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  1. what is the max "raw" stats you can get for each class? raw meaning no equipments or stats boosting skills just the stats you see on your rooster menu. because I've just notice after grinding for nth time with my ramza (bard-ninja) that my HP/MP don't seem to go beyond this:

    Dark Knight
    HP 819
    MP 921

    HP 716
    MP 511

    both jobs thought have 99 atk, 5-4 mgc and 50 speed.
    (i don't bother with magic since i have 3 faith)


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    7zil - 7 years ago
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    what did you mean? level down as mystic? I've already max out my speed and str. my problem is hp and mp I can't seem to make it gain anymore than that.


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    7zil - 7 years ago
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    ow and one more thing maxing stats isn't so hard as people say it is. I got my ramza to that in just a few days. you only need ramza with mettle skills and another char with knight and arithmetics skills, excalibur and 60-90 faith on ramza and the other char helps.


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    7zil - 7 years ago

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  1. HP and MP are capped similarily because of stat mods. The games doesn't "see" stats past max, so you just take the max and apply modifiers to get final stats. 999 is max HP, but do to lesser HPM/MPM in classes it will never cap 999/999 with no equips in all classes. I am guessing the raw stat which you never see and increments every level is capped at something in Hex and once you reach that you will never increase the raw, so its all on your modifiers.

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  1. well there is a way to create ubber players although it takes weeks, months and even months and it envolves the oracle (mystic) on this game and the degenerator trap max out a player on an job example ninja for basic speed up, monk for basic attack up or black mage (wizard) for basic magic atck up, since the mystic doesnt gain ANY bonus points per level you wont lose any and gain all this also aply to the FFT for the psx as well that way you can rise more based stats players than normally they would be raised

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  2. Yeah it does not take very long inorder to traing i usually use focus and tailwing for Ramza Makign him lvl 99 dark knight and another perosn lvl 99 dark knight and a black mage lvl 99

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  3. He's saying he's already done level-down.

    ... Look for a class with 100s for ability modifiers and see if they're higher. Both of those classes have low HP modifiers which is limiting the cap.

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  4. The max, should be 999.

    This chart shows how much the stats increase/decrease during level up/down. The idea is to be the class with 1 or two stars when leveling down, for the stat you want to increase, and level up with 4 or 5 stars. Pick and choose your classes for the stat you want to work on. If HP and MP are your concerns then try down leveling as Chemist/Bard/Dancer, and up as a White mage, or Geomancer. At least use those two classes until you hit 999. Then switch to another class with lower HP/MP, and level-up some more

    Copied directly from: Qu_Marsh 's Walkthrough here at gamefaqs.

    ---Stat Growth Rates- section

    ---NORMAL JOBS---
    HP MP Phys.Atk Mag.Atk Speed
    Squire *** ** ** * *
    Chemist ** ** * * *
    Knight **** ** **** * *
    Archer *** ** **** * *
    Monk **** *** *** * *
    White Mage **** **** *** * *
    Black Mage ** ***** ** * *
    Time Mage ** **** ** * *
    Summoner ** ***** * * *
    Thief *** ** *** * ***
    Orator *** * ** * *
    Mystic ** **** ** * *
    Geomancer **** **** **** * *
    Dragoon **** ** **** * *
    Samurai ** *** **** * *
    Ninja ** *** **** * *****
    Arithmetician ** **** * * *
    Bard * * * * *
    Dancer * * *** * *
    Mime ***** * ***** **** *
    Dark Knight ** * **** * *
    Onion Knight ** *** * * *
    Onion Knight# ***** ***** ***** **** *****

    # Upon mastering 14 other jobs, Onion Knight advances to job level 8 and its
    stat growth rates increase substantially. However, Onion Knights never gain
    experience, so the only way to gain levels as an Onion Knight is to breed Wild
    Boars and use their Bequeath Bacon ability. (See Level-Downs and Stat-Grinding
    for more.)

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  5. The maximum stats are 999. Sometimes you can level up and your stats will stay the same, but I think this is because your stats can't go above a certain percentage of what your stats would be at level 1. For instance, I can be level 77 and level up, and my max health won't increase. I level up to level 99, then level down as a Bard to level 1. If I level up again, I can get my maximum health higher than it ever has been. Even if it looks like you've hit a cap, just keep grinding.

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  6. If that's you hp before equips it would seem your raw hp is 16,773,120 minimum. Unless someone gets higher hp as DK I'd have to say the raw stats are stored in 24-bit (3/4 of double-byte word) resulting in a 16,777,216 max raw stat. If this is correct, than that's all the HP you'll get as after calculating the max hp as DK is 819.2 with decimals intact and 716.8 for Ninja.

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  7. If using a knight's sword: (Bravery/100) [damage reduced if Bravery < 100]
    If using a fell sword:([100-Faith]/100) [damage reduced if Faith > 0]
    If using a regular sword: 1

    No wonder your Abyssal blade is weak.

    No magic attack increase?

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  8. Stat growth is based on what class you are when you level up. Because of this, the final stats of any human unit will be based on what job(s) they were when they gained levels.

    Bards and Dancers gain the least stats upon leveling up. Mimes and Monks gain the most health. Black Mage (Wizard) gains the most MA, Summoners gain the most MP etc.

    The maximum stats are 999 HP/MP, 99 PA/MA and 50 Speed.
    It is possible to level a character UP as one class (e.g., Mime or Monk) and down as another (e.g., Bard or Dancer) and back up again (e.g., as a Mime or Monk again), thus decreasing the stats by LESS than the amount gained, this makes the character obtain max statistics. This is called the "level-up-level-down" trick and can by done by landing on a level-down trap, or by using "Monster Skill" with a third tier Squid monster ally to gain an ability to decrease a character's level.

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