How do I beat Wiegraf?

  1. How do you Beat Wiegraf? (Chap. 4) I already tried the Tail wind/focus trick. I don't have: Auto potion,Ninja, or Chameleon robe. However, I have a level 8 knight, I have several B. & W. Mage skills, and I have Completely mastered Squire. I'm also a good Archer. And I DO know equip crossbows.

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  1. Ok, before you get into Riovanes castle, Ramza must have his bravery points raised to the near maximum (I gave him 97) by having Luso cast his gamemaster ability Steel on him repeatedly in around 10 battles of any kind (for your info: every 5 Bravery points raised through this ability raises his initial Bravery points by 1 permanently after every battle). High Bravery points means the higher probability of you casting ANY Reaction ability that you assign to Ramza. Also, you must have him learn in his Squire job Tailwind, Focus and Move +1, in his Chemist job the Reaction ability Auto-Potion( for this ability you must ONLY have X-Potions in your inventory for you to recover the bulk of your HP as Wiegraf always inflicted 168 damage on my Ramza through his Divine Ruination ability.) but you need not learn the X-Potion ability in that job, the Equip Heavy Armor ability in the Knight job so that Ramza would start with 300+ HP for the series of battles in Riovanes castle and in the Monk job Chakra and maybe your Aurablast, Shockwave and other offensive abilities in this job if you want to. Do prepare tens of X-Potions beforehand though; it wouldn't hurt your pocket that much would it :)

    What I did was; Let Ramza be in his Monk job and equip the Fundaments as his secondary ability set, assign him Auto-Potion as his Reaction ability (ONLY X-Potions in your inventory! Because if you have Hi-Potion or normal potions Ramza will take the potion that heals the least amount of HP.), Equip Heavy Armor (put in your best armor available at that stage, in which i forgot.) and finally Move +1 in the last slot. Do equip yourself with accessories preventing Confuse( most importantly) and other status ailments although Wiegraf only spammed Divine Ruination on my Ramza everytime Ramza is in range.

    Start spamming Tailwind, until you start getting 2 turns before Wiegraf's, then you can:

    1) heal yourself using Chakra( if you are taking more damage than you recover.)
    2) Use Focus on Ramza to increase physical attack power. (Useful because your temporary speed and physical attack boosts remain only for the next match with the evolved form of Wiegraf!)
    3) Continue spamming Tailwind. (if you are always on full health and no need further healing, wasting 1 turn if you do require that.)(you can also spam Focus)

    Even when you get 3 or more turns spam Tailwind until you get 50 speed points (the maximum for your info) and you can spam Focus if you want until 99 physical attack points( i think) or maybe around 50-60 odd it's still lethal on Wiegraf when you attack him. After several minutes of spamming of boosts to my stats, I used Stone ability on Wiegraf and it dealt 200+ damage everytime, i killed him in 1-2 throws. The next battle was easy also as i dealt several hundreds of damage on him and he was killed within 2-3 attacks by Ramza.

    So this is my method and although the only downside is that it is time-consuming, but it's well worth the time in my opinion. Hope this works for you. :) Cheers!

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  1. I assume you're talking about the battle where you have Ramza on the inside alone with Wiegraf and the rest of your party outside. There are a lot of thunder attacks begin used on you, so to help kill the other enemies faster you can use rubber boots. You can help Ramza out with the rest of your party by opening the gate (The switch is at the top near the side away from the stairs up)

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  2. For me, I beat him by using tailwind as much as possible, then Jumping onto him [Ramza was a dragoon]

    And, being a Knight isn't too helpful for this battle.

    If you don't like the 1st method, try becoming a monk and learning the skill from a ninja of attacking twice, as that would take off a lot of his health. Once you get your teammates, completely forget about his minions, and attack him as much as you can with your most powerful spells. But. Keep your strongest character alive, as he should technically be doing the most damage.

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  3. I'd recommend changing your class to Monk, learning Chakra, and run away, using Chakra to heal yourself. Get to a point where it takes a turn or two for him to reach you and start spamming Tailwind. Once you start getting multiple turns in a row, start spamming focus.

    It takes a while, but once you do it enough, you can kill Wiegraf in one hit.

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  4. on a sidenote, royic's reply is irrelevant here because the method mentioned is for the battle at Lionel Castle where you square off with Gaffgarion rather, and your other clan members outside dealing with his minions.

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  5. Correction for my 1st post: Wiegraf spammed Hallowed Bolt on my Ramza rather than Divine Ruination. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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  6. I got to lvl 40+ during Chap.1, but my equipment was too weak I need to advance to the nxt chapters. Well, don't mind that just level up and learn many skills. You can do the Tailwind strategy.

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  7. If you're a knight, you can easily beat him with a greatsword and the two-hands ability. It'll one-shot him provided you have a good greatsword.

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  8. Okay. This battle, while nasty, is very doable. I provided 2 suggestions, one using the Tailwind/Focus tactic, and an alternate one, using more support abilities and taking it straight to him right off. I did both methods on 2 different saves, both equal. Both are workable.

    First off, you said you Mastered Ramza's Squire job. I found that making Ramza his Squire Job gives you the most flexibility, in terms of armor and stats, since he can equip Heavy Armor and Knight Swords in this job. Many people say make him a Monk, but Monks can't equip Heavy Armor, so you have to waste the support ability slot for Equip Heavy Armor (learned from the Knight job), when Concentration works SO much better. Don't fight harder, fight smarter. :) Focus more on equipment that raises your HP. Chameleon Robes will prevent him from using the Holy Sword abilities, but I'm proceeding under the presumption that you do not have any (or not enough for all your people).

    Equip Germinas Boots (+1 Move and +1 Jump) for the extra distance. Also equip +1 Move (gained from the Squire Job Class) to help with getting away. HOWEVER, if you happen to have the Teleport movement ability (gained from Time Mage). use that, and equip a really good accessory.

    Secondly, you need to equip the Items secondary ability, combined with the ability to use X-Potions. Chakra (from the Monk's skillset is a little better, restoring both HP and MP, but I've found that the HP you restore via Chakra isn't as effective, nor restores as much as an X-Potion.


    Now, for the battle:

    Suggestion 1: Using the Tailwind/Focus strategy (the most popular)
    First off, move AWAY from Wiegraf, as his Hallowed Bolt, among his other attacks will chew through your HP very quickly. As you move, use Tailwind. Then, Wiegraf will make his move. If you are fortunate, he won't be in attack range. If you are not so fortunate, then he will deploy one of his Holy Sword attacks to smack you down.

    After he smacks you with an attack, your turn comes back around. If your HP is > 50%, use Tailwind again, or, if you want, you can use an X-Potion. (If you don't have X-Potions, Hi-Potions will work in a pinch, but only restore 70 HP, which might not be enough, depending on your level.) When your speed is high enough so that you get 2+ attacks before Wiegraf would go (using the Tailwind ability), you can either keep using Tailwind, to help your speed, or switch to Focus, to raise your attack power. (FYI: Speed can be raised to a max of 50, Attack Power to a max of 99.) Always, keep moving out of Wiegraf's Range. If you are far enough away from him that you can afford to not move and use an ability, I would recommend that, as that COULD turn into an advantage of 1 turn or more. Then, with a decently high attack (50-60), you have 2 options. 1) Run up to Wiegraf and smack him with your weapon. 2) Use the Stone ability (under Fundaments) to chuck stones (although, doing a decent amount of damage, I guess you could call them boulders.) at him. With a high attack power, you can deal a lot of damage.

    At this point, Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Remember, all you need to do to win is to get Wiegraf to <=20% of his maximum HP. At that point, he will transform.

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  9. Suggestion 2: Without Tailwind
    This is REALLY not recommended, as getting multiple turns before Wiegraf will greatly assist you. This method also changes some of the abilities you should use.

    1) Equip the Monk sub-ability, and the Mana Shield reaction ability. Or, you can use the Manafont ability (gained from the Mystic job) This will divert the damage Wiegraf dishes out to your MP, and with Chakra, you can use it, to recover some MP. Having some MP, even a little will prevent the damage from touching your HP. With Manafont, you move, regain some MP, and that will also fuel your Mana Shield.

    2) You can try the Run away/Focus tactic, but I recommend just taking it to Wiegraf in this method. The Monk's Aurablast ability works well for such a tactic. In any case, I DO highly recommend having Concentration (gained from the Archer job) support ability equipped to increase the chance of hitting him. [ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A ZODIAC SIGN THAT IS OPPOSED TO WIEGRAF'S SIGN (Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces) SEE THE WARNING AT THE TOP OF THIS ANSWER.]

    3) Take it to Wiegraf quick. Use Aurablast, or if you're ballsy enough, slap him around with your weapons. Guns will work, seeing as how they are not based on attack power, but I find Aurablast more effective. Bear in mind he can (and usually WILL) counterattack, so a direct close-range assault is usually NOT the best tactic. Once he is down to critical HP (<= 20%) he will transform.

    Now, you fight Belias, and his 3 Archaedemon minions. This is quite easier since you have your full squad to fight alongside of you. However, the benefit of using Suggestion 1, is that your powerups will carry over to the second battle, making it quicker.

    I hope one of these 2 methods will help you immensely. And before you say "It won't work.", try them. Also, bear in mind if you do not have the suggested equipment/abilities, you can mix and match, but for maximum effectiveness, try to have these things. If you still cannot do this, if you have multiple saves (as all good SRPG players usually do), reload an earlier save, and level up.

    My recommendation for leveling up: Take somebody (Mustadio/Balthier) or anybody who can inflict debilitating status ailments, and get into a random battle. Kill all other enemies, and then disable one (Disable/Immobilize and/or Sleep. Stone will end the battle if there is only one enemy!) , and just have Ramza continuously use Focus or Tailwind (under Fundaments) over and over. Steel will also work. This method also works well for mastering Job classes. The JP you get increases as your job class goes up, and as your level gets higher. At level 99, a Level 8 job, and the JP Boost Support ability, you gain 72 JP per turn. Useful for unlocking other jobs, or learning those abilities. This tactic works for all generic characters, Ramza, and Luso. Since all other story characters don't have Fundaments, you need to be constructive in levelling them up. My favorite is to take a high level character (Ramza, perhaps?), and have the people get near him. De-equip any reaction ability on Ramza, and have your people attack the high-level character. Or, use a Potion/healing item/move. Use your disabling character (see suggestions above) to get down to only one enemy. My favorite is finding one that Beowulf has good compatibility with, and put them to sleep. Every 4-8 turns, re-cast sleep so that the enemy will never get a turn. Then, when you are done leveling up or gaining JP, finish off the enemy.

    Give it a try, and never give up.

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  10. i had made my chars dragoons, with a jump of 8 horizontal and 5 vert. and just jumped, when ramza was alone, i jumped, hit him, he hit me for a bit less than half my hp, another jump and he transformed. after that, i just spread and kept jumping with all my chars, most of the time, only one or two chars were on the ground, so he would be able to target only one.

    i ended up with 2 dead chars (still with the countdown above them) and all others alive.

    it's pretty fast, but also can get a bit nasty, if the ct gauge betrays you.

    the auto potion ability with X-potions works wonders too.
    note that my strategy is not as well planed as the others, the other's strategy might, and probably do, work better.

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  11. I wasn't very well prepared for this,. and saved the game before this battle (because it prompted me to with it being a series) over my main game data...

    anyway, Ramza was able to be a Ninja, and had learned concentration (i think you can see where this is going)
    You should be able to do this very easily, as it worked for me at lv 30 something...

    Make Ramza's job Ninja, and equip him with your stroingest Ninja Blades (this should probable be Kunai, but I suppose you might have Ninja Longblade too)
    on his abilities, assigne him the following:
    Action - Item
    Reaction - Regenerate (this is learned from White Mage, needs 400 JP)
    Support - Concentration (learned from archer, needs 400 JP)
    Movement - Move + 2 (leanred from thief, needs 560 JP)

    his equipment should basically be the best light armour you have, but make sure the accessory is eiher Battle Boots (for move + 1) or Germinas Boots (for move and jump + 1)

    then just throw Fuma Shuriken at him (unless you have loads of stronger weapons, in which case use them)

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