How do you use Arithmetician ?

  1. I think its a helpful job but dontno how to use it

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  1. In order to use the Arithmetician, you need to already know at least 1 magic spell from any of the following classes: Time Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, Mystic.

    You will then need to learn at least 2 skills from the Arithmetician.
    One from the following category: CT, Level, EXP, Height.
    As well as one from the following category: Prime, Multiple of 5, Multiple of 4, Multiple of 3.

    Once you have learned at least those 2 abilities and at least 1 ability from the above 4 listed jobs, you can use the skills of the Arithmetician.

    When you try to use it in battle, you will be prompted to pick one from the first category (CT, Level, etc) and then prompted to pick one from the second category (Prime, etc). After you have picked these two, you will then be taken to a list of all of the "applicable" magic spells you have learned. Once you pick the spell, assuming it has a target, you will use it on all affected targets.

    Now about the logistics.
    The first category you pick from is the battle statistic you wish to target.
    CT is the green bar on each unit located underneath the MP bar.
    Level refers to the unit's experience level.
    EXP refers to the amount of experience the unit currently has.
    ---This only includes the 2-digit number to the right of Exp and does not take "Level" into account.
    Height refers to the height of the platform on which the unit is currently standing in battle.

    The second category is the multiplier.
    Prime means a prime number while the Multiple of (blank) means that the value is a multiple of (blank).

    When placed together you can see that choosing "Level" and then "Multiple of 5" will target ALL units who have a level which is a multiple of 5. Likewise, CT and then "Prime" will target ALL units whose CT is currently a prime number.

    As a note, when it is a unit's turn, they have 100 CT (which is a multiple of both 4 and 5) so the caster will be affected by any spell you cast if you set the criteria to: CT + Multiple of 4 (or 5).

    Now about the "applicable" spells.
    The Arithmetician can use the above method to instantly cast spells from the above 4 mentioned magic classes. However, that does not mean all spells from those classes. For instance, you cannot cast Meteor in this manner. Certain spells can be calculated and certain spells cannot be.

    If you press the "select" button, it will give you a help pointer. You can use this "pointer" to look at more information about the various abilities you can learn from job classes. If you look at the information about spells, you will see a "CALC" located in the subtext of any spells that can be used by an Arithmetician.

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  1. You learn all the Comands for it and then you have to learn Other Commands from other classes. Like a Black Mage hit select on its Fire or any other command and see if it says arithmetics if it does than after you learn it then the Arithmetition can use in battle. Once all this is set up, go into a battle and say you want to cast Fire on the enemy. Look and see if either their CT,Level, or exp is a multiple of 3,4, or 5 and use whatever multiple the most enemy units are in. Be careful though, as the Arithmetician can hit your own troops and possibly K.O. you if not careful. Hope this helps.

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