Does assigning secondary skills improve character stats?

  1. I have played this game through a few times and have always wondered this, does the secondary skill affect your character stats / perfomance in any way?

    For example if I were to have Knight with secondary skill Black Magick (Just trying to use the exact opposite ends of the spectrum), would the Knight be weaker in terms of Attack and Deffense?

    Same question for the other way around, Will pairing a Monk with Arts of War skill set affect the Monks perfomance in any way?

    User Info: DubPen

    DubPen - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No, adding the secondary skill set doesn't do anything to your character's stats. It just gives them a broader range of abilities, which in a lot of cases, is very helpful.
    The only way to increase stats from one job to another is to get a stat that is passive, which once assigned is always on your character until you remove it.
    An example would be, A Knight with secondary skill Black Magick, and then a Geomancer's Attack Boost.
    That increases your attack stat, only because of the Geomancer's passive ability, Attack Boost; and there are more for each job.
    Hope this answered your question.

    User Info: Fencie

    Fencie - 8 years ago 0 0

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