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    Multiplayer Guide by HolyLancer9

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                               Final Fantasy Tactics
                                   Multiplayer Guide
                                 Current version: .70
                           Copyright 2007 Nickolas Meyer
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    Version: .70
    First Edition: 6-21-2007
    Lots of people have been asking for a summary/elaboration on the multiplayer
    features in the game. I decided to put this together, in an attempt to answer
    some of the questions regarding multiplayer. There are some holes, so I'll
    wait until I look into it more, or until someone else wants to fill a few in.
    1.) Introduction
    2.) About multiplayer
    3.) Multiplayer Setup
    4.) Coliseum
          A.) Overview
    5.) Co-op
          A.) Overview
               1.) Chapter 1 Missions
                     - チョコボ保護団           (Chocobo Defense Brigade)        
               2.) Chapter 2 Missions
                     - チキンレース            (Chicken Race)
                     - 宝箱争奪戦             (Treasure Box Dash)
                     - トウホウフハイ           (Touhoufuhai)
                     - 家宝を取り戻せ           (???)
               3.) Chapter 3 Missions
                     - うたげの夜             (???)
                     - 地雷原を越えて           (Minefield)
                     - ポイ捨て取締り           (???)
               4.) Chapter 4 Missions
                     - 亡霊騎士団             (Ghosts of the Death Squad)
                     - 神殿騎士試験            (Shrine Knight Test)
                     - オールスター決定戦         (Desicive All Star Battle)
               5.) Clear Data Missions
                     - カウントダウン           (Countdown)
                     - ナイトメア             (Nightmare)
                     - ブレイブストーリー         (Brave Story)
                     - つむじ風              (Whirlwind)
    6.) Prizes
    7.) Thanks/Credits
    1.) Introduction
    Final Fantasy Tactics was a game originally released for Sony's Playstation
    system in 1997/1998, and was met with much success as being an interesting,
    and involved game, both plot and gameplay wise. It offered many different
    character classes and special units, which allowed you to customize parties
    and their abilities, with what felt like limitless variety.
    This game is a port of the Playstation version. Despite some minor flaws, the
    game has a large amount of new content, including new characters, new classes,
    new battles, more elaboration on some characters, new equipment, and of
    course, multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is NOT an online function, and
    can only be used with WiFi with nearby PSPs. However, there are some sites
    and methods that allow you to play the game online. Xlink Kai being one of
    them. I haven't gotten this to work on my computers, due to specific issues,
    but you can find more information by googling it, or asking around the
    Note that my knowledge of Japanese is quite limited, and my ability to type
    it even more limited. There will be some translations holes, so if I've
    missed something, or translated something really, really poorly, just email
    me and I'll change things, or fill them in as I go. Also, any help offered is
    appreciated, and you'll be credited in the thanks section.
    2.) About Multiplayer
    There are two modes in multiplayer. Coliseum (コロシアム) and Co-op
    missions (共同戦線) Coliseum allows two players to battle against
    eachother, wherein they set game limits, and compete for prizes. Co-op
    allows two people to team up, and fight through a battle, or a series of
    battles, and depending on their performance, they are awarded prizes.
    These are fun and rather difficult battles, and you'll need a good deal of
    cooperation and specific setups to win some of the later battles.
    Once you win in either Coliseum or Co-op, a ring of 16 treasure chests will
    appear. Depending on certain conditions, you'll be able to chose anywhere
    from one to five chests. Many of the items here are one-of-a-kind, or
    otherwise extremely rare. The rarity of the prizes is dependant on many
    things, including how far you are in the game (specifically in Co-op) as well
    as your party's average level. (The average is including not only the
    characters you deployed, but also those still in your roster. Generally,
    level 90+ nets you better items. There's more to it than that, but I'll have
    to look into it further, or have to discuss it more with someone who knows a
    bit more about it.)
    3.) Multiplayer Setup
    1.) For starters, you and your friend are going to each need a PSP, and a
    copy of Final Fantasy Tactics.
    2.) Make sure you have the LAN switch (on the left side of the system, next
    to the analog stick and D-pad) switched to "On."
    3.) Your PSPs should be on the same channel. For the sake of this guide, I
    just used Channel 1.
    4.) Now, while the game is on, go to any town (both players do not need to be
    at the same town.) And select the first option. (Which is the bar.)
    5.) Select either Coliseum (コロシアム) or Co-op (共同戦線).
    6.) In Coliseum, you'll have to pay a fee, and two options come up. The
    player that chooses the first option will decide the rules, and location of
    the battle, and the second player will have the option to accept or decline
    the rules.
    7.) If you choose Co-op, two options will come up; (The second one just
    brings up a list of the all the possible battles you can choose from, and you
    can actually view this without being connected to another PSP.) The
    first option (共同戦線をはじめる) brings you to a menu similar to the
    one in Coliseum. Again, whoever selects the first option gets to choose which
    battle the two partake in, and the second player will view the battle
    details, and has the option to agree/disagree with the chosen battle.
    8.) A text box will pop up, showing the LAN Icon emitting waves, and search-
    ing for the other PSP. After about 5-10 seconds, another box will pop up
    saying the connection was successful. If it takes longer than that, the
    connection didn't work. Check over the previous steps, to see if something
    isn't properly set up.
    As long as it all works, you're both now set up to play.
    4.) Coliseum
    A.) Overview
    Coliseum is fairly basic. You and your opponent are allowed to chose up to
    five characters to deploy, and pit against eachother for prizes. The winner
    is allowed to chose three items, and the loser is allowed to chose one item.
    (Hey! you win even if you lose.)
    When you select Coliseum, and the two players decide who will choose the
    first option, that player will decide the conditions of the battle, which
    1. Map location (Either random, or manually select the map)
    2. Number of minutes each player gets in the battle, total. (Infinte, 15
    minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes.)
    3. The number of "Acts" in the battle. (Infinte, 60 actions, 40 actions, 20
    actions.) (Movements do not count. Only Acts.)
    4. ? (Option that can be switched to On or Off)
    5. Trap Locations?
    6. Number of traps (10, 5, or 2)
    7. ?
    8. ?
    Coliseum isn't overly complicated, really. It's just a fun way to pit parties
    against eachother. There are a few notes to make about it, though:
    1.) Math Skill cannot be used in Coliseum mode.
    2.) Physically attacking a character results in a small "clash" in which both
    players repeatedly press the "O" button. If the attacker wins, they deal
    damage, if the defender wins, they defend, and deal minor counter-damage.
    3.) Traps can be disabled by quickly entering a random button sequence.
    4.) Items that are thrown or stolen are not kept by the receiving team.
    5.) Equipment that is broken or stolen, or otherwise lost (such as using an
    item, or katanas that break through Drawout) are restored. (They are also
    restored in Co-op mode, should items be stolen or broken in those battles,
    There probably is more, but I haven't experimented with Coliseum more than
    maybe 10 or 15 battles so far.
    5.) Co-op Mode
    A.) Overview
    Multiplayer Co-op mode allows two players to join forces to fight their way
    through either a single battle, or a small string of battles. There are 15
    missions total, and they open up as you progress through the game. I'll have
    to look more into what specific point in each chapter that each battle opens,
    so I'll just give the chapters which they first become available, for now.
    Each player will only be able to choose up to three units to deploy, depend-
    ing on the battle. Some battles only allow you to deploy two units per
    player. However, you generally get better and more prizes the fewer units you
    Just like Coliseum mode, once you finish a Co-op battle, you'll be taken to a
    ring of several treasure chests that you are allowed to choose from.
    Generally, the  better you do in battle, and the fewercharacters you and the
    other player use, the more items you get. There is a ranking system, and
    you're graded anywhere from one to five stars. If both players deploy three
    units, you'll generally get three stars, or something around there.
    Ultimately, the only way to get five stars is for both players to
    only deploy one character,(usually, anyway) and to win with little struggle.
    I'm sure to some this will sound nearly impossible, and to others you may
    already be dreaming up unbeatable setups. Most of the battles are situation-
    al, so one setup may make you nearly invincible in one battle, while it'll be
    entirely worthless in the next.
    Most of the battles, however, are fairly easy, and their objectives range
    anywhere from defeating all enemies, to protecting guest characters, to
    defeating a boss, and some of them have you fulfilling other conditions. The
    majority of these battles are basically you against waves of opponents, as
    the key difficulty in many of the missions is the sheer number of enemies
    you're against. Haste is often your best ally in these battles. If you play
    through the battles as they open up, you get a pretty good challenge from
    them, However, if you wait until the end of the game where you pick up
    Orlandu, he can solo probably 10 of the 15 battles. Don't get me wrong,
    though. You'll see your share of enemies with Zodiac boss-like stats (as in
    their stats are all displayed as nothing more than "???") And some of these
    enemies have several thousand HP, so it's nice that the difficulty has been
    increased, and that these battles actually present a fair challenge. Also,
    if you happen to get a gameover, you don't need to worry, as you're just
    taken back to the bar. And if a character dies, and is not revived in three
    turns, they're not lost, as they will simply teleport off of the battlefield.
    Chapter 1 Missions
    Title: チョコボ保護団  (Chocobo Defense Brigade)
    Map: 風車小屋 (Windmill Shed)
    Objective: Protect the Chocobos!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Squire x4 (Male), Chemist x3 (Male), Thief x1 (Male)
    Strategy: This battle's not too hard for a starter. Your objective here, is
    to protect the two guest chocobos. Most of the enemies start out quite close
    to you, so taking them out isn't too difficult. I'd suggest dispatching the
    thief first, for obvious reason, followed by the chemists, as their item
    abilities will only serve to prolong the battle. Like many of the Co-op
    battles, the major difficulty here lies in the number of enemies, rather than
    their actual abilities, and it mostly becomes a battle of outlasting them.
    Knights and Monks are good to bring, with reaction abilities like auto-potion
    (オートポーシヨン) and Hamedoru (ハメドる). You may want to bring a
    White Mage, for spells like Protect, too. Generally, you just want to keep
    the chocobos alive in any way you can. If even one of them dies, you fail the
    mission and get a game over.
    2.) Chapter 2 Missions
    Title: チキンレース (Chicken Race)
    Map: ツィゴリス湿原 (Zigolis Swamp)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Knight x3 (Male), Archer x2 (Male), Black Mage x1 (Male),
                 Time Mage x1 (Female), Revnant x3.
    Strategy: A couple of things make this battle annoying: You're fighting in
    Zigolis Swamp, so if you have characters end their turn in the water, they
    will become poisoned. And, all of the enemies here have Undead status. Well,
    that can actually work out to your advantage. All you have to do is bring
    characters in with Phoenix down (フェニックスの尾), or Raise (レイズ).
    I'd just suggest bringing along a couple chemists with phoenix down, so you
    don't have to worry about the charge times for raise, and the lower HP of
    white mages. Not to mention that the enemies are fairly sparcely placed, and
    the item toss ability that chemists innately have will help cover the
    distance faster. At any rate, means of revival are what will make this battle
    go easiest for you. Just keep in mind that undead can sometimes revive after
    their three turns of being dead expire, so keep that in mind so you don't
    have to kill enemies multiple times.
    Title: 宝箱争奪戦 (Treasure Box Dash)
    Map:ドルボダル湿原 (Dolbodar Swamp)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies! (Or) Get the Chest!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Thief x3 (2 Male, 1 Female), Monk x2 (Male), Archer x2
                 (Female), Squire x1 (Male)
    Strategy: There are two ways to win this battle: One, kill everyone, or two,
    grab the chest that's on the opposite side of the map. Defeating all of the
    enemies is what will get you the most stars for this map, as picking up the
    chest usually rresults in the loss of a star or two (depending on how many
    enemies are left). Anyway, the enemies form a sort of wall between you and
    the chest, so it's usually easiest to just defeat them all anyway. However,
    if you don't want to deal with them, you migh want to bring a Time Mage, or
    Mustadio or someone with you who can disable the enemy's movements and
    actions, while you bring a character with high speed/high movement to make a
    mad dash for the chest. It usually contains a pretty good item, by the way,
    so you may want to simply get it. Otherwise, this is another fairly straight-
    forward battle.
    Title: トウホウフハイ (Touhoufuhai)
    Map: アラグアイの森 (Araguai Woods)
    Objective: Defeat Touhoufhai!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Touhoufhai (Black Chocobo), Chocobo x4, Red Chocobo x2,
                 Uribo x2, Red Panther x1
    Strategy: This is probably the first really difficult battle of Co-op, for a
    number of reasons. First being, of course, that you're up against several
    chocobos here. Two of them being Red chocobos, one of them being a black
    chocobo. What's more, the Black Chocobo has "???" for all of his stats.
    That's right, this is your first multiplayer battle against an enemy with
    boss-like stats. The four regular chocobos mean that there will be much choco
    healing unless you take them out fast, and the two Red chocobos will probably
    busy themselves using choco meteor on you. The Uribos won't be much of a
    problem, so you can ignore them. Remember, the Black chocobo (who's name I'm
    sure I butchered) is the only one who you really have to defeat, however,
    that's easier said than done. The "???" status enemies that you face in Co-op
    have level-dependant HP, so the lower your levels, the lower their HP.
    However, even if you tackle this battle in chapter 2, he's still sure to have
    well over 1000 HP, even if you're only in the level 20s. At level 99, he's
    got over 3500 HP, so plan accordingly.
    As far as who to bring, Agrias with her Holy swordskills (as well as geo-
    mancy, or just bringing an actual geomancer) will help a lot. A monk with a
    fairly full skillset will help considerably, too.
    Also, according to the Japanese wiki, this battle is apparently a
    cameo/throwback battle to Final Fantasy VII, and this Black Chocobo was
    apparently one of the ones that appeared in the Chocobo race at the Gold
    Title: 家宝を取り戻せ (???)
    Map: ゴーグのスラム街 (Slums of Goug)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deplyable Units: Up to 2 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Thief x3 (Male), Knight x2 (Female), Time Mage x2 (Female),
                 Archer x3 (Male)
    Strategy: This is another fairly easy battle, where the difficulty comes
    mostly from the ratio of enemies to your own allied units. What's worse, each
    player can only bring up to 2 units in this battle. You'd probably be best to
    not bring female units, or have some way to protect them against Charm, since
    there are thieves in this battle. The time mages can use haste, so you may
    want to dispatch of them fairly quickly. Try and neutralize the Knights, if
    you can, and you may want to consider reaction abilities like arrow guard
    against the archers.
    3.) Chapter 3 Missions
    Title: うたげの夜 ([???] of the Night?)
    Map: ライオネル城城内 (Inside of Lionel Castle)
    Objective: Defeat all enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Dancer x3, Bard x3, Monk x2 (Female), Knight x2 (Male)
    Strategy: This is a pretty laughable battle. The Knights and Monks are the
    only enemies worth worrying about, and they're the closest to you, so it
    should be easy to dispatch them easily. The Dancers and Bards have pitiful
    HP, so you can almost take them off long-range, or have a unit using Jump on
    Title: 地雷原を越えて (Minefield)
    Map: ゼクラス砂漠 (Zeklaus Desert)
    Objective: Protect Gobith! (ゴビス)
    Deployable Units: Up to 2 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Bomb x2, Grenade x4, Explosion x5
    Strategy: Lots of these things. You might be best off to wait until you can
    buy Flame Shields, just to lessen the enemy's attack options. The enemies are
    fairly spread out, so you should be able to take out the waves as they come
    at you. Gobith is a guest Chemist, and the main objective is to keep him
    alive. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's Game over, and you fail the mission
    if he dies. Sadly, he's kind of under-equipped, both in items and skills (he
    doesn't even have a weapon) so don't let any of the enemies get too near him.
    Counter/Hamedoru/Blade Grasp will be pretty helpful in this battle, if you
    have them, and drawout might be helpful, as well as thunder-based attacks.
    Bomb-types don't have spectacular HP as it is, so even though there are a lot
    of enemies, they should be fairly easy to subdue, no matter what means you
    Title: ポイ捨て取締り (???)
    Map: 炭鉱都市ゴルランド (Goland Coal City [Rooftops])
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Ninja x10 (Male x5, Female x5)
    Strategy: Thanks to the speedy nature of ninjas, this can be quite a diffi-
    cult battle. There are an equal number of male and female enemies here, so
    nobody is necessarily safe, should they happen to randomly get steal/steal
    heart. They seem to be more content with throwing objects, than attacking
    directly, so catch is going to be quite helpful here. On higher levels, they
    can apparently throw things like Chaos Blades, and Javelin IIs when at high
    levels, so watch for that. Thankfully, like the previous battle, the  enemies
    here are a bit lacking in the HP department, so once you can get past their
    speed and evasion, they should fall pretty quickly.
    4.) Chapter 4 Missions
    Title: 亡霊騎士団 (Ghosts of the Death Squad)
    Map: 盗賊の砦 (Thieve's Fort)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Meluda, Knight x5 (Male), Archer x2 (Male), White Mage x2
    Strategy: Ok, this can be a tricky battle. Meluda is well-equipped, including
    a Defender and Chantage. She also has Mantenance, so don't plan on stealing
    or destroying anything. So, because of the chantage, she should be the last
    enemy you finish, or she'll just continually reraise. You may want to outfit
    your units with mantenance as well, just so you don't find Knights destroying
    your weapons, or something. Since this is chapter 4, if you've already got
    Orlandu this battle should be a cake walk, but if not blade grasp works
    wonders with all of these knights. Though it makes little difference, the
    two white mages have Salterage, so they get protect and shell. Other than
    that, this is a moderately difficult battle, simply because of all the HP you
    have to cut through.
    Title: 神殿騎士試験 (Shrine Knight Test)
    Map: 聖ミュロンド寺院広間 (Holy Murond Place)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Battle 1: Wiegraf, Izlude, Archer x4 (Male), Squire x 4 (Male)
                 Battle 2: Kletian, Summoner x3 (Female), Black Mage x2 (Female),
                           White Mage x2 (Female) Time Mage x2 (Female)
                 Battle 3: Baruk, Chemist x4 (Male), Mediator x4 (Male)
                 Battle 4: Vormav, Rofel, Knight x3 (Male), Lancer x3 (Male),
                           White Mage x2 (Male)
    Strategy: For starters, this is a string of 4 consecutive battles, with no
    chance to heal, or change equipment or abilities in between. You fight each
    battle, and then procede directly to the next one. That being said, if you
    have units that are wounded in any battle, you should make sure you heal them
    before you move on to the next battle, so that you can be attacking from the
    onset, instead of healing. I would also recommend from now on using Orlandu,
    and/or Meliadoul for their equipment-destroying swordskills, since many
    enemies in the coming battles (Not only this one, but all the way up through
    the rest of the co-op battles) can use those skills themselves, Or, they have
    Knight Swords, allowing them to do lots of damage. You might invest in catch-
    ing some Excaliburs from the ninjas in HORROR in the Deep Dungeon as well,
    and outfitting your characters, so that you can have innate haste.
    Battle 1 Strategy: Wiegraf and Izlude are the main threats here, and both
    have their normal classes Wiegraf a White Knight, and Izlude a Knight Blade)
    Wiegraf has a Save the Queen equipped, so he gets innate Protect, while
    Izlude just has a Defender. Thankfully, neither of them have maintenance, so
    disarming them should be a priority, or they'll be disarming you. The Squires
    are all arranged in a "T" formation, right in front of you, so if you happen-
    ed to bring Orlandu, or Agrias, or someone with an attack that has a "+"
    shaped AoE, you should be able to take them all out quickly. The archers
    are easy to deal with, otherwise.
    Battle 2: This battle is basically a huge magic-fest. Things like Low faith
    (or even innocent), Shell, and the like will help you here. Since you're up
    against all mage-types, it's not going to be that difficult anyway, because
    of their low HP. The enemies are set up in an almost bowling-pin formation,
    meaning they're pretty close together. Swordskills, and Drawout can work
    wonders here.
    Battle 3: Baruk (or, as I'm sure most people are used to him "Balk") comes
    equipped with a blast gun. He also has mantenance, so destroying anything is
    out of the question. The rest of the enemies are arranged in an annoying
    circular formation, meaning it's hard to target multiples at once. They're
    all equipped with guns, and two of the enemies even have Glacier guns, and
    two more have blaze guns, and the enemies with elemental guns all have
    mantenance too, so remember that. Deal with them as quickly as you can, or
    they'll be pelting you from afar endlessly. Other than that, mediators aren't
    much worth speaking of, and for the chemists just watch out for their obvious
    item using abilities.
    Battle 4: Well, this is the final battle of this string. You're up against
    Vormav, Rofel, and a good number of other heavily-armored units. Vormav and
    Rofel both have "???" for their stats, but they have around 1000 HP each. The
    knights are set up in a row right in front of you, so you should be able to
    take them out if one or two characters concentrate on them. The lancers and
    white mages are sort of isolated on their own, so I'd concentrate on Vormav
    and Rofel first. They can destroy equipment, so use maintenance, since you
    can't destroy theirs, and Vormav has a Ragnarok equipped, meaning he'll be
    doing some heavy damage, if he manages to get too many turns.
    Title: オールスター決定戦 (Decisive All Star Battle)
    Map: 魔法都市ガリランド (Magic City Gariland)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per Player)
    Enemy Units: Ramza, Orlandu, Agrias, Mustadio, Meliadoul, Rafa, Malak,
                 Beowulf, Reis
    Strategy: This is a pretty tough battle, and there are several things worth
    mentioning. First off, all of the characters are in their default classes,
    with the exception of Ramza, who is a Knight. Agrias and Orlandu have
    Excaliburs, so they have innate Haste. Meliadoul, Rafa, and Reis have
    Setiemesen, meaning they have innate haste and invisible. Beowulf has an
    Angel ring, meaning he has Always: Reraise. Orlandu, Ramza, Agrias, and
    Beowulf have maintenance, meaning you can't really disarm them. Mustadio,
    Rafa, and Malak have Damage Split. Orlandu has MP switch, and Move MP up,
    meaning you'l have to cut through his MP every time he moves, to start
    damaging him. Most of the rest of the characters have Move+2 or 3.
    By this point, your best bet is to bring in characters like your own
    Orlandus, and I found Meliadoul mostly useful. I found Dark Knights were a
    good option too, as well as a character with draw out, particularly if you
    can get lots of the best samurai sword (塵地螺鈿飾剣). Disabling
    the enemy Meliadoul quickly is good, since she is the only character who can
    really break anything. Since the enemy Ramza is a knight, he as pitiful
    speed, meaning you should be able to take him out with Orlandu or someone
    speed, meaning you should be able to take him out with Orlandu or someone
    before he even gets a turn. Getting rid of Orlandu quick is a good idea, as
    5.) Clear Data Missions
    This is it. The last 4 missions, and easily the most difficult of the bunch.
    First off, these battles only become available after you beat the game, and
    save when the game prompts you to. When you load the file back up, these
    should now be open in the Co-op menu. There are a number of notes I want to
    make before going into these battles. For the previous missions, you might
    have been getting along fine just using Orlandus and Meliadouls, Agrias, and
    possibly some generics, or whatever setups you've been using. However, the
    final missions generally require rather specific setups, both in equipment
    and abilities. At least, if you want to get the most out of the battles, as
    far as prizes. First, I would suggest looting the Deep dungeon of all of it's
    treasure. I would also suggest taking on the small sidequest to get the
    Tinkerlip accessory. It's also a good idea to try and catch some Chaos
    Blades (カオスブレイド) and/or Excaliburs (エクスカリバー)
    from the ninjas in HORROR also in the deep dungeon. I've you've managed to
    get any decent prizes from the other Co-op missions, or Coliseum, I would
    advise rotating out your Excaliburs and Bracers (if you still have those
    equipped) in favor of the Chaos Blades and Thief Gloves (盗賊の小手),
    since Chaos blades are twice as powerful as Excaliburs, and Thief Gloves give
    you +1 speed, and auto-haste. There are a number of other details, but I'll
    mention those in their respective strategy sections.
    Title: カウントダウン (Countdown)
    Map: ネルベスカ神殿 (Nelveska Temple)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Steel worker Prototype x2, Steel worker 3 x8
    Strategy: Well, we've got an army of Steel giants here. Fun. If you remember
    the battle against the one you previously fought here at Nelveska Temple,
    and/or you've been using the one that joined you during the Cloud Sidequest,
    you'll know what these guys are capable of. At the beginning of the battle
    you are warned that the prototypes can only get a combined total of 10 turns.
    If you don't finish the battle before then, they explode, and it's game over.
    Terrific. But wait! There's more. Once they get to turn 8, they malfunction,
    and the count drops to 4. Great. What's more, the prototypes are yet another
    enemy that have the "???" status. Better yet, they each have 7000 HP.
    Wonderful. Also, just like the previous one you fought here, once you kill
    them, the revive with 1 HP.
    Ok, that's great, but first we have to cut through all of those regular ones,
    and there are 8 of those. Well, I can honestly say that if you can't take out
    most, if not ALL of the regular ones within the first turn, you're probably
    not going to win this battle. The regular steel giants seem to cap around
    level 80, and have about 700 HP +/- about 20. Also, being like the one that
    joined you, keep in mind that they have Defense UP, as well as counter. Also,
    remember that these robots have innate Innocent, so magic is worthless
    against them. So how are you supposed to do all of this in roughly 5 turns?
    Well, the Chaosblade/Thief Glove comment in the opening paragraph was meant
    mostly for this battle. Attack UP (攻撃力UP) also helps counter their
    Defense UP a good deal. Thankfully, even though you only have a few turns to
    clear this battle, the Prototypes have sluggish speed, meaning that your units
    should get 2 or 3 turns to their 1, if you are hasted and have a good deal of
    speed. Protect and reraise are also helpful to have. Reraise is nice so that
    you don't need to waste turns reviving people, when you could be attacking. I
    actually brought Orlandu with the Chaos Blade/Thief Glove mix, Meliadoul with
    a Chaos Blade and the Tinker Lip, and Ramza with Drawout. However, Dark
    Knights with Blood weapon (or better yet, Weapon Bash) work wonders in this
    battle, too. Give them the Robe of Lords, for it's protect and +2 to PA for
    more defense and damage.
    I find that your best bet too, is to move everyone in close, and just keep
    attacking without moving. This way, your CT fills up faster, and you can get
    even more turns.
    Title: ナイトメア (Nightmare)
    Map: ランベリー城  地下墓地 (Limberry Castle Basement)
    Objective: Defeat Lucavi!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Cuueklein, Belias, Zalera, Adramelch, Hashmalim, Ultima Demon x5
    Strategy: This battle....is a nightmare. This battle is set up against you in
    many ways. Zalera, Adramelch, and 3 of the Ultima demons are in front of
    player one, and Cuueklein, Belias, Hashmalim, and the remaining Ultima demons
    are in front of player two. This battlefield is also pretty constricted, so
    it's hard to get away, or find safe spots. I suggest player 1 putting all of
    his characters in the "back" of his deployment area, while player 2 puts all
    of his in the front. Go after the enemies in front of Player 2 first. The
    reason to do this, is because they're somewhat weaker, and it gives you about
    a turn before the enemies from the other side get to you. If you divide
    yourselves up, most likely, you'll end up dead pretty quickly.
    This is also a battle of status effects. You should bring females (Meliadoul
    and Agrias work wonders) with ribbons. Give someone the Tinker Lip, and if
    you've somehow managed to find some Grand armors by now, equip those for more
    HP and Auto-regen and Auto-Reraise. You're going to need stat protection
    againste Sleep, Stoned, Confusion, Stop, and slow. There isn't a single
    accessory that will guard against all of these, so ribbons it is. Though it's
    a long shot, if you manage to have a Job level 8 Onion Knight, and have
    managed to pick up some of their better equipment (specifically the Onion
    armor which gives auto Reraise, Protect, Shell, and Regen, and Oniolette,
    which guards against all status effects)  you may want to consider brining
    him into battle, equipped with an Excalibur. The status effects are the
    biggest annoyance in this battle. If you can eliminate them, then the Lucavi
    will resort to regular physical attacks, and those are easy to deal with. The
    Ultima demons aren't overly dangerous, and are more of a minor annoyance, and
    you should be able to take them out in a single hit or two. The Lucavi
    monsters generally tend to have around 2000 to 3000 HP each.
    Title: ブレイブストーリー (Brave Story)
    Map: オーボンヌ修道院 地下書庫 地下五階
                             (Under Orbonne Monastary/Basement
                              Underground 5th floor)
    Objective: Defeat all Enemies!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Battle 1: Cloud, Luso, Chocobo x3, Black Chocobo x3, Red
                           Chocobo x2
                 Battle 2: Balthier, Mustadio, Mediator x4 (Male x2, Female x2)
                           Chemist x4 (Male x2, Female x2)
                 Battle 3: Onion Knight x5 (Male x2, Female x3), Cockatrice x2,
                           Plague x1, Sacred x2
                 Battle 4: Cuueklein, Serpentarius, Great Malboro x5, Knight x3
                 Battle 5: Dycedarg, Zalbag, Gafgarion, Algus, Lancer x6 (Male)
                 Battle 6: Alma, Ovelia, Orlandu, Olan, Agrias, Rafa, Malak, Time
                           Mage x2 (Female) Oracle x1 (Male)
                 Battle 7: Elmdor, Celia, Lede, Zalbag, Archao Demon x6
                 Battle 8: Beowulf, Reis, Ares, Balemond, Hydra x2, Hyudra x2,
                           Tiamat x2
                 Battle 9: Vormav, Wiegraf, Izlude, Rofel, Meliadoul, Kletian,
                           Baruk, Zalmo, Time Mage x2 (Female)
                 Battle 10: Delita, Balmafula, Dark Knight x8 (Female)
    Strategy: This battle is actually a series of 10 individual battles, like the
    string of battles you fought in the Shrine Knight Test battle, You won't have
    the ability to heal in between the battles, or reorganize your battle party.
    You'll automatically be taken to the next battle (though, your characters will
    go back to their starting positions.) Maintenance is advised, though not
    really necessary, but a few of the battles here host enemies that have
    equipment-breaking swordskills, so it's something you may consider.
    Alternately, you may want to bring characters with their own breaking skills
    in. Orlandu will probably be killing most of the enemies in a single hit or
    two, but bringing Meliadoul along is pretty helpful too, so instead of
    maintenance, you may want to consider Attack UP as your support skill.
    Haste on everyone is pretty much necessary, and Reraise is strongly recommend-
    ed as well, either via Chantage, or Grand Armors, if you've picked them up.
    Punch art, and drawout are both pretty diverse skillsets, so consider bring-
    ing someone with those with you. Keep in mind too, that this map has some
    fairly restricted movement. In the main story, you fought Rofel here, before
    he opened the gate to the Death City, so just deal with the movement issues
    the same way you did during that battle. It's just that it sometimes makes it
    a bit difficult to get to some of the far away enemies quickly. It's a good
    idea to have plenty of characters with heal/revive abilities, too.
    Battle 1: Again with the Chocobos. Well, the Black and Red Chocobos are
    probably the biggest threat in this battle. Cloud has Short-Charge, so take
    him out fast, so he doesn't start spamming Limit breaks. Luso has Blade
    Grasp, so keep that in mind. Other than those things, there's really nothing
    else that outstanding about this battle. Take care of it as you typically
    would take care of an army of Chocobos.
    Battle 2: There isn't much to say about this battle. Balthier and Mustadio
    can use their act/move disabling skills, but Thief Hats will easily protect
    you from that. Keep in mind that Balthier's Target skillset can potentially
    allow him to steal. He also has a Blast gun, and Mustadio has a Glacier gun.
    The rest of the enemies just have Mythril guns. Also, Balthier has an Angel
    Ring equipped, so he has Always: Reraise, so either destroy it (since he
    doesn't have maintenance) or if you're not using units that can break/steal,
    just make sure he dies last.
    Battle 3: This battle pits you against five Onion Knights who break the rules.
    For one, they all have abilities equipped, which your own Onion Knights can't.
    They also all have Maximilians and Grand Helms equipped, as well as
    Maintenance (though the females have ribbons, instead of Grand Helms) and
    their HP is about 850-999. Beware of the Cocatrice' and Plague's abilities to
    cause status anomolies, and the Sacred's ability to use mimic titan. The
    monsters all start out near you, so taking them out quickly shouldn't be much
    of a problem. And after that, you just have to worry about cutting through
    all that HP that the Onion Knights have. A few things to keep in mind: One
    has a spear equipped, and can use Jump. One can use the Knight's break
    abilities. One has a bow, and can use the charge skills, and another one can
    use the Dance skill set.
    Battle 4: The three knights here are undead, so keep that in mind. Watch the
    Great Malboro's "Malboro Germ" attack, as it can cause various status effects.
    Cuueklien and Serpentarius both have "???" status, and have about 2000 and
    3000 HP, respectively. They can use most of the abilities that they could in
    the battles you originally fought with them, including Serpentarius using
    Zodiac. He starts quite a ways away from you, so don't let him target an area
    and then move out of your attack range before you can subdue him, or get your
    own units out of the way. Though he's got such low speed that you may have the
    entire map cleared before he even gets a turn.
    Battle 5: Dycedarg and Zalbag both have Save the Queen, meaning they have
    innate protect. Gafgarion has a Defender, and Algus just has Gastrafitus.
    He's also not in his Death Knight class, like in some of the other extra
    battles that he appears in throughout the game, so that's helpful. None of
    the enemies here have maintenance, so feel free to destroy their weapons as
    you please. There is really nothing all that special about this battle beyond
    that, other than the fact that all of the enemies here are heavy-armored
    classes, but in being such, they are also slow. With haste, you should get
    two turns to their one.
    Battle 6: Yikes. Quite the battle, here. Olan is probably the biggest threat,
    with his Galaxy stop, and he starts out all the way in the back, so it might
    be difficult to get to him before he can pull it off. Again, if you happen to
    have Thief hats equipped, you shouldn't have too much to worry about. Orlandu
    and Agrias can both use their swordskills, but thankfully, none of the enemies
    here have maintenance, so you should be able to deal with these two fairly
    easily, though if you do, they both have Draw out set as their secondary
    skill. Orlandu has his trademark Excalibur of course, and Agrias has a Save
    the Queen. She also has Defense UP, so causing damage to her may be difficult
    if you don't destroy her sword. Alma and Ovelia will spend most of the time
    casting M-Barrier, so getting rid of them might be a priority as well.
    Battle 7: Elmdor is just how you remember him in the Limberry castle battle
    (Even has all the same equipment) but also has a lot more HP. Zalbag is
    undead here, and he, Celia, and Lede are arranged in such a way that Orlandu
    should be able to take them out in one hit. The Archao demons are probably
    the least of your worries, and are fairly easy to take out. Remember to keep
    an eye on Elmdor, so he doesn't start Blood Sucking everyone.
    Battle 8: If you haven't fought the extra string of battles at Lionel castle
    (they're not multiplayer related) then you might have no clue who Ares and
    Balemond even are. Ares is another Temple Knight, so expect him to function
    exactly like Beowulf. Balemond is a high-priest like Zalmo was. Beowulf and
    Ares both have great armor (Beowulf has Maximilian and Grand helm, while Ares
    has a full set of Genji equipment) and Ares and Beowulf both have Ragnaroks.
    Unfortunately, all of the enemies here (except Reis) have maintenance, so you
    shouldn't concern yourself with destroying anything. Reis can use white
    magic, so keep that in mind so she doesn't constantly revive her allies. That
    said, the monsters are probably the biggest threat here. They have lots of
    HP, and their triple attacks can be devistating. Reraise is a good thing to
    have for this battle, and lots of ways to cure.
    Battle 9: Another annoying battle, mostly thanks to the sheer number of
    enemies who can disable you by breaking your weapons. What's more, Vormav,
    Izlude, Rofel, Meliadoul, and Wiegraf all have Excaliburs equipped, so they
    have innate Haste. Many of them have Attack UP too. Thankfully, none of them
    have maintenance. There are some reaction skills like Damage split, Hamedoru,
    MP switch, and counter thrown in, so be mindful of those. And keep an eye on
    Zalmo, or he'll just be reviving people who you've already killed. You're up
    against a lot of swordskills here, so destroying weapons is the key to this
    battle. Not only will it slow the enemies down (by taking the haste away)
    they then won't be able to use their swordskills anymore.
    Battle 10: Well, this is the final battle. Delita and Balmafula both have
    "???" status. They seem to have around 1000 HP, each. All of the enemies in
    this battle have protect, and Delita and Balmafula have shell as well.
    Balmafula also has Reraise, so save killing her for last. She is also a
    sorceror, meaning that she has much magic at her disposal, though she tends
    to mostly use white magic. The Dark Knights all have Save the Queens (Hence,
    their Protect) but they also have Defense UP, meaning it can be quite a pain
    to cause damage to them. This is another battle where it's nice if you
    brought Orlandu and Meliadoul along, so that if you can't kill the Dark
    Knights in a single hit, at least you can disarm them so they won't be using
    Blood Weapon on you, or any of their other skills. Some of them also have MP
    switch, further adding to the annoyance. Keep in mind that about half of them
    also have steal, which can mean all kinds of trouble for your equipment, and
    some of them might use steal heart. I find that bringing your own Dark Knight
    can help too, and this is another battle that warrents the use of Attack UP
    as your support ability, if for no other reason than to counter all of the
    protects and Defense UPs. Finally, Delita is a Holy Knight, so expect him to
    use those swordskills to no end.
    Title: つむじ風 (Whirlwind)
    Map: ジークデン砦 (Fort Ziekden)
    Objective: Defeat Algus!
    Deployable Units: Up to 3 (per player)
    Enemy Units: Algus x10
    Strategy: This battle falls into two categories: Completely unwinable, or
    ridiculously easy. There are ten Algus' here, and they all have "???" status,
    and have 1000 HP each. He has the Death Knight job class, and only seems to
    have two abilities: Night Sword, and Blood suck. That might not sound like
    much, but Night sword will get you very dead, very quick. The only way to
    guard against this is to have undead characters. That means that you'll need
    the Cursed ring (呪いの指輪), among many other things. This
    means that you're limited to pretty much one character, since, because there
    are so many enemies, you'll never survive long enough to really start much of
    an offensive. That one character should also be a female, so that you can
    equip either a ribbon or a barette. If you use a male character, your only
    option against blood suck is the 108 beads, meaning you won't be able to
    equip the Cursed ring.
    Another thing you have to worry about in this battle are the reaction
    abilities. Five of the 10 Algus have Damage Split. The enemies actually do
    have 1000 HP, rather than 999, meaning you can't kill them in a single hit.
    And if you do 999 damage to them, you'll be receiving about 500 damage from
    damage split. The others have assorted reaction abilities. One has hamedoru,
    one has blade grasp, and the rest have MP swtich, which can be equally
    annoying. And they have 97 brave, meaning that their reaction abilities will
    virtually always execute, should you attack them. And it's worth noting that
    they also have Ignore Height as their movement ability. For equipment, they
    have Ragnaroks, and are all equipped with Escutcheon II. This, coupled with
    their reaction abilities, means that physically attacking them is virtually
    out of the question.
    Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot, but this is a difficult battle. Funny,
    though, that it's easiest to bring just one character. I would suggest the
    following setup:
    暗黒騎士         (Dark Knight)
    カオスブレド       (Chaos Blade)
    リボン          (Ribbon)
    ローブオブロード     (Robe Of Lord)
    呪いの指輪        (Cursed Ring)
    暗黒           (Black Skill)
    ハメドる         (Hamedoru)
    精神統一         (Concentrate)
    Move + 3
    The reason for this setup is simple. The cursed ring, and ribbon I already
    explained, but even if you neutralize Night sword and Blood Suck, you still
    need some way to attack by getting around damage split. At this point, the
    enemies will only be able to physically attack. Get your Dark Knight to 97
    Brave, and give her Hamedoru. This will allow her to cancel the enemy attacks,
    and counter. Of course, since they all have Escutcheon IIs equipped, even if
    you put Hamedoru alone, they'll probably block most of your attacks. That's
    where Concentrate comes in. Haste isn't important in this battle, which is 
    why I suggest a Chaos Blade over an Excalibur. Same for the Robe of Lords, as
    it gives +2 to PA for even more damage, and the protect is nice, if the
    enemies get lucky, and get around your Hamedoru. The shield you equip doesn't
    matter too much, but I'd suggest something decent anyway. Secondary skill
    doesn't matter either, really. I suggest Dark Knight so that you can finish
    the leftover Algus' off, if they manage to survive your counters. Blood
    Weapon (ブラッドウエポン) as well as Weapon Bash (ウエポンバッシユ)
    are the two main skills you should invest in.
    There are some minor adjustments you can make. You could put Blade Grasp on,
    instead of Hamedoru, but then you have to rely pretty much on your own attack
    skills, and find another way around damage split. You could also outfit
    everyone with Chantage/Grand Armors/Angel Rings, for the reraise and hope for
    the best. This is rather sloppy, and you'll generally only get 1 star out of
    it, but it is possible to beat the battle that way.
    Anyway, that's it. Those are the 15 multiplayer battles. Obviously, here, I
    only mention some of those setups and suggests because they worked for me.
    It's not the only way to go about winning some of these battles, and, like
    the rest of the game, the majority of the fun and challenge comes from
    creating your own setups. These are but mere suggestions and, in some cases,
    warnings of what you are up against. Keep in mind that once you beat one of
    the battles, you can go back and play it over again as many times as you
    want. This allows you to get more prizes, and more stars. Experiment, and try
    to get 5 stars for every battle!
    And again, my Japanese isn't the greatest, so if I've translated something
    wrong, or not at all (such is the case for a couple of the multiplayer
    battles, and a fair deal of the coliseum options) just email me the
    correction, and I'll credit you with the changes in the appropriate section.
    |    Japanese     |         English        |
    |    オニオンヘルム      |    Onion Helm          |
    |    オニオンソード      |    Onion Sword         |
    |    オニオンシルド      |    Onion Shield        |
    |    オニオレット       |    Oniolette           |
    |    オニオンアーマー     |    Onion Armor         |
    |    グランドアーマー     |    Grand Armor         |
    |    ミネルバビスチエ     |    Minerva Bustier     |
    |    ミラージユベスト     |    Mirage Vest*        |
    |    源氏の鎧         |    Genji Armor*        |
    |    源氏の盾         |    Genji Shield        |
    |    源氏の小手        |    Genji Gloves        |
    |    源氏の兜         |    Genji Helm          |
    |    バンガード        |    Vanguard            |
    |    スタイルビット      |    Style Bit           |
    |    アカシアの帽子      |    Acacia Hat          |
    |    ムーンフェイス      |    Moon Faith          |
    |    デュランダル       |    Durandal            |
    |    正宗           |    Masamune*           |
    |    フランシス        |    Francisca           |
    |    ゴールドアックス     |    Gold Axe            |
    |    プリンセスガード     |    Princess Guard      |
    |    星くずのロッド      |    Stardust Rod        |
    |    盗賊の小手        |    Thief Gloves        |
    |    賢者の指輪        |    Sage Ring           |
    |    星天の腕輪        |     ???                |
    |    ガイウスカリグ      |     ???                |
    |    おろち          |     Orochi             |
    |    羅月伝武         |     Ratsukidenbu       |
    |    カオスブリンガー     |     Chaosbringer       |
    |    デスブリンガー      |     Deathbringer       |
    |    アロンダイト       |     Arondite           |
    |    バルムンク        |     Balmung            |
    |    ヴァルハラ        |     Valhala            |
    |    ラス・アルゲテイ     |     Ras Algethi*       |
    |    フォーマルハウト     |     Fomalhaut          |
    |    宿命のサジタリア     |     Sagittarius' Bow   |
    |    ニルヴァーナ       |     Nirvana            |
    |    ドリームエイド      |     Dream Aid          |
    |    ウエスペル        |     Wesper             |
    |    ゲイボルグ        |     Gaebolg            |
    |    グングニル        |     Gungnir            |
    I think that should be everything. The items listed with a * next to them can
    actually be obtained during the main game, and HAVE to be obtained in multi-
    When Balthier joins you, he'll have a Ras Algethi, and a Mirage Vest
    equipped, so you'll get those items from him.
    In the original Japanese Playstation version, you couldn't get any of the
    Genji equipment at all, because Elmdor had a maintenance-like ability that
    made it so you couldn't steal from him. (Though it wasn't one equipped to
    him. It was just an unseen ability.) In the North American Playstation
    version, this ability was removed, and you could freely take his items.
    However, in the Japanese PSP version, you still can't steal the equipment
    from him. There is a new string of optional battles against Beowulf's rival,
    Ares, and for winning that fight you are awarded a Genji armor. In the battle
    after that, you can steal a Masamune from an enemy samurai, and you can
    technically still get Masamunes by catching them from ninjas in areas like
    HORROR of the Deep Dungeon. Other than that, the rest of the Genji equipment
    can only be obtained via multiplayer.
    7.) Thanks/Credit
    Thanks to Square, for finally updating this classic game, and adding some
    cool new features.
    To Gamefaqs, for it's community, and allowing it's members to upload guides
    and other files.
    Legal Stuffs
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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