Is there a way to force Ultima from an Ultima Demon?

  1. I didn't realize I had run out of chances to learn Ultima until I made it to the last fight where you can learn it in game. Now I've been sitting in a battle for 3 to 4 hours waiting for the Ultima Demon to cast Ultima.

    I have him and the main boss immobilized so they cannot move. All he will cast is Almagast and Unholy something and one other move. I had to toss him an ether and now he has 22mp. I read they only need 10 to cast Ultima.

    I have Ramza set in a spot so that he will be the only one hit by the Ultima Demon. Is there a way to make the Ultima demon more likely to use Ultima?

    User Info: yuppiedoggie

    yuppiedoggie - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Having Ramza by his lonesome won't help really. What will help will be having Ramza in a weakened state, and two or three other characters around him (Or all four). If they are hasted, so much the better.

    Essentially, you're giving the demon a chance to hit everyone at once with an attack that may kill one of them.

    If you're lucky (Or just in the most likely situation), you'll go first before it fires. Have your characters heal Ramza and move away, then simply wait for it to hit.

    This is by no means a guaranteed shot at it, but I've found it to improve my chances to being hit by certain 'rare' attacks if my character I want hit is initially in a state where the given attack may kill him.

    Granted, they may as often use an attack otherwise that may kill him too, but at least with Ramza surrounded they are more likely to use an attack to affect the group.

    They still only use the Ultima skill rarely, but it's not impossible. I've never had to wait out more than half an hour or toss them ethers to get the skill.

    If all else fails, it's worth a shot. Nothing to really lose.

    User Info: Christianello

    Christianello (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. I only know of one way. However it's a bit late in your case.

    This involves the fight at Limberry Castle Gate against Celia, Lede and the Apandas.

    Equip Ramza with the Excalibur(For haste), a Black Garb(Negates Stop), a Nu-Khai Armband(Negates Charm) and a Crystal Helm(For HP). When the battle starts, Move Ramza close to Celia and when it's turn comes next, it will cast Ultima on Ramza by default.

    As for your problem, I'm sorry but, Ultima Demons cast Ultima rarely at random.

    User Info: ArthurInterfueg

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  2. Get armor to prevent pretify stop charm and instant ko

    User Info: SUPERDRAGON22

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  3. I know of one way to get Ultima, but you're way past it though. You have to fight Celia & Lede at Limberry Castle. Get either one of them to cast Ultima on Ramza. The Ultima Demon probably doesn't cast the spell very much.

    User Info: JadeTorchwood

    JadeTorchwood - 8 years ago 0 0

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