The mime job class?

  1. How do you unlock it and what is special about it. I've tried a lot of different classes but I can't seem to get it

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    Jday2 - 8 years ago

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  1. Mimes copy all of the actions of your allies. They're particularly potent when combined with Bards and Dancers. You can have them rush into battle while doubling the amount of Dances and Bardsongs you're executing. If you have an enemy surrounded by one physical fighter and three other mimes, your attack damage will be quadrupled when your non-Mime attacks, because the 3 other Mimes duplicate the attack... But most likely with better stats. They also have excellent stat growth. You can level down as a Bard and level up as a Mime for lots of Physical Attack, Magickal Attack, and Health boosts. Also, you can cast Magicks twice as often with the same charge time. Just make sure your Mime is facing the right direction. You could potentially cast Zodiark 5 times in a row with one Summoner and 4 Mimes.

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  1. You gotta have:
    Level 8 Squire
    Level 8 Chemist
    Level 5 Geomancer
    Level 5 Dragoon
    Level 5 Summoner
    Level 5 Orator

    After meeting all those pre-requisites, you can become a mime. All that a Mime Does is copy the last skill used before his turn. For example: Black Mage uses Firaga 3 tiles in front of him. If the next one to take an action is the Mime, he/she'll use a Firaga 3 tiles in front of her, no matter what is his/her target. Beware of that.

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  2. If i were you i wouldnt be a mime at times they seem very useless i used to have a couoke but shortly after they kept hitting my people in front who were my allies and when i wanted them to actually copy the move they didn't -,-

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  3. I as well do not suggest a mime they are the most useless class(2nd is Onion Knight) mainly because when it copies it attacks nothing in front of it, as well half the time it kills your own people

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  4. Mimes r useful depening on the situation. using them with dancers/bards is an excellent example doubling any dance/song's effect, basicly. another is the summoner because summons dont hit ur team, unless ur trying to heal. the last i can think of is the arithmetician, which same as the dancer/bard combo lets u double the spell's power. so all in all a mime is basicly a double-cast modifier for ur team. hope this helps. >.<

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