Who is Unne?

  1. I have found the rosetta sone and i need to find Unne. Where is he and how do i find him?

    User Info: guitar1234

    guitar1234 - 7 years ago

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  1. re: previous poster.

    The town's name is Melmond(e), just west of the dynamite-blasted hole the dwarves make for your ship. He's in the northeastern corner of the town and looks like a scholar or monk.

    User Info: QuinSertorius

    QuinSertorius - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. He's in the town near the earth cave where the ground is rotting. He is walking around near the top of the screen.

    User Info: Name_of_User

    Name_of_User - 7 years ago 0 0

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