Cloud's Limit ?!?

  1. UM, 2nd question for a final fantasy game!! Hehe
    Clouds limits take forever is there a way to make them faster i havent tried swifftness yet if it goes good ill post it but I good deatail that helps out alot because i spent forever mastering Cloud hes Lv.50 highest level in my party

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  2. Additional Details:
    Whats a lion editer does it do game saves? where do you get it from because if I want to destroy with cloud i guess i need one

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  1. Swiftness will help considerably, but cloud will still be terribly slow. Clouds only good attack is finishing touch, because it has a good range, decent charge time (with swiftness), and can ko the enemy. Everthing else is virtually useless because the charge time is crap and clouds power is limited with such a weak sword equipped.
    I used LionEditor to give cloud CT 0, a support ability not used by the game which eliminates charge time completely, but that is cheating...

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  1. Lion Editor is a program that you can download on that opens up your save file on your computer and lets you edit any of your characters (attack power, jobs, abilities, sprites, etc.). You need cfw to use it though, which you can look up on YouTube. If getting cfw is too much for you though, I saw that in the Board there is someone offering to edit your save file for you under save edits or something.

    To get gamesaves, you don't need anything but a usb cable for your psp. Set the psp to USB Mode, open "my computer", open the "removable disk"--PSP--Save Data. These are your game saves. To get game saves from the internet, i think you just download the saves onto your computer and have them replace the correct folder on your psp(note, they must REPLACE your existing folder to open properly, so make a copy of your old file!)

    As soon as i figure out how to, I'll post my save on gamefaqs too. Hope this message helps and sorry its so long!!

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  2. Swiftness will significantly help Cloud's Limit ability.

    While it will still seem very slow, waiting for the right time to use a Limit will still reap rewards; If you know an enemy's gonna move by the time you get off a limit, then simply wait. When your turn comes around again, you'll have 20-40 CT on that enemy, and you will probably be able to get the attack off in time (unless it's Omnislash or Cherry Blossom).

    In the case of Omnislash and Cherry Blossom, not much can be done in the way of making them useful as stand-alone attacks. Should you make Cloud's secondary job a Time Mage, then you can immobilize an enemy, then Omni or CB it since it can't get out of the way.

    Hope this helps.

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  3. Key is to deploy Cloud's best friends. ^^ or just even one.

    Balthier and Mustadio.

    Have them use Leg shot on the enemy and have Cloud pwn him.
    of course it wears off, but you can always use it again and again and have fun with your Limits.

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  4. I have cloud around lvl 50 and Orlandu lvl 82 and Cloud still rocks with one char. fighting with him.
    I send cloud and either Ramza or Lusso into battle. Here is my setup on a team:

    -Cloud (lv 43)
    -Default Char. Class (mastered)
    -Time Mage Subclass (haste, slow, imobilize)
    Materia Blade (soldier casting ability)
    Ribbon (protect status ailments)
    Brave Suit (regen, reraise) (use lordly robe if not multiplayer yet (protect/shell) )
    Featherweave Cloak (40% evade physical/some magical evade)

    Ramza (lv52)
    -Dark Knight (mastered)
    -Squire subclass (mastered)
    Excalibur Sword (haste)
    Escucheon(sp) Shield (great physical and magic evade)
    Vanguard Helm (high hp/mp) (use crystal helm if you have to (med health) )
    Brave Suit (regen, reraise) (use rubber suit if you have to instead (just 10 less hp/mp and no status)
    Featherweave Cloak (high mp/ph evades)

    Keep in mind I am lvling characters other than cloud using their default setup untill they max lvl. I like the challenge lol

    to use cloud effectively i have given him a support char. that provides maximum enemy resistance/death and great healing/support abilities allowing cloud to reach his potential every battle but to do so requires a vast amount of time in the initial fight but once you do, Cloud is unstoppable, nearly.

    Start by using Ramza with his haste, he'll go first every time, compared to Clouds pathetic 8 speed (blah),, casting tailwind on Cloud (raizing his speed by 1 every turn Ramza takes). The benefit of this is that when enemies approach, Clouds speed will sometimes even be double the initial value which is the same as him being in haste! ah but it gets better!

    have cloud stand still the whole time and keep haste casted on himself. Haste, as you may know doubles a units speed (ex: if speed=25 then with haste speed actually = 50, if speed = 50 then with haste speed = 100).

    by the time any enemies get close clouds speed should be huge and haste should almost make his limits take far less turns (meteor, for ex takes meteor typically 5-6 turns this way, which makes climhazzard take no more than 8) but even this will not carry the day, and thats what slow and imobilize are for

    when an enemy closes and you want to use limit on them make sure cloud doesnt move prior to this turn. have him cast slow then imobilize on the enemy (keep ramza neer cloud to chant when needed and raise his brave) remember not to move cloud

    moving any unit causes the ct count to take longer. if you want spellcasters/ct users to be quicker, dont move them before/during casting and the ct will go quicker

    this is a great way to get cloud exp, since Mustadio and Balthier would/should rape enemies from afar leaving cloud with no exp

    only bad side here is Cloud/support char. gets little exp, but doesnt Cloud need all the lvl he can get? -yes he does.

    hope this helps

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  5. It's a good idea to teach Cloud the Time Mage ability Swiftness to help with his limit attacks. Teach him JP Boost, which is one of his SOLDIER abilities, first. It will help unlock Swiftness and his limit attacks.

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  6. Definitely, Swiftness is Cloud's best friend. Teach him right away.
    Here's a quick tip: Although speed DOES NOT interfere with casting spells, it would be good to give him speed raising gear, so you can get him to move first. Also, a few magic-boosting accessories wouldn't hurt. A nice combo involving cloud, is use a Time Mage's Graviga and his Finishing Touch. Graviga will sweep out 1/2 of target's HP, while Finishing Touch will take the rest off. It's a cool one-two punch, but since it takes quite a lot of time to charge AND Cloud's Limits hits Panels, not Targets, it would be nice to have Mustadio/Balthier to Leg Shot your target =D

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  7. raise cloud as a ninja for like 40 lvls gain basic speed up and use finishing touch it is his best limit and fastes skill also 100% of either stop, death or petrify it is the basic way to use cloud without teaching him or even thinking of wasting time on him as a time mage all FFT for the psx version knows that

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  8. I find it useful to keep his speed just below the casting time of whatever ability you intend on using the most. Nothing is more annoying than losing 2 turns to casting time.

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  9. I dnt use cloud but my friend does. he has a layout something like this.
    default class
    adrenaline rush
    ?-not sure but i think it increased speed possibly green beret?
    brave suit
    ?-some cloak really good 1, very difficult 2 land a hit
    any ways hope it helps >.<

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  10. Alright, there are a number of things you could do to solve this, but no ONE ability is significantly effective.

    The main thing is to use the level-down grinding trick (Level down as Chemist then back up as a Ninja). This will make your speed skyrocket.

    Next, learn and assign swiftness (From Time Mage job).

    Finally, nab some Brigand's Gloves from Rendezvous multiplayer mode. These will boost your speed by 1 and give you a permanent Haste effect.

    Also, an Acacia Hat from Melee multiplayer mode wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, as it gives you a +2 bonus to your speed.

    It's a lot of work, like a lot of stuff I post, but it's the most effective way to use Cloud's Limits effectively. Sorry.

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