How do I gain the teloportation ability?

  1. I was searching some faqs (because I'm stuck on this part when you face a boss by yourself basically. You're stuck on one side of the gate and your allies are on the other side. I forgot the boss's name, but it starts with a G) and I came across on that catched my interest. It was about teloportation. I searched up a question and they said you have to hack in order to get this ability.

    Is there a way to gain teloportation (or teleport) by levelling up the time mage? Or is it another way (besides hacking) because teleporting would really help me out.

    User Info: RainbowChibi

    RainbowChibi - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. My Bets possible advice i would give you and in y opion is the the best is to get 2 black chocobos, and 2 of your best players and what you do in the battle is this:

    Step1: Get your 2 players mounted on top of your chocobos by clicking the chocobo a option will come up with the word *Mount*
    Step2: the black chocobo can fly therefore when you mount you people press move and fly them over the gate
    Step3: attack Gaffgarion

    Note:if i were you i would get auto potion as a counter reaction on ramza and what is learn the ability * X-Potion *(in chemist) then learn the Ability *Auto Potion*(in chemist) then once your done get rid of all your excess potion excepet for x-potion then start to buy more X-Potion
    (this sounds alot harder then it actually is )

    if you dont get this paragraph above Contact Me at (or)

    User Info: IRawrBReal

    IRawrBReal - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. To be quite honest, the boss you are thinking of is Gaffgarion. Your party has to be on the other side, the game forces you to have ramza fight gaffgarion, alone. In my opinion, you should stock on hi potions and have ramza have items and hipotion skills. Even better is to have ramza's mettle abilities as well to boost ramza for the time being. Gaffgarion is not hard, just a little annoying because of that ability he has that attacks and absorbs hp. as for your party on the other side, just do your best with what you have.

    User Info: HighUlitma

    HighUlitma - 7 years ago 0 0

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