what monster should I get?

  1. I have an extra slot in my roster and I want another monster, I have a red dragon and a red chocobow allready, I was thinking a tiamat but are there others I should consider? ones that seam interesting are plague, cockatrice, behemoth of some type, bull demon of some type, tree of some type, or a skeleton of some type

    User Info: allthepeople

    allthepeople - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I vote a pig, swine, or wild boar, because they're cute. Lmao.

    Also because they poach for very good items, but if you have only one slot so they can't breed, you might as well not get a pig.

    For usefulness, I'd go with a Mindflayer, a Vampire Cat, or a Cockatrice. They all have ranged attacks that really mess the opponent up.

    Mindflayer has a high success rate move that confuses or berserks at range.

    Vampire Cat has Blaster, which stones or stops with a pretty good percentage at range.

    Cockatrice has not only a high percentage stone attack up close, but a 100% hit rate attack from far (Featherbomb).

    I mean, yeah, Tiamats are beastly, but they aren't so fun as the others. :)

    User Info: Hockeyking89

    Hockeyking89 - 8 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Tiamat, hands down.

    They have multiple elements to choose from for exploiting elemental weaknesses, they've got big HP, they can fly (useful for getting around enemies and for ignoring elevation) and a strong physical attack that can hit multiple people. The breath attacks may seem to be unreliable as they strike 3 times randomly into an area of up to 5 squares. However, the breath attacks' area of effect is 0 vertically. Also, the tiamat cannot hit itself with its breath attack. This frequently means that you can get the breath attack to hit 3 times in the one square that the enemy occupies. Except for Balthier's Barrage skill, this is the most damage that can be dealt to a single target in one turn (up to 2997 damage).

    Building a good character allows for more versatility and potentially utility, but if you're intent on getting a monster, tiamat is a really easy choice. Sometimes brute force is all you need.

    User Info: Flumens

    Flumens - 8 years ago 1 0

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