07. Unexpected Circumstances
    	A. The source of the life signs is on this level. Proceed with caution.
    		a. Follow the path.
    		b. When you come to the intersection head south.
    		c. Keep heading south into the room for chest 36.
    		d. Head north to the third intersection then head east for 
    		   chest 37.
    		e. Now head east.
    		f. Checkpoint.
    		g. Now head to the western wing for chest 38.
    		h. Head north to the.
    		i. Checkpoint.
    		j. Head north.
    		k. So after you’re done there head north for chest 39.
    		l. Then head south for the exit.
    08. Retribution
    	A. The bay doors have been sealed. Find a computer console to access 
    	   the security system.
    		a. Head north to the orange circle.
    		b. Open chest 40
    		c. Use the computer to open the blast doors.
    	B. Abandon the Kronos. Proceed to the hanger bay.
    		a. Head south.
    		b. Checkpoint.
    		c. Head to the western wing for chest 41.
    		d. Then back and south.
    		e. Checkpoint.
    		f. Follow the path, then at the intersection head south.
    		g. Head west for chest 42
    		h. Back at the second intersection head south again, and the 
    		i. Enter the room for chest 43.
    		j. Now head west.
    		k. Keep going.
    		l. The east wing has chest 44.
    		m. Head south.
    		n. Checkpoint.
    		o. 7th miniboss: Devastator Giant.
    		p. And there chest 45.
    09. Extermination
    	A. This Deck has been quarantined. Clear the aliens from this deck to 
    	   lift the quarantine and continue on to the hanger bay.
    		a. For those that like to rush through a level, this one can’t 
    		   be done like that you need to kill 75 aliens to open the 
    		b. So head to the first intersection then head east.
    		c. Follow the path to the first room, chest 46 is here.
    		d. Now continue north. 
    		e. The room here has chest 47 in it.
    		f. Now head west.
    		g. And south and the west again.
    		h. Follow the path to the room to the west, now.
    		i. Checkpoint.
    		j. Now head north.
    		k. Did I say stop? I don’t think I did. 
    		l. Enter the room on the eastern wall(you should have gone 
    		   north at the intersection) for chest 48.
    		m. Continue along the path to your 8th miniboss: 
    		   Corrupted Machine Crusher.
    		n. Head to the exit or explore and brake all the boxes.
    10. Escape(Let me say one thing... I HATE this level.)
    	A. The Kronos has activated its self-destruct sequence. Proceed through
    	   the waste treatment center to the hanger bay.
    		a. Only one thing to say RUN. You have 20 minutes to get out 
    		   and you’ll spend half that time fighting. Ok get something 
    		   to drink, eat, turn off the phone, TV, computer, take care 
    		   of anything that might disturb you right now, and if you use
    		   this guide memorize it, because if you mess up you won’t 
    		   have any time left to get out. Ready? Good, lets do this.
    		b. Head east.
    		c. Then south.
    		d. As your following the path white smoke will spray out of the
    		   walls and hurt you(Rule 7).
    		e. When you come to the intersection head west.
    		f. Checkpoint.
    		g. To the west is a door I don’t know how to open
    			(any help here?)
    		h. Head to the southern path head east and run.
    		i. At the next intersection head west for chest 49.
    		j. Now head back and then north.
    		k. At the next intersection head west.
    		l. Checkpoint.
    		m. At the room enter the second one and head to the third one 
    		   from there.
    		n. Here is chest 50.
    		o. Head south.
    		p. Chest 51 is in the northeastern part of this room.
    		q. Chest 52 is in the southwestern part of the room.
    		r. Chest 53 is in the room just to the southeast of this big 
    		s. Then head to the other room for.
    		t. Checkpoint.
    		u. Head south.
    		v. Then take the first west and then head south.
    		w. Then take the first west again and then head north for chest
    		x. Now head back to the main hall the into the big eastern area
    		y. Head to the northeastern corner for chest 54.
    		z. Head south
    		aa. 8th miniboss: Putrescent Scourgecrusher.
    		bb. Now head to the southeastern room for chest 55 and a switch
    		cc. Now head west for another switch.
    		dd. Keep heading west the take the second way north then west 
    		    and then north again for the last switch and chest 56.
    		ee. Exit the level.
    11. The Corrupt King
    	A. Your first Boss. Get ready. 
    	   Ok, here’s the one way to kill him. If you’re ranged, do a hit and
    	   run tactic, meaning fire a couple shots and then run in a circle so
    	   the missiles will miss you. If you’re melee run in and hit him, 
    	   attack him head on and get as close as possible so that he can’t hit
    	   you. Rule 7 is always in effect.
    12. AWOL
    	A. Investigate the whereabouts of Tom Tobin. Explore the Seti Alpha 5
    	   Terraforming Station.
    		a. So head west from the starting point and hit the crane.
    		b. Run around the crane and beware of the fire.
    		c. Head west all the way to the southwest corner for chest 57.
    		d. Now head back to just where the two fire streams are in the 
    		   middle of them is a path south take it.
    		e. Checkpoint.
    XII. Aliens
    01. Aboard the Kronos
    	A. Splitter: they are slow and die easily but become two larva
    	B. Larva: die just as easy, but are fast
    	C. Scourgecreeper: throw green balls at you and then run away when 
    	   your close
    02. Recon Aboard the Kronos.
    	A. Tazer: they are electric shooting floating balls, plus they hurt 
    03. The Bridge
    	A. Plasmoid: Big brain like this that spit out Plasmire, explodes 
    	   when they die
    	B. Plasmire: fast, deadly, drains energy
    04. Into the Kronos’s Engine
    	Nothing new.
    05. Strong Sense of Duty
    	A. Corrupted Machine: yes like the first miniboss only easier.
    	B. Scythe: these aliens fly at you and knock you down. Kill them before
    	   they spin up into the air or they will knock you down and the other 
    	   aliens will get free shots.
    06. Deadly Recreation
    	A. Charged Corrupted Machine: now they do electric damage.
    	B. Turrets: pop up and do damage, plus are annoying.
    07. Unexpected Circumstances
    	A. Fiery Scythe: same thing, but now does fire damage.
    	B. Charged Splitter: it’s a splitter that does electric damage.
    	C. Charged Larva: yes with this new splitter comes a new larva, does 
    	   electric damage.
    	D. ???: no this not a mistake, but I’m not revealing the name because 
    	   it’s a spoiler and I hate spoilers.
    08. Retribution
    	A. Shrieking Schizm: yes once more a miniboss turned alien. Like the 
    	   miniboss, they yell at you and knock you down. For melees their a 
    	   tough one.
    	B. Trashman: need I say more?
    	C. Fiery Scourgecreeper: gauss...yep they do fire damage.
    09. Extermination
    	A. Infectious Scythe: Does infection damage 
    	B. Radioactive Scourgecreeper: Does radioactive damage.
    10. Escape
    	A. Radioactive Trashman: Does radioactive damage.
    	B. Thornlasher: Shoots it tongue at you and swallows you.
    11. The Corrupt King
    	A. The Corrupt King: Ok, here’s the one way to kill him. If you’re 
    	   ranged, do a hit and run tactic, meaning fire a couple shots and 
    	   then run in a circle so the missiles will miss you. If you’re melee
    	   run in and hit him, attack him head on and get as close as possible
    	   so that he can’t hit you. Rule 7 is always in effect.
    12. AWOL
    	A. Muttbomber: it’s a dog that goes BOOM. Need I say more? I didn’t 
    	   think so.
    XII. About the Author
    I play all types of games, but mostly RPGs. This will be my first Walkthrough 
    and any help will be appreciated. I beat the game with a level 64 Firebug and 
    will be playing through as a Tank for this walkthrough. 
    XIII. Help
    I need help with:
    Weapon descriptions
    Items and Names
    Walkthrough strategies
    Enemy strategies
    Boss strategies
    Have a rant you want to add: what aliens you hate the most and why, what weapon
    is the best, why melee is better than ranged or vise versa. If I think it will 
    help other players I’ll add it.

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